The Library of Virginia
List of Convicted Slaves Considered for Pardons, October 3, 1800. 

Oct. 3d. 1800
Sam- Graham- no pardon, at present 
Abram- Thos Burton pardon immediately
Billy- Ambrose Lipscomb Ditto- Do
Peter- A Wiliamson- Ditto- Do
Lewis- D. Wmson [Williamson]- no pardon
Billy- N. C. Lipscomb- pardon- Do.
George- J. S. estate- no pardon  
Sam Byrd. Jane Clarke no pardon  
Michael, T. Goode- no pardon  
Wm. W. Young. no pardon  
Gilbert. Wm Young no pardon  
Tom Prosser no pardon
Dick- Jesse Smith. pardon Do.
James E. Price no pardon-  
Solomon Jos Lewis no pardon  
Ned Wm. Young reprieved til 2d. friday in Nov. 
Laddis- Jno Williamson no pardon  
Isaac Jas Allen no pardon  
King P. N. Nicholas no pardon

The Governor then took the sense of the board whether any of the persons now under condemnation sh'd be reprieved until the meetg of the Legislature   [on reverse] Advise relative to Negroes Oct 3d 1800 Grabriel's Insurrection.

Governor's Office, Letters Received, James Monroe, Record Group 3, Library of Virginia.