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CommonWealth against Sundry Negroes Sept 15 1800

Commonwealth against Jupiter the property of Colo Wilkinson- the evidence of Prossers Ben against him- The prisoner told Gabriel he would enlist people in town, that he had done very well in Town, he had enlisted a number- That he expected to enlist more- he enquired of Gabriel how he came on in the Country- Gabriel replied he could make out some arms but not sufficient- The prisoner said he could contrive to let him into the Capitol to get Arms &c That the man who kept the Key would let them into the Capitol to take the Arms- which were there- This conversation took place on the day of raising a new Barn at Mr Prossers- and was the day after Mr Prosser left home to go to Amherst

Thomas H Prosser Deposes:  That he left home on his Journey to Amherst about the seventh of August last-

Commonwealth against Sam the property of Colo Wilkinson; The Evidence of Prossers Ben against him- I saw him at our great house about a fortnight before they were to meet- In a conversation in presence of the Deponent, Sam the prisoner observed that if he had a 100 men as valuable as himself, that he would venture to town- That they were to fight with Scythe Blades in the beginning but that they would get Arms from the Capitol- Sam said, that if they had men enough to fill up the Capitol square; they would drive all the White people into the River- He agreed to meet Gabriel on the night appointed-

Davy and Bristoe, witnesses for the prisoner.-

Bristoe says no to all interogations- A  White Man who took up the prisoner Davy- When the prisoners was taken up, he gave himself up saying he was innocent, and that he could not be brought in as one of the Conspirators-

CommonWealth v Daniel property of Nathl Wilkinson

Prossers Ben- On Monday the preceeding the Saturday appointed for the Insurrection the prisoner was at Mr Prossers Blacksmith Shop- Prossers Solomon asked the prisoner how all the Boys in Town were The prisoners replied the boys in Town are well and nearly ready to do the Business- from Solomons usual way of addressing persons concerned in the plott the Witness supposed the prisoner to understand the Enquiry from Solomon as alluding to the Insurrection of the Negroes the Witness has heard Gabriel say the prisoner was one of his party but never directly heard the prisoner make any acknowledgement to that effect (acquitted)

CommonWealth v Isham belonging to Wm Burton

Ben- On a Sunday on which the last Barbacue took place amongst the blacks The prisoner went to the Bridge (Brook) about 12 OClock as he believes where he found the prisoner at the Bar & Sundry other Negroes named by him, gaming with quoits pitching- The prisoner Witness went below the bridge afishing and was shortly after joined by Gabriel, the prisoner, and a brother of his by name George from hence he the Witness went to the Barbacue where the prisoner Gabriel & some other Negroes whom he saw at the Bridge were also present.  That Gabriel, the prisoner, said George the Witness & some other Negroes went home with Gabriel and Gabriel had asked the prisoner & his brother George to Join him at the Barbacue, after being sometime at Gabriels house he xplained to the perisoner & George for what purpose he wished them to join him both agreed they would and each shaking the other by the hand exclaimed here are our hands & hearts.  We will wade to our Knees in blood sooner that fail in the attempt- the next Sunday was appointed as the day of Meeting at Mrs Owens to Settle the plan about an hour by Sun when they arrived at Gabriels house neither of them intoxicated- Mr Burtons Frank was at the Bridge in company with the prisoner & others when he first arrived there

William Burtons Frank for the prisoner-

He went to the Brook Bridge on the Sunday of the last Barbacue- he arrived there about 3 OClock in the Evening while he remained there the prisoner and his brother George came, he did not see either Gabriel or the Witness for CommonWealth there.  They all set off from the bridge together George & the prisoner turned of at the road leading to Prosser's Mill and said they were going to the Barbacue

Natty belonging to Izard Bacon for prisoner

That on the Sunday of the last Barbacue which she heard of Isham came to her house early in the Morning, that the prisoner also came there sometime after noon- both of them set of to the Barbacue after dinner from her House, they both returned to her house between Sunset and Dark and they said they had been to the Barbacue, and that the Women had eat up all the Fish- Ishams Wife was unwilling for him to go but he was persuaded to it by his brother George

Mr Ellis- saw the prisoner & George on the day of the Barbacue both in the morning and evening pass by his house-

William Burton- On the day on which Isham & George are said to have been together at the Bridge and elsewhere said George drove his Family to a preachment from whence they returned about one half past one or perhaps two oClock and Knows not what became of him after during the remainder of that day this was on about the 20th July

[on reverse]  CommonWealth against Sundry Negroes Testimony of Witnesses Sept 15 1800 postpone Sept 16 1800 Executed No 6

The Trial of Ned, the property of William Young

Ben, the property of Thomas H Prosser Deposes- That the prisoner was one of the Conspirators- That he was a Soldier under Ben Woolfolk he contributed six pence for the purpose of purchasing liquor to be treated with by Ben Woolfolk in order to enlist men to fight the White people-

The Trial of Isaac the property of James Allen

Prossers Ben Deposes.  That the prisoner came to the Shop, and asked Solomon, if he had Cut the Scythe Blades to fight with, and at what time it would be that the Insurrection would commence, that if it was not soon he would go off, as he was determined not to serve a white man another year- Solomon asked the prisoner if had a Scythe Blade; who replied he had not, and that Solomon must find one for him, which he promised to do, and Solomon shewed the prisoner the handles which he had for the swords.

The trial of Laddis the property of John Williamson

Prossers Ben Deposes.  That he overtook the prisoner near Mr Vannits, Gabriel who was then enlisting a Negro, proposed that this Deponent should endeavour to enlist the prison for him, in consequence of which he made proposals to the prisoner to join, which he agreed to  That afterwards Gabriel asked the prisoner to enlist with him to fight the white people, to which he readily consented, this was previous to the meeting at Mr Young's Spring- Gabriel was to supply him with Arms- The Prisoner asked the Witness where they were to get ammunition, who refered him to Gabriel-

Mrs Prices John Deposes:  That he saw the prisoner at Mr Youngs Spring- The prisoner agreed to join Gabriel to fight the white people, Gabriel proposed that to all who would join him should to stand up- and those who would not to set down- The prisoner was amongst the standers up- He said he would join Gabriel and stand by him til the last, and appointed a day for meeting to counsell further upon the business-

[on reverse]  Ned CommonWealth v. Sundry Negroes Testimony Septr 16th 1800 1 pardoned 3 Reprieved 2 Executed Laddis & Isaac- Ned pardoned Decr 9 1800 Dec 16th