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Using the Primary Resources Associated with the Virginia Women in History Program
The Library of Virginia hopes that the Virginia Women in History program can be a part of your classroom curriculum. Each honoree’s page features a concise biography along with images and a related primary source document. These tools can help your students sharpen their analytical skills as they learn about and interpret the lives and contributions of each honoree.

These level-appropriate primary-source analysis sheets can be used with any primary source.

ATTACK the Source (Elementary)

You are CLEVER enough to examine a historical source (Middle)

Historical Source Analysis Sheet (Middle)

Historical Source Analysis Sheet (High)

Guiding Questions
Drawing from the biographies and supporting materials of three of the honorees, develop an investigative process that summarizes their accomplishments and provides students with information that they can use in a summary discussion.

  • Which three women faced the most challenges to their achievements? Why do you think their obstacles were greater? Consider factors such as an honoree’s race or socio-economic class.
  • How do you think these women perceive their accomplishments? Is it within the sphere of what was expected of women during the era in which they lived?  Is it against the grain of women’s roles? What is your evidence? Would they agree with your perception of their accomplishments?
  • Do modern honorees have as many obstacles to face as historic ones? Why or why not? Use specific examples from the sources and outside historic knowledge.
  • Compare the sources of information for the three women. Were they intended for a wider audience? How do we know what we know about the women? Do the sources come from the women themselves?