The Library of Virginia

Petition of Solomon to Governor James Monroe, n.d. [ca. September 1800].

To his Excellency The Governor of the Common wealth of Virginia,

The Petition of the negro man Solomon, now under sentence of Death in the Jail of Richmond,

Humbly represents

That the petitioner would consider it as a favour of the highest importance, and as essential to his eternal welfare, if he could possibly, by your Excellency's goodness, obtain a respite for a few days from the execution of [the?] just and awful Sentence which has been pronounced agt. him; that this act of mercy and compassion will not only be of the utmost advantage to the petitioner, but it may ultimately promote the interest of the common wealth, as he is ready, if time Shall be allowed to him for recollection, to make numerous and important discoveries conce[rning] the late atrocious Conspi[rac]y

And Your Ex[cell]ency's Petitioner, as in d[uty] bound shall ever pray &c.


Governor's Office, Letters Received, James Monroe, Record Group 3, Library of Virginia.