New Strategic Plan Sets the Course for the Library of 2023 and Beyond

The Library of Virginia’s 2018–2023 Strategic Plan aims to capture the energy and excitement that will infuse everything the Library does between now and 2023, when the organization celebrates its 200th anniversary. The forward-looking document is more than the culmination of nearly a year’s work led by a determined team of staff members. It also reflects all that is best in our nearly 200-year-old institution.


American Evolution Hosts a Forum on the Future of Representative Democracy

July 30–August 1

One of the Library of Virginia’s partner organizations, American Evolution, offers a free opportunity for civic engagement at the end of the month. In partnership with the College of William and Mary, American Evolution presents a dynamic and thought-provoking forum on the future of representative democracy, July 30–August 1, 2019, in Williamsburg. The event is free and open to the public, but does require advance registration.


Beyond Circulation:

Virginia’s Public Libraries Are Centers for Community Life

Virginia’s public libraries have been steadily undergoing a revolution—one in which their fundamental missions to inform and entertain are being reimagined in original and creative ways.

The 93 public library systems across the commonwealth are centers for community life, and they have embraced their outwardly expanding roles with enthusiasm.


New Annual Fund Fiscal Year Started July 1

The Library of Virginia Foundation extends a special thank you to all of our supporters this past fiscal year, which ended on June 30. We appreciate every donor!

If you did not get your gift in before June 30—or if you have been considering membership—help start out fiscal year 2020 strong with a gift today.


Flag Sale at

the Virginia Shop

Through July, flags are 30 percent off when ordered online and 20 percent off for in-store purchases. The Virginia Shop offers garden and house flags with a variety of themes.


From the Library's Blog:


Letterhead in the Archives, Great Seal Edition

The design of the Seal of the Commonwealth of Virginia was adopted by the Virginia Convention on July 5, 1776, based on the work of a committee including George Mason, George Wythe, Richard Henry Lee, and Robert Carter Nicholas. Their design emphasized themes of civic virtue based on ancient Roman mythology. Alas, it was not cast properly, and over the years numerous variations sprang up. Dr. H. R. McIlwaine, then the Librarian of Virginia, collected a series of letterheads with variations of the Virginia seal on them. They differed wildly in their portrayal of the Roman goddess Virtus and the defeated tyrant.