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  Indian treaty between Pindavako the Protector and young King of Chiskayake and the representation of Edward Wyatt 8 signatures   29 October 1655 5056 2 256
 Richard Waldern Acknowledgement of the deposition of [Walter] Bar[e]foot fragment cut from a document  NH 21 June 1671 5056 4 256
 John Cutt Assignment of bond to Philip Follett fragment  NH 1 August 1672 5056 6 256
 John Berry and Fra(ncis) Moryson Letter to [Charles II, King of Great Britain:] most humble proposals on behalf of the Indian Kings [and Queens] within your Colony of Virginia asks for "small crowns or coronets" to be made for the Kings and Queens of silver "and adorned with false stones of various colours," and "each a purple robe of strong cloth" copy (c. 1855) VA ca. 1677 5056 13 256
 Sir William Berkeley The names and short characters of those that have been executed for rebellion names: Johnson, Farlow, Carver, Wilford, Hansford, "All those at Accomack": [Young?], Page, Harris, Hall, "At the Middle Plantation": William Drummond, Crewes, Cookson, and Digby copy (c. 1855) VA ca. 16 June 1677 5056 9 256
 John Banister Letter to Robert Morison thanks Morison for his kindness in England and describes Banister's time in Virginia. It touches on the barbarous acts of and military engagements with the Indians, crops, plants, trees, animals, and trade between the colonists and Indians copy (19th cent.) "The Falls," VA 6 April 1679 5056 18 256
 John Purvis Letter to William Penn   VA 21 May 1684 5056 36 256
 Robert Mason Bond of Henry Crown: acknowledgement   NH 20 June 1685 5056 40 256
 Edw[ard] Cranfield Bond of Joseph Cass, tavern keeper acknowledgement  NH 25 March 1685 5056 38 256
 Walter Barefoot Bond of Elizabeth Beck acknowledgement  NH 26 April 1686 5056 42 256
 [Henry Dowell] Deposition concerning Captain Francis Champernoone   York, NH 12 October 1686 5056 44 256
 John Wiswall Letter to [Enock?] Wiswall, John Usher orders to pay John Stringer  Eastern Shore, VA 29 March 1687 5056 52 256
 Jo[h] Custis Letter to [John Usher]   Accomack, VA 5 August 1687 5056 56 256
 Jo[h]n Stringer Letter to John Usher   Eastern Shore, VA 21-30 March 1687 5056 47 256
 John Usher Letter to Thomas Packer order about scouting with seal  New Castle, NH 8 October 1696 5056 58 256
 G[urdon] Saltonstall Letter to "D[en]z Brother" offer to serve "in anything I am able," and thanking for "your kindness." Author mentions his happiness at obtaining a "wife for myself." Thanks him also for gloves  N[ew] Lond[on], CT 16 November 1699 5056 60 256
 William Partridge Warrant to divide estate of William Swaine   Portsmouth, NH 28 July 1702 5056 63 256
 [Henry Langstaff] Deposition relative to Thomas Spencer's land   Dover, NH 1 July 1704 5056 68 256
 South Carolina Courts, Berkeley County Court Suit for trespass Blake vs. Rhett signed by Richard [Allein?]  Charleston, SC ca. 1704 5056 65 256
 Thomas Drinkard Obligation: Drinkard to Francis Lightfoot in the sum of 38 pounds  James City County, VA 9 April 1712 5056 70 256
 Samuel [Penhallow?] and John Wentworth Certification of a deposition made by William Ayers and Joseph Purv[n?]ett regarding Mr. Raim's fence   NH 28 December 1714 5056 73 256
 Charleston, South Carolina Courts, Court of Common Pleas Warrant to seize Joseph Coleman, merchant with seal, signed by Nicholas Tratt[sp?], Chief Justice  Charleston, SC December 1715 5056 76 256
 South Carolina Courts, Berkeley County Court Suit for trespass, Samuel Eveleigh and Charles Hill vs. Mary Merrington suing in the amount of 39 pounds, 8 shillings; signed by Richard Allein (Eveleigh and Hill's attorney)  Charleston, SC 1 August 1716 5056 79 256
 Charleston, South Carolina Courts, Court of Common Pleas Warrant to seize Henry Miller, merchant   Charleston, SC December 1717 5056 82 256
 [William Byrd] b. 1674 - 1744 Letter to Charmante love letters, fragment from a letter book Note: this fragment is not included in the letters to Charmante published in the Va. Hist. Mag. Vol. XXXV  27 September- 4 October 1722 5056 85 256
