The Library of Virginia
W. H. Perkins to Governor William Branch Giles, 15 July 1829.

Richmond 15th July 1829

The Honl Wm: B Giles

Dr. Sir

I have assumed the Liberty to inform you of a subject which perhaps you are unaprised of and of which you should be informed; And which probable you may be it is the insurrection of Negroes; in the County of Mathews Glouster Isle of Wight and the adjoing Counties. it appears to be a General thing, all the Jails are crowded with Negroes and the Militia Generally have been called out- in the neighbouring Counties particularly from the County of New Kent, and sent over to Mathews whilest Volunteer companys have been ordered to patrole; The information derived is from numerous sources and seems two authentic to be Questioned. Mr. Francis Foster was to see me today who said he had lately seen Mr. Jno B Clopton from New Kent who confirmed the subject as mentioned above- the veracity of both Gentlemen can be relied In Besides I saw a Gentleman who had seen the man who carries the mail from this place to Mathews, and he said it was a certain fact Mathews Jail was crowded with Negroes and kept Guarded; if you can give credence to what you have heard; you know well what should be done for the pre[se]rvation of our lives & County. In haste

Yours Very Respectfull

& obt sert

W: H. Perkins

Governor's Office, Letters Received, William Branch Giles, Record Group 3, Library of Virginia.