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Maps and Formation Information for Dickenson through Essex Counties

Dickenson CountyDickenson County was named for William J. Dickenson, delegate to the General Assembly from Russell County in 1880 when Dickenson was formed from Wise, Russell, and Buchanan Counties.  Its area is 355 square miles, and its county seat is Clintwood.  [Back]

Dinwiddie CountyDinwiddie County was named for Robert Dinwiddie, lieutenant governor of Virginia from 1751 to 1758.  The county was formed from Prince George County in 1752.  Its area is 501.28 square miles, and the county seat is Dinwiddie. [Back]

Dunmore CountyDunmore County was named for John Murray, fourth earl of Dunmore and governor of Virginia from 1771 to 1775.  It was formed from Frederick County in May 1772.  Dunmore's loyalty to the crown at the outbreak of the American Revolution made him unpopular with Virginians, so the General Assembly changed the county's name to Shanando (now Shenandoah) County, effective 1 February 1778.  See Shenandoah County. [Back]

Elizabeth City CountyElizabeth City County (extinct) was named for Elizabeth, daughter of James I, and was one of the eight shires established in 1634.  It became extinct in 1952, when it was incorporated into the city of Hampton, which was the county seat.  See City of Hampton. [Back]

Essex CountyEssex County was named for the English county.  It was formed from old Rappahannock County in 1692.  Its area is 261 square miles, and the county seat is Tappahannock. [Back]