 South Carolina General Assembly, Common House Message praying for the appointment of a Committee of the Council to the Governor Francis Nicholson signed by Thomas Hepworth, speaker  Charleston, SC ca. August 1724 5056 89 256
 John Hope "Lycense to sail from and Depart these Islands" to William Addams "lysence" to sail aboard the Batchelor's Delight bound to the Seeward Islands  Bermuda ca. 16 February 1725/1726 5056 92 256
 [William Byrd] Secret History of the Line fragment tells of Byrd and others' (the "commissioners") experience with the Surveyors of "the Line" [between Virginia and North Carolina?] - entries span February - March   1728 - 1729 5056 95 256
 [William Byrd] and others Petition [for the Dismal Swamp] together with (1) A Description of the Dismal; (2) Advantage of draining the Dismal; (3) Conditions of draining the Dismal; (4) Proposals for draining the Dismal; (5) An Estimate of the first expense Written to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty; estimate for the first expense came to 4000 pounds using the labor of "negroes" over an eight year period [VA?] ca. [1729] 5056 104 256
 John Henry Permit to keep a bay mare to "my Negro fellow Peter"    5 August 1736 5056 114 256
 W[illia]m Williams To Joseph Jackson: [order for a beaver hatt] "hatt" was for Capt. Edward Bryan and cost 3 pounds, 10 shillings  Boston, MA 23 August 1736 5056 116 256
 Daniel McCarty Agreement with John Pope   Westmoreland County, VA ca. 1738 5056 128 256
 Francis Poythress[sp?] Answer to Bill of Complaint brought by John Allen also: A pay warrant on John Allen, signed by Poythress, dated May 11, 1736 pay warrant is in the amount of 80 pounds; complaint involved a trade agreement between the two parties Prince George County, VA ca. 27 January 1738/1739 5056 130 256
 Virginia General Assembly Draft of proposed Amendments to several Bills and Acts involves inhabitants of Norfolk and their service in the militia; the settlement of Protestants; tithables; clearing and repairing highways, rivers and creeks  [VA?] ca. November 1738 5056 119 256
 Sarah Brechin and James Brechin Promissory note to John Ragland note involves "two-hundred acres of land"   9 May 1739 5056 134 256
 South Carolina General Assembly, Committee [Order] "for the Relief of the unhappy Sufferers of this Town by the late dreadful Fire" asks for the amount of 1500 pound to be pad "into the hands of the Church Wardens of St. Philips, Charlestown"; signed by 8 men  Charleston, SC ca. 2 February 1740/1741 5056 137 256
 Massachusetts Courts, York County Inferior Court of Common Pleas Claim examined by John Frost and signed by Sir William Pepperell;  MA ca. October 1742 5056 140 256
 William Chapman Letter to Mrs. Mary Cary Chapman admits mistakenly crediting Cary 2 pounds too little for her tobacco; inside is an account current with Mrs. Cary  King William County, VA 2 November 1742 5056 143 256
 John Worthington An account with Samuel Lanex, 1730-1743 total amount comes to 14:8:9 for knives, sundries, etc.  Brimfield, MA ca. 1743 5056 146 256
 John Edy Bond to John Champe bond in the amount of 100 pounds; with seal  King George County, VA 27 December 1744 5056 156 256
 Rob[er]t Ferguson Letter to James Murray regarding account information that Ferguson felt "not safe to send it by a Negro Boy."  Prince George County, VA 5 November 1744 5056 153 256
 William Gooch Pardon of a Negro Man Slave, convicted of felony negro's name is Sampson, "belonging to Robert Sheild Junior" of York County; felony involves the taking of "Goods of the value of fifty shillings" from James Bale of James County  Williamsburg, VA 9 August 1744 5056 148 256
 J[ohn] H[enry] Bastide Report to "Right Honorable and Honorable Gentlemen" involves a order for lumber and a dispute regarding its quality  Boston, MA 18 October 1744 5056 150 256
  From the Political Arena: Biography of Edmund Pendleton printed auto-biography of the late Judge Edmund Pendleton transcribed on 20 July 1793 appears to be a magazine or newspaper article of some sort  ca. ca. 1752-1753 5056 161 256
