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2011 Program:
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2011 Women in History:

Lucy AddisonLucy Addison (1861–1937), Roanoke
A pioneering educator, Lucy Addison developed the first accredited high school for Roanoke's African American community.

Eleanor BontecouEleanor Bontecou (1891–1976), Arlington County
Eleanor Bontecou overcame debilitating illness to combat discrimination against Japanese Americans during World War II, study the treatment of conscientious objectors, and counsel federal government employees accused of subversive activities.

Emily White FlemingEmily White Fleming (1855–1941), Fredericksburg
Emily White Fleming preserved numerous Fredericksburg landmarks for future generations.

Pearl FuPearl Fu, Roanoke
Civic Leader
By directing the annual Local Colors festival, Pearl Fu celebrates the ethnic and cultural diversity of the Roanoke area.

Lillian Lincoln LambertLillian Lincoln Lambert, Mechanicsville
Entrepreneur and Author
Overcoming racial and gender prejudices, Lillian Lincoln Lambert became the first African American woman to earn an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Bessie Niemeyer MarshallBessie Niemeyer Marshall (1884–1960), Petersburg
Botanical Illustrator
Bessie Niemeyer Marshall created detailed watercolors of plants as part of a federally funded project that rescued a Petersburg park.

Felicia Warburg RoganFelicia Warburg Rogan, Albemarle County
Felicia Warburg Rogan's efforts to promote Virginia's wine industry have earned her the title "the First Lady of Virginia Wine."

Elizabeth Henry Campbell RussellElizabeth Henry Campbell Russell (1749–1825), Saltville
Methodist Lay Leader
Setting a charitable example, Elizabeth Henry Campbell Russell fostered the fledgling Methodist Church in southwestern Virginia as a devoted adherent and through material and compassionate support of the church.

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