The Library of Virginia

Affidavit of William Nottingham Sr., 4 October 1832.

The Affidavit of William Nottingham, Senr. taken this 4th day of october in the year 1832

This Affiant states that he verily believes that jack Crawley or Cooles and Severn beloingng to John Eyre, George, Carter and Tom, Carter belonging to Wm. S. Eyre, Joe belonging to Charles Blookly Charles B Stoakly, Michael belonging to Abel Stott, Caleb belonging to Polly Nottingham, Charles belonging to George T. Wilkins, Ben belonging to Margaret Williams Southey Black belonging to George T. Outen, Isaac and James belonging to Southey Speedy, Ben belonging to John Segar, Henry belonging to Lucy Stratton, Southey belonging to Ann Tyson, Ann belonging to Wm. Thomas stole a whale boat belonging to Peter S. Bowdoin of this County, and fled in her to the City of New-York some time in the month of July last.

Wm. Nottingham Senr

State of Virginia

Northampton County Sct.

This day John N. Brickhouse personally appeared before me, a justice of the Peace for the County aforesaid and made oath so facts set forth in the within affidavit of William Nottingham, Senr

Smith Nottingham, J.P.

Governor's Office, Letters Received, John Floyd, Record Group 3, Library of Virginia.