 Edm[un]d Pendleton Letter to Sir involves discrepancy of evidence on which a claim was made   10 January 1752 5056 159 256
 Peter Fontaine Map of the V[irgini]a and N[orth] C[arolina] dividing line "copy in the handwriting of Robert Alonzo Brock, c. 1890"   ca. 1752 5056 162 256
 J. Hanbury and Co. An Account of Charges on Tobacco to the Estate of John Allen   London, England ca. 1753 5056 169 256
 J. Hanbury and Co. Letter to James Baker expresses concern over tobacco trade and an account  London, England 20 September 1753 5056 166 256
 W[illia]m Phillips Receipt to Harrison Gray: Interest for One Year on Ten Government Securities amounts to 4 pounds, 4 shillings in interest for 70 pounds, 12 shillings  Boston, MA 6 July 1753 5056 164 256
 Robert Dinwiddie Letter to [Adam Stephen] on Braddock's Campaign; the relocation of French prisoners; mustering of soldiers  Williamsburg, VA 10 February 1755 5057 10 257
 Rob[er]t Dinwiddie Letter To [Robert Hunter] Morris in the handwriting of Dr. Meredith Toner. Enclosed in: 1883, Sep. 21 Toner to R.A. Brock. Dinwiddie sorry for how Morris's House of Assembly was treated; retreat of Col. Dunbar; Gen. Braddock; success of Gen. Johnson; awaiting orders for next year  Williamsburg, VA 31 October 1755 5057 16 257
 J[ohn] Bolling Letter to Robert Bolling Braddock's Defeat; rumor that Braddock was "supposed to have been killed by his own men; Braddock "had five horses killed under him before he was wounded"; "our brave Col. Washington…had two horses shot under him and several bullets thro his cloth."  VA 13 August 1755 5057 13 257
 Edw[ard?] Shippen Plea plea involving Caleb Lamb, Cumberland County Indian Trader, and William Chesney in the amount of sixty-six pounds; plea registered on 8 February "in the Twenty Eighth Year of our Reign" and was scheduled to be heard on the first Tuesday in May. fragment; under the rule of George II Lancaster County, PA ca. ca. 1755 5057 3 257
 Edw[ard?] Shippen Plea of trespass between John Ingle and Abraham Buckwalter plea was registered on 8 February "in the Twenty Eighth Year of our Reign" and was scheduled to be heard on the first Tuesday of May. under the rule of George II Lancaster County, PA ca. ca. 1755 5057 6 257
 Edw[ard?] Shippen Plea: Casper Deitbough and Joseph Bugh vs. Thomas Allison As[s?]ee of George Croghan in the amount of eighty pounds plea was registered on 8 February "in the Twenty Eighth Year of our Reign" and was scheduled to be heard on the first Tuesday of May. under the rule of George II Lancaster County, PA ca. ca. 1755 5057 8 257
 Tho[ma]s and Richard Kelley Receipts 1756: Mrs. Mary Lightfoot to Tho Kelley who "recvd the above in full." 1758: Mrs. Mary Lightfoot to Tho Kelley who recvd June 28 1758 the above in full." 1756: M. Lightfoot to Richard Kelley (ten shillings) "recd January 13 1756."   1756-1758 5057 24 257
 John Cuthbert Receipts to Lachlan McIntosh relates to 197 pounds "in part of Lachlan McIntosh of Company's Bond"; Note in McIntosh's handwriting on lower margin: "This paper was pickt up accidentally in the streets of Savannah after the British took possession of that Town…"  Savannah, GA 1 June 1756 5057 22 257
 Hill, Lamar and Hill (firm) Letter to William Allen Esq. letter and bill regarding Allen's order of "four pipes of wine," the cost of which "comes extravagantly high but could not be helped." Order was shipped on "the Good Ship called the Industry" and to be delivered in Virginia.  Madeira, England 16 March 1757 5057 33 257
 South Carolina Council Order that the Deputy Secretary do prepare warrants for the Land Prayed for by John McQueen and Christopher Gaddsden involved the amount of 3000 acres to McQueen "opposite to Augusta fort and from thence to Horse Creek; Involved the amount of 1300 acres to Gaddsden "on the far side of the Pedee River"; Signed by Samuel Mowbray.  Charleston, S.C. 2 March 1757 5057 2 
 [Jerwyn] Wright Letter to David Grame regards the opening of a "publick road in order to open a communication between his Majesty's two Provinces"  SC 4 June 1758 5057 38 257
