The Library of Virginia
Ruth Weaver to Governor Henry A. Wise, 20 October 1859.

Govr of Va                                          

Smyrna 10t Mo 20th 1859

Chenango Co Ny

In the stillness and depth of night I have arose from my sleepless bed to write to thee (in the fear and dread of the Majesty of Heaven and also in a measure of his love which breaths "peace on earth and good will to men") a warning not to suffer anything done to those late prisoners in a hasty or harsh manner although they have committed an high offence against thier country and also in the sight of the great Creator and Judge of all the earth but Oh! let justice and judgment go forth in His spirit seek his to know His will, and remember the example of Him our Lord and Saviour when nailed to the cross how He prayed for his murderers and now friend who art chosen to fill the Chiefest seat in thy States government if thou and thy people will let a measure of this spirit of divine love rule your hearts in proceding against those poor crimanals if you inflict death it will be in a mild and easy way for even that is a great responsibility to take that from our fellow men that which we cannot is impossible for us again to restore; but O beware of in the heat of excitement of giving away to heathinsh examples of inflicting cruel and terrible deaths upon their prisoners and captives in their power and thus provoke the Majesty of heaven who hath said "vengence is mine I will repay saith the Lord" for we all shall have to stand beffre the judgment-seat of Christ, from a lover of truth & righteousness

Ruth Weaver

Governor's Office, Letters Received, Henry A. Wise, Record Group 3, Library of Virginia.