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Long the Shores of Old Virginia
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Charles M. Carey. Long the Shores of Old Virginia. Hampton: Carey and Meadows, 1905.

Charles M. Carey was born in New York in June 1849. He moved to Hampton Roads, Virginia, with his wife and six children about 1896, where he worked as a jeweler and optician. In his spare time he composed music, writing several pieces with Virginia history themes. Among his known works are Return of Capt. John Smith, which was dedicated to the Jamestown Exposition of 1907; Salute to Jamestown March; Virginia, My Southland Home; There's So Many Want My Money; Reba Waltz; and Baby's High Chair. The Hotel Chamberlin at Old Point Comfort, pictured on the cover of this piece, is perhaps the most familiar landmark in the area in which Carey lived.