The Library of Virginia
United Sons of Freedom to Governor Henry A. Wise, 7 December 1859.

St. Louis Dec. 7th 1859

To His Excelency

Gov. H. A. Wise

Dear Sir

At a meeting of the United Sons of Freedom of St. Louis, helled at their meeting room, on the 7th Dec. it was unanimously resolved that we present you with a leather medal for the energetic manner in which you have discharged your duty, as Gov. of the State of Virginia in the late Harper's Ferry difficulty; and rest assured that we appreciate you very much for your bravery in haveing two thousand brave sons of Virginia present at the execution of the Hero of the North, and the lover of our motto, Give us liberty or give us death.

We feel proud to think that the lover of our motto died so noble and we shall always treasure his memory as long one of our greatest men, who loved his country better than life

Oh! you are a noble representative of the State of Virginia.  Just think you would not permit a lady to accompany Mrs. Brown to her last interview with her husband, but we trust that his spirit has arrived at that haven from whose bounds no traveler returns, when the wicked cease from trouble and the wary are at rest.

We subscribe your humble servants

William Lewis, President

J. P. Cutler, Secy.

Governor's Office, Letters Received, Henry A. Wise, Record Group 3, Library of Virginia.