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County and City Formations and Records Availability for Cities of Alexandria through Danville

The following entries for Virginia's counties and cities include: the county's date of formation or the city's date of establishment, the parent county or counties that formed the new county or the date of incorporation for the city, and whether The Library of Virginia houses microfilm and original records for that locality. Following the hyperlink under "County" or "Independent City" will direct you to a map page indicating its location within the state and provide further background information on its history. Following the "Microfilm Available at The Library of Virginia" link will direct you to the county's or city's microfilm holdings page in the Guide to Virginia County and City Records On Microfilm. Please see main page for information on arrangement and searching of microfilmed records. For information on original locality records housed at The Library of Virginia please contact Archives Reference Services.

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City Date of Establishment Date of Incorporation
as City
Microfilm available at
The Library of Virginia
Originals records available at
The Library of Virginia
Alexandria 1749 1852 Yes Yes
Bedford 1782 1969 No No
Bristol 1850 1890 Yes Yes
Buena Vista 1889 1892 Yes No
Charlottesville 1762 1888 Yes Yes
Chesapeake 1963 1963 No Yes
Clifton Forge 1861 1906 No Yes
Colonial Heights 1910 1948 No No
Covington 1818 1953 No No
Danville 1793 1890 Yes Yes

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