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Brown v. Board of Education: Virginia Responds
An Exhibition at the Library of Virginia
Originally Displayed December 2003—June 2004.
Brown v. Board of Education Documents: Virginians Respond — Northern Virginia

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205 W. Collingwood Rd
Alexandria, Va
June 2, 1958

Governor Almond
State Capital Building
Richmond, Va.

Dear Sir:

I do not think it is fair to close a school because it has integrated if the local population doesn't want to. The denial of local option by people who are champions of states rights seems inconsistent. The people of this section of Virginia pay a disproportionate amount of taxes already for what they get and I don't think they should pay taxes for a make shift private school system or no school at all when they could have a good school system if left alone.

It is very disappointing to // see Virginia leaders be so obtuse in their leadership when the state in the past has produced so many great leaders.

I am not a Yankee trying to give you advise. I was brought up in Texas to believe in segregation, but believe in getting away from it as quickly as local conditions allow now. Virginia should look forward instead of backward.


Joyce Walther


RG 3, Executive Office, Governor James Lindsay Almond Papers