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American Revolution

The American Revolution broke the legal and political ties between Virginia and Great Britain, and the Virginia Constitution of 1776 abolished the royal form of government and created a republic. Ultimate political authority thereafter rested with the people. Participation in political life through voting and holding public office remained restricted to the minority of adult white property-owning men. Political power was concentrated in the House of Delegates, and the General Assembly elected the governor and all the judges. Local government continued to be dominated by the justices of the peace, who were appointed by the governor. Yet after the Revolution Virginians from many walks of life took a keen interest in public affairs in the state and in the new nation, and Virginians helped create the first American political party system.

Map of the United States in North America. By Thomas Kitchin Sr. 1783

Virginia was the largest state at the end
of the Revolution.  
Map of the United States in North America
By Thomas Kitchin Sr. 1783.

American Revolution Political Leaders

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