 Cha[rle]s Wright Letter to David Grame Wright "impatiently expecting" Grame's answer to a matter that appears to have something to do with land near Georgia.  Charles Town, SC 21 June 1758 5057 41 257
 Capel Hanbury Letter to Esteem'd Friend [James Baker?] regards the death of John Hanbury. On verse: Eulogy (dated 22 June) on John Hanbury, deceased London merchant: "Died at Coggeshall, in Essex"  London, England 23 June 1758 5057 44 257
 Francis Bernard Commission to William Douglas Commission as a Major of a Regiment of Foot to be raised in New Jersey  Perth Amboy, NJ 15 March 1759 5057 47 257
 Reuben Allen Leaf from "A Commisary's Account"book listing supplies furnished to Captain John Stark and Major Robert Rogers supplies (to Stark) include a blanket, "a pare of Indian Stockings," a coat, a pig tail, tobacco, 1 yard of linen, two shirts and cash. To Rogers, there only appears to have been cash.   ca. 1759 5057 50 257
 Richard Farrar Bond to George Keppen and Co., merchants in Glasgow amount: 427 pounds, 6 shillings, 11 [?].   3 October 1760 5057 63 257
 H. Tompkins Certificate certificate regarding the receipt of the Executors of John Ragland which "they paid mein order to prevent any persons petitioning for the land of the sd. Ragland."   8 October 1760 5057 66 257
 G G [P/C?]owell Certificate to Jacob Matt Esq., Public Treasurer certificate of Joseph King's military service.  Winyaw?, SC 15 January 1760 5057 53 257
 John Carlyle Letter to James Mercer   Alexandria, VA ca. 1760 5057 71 257
 J[aquilin] Ambler Letter to Jasper Yeates relates to Yeates' "joining with [Ambler] in consoling the loss sustained by leaving College before [Ambler] had finished"  VA 24 September 1760 5057 60 257
 [Atta-culla-culla] Little Carpenter's Talk regards a peace proposal in America between Indians, the French, and "the white people" in the nation based upon the expectation of a trade agreement; concern about mixed signals regarding war and the state of Indian prisoners  Camp Sayers 2 November 1760 5057 68 257
 W[illiam] Pinckney Petition to the Honorable Benjamin Smith Esqr. Speaker and other Members of the Commons House of Assembly. petition for money to be paid to Pickney for services under the Governor  SC 13 June 1760 5057 57 257
 Caleb Cushing Receipt receipt for the bounty of seven men enlisted by the late Captain Osgood; receipt appears to be for the amount of 28 pounds.  Boston, MA 23 January 1760 5057 55 257
  To Supry Davis miscellaneous receipts and accounts   26 March 1760 - January 1797 5057 74 257
 John Brice Letter to Withers regards letters that couldn't be delivered, Brice being currently "happily situated," and a matter that "draws all my attention to that Point."  Annapolis, MD 21 June 1761 5057 84 257
 Samuel Allyne Bill of exchange to Messrs. George Wombwell [and Sons?] in London bill of exchange for 20 pounds sterling in favor of Charles Stewart  VA 4 March 1762 5057 89 257
 J[ohn] S[ingleton] Copley Bill to Harryson Gray bill for the painting a portrait of Miss Betsey. Amount for the painting appears to be "eight guineas and one frame at four pounds, 12, 4."   ca. 1762 5057 95 257
 Ja[me]s Abercomby Letter to Fr[ancis] Fauquier acknowledges Fauquier's "favour of 20 May" and involves a matter of money  London, England 10 November 1762 5057 92 257
 Rich[ar]d Smith Receipt to Richard Darby Smith received 325 pounds in cash and a bill on Delancey and Watts of New York "for 465 dollars or One Hundred Seventy Four Pounds"  Boston, MA 11 February 1762 5057 86 257
 William Winston and others Bond to Richard Doggett also signed by Isaac Winston, Peter Fontaine and Patrick Henry; witnessed by Peter Winston and Mary Coles.  Bedford County, VA 14 October 1763 5057 109 257
  Conveyance of land from Moses Sweatt of Hampton Falls, New Hampshire, to Jacob Worthim of Kensington, New Hampshire printed form, filled in; attested by Me[shech?] Weare; Sweatt to be paid 400 pounds by Worthin. Land in Hampton Falls "at a place called Halls Farm"  Parish of Hampton Falls, NH 18 August 1763 5057 106 257
