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Evidence adduced against Solomon the property of Thomas Henry Prosser in his trial on the 11th September 1800

Ben the property of Tho H Prosser being charged and sworn Deposed- That the prisoner at the Bar made a number of swords for the purpose of carrying into Exctn the plan of an Insurrection which was planned by Gabriel a Negro Man the property of said Prosser and that the said Solomon was to be Treasurer­­- In the first place Mr Prosser and Mr Johnson were to be killed and their Arms seized upon them they were to resort to and Kill all the White Neighbours.  this plan to be executed on the the Saturday Night on which there was much fall of rain & a Gust the place of Meeting near Prossers Blacksmiths Shop in the Woods after Murdering the Inhabitants of the Neighbourhood of Making the the Assembly were to repair to Richmond and seize upon the Arms and Ammunition to Wit the Magazine Gabriel was to Command at Commencement of the business the swords made by the prison were distributed by sd Gabriel [  ] had been making over since last Harvest.  2000 Men were to be raised have gone from Richmond 600 from Ground Squirrel Bridge & 400 from Goochland.  Meetings were frequently held at William Youngs under pretext of Attending preachment & at the times Viz at a Fish feast & at Barbacues, to Concert the plan of Insurrection  The Rain which fell on Saturday  night the 30th August prevented the carrying the said plan into Exe- the swords made by the prison were to be used by Horse Men- two hundred of whom were appointed but it was expected there would be he Could have 400:  Gabriel & Solomon the prisoner kept lists of the names of the Conspirators that he heard Lewis Barret spoken of as one of Towns Negroes concerned That in conversation with Jack Bowler otherwise called Jack Ditcher it appeared that 2 White men french men was the first Instigators of the Insurrection but whose names he did not hear.

2) Pharah the property of Philip Sheppard.  That the prison at the Bar on Saturday the 30th Augt inquired of this Deponent whether the lighthorse of Richmond were out he being them from Richmond who informed him that he had seen some at Colo. Goodalls Tavern the prisoner remarked that the business of the Insurrection had so far advanced that they were compelled even if discovered to go forward with it that he had 4 Swords then to finish which he must Complete by the time of his Company meeting that Evening which would consist of 1000 Men to wit Negroes-

Will the property of John Mosby Senior

Ben the property of Th H Prosser- That the prisoner brought two Scythe blades to Gabriel for the purpose of having them made into Swords and that 4 Swords were made out of them by Solomon at request of Gabriel that the said Will acknowledged in the presence of the Deponent in Conversation with Gabriel that he was concerned in the Conspiracy & Insurrection & that he wanted the appointment of Capt of the foot but this being refused him he was to act as attaseman that the Whites were to Murdered & Killed indiscriminately excepting French Men none of whom were to be touched

Toby property of Jno. Holman That the prisoner proposed to join and fight the Whites that he had joined and had to carry two scythe Blades to Solomon to be made into Swords he was determined to kill his Master that he had his Masters sorrel horse set apart for him to act upon as a Horseman that there was to be a great meeting of the Negroes near Prossers from whence they were to proceed & take the Town that 5000 blacks were to meet the prison at the Bar and that all the blacks who did not join would be put to death That he intended to kill his master on Saturday Night the 30th Augt last that the prisoner had in appointment as Capt but was turned out being undersize

3) Witnesses against John the property of Mary Jones of Hanover County

Daniel property of Jno. Williamson That the Deponent who at that time worked at the Penitentiary and was passing by being at plough at home the prison[er] invited him to come to a great Barbacue which was to be made by the Negroes at Half Sink and [  ] being informed that the purport of the Barbacue was to concert measures for raising an Insurrection and murdering & killing the Whites Making the County of which he had no doubt as Gabriel Solomon & himself being being a Capt being at the head of the Business that the said John said he had a number of Men at the Penitentiary & was going up to Caroline where he expected to raise several hundred.  That they intended to Seize upon the arms at the Penitentiary & that all Negroes who did not join in the insurrection would and should be put to death.  That the Whites were to be put to death indiscriminately

Charles property of William Winston

That about 3 Weeks ago the prisoner gave this Deponent an Invite to a Barbacue to be a Mr Moores School house which was made on a particular occasion but was not made knowing to him the Deponent which Invitation this Deponent refused to accept

4) Isaac the property of William Barton

Ben the property of Thomas H Prosser- that on the the prisoner Saturday Night the 30th Instant Augt last the prisoner was to [  ] out that he informed him the Deponent that he had jointed Prossers Gabriel in Order to take Richmond & that he the prisoner was one of the foot Soldiers that he was if possible to supply himself with a sword which if he could not do Gabriel was to furnish him  and he the prison was determined either to kill or be Killed

Danl the property of William Barton  The prisoner informed the Deponent on Friday the 29th Augt last that he the prison had been informed by Nanny Wife to Gabriel that 1000 Men were to meet said Gabriel near Prossers Tavern the ensuing night and that he also was to be one of them for the purpose of Murdering the White Citizens that the Governor had in some measure got an alarmed of this Business and had Caused the Arms which had been Kept at the Capitol to be removed to the penitentiary- That they should not mind the Guards which were placed over the Arms as they determined to rush through them and take both them & the Magazine  That he Communicated this Information to the Overseer that an Army of Negroes were raising against the Whites with an Insurrection to the said Overseer to keep the Communication [  ] the blacks were determined to Kill every black who should not aid in join them in the Insurrection  The prisoner was much intoxacated at the time of the Conversation and information above