The Library of Virginia
"Standard" to Governor Henry A. Wise, n.d. [ca. December 1859].

Gov. Wise

Hon Sir

As Virginia has received from her Sister State Pennsylvania a peace offering flag, it is no more than fair that another sister should be presented in her peculiar way, please therefore accept the accompanying appropriate design.

The flag pictured here is the "New England Black Republican, Abolition Rule or Ruin, Disunion Flag" destined to take the place of the present Glorious Eagle, Stars & Stripes Flag of this Great Republic and that no mistake may occur as to the Emblems a description is added.

In lieu of the usual spear on the head of the flag & staff (which is in form of a cross) a Gallows with a John Brown embelishment is substituted. A wooden Ham & 32 wooden Nutmegs on a Blood red field take the place of the Eagle and stars.  The ballance of the flag being black is quite suggestive of the general intention of the Party of which this is the


Governor's Office, Letters Received, Henry A. Wise, Record Group 3, Library of Virginia.