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Maps and Formation Information for Cities of Alexandria through Danville

City of AlexandriaAlexandria, in Fairfax and Arlington counties, was named for John Alexander, an early owner of the tract on the which the town was located.  Alexandria was established in 1749.  Its site had been known as Hunting Creek Warehouse and as Bellhaven.  Alexandria was incorporated as a town in 1779 and in 1789, Alexandria was ceded to the District of Columbia. Formally accepted by Congress in 1801, Alexandria remained under a part of the District until 1847 when it reverted to Virginia. In 1852 Alexandria was incorporatedas a city.  [Back]

City of BedfordBedford, in Bedford County, originally was known as Liberty.  It became the county seat in 1782, when the court was moved there from New London.  Liberty was incorporated as a town in 1839.  Its name was changed to Bedford City in 1890 and to Bedford in 1912.  Bedford was incorporated as a city by court order in 1969.  [Back]

City of BristolBristol, on the Tennessee-Virginia border in Washington County, originally was called Goodson, for Samuel Goodson, its founder.  Goodson was established in 1850 and incorporated as a town in 1856.  In 1852 the town of Bristol, Tennessee, was laid out contiguous to Goodson.  In 1890, Goodson was incorporated as a city, and its name was changed to Bristol, for its Tennessee neighbor.  Today the two cities have separate governments but share a public library and a local planning commission.  [Back]

City of Buena VistaBuena Vista, in Rockbridge County, was built on the site of the abandoned Buena Vista iron furnace.  This furnace, which was in operation as late as 1855, probably was named of the Mexican village near which General Zachary Taylor was an important battle in the Mexican War in 1847.  It was incorporated as a town in 1890 and as a city in 1892.  [Back]

City of CharlottesvilleCharlottesville, in Albemarle County, was named for Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, the wife of George III, and was established in 1762.  Charlottesville was incorporated as a town in 1801 and as a city in 1888.  [Back]

City of ChesapeakeChesapeake, which was named for the Chesapeake Bay, comprises the former Norfolk County and the former city of South Norfolk.  It was formed by court order in 1963 by a merger of these two entities, both of which thereby became extinct.  [Back]

City of Clifton ForgeClifton Forge, in Alleghany County, was named for James Clifton's iron furnace, which was located in the Iron Gate Gorge by 1828.  Known as Williamson's Station in 1857 when the railroad arrived, it was established as a town in 1861 and took the name Clifton Forge when it was incorporated in 1884.  Clifton Forge became a city by court order in 1906. In 2001, Clifton Forge reverted back to Alleghany County. [Back]

City of Colonial HeightsColonial Heights, in Chesterfield County, is located on the heights overlooking the Appomattox River and takes its name from the fact that the Marquis de Lafayette placed his artillery, known as the Colonials, on the heights to shell British positions in Petersburg in 1781.  Colonial Heights was established in 1910 and incorporated as a town in 1926; it became a city by court order in 1948.  [Back]

City of CovingtonCovington, in Alleghany County, was named for Peter Covington, an early settler.  It was established in 1818 and first incorporated as a town in 1833.  Covington became a city by court order in 1953.  [Back]

City of DanvilleDanville, in Pittsylvania County, was named for the Dan River on which the city is located.  Danville was established in 1793; it was incorporated as a town in 1830 and as a city in 1890.  North Danville was added in 1896.  [Back]