Tip Sheets

These one page documents are designed to compliment the lengthier guidance created by the Records Management section, such as the various electronic records guidelines and topics covered by the Virginia Public Records Management Manual.

These are aimed at a general audience of non-records officers. Records officers should take these one page sheets and share them with management and staff or use them as a basis to develop their own internal documents.

New Records Officer

Provides guidance on the steps to take after being appointed a records officer


Provides guidance on the management of e-mail as a public record

Teleworking New!

Provides guidance on the management of public records when teleworking.

Record Decision Tree

This flowchart will help you determine when a document is a public record

Records Destruction Updated Nov 2020

Provides guidance to state and local government agencies on effectively destroying public records

Records Survey (RM-19 Form)

Sets out steps for successfully completing a records survey in order to update an agency specific schedule

Social Media

Provides guidance to state and local government agencies regarding the retention of public records of posts to social networking sites such as blogs, wikis, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Learn more about how to capture content on social media sites.

Virginia Public Records Act

Outlines the five requirements of all government entities under the Public Records Act

Virginia Records Officer Listserv (VA-ROL)

Provides guidance on using VA-ROL effectively

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