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Petition of Mary Webley. 11 October 1776. Manuscript. RG 78, Legislative Petitions, Norfolk (Borough). Library of Virginia.
The Unfortunate Mary Webley

Petition of Mary Webley to the General Assembly. 1776. Legislative Petitions, Norfolk Borough, 1776-1802. The Library of Virginia

To the Honourable the Speaker and
Gentlemen of the House of Delegates
The Petition of the unfortunate Mary Webley late a Resident of the Borough of Norfolk humbly sheweth.
That your Petitioner on new Years Day last, while suckling her Child the youngest of three now dependent on her, had her leg broken by a Cannon Ball from the Liverpool Man of War.
That her Husband from the Loss of his tight arm upwards of twenty Years since is scarcely able to maintain himself.
That She hath at present no Ways or Means to procure Shelter or acquire Subsistence for herself and miserable little children, her Husband and Self having had all their effects totally destroyed in the Flames of Norfolk from whence they have been drove in most distressful Circumstances.
Therefore prays this honourable House will on Consideration of the Premises grant her such Aid and relief as in their justice and mercy shall seem right.