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The CommonWealth Treasures from the Collections of the Library of Virginia

Archival and Government Records This is a sample of some of the Library of Virginia's many treasured items that were on display in the Library from September 4, 1997 through September 19, 1998 and that are illustrated in the Library's book, The Common Wealth: Treasures from the Collections of the Library of Virginia published in September 1997.

Since its founding in 1823, the Library of Virginia has been dedicated to the collection and preservation of the records of our commonwealth. The Library's collections span nearly 400 years of history and include a diversity of materials unmatched by any other institution in the United States.

The Library collects treasures of the people of Virginia such as personal photographs, business records, and family histories that document the lives of all Virginians. It preserves treasures for the people of Virginia, including government documents, newspapers, magazines, maps, and atlases intended for common use. The Library also documents works and collections created by the people of Virginia for private and public enjoyment.

These collections are much more than historical documents and artifacts: they are living reference materials available for use by present generations and generations to come. These treasures belong not just to the Library, but to the people of Virginia. By preserving them, the Library of Virginia seeks to provide the wealth of information needed to enhance the present and the future of the commonwealth.

Color photography by Katherine Wetzel and by Library of Virginia photographers Pierre Courtois and Mark Fagerburg.

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Personal and Organization Records
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Click here to order The Common Wealth: Treasures from the Collections of the Library of Virginia edited by Sandra G. Treadway and Edward D.C. Campbell, Jr.

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