The Library of Virginia

Proclamation by Council President Edmund Jenings, 20 March 1709.

By the honble. The President

You are hereby ordered & required with the assistance of the Guard now appointed you, and such other as you shal find necessary for the Service (whom you Are hereby impowered to impress) to apprehend & Secure the Several Negros hereunder named and to bring them forthwith before me And for so doing this shal be yor. Warrant. Given under my hand this 20th day of March 1709

E Jenings

To Jno. Boully &
James Hubbert or either
of them

Negros names

Angola peter at the plantacion late of Albertas Warren
Pamba his wife
Bumbara peter at Col. Wray's old plantacion
Mingo at Wm Davis's Robin at Mr. Powers's

Colonial Papers, Record Group 1, Library of Virginia.