  Deed from John Dic[kemanar?] to John Hailey date given at the end of 26 February 1807 and appears to have been signed by Rich[ard?] Grove Esq. and one other person.  Cumberland County, NC 28 July 1763 5057 103 257
 Nich[ola]s Bayard Deposition: Nicholas Bayard vs. Lewis Morris signed by Bayard and witness Ch. Morin[ston?]. The amount of 27 pounds, 7 shillings" to be paid.  NY, NY 14 May 1763  0 
 John Backhouse Letter to W[illia]m Allen Esq., Merchant, James River letter regarding the trade of tobacco and items to be delivered to Allen.  Liverpool, England 15 April 1763 5057 98 257
  Deed for a parcel of land from Joseph Fifield of Kingstown to John Fifield of Kingstown John Fifield paid Joseph 1200 pounds for the land. Attested by Josiah Bartlett. Document also signed by Edward Fifield and John Cal[f?]e  Kingstown, NH 15 March 1764 5057 112 257
 John Marshell A copy of a list of Negroes belonging to Mr. Allen hired by F. Walker includes 13: "two boys Tom & Hector," "Harry," "Frank," "Amey," "Esther," "Dinah," "Will," "Judy," "Amey," "Tom," "Sam & Frank."   ca. 1765-1766 5057 120 257
 Abraham Barnes and John Ballendine Agreement for the Sugar lands "Barnes agrees to leave to Ballendine all the negroes known and the Sugar lands." Ballendine agrees to pay Mr. Barnes" 173 pounds for the first year and 225 pounds for "every year after during his life."   29 November 1765 5057 117 257
 John Robinson Letter to John Scott regards the discharge (non-military) of Mr. Throckmorton of a debt of some kind   3 June 1765 5057 115 257
 William Cocke Orders to James Cocke orders of payments due both men and a W[illia]m Dobbie from the "Treasurers Account" of Graham and Larkin Che[ws?].  Quantico, VA 6 June 1766 5057 123 257
 Fran[cis] Fauquier Receipt    ca. October 1766 5057 129 257
 Isaac Low and Co. Receipt to John Waddell   NY, NY 20 June 1766 5057 126 257
 George Barkley Bill for making clothes to the executors of Joseph Godwin, deceased clothes bill for "a coat and breeches;" sworn to before John Elis, Jr.   ca. 13 January 1767/68 5057 136 257
  Certificate of a filing of a memorial of land memorial entered by Thomas Young for 300 acres; printed form filled out and signed by Wm. Handley.  St. John Parish, Savannah, GA 14 February 1767 5057 134 257
 New Jersey Courts, Huntendon County Inferior County of Common Pleas Notice to the sheriff, Micajah How Esq. "writ of inquiry of damages…will be executed on Saturday the thirty-first Day of January at the House of Robert Ru[ther?]  Huntendon County, NJ 15 January 1767 5057 132 257
 Samuel Athawes Letter to Edward Ambler in the handwriting of R.A. Brock, ca. 1880  London, England 17 August 1768 5057 138 257
 J. Lewis Letter to Thomas Bates regarding a suit that will be called in October 1768 "unless the Courts forget their late Resolutions to do Business better than they have long done."   10 October 1768 5057 140 257
 James Southall Miscellaneous accounts 26 accounts total including one document regarding the estate of Leainard Claiborne   1768-1776 5057 143 257
 Cha[rle]s Carroll Letter to Clem[ent Brooke   Annapolis, MD 21 May 1769 5057 186 257
 D[avid] Jameson Letter to John Page Page "heartily" congratulates Jameson on a "science" related matter; "On verse: calculations in Mr. Page's handwriting"   3 June 1769 5058 84 258
 James Sullivan Receipted account with Joseph Trow    ca. 1769-1779 5057 189 257
 James Mercer Inventory inventory of John Mercer's library made by his son James prior to the sale of Mrs. A. Mercer's estate. Also: Sale of John Mercer's Effects after the death of his wife. Copies made by Wm. R. Mercer and enclosed is his letter to R.A.B., May 25, 1879  Stafford County, VA 1770-1771 5057 202 257
 W[illiam] C. Byrd Letter to David Pattison thanking Pattison "for the seed and the trouble you [take?] about." Byrd is "very ill at present with a Fever and Vomiting."  Westover, VA 31 September 1770 5057 199 257
 John Wilkins Letter to Thomas Hutchins regarding Hutchins' journey up the Kaskaskia River along with a man named Mr. Morgan   ca. 25 April 1770 5057 192 257
