State Publications Collection Policy 2006

What we Collect From State Agencies 
What we Collect from Institutions of Higher Education
What we Do Not Collect

The State Publications Depository Program Act of 2006 (§42.1-92 et seq.) repeals, amends and reenacts several sections of the Code of Virginia and provides new legislation to facilitate the acquisition, maintenance, and preservation of Virginia government publications, including materials in electronic format. 

In order to successfully use the new legislation to the maximum benefit of the Library and the citizens of the Commonwealth, a collection policy for all Virginia government publications has been written to provide direction to Library staff for the acquisition, description, use, and preservation of government information. Separate guidelines for the provision of publications and/or catalog records for government information products will be provided for the administration of the State Publications Depository Program.

The State Publications Collection Policy can be used by state agencies and institutions of higher education for guidance in the submission of publications to the Library of Virginia for its collections and for inclusion the Depository Program.

It will be the policy of the Library of Virginia to collect and preserve, to the best of its ability, all publications of state government agencies, in the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government as described in this policy. Publications selected for inclusion in the program will be at the agency level.  The Library will not actively collect publications from local offices of state agencies. Materials will be selected for collection and preservation based on intellectual content, research and educational use, and long-term benefit to the citizens of the Commonwealth.  It will be the policy of the Library of Virginia to collect and preserve materials published by institutions of higher education that have particular interest to the citizens of the Commonwealth in the administration and stewardship of Virginia state colleges, universities and community colleges.

It will be the policy of the Library of Virginia and the State Publications Depository Program to collect and preserve all publications meeting these policy guidelines in the format in which they were primarily distributed to the public.

All publications selected will be accessible (either in hard copy or electronically) from the Library of Virginia, and will appear, at a minimum, in the Library of Virginia’s catalog.

What we Collect From State Agencies

The Library of Virginia will collect the following types of materials published by state agencies, commissions, and boards:

Annual reports
Research reports and studies
Statistical compilations
Employee newsletters
Handbooks, manuals and guides developed for the use of the public

What we Collect from Institutions of Higher Education 

In addition, The Library of Virginia will endeavor to collect the following materials published by state institutions of higher education in Virginia

Descriptive Course Catalogs
Commencement programs
Student arts / literary magazines
Newsletters with statewide interest, such has Horizons Water Resource Newsletter (Virginia Tech) or published in cooperation with a state agency such as VCPN: Virginia Child Protection Newsletter (James Madison University)
Law Reviews, when published with state funds
Sports media guides

What we Do Not Collect

Schedules of events
Forms and applications
Flyers and announcements for specific events, such as performances and lectures
Dated materials
Internal agency working procedures
Press releases
Material that is readily available in other sources, such as excerpts from Code of Virginia and Virginia Administrative Code
Regulatory announcements and public comment notices
Student Newspapers
Schedules of classes
General and departmental college recruiting materials, such as posters
Publications with moving editorships
Study guides and workbooks
Sports schedules
Research publications funded by grants, private or federal funds without a direct link to Virginia history or culture
Medical research or procedural publications that do not have a direct connection to the health and welfare of Virginians

The Library of Virginia will not collect bills introduced in the General Assembly except in hard copy. Electronic copies will be available as long as they are maintained by the Division of Legislative Automated Systems.