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To Preserve our Common Heritage : An Appeal for African-American Newspapers


The Richmond Planet was not the only newspaper published by and for the African-American communities of Virginia. The earliest title the Project knows to have been published in Virginia, the Virginia Star, first appeared in Richmond in 1877. Scores of titles have been published since that time--many still in publication. Some, like the New Journal and Guide, (Norfolk, Va.) and the Richmond Planet have long been preserved in libraries and on microfilm. Many others are waiting to be discovered in attics or trunks or store rooms.

The Virginia Newspaper Project continues to encourage the discovery, or rediscovery and preservation of any American newspaper title held within the Commonwealth of Virginia. In order to preserve this specifically African-American component of our common heritage, and in conjunction with Newspaper Projects in other states, the Virginia Newspaper Project is searching for the 47 African-American newspapers listed below:

Alexandria Charlottesville Lynchburg
Clipper (1892-1894)
Leader and Clipper (1894-1898)
Home News (1902-1907)
Industrial Advocate (19??-1910)
Post and National Echo (1884-1885)
Virginia Post (1880-1882)
Messenger (1909-1928)
The Reflector (1933-19??)
The Charlottesville Tribune (1950-1954)
The Charlottesville-Albemarle Tribune (1954-1992)
Counselor and Herald (1891-1895)
Interpreter (1903-1906)
Laboring Man (1886-1888)
Southern Forge (1895-1896)
Newport News Norfolk Petersburg
Newport News Star (1901-present)
Advance (1893-1894)
American Ethiopian
(to 1907)
Journal and Guide (1899-present)
Gideon's Safe Guide(1899-
Lodge Journal and Guide(1900-1910)

News and Advertiser (1900-1908)
Rambler (1894-1898)
The Right Way (1885)
Speaker (1889-1893)
Spectator (1887-1891)
Standard (1889-1891)
The American Sentinel (1880-1881)
The Petersburg Herald (1888-1889)
Lancet-Recorder (1882-1894)
The National Pilot (1886-1900)
Review (1922-1925)
Richmond Roanoke South Boston
Industrial Day (1888-1890)
The Reformer (1895-1931)
Reporter (1890-1893)
Richmond Planet (1883-1945)
The Southern News (1892-1894)
Virginia Star (1877-1888)
Voice (1918-1926)
Press (1891-1897)
Roanoke Tribune (1943-present)
Boston Banner (1893-1898)
Halifax Enterprise (1886-1887)
Staunton Williamsburg
Reporter (1905-1918)
Reporter (1921-1923)
Tribune (1891-1896)
Tribune (19??-1933)
Valley Index (1897-1905)
Virginia Critic (1884-1888)
Peninsula Chruchman (1900- )

If you own any old newspapers or an issue of any of these, or other, African-American newspapers that you are willing to allow either the University of Virginia, or the Library of Virginia, to copy or otherwise add to its permanent collection, or, if you are aware of other titles that should be added to this list, please contact:

Errol Somay,
Project Coordinator
Virginia Newspaper Project
Library of Virginia
800 East Broad St.
Richmond VA 23219
Telephone: (804) 692-3742
FAX: (804) 692-3814 or 692-3736

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