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The Library of Virginia is dedicated to providing relevant and useful educational material on Virginia's history, culture, and people to the commonwealth’s educators, students, and lifelong learners of any age. Our educational outreach programs help cultivate public understanding of the history of the Library, including our mission, collections, programs, and services through events and workshops, web-based content, and tours of our facility.

Document Bank of Virginia

UNCLE SAM,  WORLD WAR I POSTER, 1918Document Bank of Virginia (DBVa) is the Library of Virginia’s initiative to get documents into classrooms. Using primary sources, teachers can make history relevant to students while helping them learn and understand state standards. DBVa will teach students to be critical thinkers as they analyze the original documents and draw their own conclusions about Virginia’s past.

Digital Primary Sources and Lesson Plans

We offer a series of lesson plans correlated to the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) and based on primary source documents in our collections. Mounted in 2009, "Shaping the Constitution," a web portal featuring important primary source documents and artwork from the Library of Virginia and the Library of Congress. This educational resource is essential for teachers and students exploring the beginnings of the U.S. government and Virginia's connections to those events.

Anne and Ryland Brown Teacher Enrichment Fund

The Library of Virginia is fortunate to have the Anne and Ryland Brown Teacher Enrichment Fund which supports two programs for the advancement of Virginia's K12 educators. Learn more about the Fund, the Brown Teacher Research Fellowship, or the Brown Teacher Institute here.

Special Programs

Astronaut Leland MelvinThe Library of Virginia periodically offers special programs for school-aged audiences that allow youth to explore our exhibitions and to learn more about the many functions of the Library of Virginia.

We also offer youth programs in conjunction with our exhibitions, in which we allow for an age-appropriate interpretation of the exhibition content. These sometimes take the form of contests for students grades K-12, giving them an opportunity to explore Virginia’s past and to display their unique talents.

Additionally, each year we offer educational resources in the form of our Virginia Women in History and Strong Men and Women in Virginia History, programs which include posters, biographical profiles, and additional educational resources for use in the classroom.

Book and Program for Elementary Students

Collect, Protect, and Serve

To Collect, Protect, and Serve: Behind the Scenes at the Library of Virginia

Written by Tameka B. Hobbs, Illustrated by Les Harper

The Library of Virginia is the oldest cultural institution in the state and the official archive (a place where history is kept) and library of the Commonwealth. In the book To Collect, Protect, and Serve: Behind the Scenes at the Library of Virginia, Archie the Archivist, Libby the Librarian, and Connie the Conservator guide young readers through a visit to the Library of Virginia.  Documents and themes support the Virginia Standards of Learning for grades 1 through 5, especially for Virginia Studies. The Library is also offering a special To Collect, Protect, and Serve Program for elementary students featuring hands-on activities. Each student will receive a free copy of the book. More information about To Collect Protect, and Serve.

Our vast and varied collections of government documents, photographs, business records, and manuscripts help to add depth and complexity to investigations of history, social science, government, and civics. The staff continually mines the Library’s collections to develop new offerings in the form of classroom resources that can bring Virginia’s history alive for citizens of all ages.

Credo Reference

Credo's vision is to promote information literacy and research effectiveness. At Credo, serving libraries is what we do. We work closely with institutions to provide a discoverable and compelling online reference service that learners, educators and researchers cannot do without.

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