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Brown v. Board of Education: Virginia Responds
An Exhibition at the Library of Virginia
Originally Displayed December 2003—June 2004.
Brown v. Board of Education Documents: Virginians Respond — Miscellaneous

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[Notation from Governor's Office: "File Against Segregation" and "Integration"]

Thomas Stanley
Richmond, Va.

Dear Sir,

Being a Virginian by birth, of course I am interested in the State. My relatives and many friends also live, work and pay taxes as well as vote in the state. Many of them help to put you in an office of which you don't deserve and not worthy of.

A man of your character that is a hater of other men because Almighty God made them a different shade of color than yours is making mockery of the master's work.

Hell is stretching her borders daily for all // (2) such critters as you and your kind are many from Va. on down.

You Governors should be a model for so many other ignorant souls who still live by that degraded unmasterly, ungodly, instruction as well as immoral teachings by your poor old parents. Many you may know who sleeps in misery today.

The way your folks has messed the Negro Race up socially & every color humans could be we are, and then you say a little brown child and a little child your color sitting // (3) together will create a social problem to sit side by side in school

You folks started mixing with us over 300 years ago and a social problem in 1954? You are late and behind the times. Fast asleep as thousands know. Didn't you know children and adults are working together and have for years and years? If you didn't you can't be much of a leader from any stand point.

You need pitying and God Almighty has a hand in this. He will right all of these evils and wrongs. "In as much as you did it to the least you did it unto me saith the Lord." // (4)

Somebody had better watch. Someone is dropping dead every day. The spirit tells me to say this. "WATCH" your evil way. This paper isn't very clean but it will do for one with evil and idle thoughts. Va. and its Governor has surprised many.

Important / for owner to Read

RG 3, Executive Office, Thomas B. Stanley Papers