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Portrait of John Robinson, Jr. John Robinson, Jr. (1705-1766) was the most skillful and powerful Virginia-born political leader of the colonial period. He served as Speaker of the House of Burgesses and treasurer of the colony from 1738 to 1766. A master of parliamentary procedure and a dominating personality, he presided over the House of Burgesses during the period it attained its greatest influence. It was said that not even the House of Commons in London exceeded the decorum of the burgesses when Robinson presided. Making maximum use of the authority of the presiding officer and as the most brilliant member of the assembly, he nearly always prevailed when controversial measures were being debated in the House. Robinson augmented his political power by illegally lending public money to many of Virginia's leading politicians, placing them under his influence and creating the largest public scandal in colonial Virginia.

Oil on canvass. 
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