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Petition of the Queen and the Great Men of Pamunkey Town. Ca. 17051706. Manuscript. RG 1, Colonial Papers Collection, folder 17, no. 27.
Virginia Indian Women

Petition of the Queen and the great men of Pamunkey town
Ca. 17051706
Colonial Papers, folder 17, no. 27, RG 1.

To his Excy Edward Nott Esqr her Majtys Lieut Governor genl of Virginia

We the Queen & great men of Pamunkey Town In King Wm Co: humbly shew

That whereas yr Petitioners did formerly Exhibit a petition to this honourable Court praying that the sevll lands sold by us to her Majts Subjects might be confirmed as the sevll purchasers thereof & that a Patent might be granted to us & heirs & Successors for the Remainder and forasmuch as we can [?] the greatest part of those lands are already confirmed wherefore yr Petitionrs in most humblewise Supplicate yr Excy that if any purchaser or purchasers have not he land and [.] any of them have purchased of us that yr Excy woiuld be plea[sed] to Order for he Surveying & Patening the same and that a patent may [be] granted to us ur heirs & successors for ye Remainder and we are in duty bound [? every pray &c.

Queen [mark] Ann

Mr [mark] John

M [mark] Peck

Mr [ mark] Rogers
Mr [mark] Bacon

Mr [mark] []son

Mr [mark] Ma[]