 John Posey Power of Attorney to Daniel McCarty witnessed by H. Manley, Alexander McKenzie, Jacob Reed and Wm. Robinson.  Fairfax County, VA 27 April 1770 5057 195 257
 Robert Nicholson Receipts and bills for tailoring and materials to Robert Carter    1770-1771 5057 209 257
 Norborne Berkeley, 4th Bacon Accounts    11-15 February 1771 5057 212 257
 Ozias Goodwin, of Guilford, in the County of New Haven, Connecticut Bond bond for payment on rum imported from St. Christopher to the Colony of Connecticut for the amount of 11 pounds printed form New Haven, CT 1 August 1771 5057 217 257
 T[heodorick] Bland Letter to John Backhouse of Liverpool Regarding tobacco. Copy retained by the author.   ca. 1771 5057 223 257
 Sam[ue]l Griffin Letter to W[illia]m Griffin, Samuel's brother Regarding Samuel's trip from Boston to London. At the time of writing, Samuel hadn't been in London long enough to give William "any account of the people or country." He also wants William to sell things at home and send him the money.  Bath, England 26 October 1771 5057 220 257
 David Ross Letters to John Hook 5 letters regarding freed African-Americans. Enclosed: 26 November 1890 letter from William Preston Holland to Brock.   1771-1782 5057 230 257
 Geo[rge] Mercer Letters to Thomas Adams Two letters: First is a bill in the amount of 57 pounds, 3 shillings, 6 pence, dated 3 October 1771. Second informs Adams that Mercer will see him soon and will pay a debt "before it falls due."  London, England, and Brussells [?] 3 October 1771 and 21 April 1772 5057 225 257
 Crump, Bates, and Trents Account to John Pittman    19 November 1772 5058 17 258
 Joseph Jones and others Certificate for Edward Franklyn certificate for " one Hogshead of tobacco," "In the handwriting of Joseph Jones, also signed by William Fitzhugh and Henry Pendleton"   1 June 1772 5058 11 258
 Elizer Heywood Indenture of apprenticeship Indenture apprenticing Elizer Heywood to Thomas Adams for a term of five years. Document signed by Heywood, John Edwards and James Lowe[s?]   18 August 1772 5058 14 258
 Ph[ilip] Mazzei Letter to Thomas Adams written to Thomas Adams "at the Bare Inn at Bath," Mazzei hopes Adams will be in town during the following week to have dinner with 3 other men including Mazzei  Hay-Market, London, England 18 March 1772 5058 2 258
 Cuthb[er]t Hubbard Letter to W[illia]m Allen    6-15 May 1772 5058 8 258
 Charles Boulton Receipt to W[illia]m Dobbie Receipt for tobacco "the sum of twenty-five pounds"   17 April 1772 5058 5 258
 Alexander Lang Return of George Mercer, Esquire, Shenandoah Lower Estate, Frederick County, Alexander Lang oversees Includes an inventory of the estate, including the slaves, most of whom are listed by name. "Given in by William Dawson Baring."  Frederick County, MD 24 December 1772 5058 20 258
 John Lawrence Rule in Ejectment, New York Mayor's Court Rule involves John Stiles, David Barclay, James Jackson and John Leake. "John Lawrence, Adam Mott, William Baker and David Barclay [should] be made defendants instead of the now defendant John Stiles."  NY, NY 1772 - 1796 5058 28 258
 Massachusetts Treasury Treasurer's notes, in blank, signed by James Bowdoin, James Otis, Thos. Cushing three of the four pieces are pre-printed for 20 June 1774, the other for 20 June 1773   ca. 1772 5058 23 258
 Reuben Turner Bond to John Lynn Turner contracted to pay Lynn 23 pounds, 18 shillings and 5 pence  Prince William County, VA 20 May 1773 5058 36 258
 Th[oma]s Adams Letter to Elizabeth [(Fauntleroy)] Cocke [afterwards Adams] Adams regrets having left Elizabeth "pale and unwell; " Adams is about to leave for "Lion-Vale" hoping to make "a visit to the Springs"; Adams is to see a man in the following week about land he told Elizabeth about "in Amherst County"  Staunton, VA 19 March 1773 5058 33 258
 Richard Adams Letter to Thomas Adams Letter involves the sale of tobacco, and travel by schooner  Cumberland, VA 28 January 1773 5058 31 258
 Ben[jamin] Waller Note to Richard Hampton Note acknowledging payment from Hampton in the amount of 496 pounds, 5 shillings and 8 pence   ca. 1773 5058 39 258
