General Schedules for Virginia Localities

This search looks for specific terms within the current local General Schedules.  From the search results you can link directly to a PDF version of the General Schedule where the series is listed.  Use your browser's FIND feature or Adobe Acrobat's SEARCH feature to locate your search term specifically within the General Schedule.

Tips for searching General Schedules (video)

Important search tips:

  • Any combination of characters you enter will be found exactly as you have typed them. For example, searching Series Description for ELECT will return any series containing the words ELECT, ELECTION, ELECTIONS, ELECTRONIC, and SELECT.
  • The same rule applies for numbers. Searching Series Number for 186 will return any series with those three numbers in sequence, such as 100186 and 005186.
  • Be specific in your searches but try variations of the same terms to clarify your results.
  • Avoid searching on terms such as record or file as these words are used in almost every series.
  • You can not use wildcards in this search.

Search by:

(e.g. Financial Accounting Records, Legal Opinion, Minutes)

(e.g. 010090, 447, 6223)

(e.g. environment, timesheet, warehouse)


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