Fry-Jefferson Map Society

Do you love maps? Are you interested in promoting and experiencing the cartographic collections of the Library of Virginia? Become a Fry-Jefferson Map Society member and enjoy invitations to special events, admission to the annual Voorhees Lecture, and advance notice of lectures and other Library programs.

In Kind Gifts

The Library of Virginia's cartographic collection thrives in large part through the generosity of people who have given maps and other materials to the collection.  If you have a map or other document that you wish to consider donating to the Library of Virginia Foundation, please call Dawn Greggs at 804-692-3813.  In-kind donations are fully tax deductible.

2020 Annual Voorhees Lecture Series

Originally scheduled for April 2020, the Library of Virginia held the Annual Alan M. and Nathalie P. Voorhees Lecture on the History of Cartography through a series of three virtual events held in August through October. Explorations of the Albemarle Sound region and the first English settlements of the Roanoke Islands in the 1580s were the topic of this annual event. The Fry-Jefferson Map Society will begin to consider plans for the next Annual Voorhees Lecture in early 2021.

The presentations can be viewed below:

The First American Coloring Books: Theodore de Bry's Grand Voyages, 1590-1602

Uncharted Territory: How Maps Launched–And Nearly Sank–English Colonization of the New World

17th-Century Maps of Virginia, Maryland & the Southeast, 1590–1720

Steering Committee of the Fry-Jefferson Map Society

  • Penny Anderson
  • William Anderson
  • John Bottger
  • Elaine Dotson
  • Evelyn Edson
  • Dennis Gurtz
  • Edward Oldfield
  • David Williams
  • Library of Virginia Liaisons – Leslie Courtois, Audrey McElhinney, Cassandra Farrell
  • Library of Virginia Foundation Liaison – Dawn Greggs

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