 Robert Livingston Notes on the case: Robert R. Livingston and others ads James Jackson    ca. 1773 5058 41 258
 John Thompson Bond to Robert Kennan Kennan is of Surry County, Virginia; Thompson is to pay Kennan 13 pounds, 15 shillings, and five pence; "John Tompson Bond payable 1st Febry. 1775"  Prince George County, VA 2 May 1774 5058 46 258
 George Wythe Compensation to be paid to Arthur Dent "A resolution of the committee of public claims that Arthur Dent ought to be allowed the sum of twenty five pounds for his present relief and the further sum of five pounds per annum during his life, a recompense for the wounds he received"   13 May 1774 5058 52 258
 Phi[ilip John] Schuyler Inventory of the effects of Major General [John] Bradstreet, taken…by W[illia]m Smith and Phi[lip] Schuyler   NY, NY 27 September 1774 5058 57 258
 Caleb Towns Letter to James Bartlett Towns offers to pay Bartlett "six pounds currency for Mr. Bannister Harper"   15 December 1774 5058 63 258
 Jesse Judkins Letter to John H[artwell] Cocke Judkins asks Cocke "to pay Robt Kennan the sum of nine pounds, three shillings and seven pence halfpenny currency."   23 November 1774 5058 60 258
 Committee in Isle of Wight County, Virginia Resolutions [relating to measures to be taken for the preservation of American Liberty] statement of faith and allegiance in George III; document signed by 22 men; Enclosed in: 4 Nov. 1897 letter from John R Purdie to Brock  Isle of Wight County, VA ca. July 1774 5058 54 258
 New Jersey Courts, Huntendon County Inferior Court of Common Pleas Statement of bail, debt, suit "Thomas Neil is delivered to Bail on the taking of his Body unto Peter [Afghar] of the Township of Lebanon"; "At the suit of Lawrence Ramey"  NJ 5 May 1774 5058 49 258
 W[illia]m Perry Bill of exchange to Messrs. Thomas Eden and Co., merchants in London for 18 pounds, 10 shillings sterling  MD 20 August 1775 5058 70 258
 Archibald Cary Letter to [Theodorick] Bland letter was to be "received at the hands of Mr. Robsamen who is appointed by the General Congress to Superintendent of the Salt Petre"; Bland is to take Robsamen "under [his] care" and assist him by "showing him warehouses" and letting him experiment  Williamsburg, VA 21 December 1775 5058 76 258
 Rich[ar]d A. Adams Letter to Elizabeth [(Griffin)] Adams "to Elizabeth Adams at Richmond Hill"; regards military "engagements with the enemy near Norfolk in all of which we have had the advantage"  Williamsburg, VA 11 December 1775 5058 73 258
 Robert Cary and Co. Letter to William Allen involves a trade relationship with the French; also the relationship between the colonies and Great Britain  London, England 10 March 1775 5058 66 258
 Jon[a]th[an] Trumbull Military certificate for Lt. Nathaniel Humphrey   CT 31 May 1775 5058 68 258
 Henry [Bowcock] Bond to John Lukens Lukens is from Philadelphia; bond in the amount of 358 pounds, 1 shilling, and 8 pence  Williamsburg, VA 13 September 1776 5058 99 258
 John Page Letter to [William Fleming] Page has confidence in Fleming's ability to secure people under his leadership and sends "powder for your protection; Page has heard from Congress that the Northern Indians are friendly and have withdrawn their assistance to "our" enemies  Botetourt County, VA 3 September 1776 5058 96 258
 Charles Lee Letter to [William] Byrd concerns Lee's military command and great respect for Byrd  Williamsburg, VA ca. 17 April 1776 5058 79 258
 Cha[rles] Hansford Letter to Samuel Shield involves the obtaining of money from debts, the wounded leg of a slave named Sampson, and convulsion fits by "Old Nanney"; "On the reverse: Memorand in another Land" Halfway House York County, VA 2 July 1776 5058 87 258
 slave owners in several Virginia counties Manumissions for negro slaves from slave-owners in Hanover, Caroline, Goochland, Louisa, Chesterfield Counties; 19 documents in all  VA 1776 - 1855 5058 102 258
 Artemas Ward Pay warrant in favor of Thomas Chase to Ebenezer Hancock Hancock is Deputy Paymaster General of the Army of the United States of America; payment in the amount of 1800 pounds, "equal to six thousand dollars" for the defraying of necessary expenses; endorsed by Chase to John Appleton with his receipt  Boston, MA 7 August 1776 5058 93 258
