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Petition of Nancy. 6 December 1815. Manuscript. RG 78, Legislative Petitions, Loudoun County.
Family or Freedom

Petition of Nancy to the General Assembly
6 December 1815
RG 78, Legislative Petitions

To the Honourable the Assembly of Virginia

Your petitioner Nancy begs leave to State that her late Master John A. Binns decd of the County of Loudoun who made Several wills in all of which as well as by his last will & Testament left her free when she arrived to the age of twenty five Years, which period has arrived and she is the Mother of three children from whom she will be torn which will be almost as severe as the loss of life unless your Honourable body will thro’ pity to a Mother altho’ of Sable hue who has all the feelings of an affectionate Mother towards her Children pass an act allowing her to reside in the State as she is informed that under the Existing laws she will she will be compelled to leave the Commonwealth
As to her Character she bring Sundry persons to vouch for her uniform good Conduct & Industry whilst a Slave & trusts that if allowed to Stay with her Children & place where she was raised She Shall find a double inducement to prompt her to Industry and good behaviour—She begs leave to refer You to a Certificate of a few, She has thought it unnecessary to add More as some of them are well known to several of your Honourable body as also in the Senate.
In Hopes & earnest expectation that you will take pity on your Petitioners forlorn Situation if compelled[?] to leave her Children & relieve her by passing an Act to allow her to reside within the Commonwealth She will very pray &c

We the undersigned do hereby Certify that the within petitioner has always behaved herself as a faithful and Industrious Servant—And we have no doubt that if she is permitted to Remain that she will behave herself with equal Rectitude and Industry and maintain herself in a respectable manner. Given under our hands this 8th day of Decr 1814

Dewanner Binne
J Binns
Charles Bennett
Jane D. Hamilton
Ann A. Durham
Kitty A. Durham

Nancys Petition & Certificate of Reputation
Decr 6th 1815
Refd to Cts of J.

Reasonable 8th Decr 1815

Bill drawn