The Library of Virginia
Resolutions of Inhabitants of Chesterfield County, n.d. [ca. autumn 1831].

We the inhabitants of the upper end of Chesterfield County having amongst us an enemy that is restless in their disposition; and savage in their nature; and feeling alarmed at the fate of the Females and children of Southhampton, and not knowning how soon a like Tradegy may take place amongst us. We therefore enter into the following resolutions. Viz.

Resolution the 1st:

We resolve that if any attempt should be made; that we will as soon thereafter as possible remove our Families to the Following places.; Viz. To the House of William L. Overton. John Spear. and John Bass.

Resolution the 2th:

We also resolve that we will petition the Governer of the State for a Sufficiency of arms and ammunition to arm the men in the Neighbourhood-say probably five Muskets.

Resolution the 3rd:

We resolve also that we will keep a strict patrole and we all agree that we will each bear his part of fatiegue.

Resolution the 4th.

We also resolve that William Goode and William L. Overton be appointed to wait on the Governor for the purpose of Stating the Situation of the Neighbourhood, and request the arms &c. as before named, and we also agree to be equally bound with them for the return of the said arms-

Wm Goode Richard Goode John Henley John Rison
W. L. Overton   Wm W Moody  Saml. Wilkinson Vincent Cheatham
Elijah Gresham  F. Goode Vincent Markham Wm Wilkinson
J. L. Bass George Markham Herbert E Jones
John Goode Wm R Robertson
Wm W Osborne

Joseph G. Woodfin

John Bass

Wm Goode Jr

James C. Gates

HW Robertson

Mack Goode

Henry W. Tatum

Thos. A Spears

John Spears

Arther Bass

Mack Wilkinson

Danl L. Wooldridge

Young Condrey

Governor's Office, Letters Received, John Floyd, Record Group 3, Library of Virginia.