Fry-Jefferson Map Society

The mission of the Fry-Jefferson Map Society is to develop, enhance and promote the cartographic collections of the Library of Virginia. Funds raised by the Fry-Jefferson Map Society go directly to support this mission. Membership in the Fry-Jefferson Map Society is $75 and entitles you to special benefits, including admission to the annual Voorhees Lecture, advance notice of lectures and other Library programs.

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In Kind Gifts

The Library of Virginia's cartographic collection thrives in large part through the generosity of people who have given maps and other materials to the collection.  If you have a map or other document that you wish to consider donating to the Library of Virginia Foundation, please call Dawn Greggs at 804-692-3813.  In-kind donations are fully tax deductible.


We are pleased to share the Library of Virginia has launched a Fry-Jefferson Map Society E-Newsletter for members in August 2016. While the newsletters will be available online, members receive a first-hand look via email.

Volume 1 – August 2016
Volume 2 – January 2017
Volume 3 – July 2017
Volume 4 – January 2018
Volume 5 – Summer 2018
Volume 6 – January 2019

Upcoming events

Fall Map Lecture: Richmond City Planning: Evolution Through Maps

Date: Saturday, November 2, 2019 | 10:00 am-11:30 am
Speaker: Mark A. Olinger, Directory, Dept. of Planning & Development Review, City of Richmond
Location: Conference Rooms
Cost: FREE, but registration required: https://bit.ly/2Z9DTyN

This fall map lecture explores the history of city planning in Richmond and how it relates to current efforts to improve the city. The talk coincides with the Library's recent acquisition of a collection of fascinating historical planning charts and maps from the archives of City Hall. A few items from this collection will be on display during the program.

For more information, download flyer.

2020 Annual Alan M. & Nathalie P. Voorhees Lecture on the History of Cartography

Date: Saturday, April 25, 2020 | 10:00 am-4:00 pm
Speaker: Dr. Larry Tise and Andrew Lawler
Location: Conference Rooms, Lecture Hall, Conservation Lab
Cost: $10 (Free for Fry–Jefferson Map Society Members and Semper Virginia Society Members)

The Library of Virginia is pleased to announce that Dr. Larry Tise and Andrew Lawler will be our speakers for the 2020 Alan M. and Nathalie P. Voorhees Lecture on the History of Cartography. Dr. Tise's presentation, "The First American Coloring Books: Theodore de Bry's Grand Voyages, 1590–1602," focuses on de Bry's engravings. His talk will be based on his 2019 book, Theodore de Bry's America: The Complete Plates, 15901602, edited by Michiel Van Groesen and published by Taschen. Impressed by John White's images of North American Indians and Thomas Hariot's amazingly accurate maps of the barrier islands of the Carolina coast, de Bry conceived the idea of publishing a series of exploration narratives lavishly illustrated with his own copperplate engravings, beginning with Hariot's book on the Indians and lands of Virginia. De Bry's iconic engravings instantly became the classic images of how the world perceived Native Americans. His folio–sized books also became our first American coloring books—inviting Europe's artists to use their imaginations in applying colors.

Andrew Lawler will present "Uncharted Territory: How Maps Launched—And Nearly Sank—English Colonization of the New World." In the late 16th century, England lagged far behind other European powers such as Spain and Portugal in knowing what was where in the New World. The scramble to fill this gap played a central role in how, where, and why the English launched their first attempt to settle the New World—with fateful consequences for both the settlers and the development of what became the United States.

Please check back for schedule and registration information.

Steering Committee of the Fry-Jefferson Map Society

  • Penny Anderson
  • William Anderson
  • John Bottger
  • Elaine Dotson
  • Evelyn Edson
  • Dennis Gurtz
  • Edward Oldfield
  • David Williams
  • Library of Virginia Liaisons – Leslie Courtois, Audrey McElhinney, Cassandra Farrell
  • Library of Virginia Foundation Liaison – Dawn Greggs

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Adopt Virginia's History

Many of the Library's rare books, manuscripts, maps, ephemera and other items in our collections are in desperate need of conservation and restoration before they can be released for use.  These maps are available for adoption through our Adopt Virginia's History program.  Any donation of $100 or more towards the conservation of an item will be noted in the item's catalog record, and a card noting the adoption will be placed with the item.  Additionally, you will receive a handsome certificate recognizing your contribution.  For more information and a list of maps in current need of conservation, please call Dawn Greggs at 804-692-3813. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Fry Jefferson Map Society relies on the support of local businesses to support its mission and programming.  For information on the benefits of sponsoring a Map Society program, please call Dawn Greggs at 804-692-3813.

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