Circuit Court Records Preservation Program

The Circuit Court Records Preservation Program (CCRP) is a part of the Library of Virginia's Local Records Services Branch. Funded through a $1.50 of the clerk’s recordation fee, the CCRP provides resources to help preserve and make accessible permanent circuit court records.  The program awards grants to the commonwealth’s circuit court clerks to help them address the needs of the records housed in their localities. 

The CCRP also provides resources needed to process and house the circuit court records that are transferred to the State Archives for safekeeping and increased access; as well as track, duplicate and maintain circuit court microfilm stored in the Library’s media vault.

For more information and resources on this innovative approach to preserving Circuit Court records, please see the following links:

Circuit Court Records Preservation Program History, Purpose, and Accomplishments

Circuit Court Records Preservation Program Grant Documents includes CCRP grant guidelines, applications, and supporting documents for circuit clerks interested in applying for CCRP grants.

Chancery Records Index – indexes for the processed pre-1913 chancery records available through the Library of Virginia and circuit court clerk's offices throughout the Commonwealth.

County and City Records – online guides and databases to county and city records available at the Library of Virginia, including court, land, vital, and probate records.

Virginia Heritage – is a consolidated database of more than 12,000 finding aids which provide information about the vast array of manuscripts and archival materials housed at the Library of Virginia and in historical societies, libraries, museums, colleges and universities across the Commonwealth. The continuous addition of new and updated finding aids makes this a great tool for discovering primary source materials documenting the history, culture, and people of Virginia. Currently, there are over 2,600 finding aids for circuit records stored at the Library of Virginia.

Sample Circuit Court Order for Preservation and Storage – Please contact the Library of Virginia to discuss a transfer of court records prior to filling out this form.

Imaging Services -- media storage, standards and guidelines for recording and reformatting

CCRP Newsletter

Circuit Court Records Grant Review Board Minutes


Twenty Years of Service

This year, the Library of Virginia and Circuit Court Clerks throughout the Commonwealth are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Virginia Circuit Courts Records Preservation Program. This program was created to address the preservation needs of some of the most important records in the state. Virginia's 120 circuit court clerks' offices are a treasure trove of state and local history and contain some of the nation's oldest and most vital legal records. However, these records are also under constant threat from natural and man-made disasters, format and technology obsolescence, which require constant monitoring and care to ensure their preservation for future generations. This sustained effort can only be achieved through continued cooperation between state and local governments. This successful partnership has been responsible for numerous beneficial projects over the years, including the scanning of over 7 million Virginia chancery documents for 57 localities to date.


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