 Edward Miller Promissory note to Wm. Bacon note in the amount of six pounds, fifteen shillings   22 August 1776 5058 90 258
 Edw[ard] Hand Agreement with John Heron Heron was "of the township and County of York"; Hand "obliges himself to furnish" Heron with "four milk cows, two draught horses, a Plantation wagon, and [illegible] for four horses and farming tools"; also signed by Heron and two witnesses  Lancaster, PA 1 April 1777 5058 135 258
 R. Brooke Certificate of [?] Butler    26 September 1777 5058 153 258
 John Peyton Letter to "Sir" regards military action; Capt.[Sion] Fell into the hands of the enemy; also regards the transaction of goods  Gloucester County, VA 20 February 1777 5058 132 258
 John Blair Letter to "Sir" Blair has taken person's bond to Dr. Walker; letter also concerns a debt to Mr. McDowell to the sum of 180 pounds  Williamsburg, VA 23 May 1777 5058 138 258
 Thomas B. Griffin Letter to his sister [?Elizabeth (Griffin) Adams] letter concerns the importance of love in life and Griffin's intentions on courting soon   ca. 19 June 1777 5058 141 258
 Tho[ma]s Wharton Letter to Jacob Morgan regards the "removal of several Gentlemen of this City by Council, out of the State. They have uniformly manifested in their general Character and Conservation a Disposition highly inimical to the Cause of America."  Philadelphia, PA 10 September 1777 5058 150 258
 W[illiam] Heath Pay warrant to Ebenezer Hancock Pay warrant in favor of Wm. Frost; pay in the amount of 26 dollars "two thirds in full" for "enlisting twenty men" in a regiment in 1776; written on the reverse of Lt. Frost's statement  Boston, MA 4 July 1777 5058 144 258
 Edw[ar]d Wellburn Receipt Receipt for Indian corn for the use of the Battalion Company, Maryland  MD 14 August 1777 5058 144 258
 F[rancis] Hopkinson Bill of Exchange, in favor of John Abbot to the Commissioners of the U.S. at Paris countersigned by Nath[anie]l Appleton; endorsed by Abbot;  MA 16 November 1778 5058 162 258
 W[illiam] Phillips Letter to [William] Heath Phillips requests a passport for Capt. Strangeways going to Rhode Island  Cambridge, MA 11 May 1778 5058 160 258
 W[illia]m Burrows Esquire Letter to Mary Clapperton Clapperton was of the Parish of St. Michael; certificate granting Mary "Letters of Administration of the Estate and Effects of Alexander Clapperton...lately deceased as next of kin."; Certified and signed by Jos. S Cray and Robert Smith  SC 14 February 1778 5058 155 258
 Rhode Island Militia of King's County Regimental abstract for wages of Col. Charles Dyer's Regiment   RI 2 April - 8 May 1778 5058 157 258
 John Davis Agreement and Bond concerns a dispute between John Davis and Tolaver Davis over "some negroes"  Hanover County, VA 4 January 1779 5058 165 258
 Virginia General Assembly An act concerning nonjurors act regards the payment of taxes; document signed by John Beckley  Williamsburg, VA 4 October 1779 5058 184 258
 John Page, Lt. Gov. Letter to [David] Mason regards the payment of 5000 pounds for subsistence of Mason's troops;  Williamsburg, VA 3 July 1779 5058 173 258
 W[illiam] Phillips Letter to [Theodorick] Bland letter of 11 June concerns the distribution of clothes to British prisoners; letter of 3 July regards some deserted British soldiers and the role American soldiers have played in their desertion  Colonel Carter's House 11 June-3 July 1779 5058 168 258
 Sam[ue]l Huntington Letter to the Governor of Virginia [Thomas Jefferson] concerns the subject of land grants "during the continuance of the present war."  Philadelphia, PA 30 October 1779 5058 186 258
 Sam[ue]l Jones Letter to the President of the Council of Pennsylvania [Joseph Reed] Letter of 2 September regards "an account of the commitment and tryal of a certain Caleb Hill, a deserter from the 11th Virginia Regiment." Letter of 17 August also regards Hill, then calling him a "house thief."  Lancaster, PA 17 August - 2 September 1779 5058 176 258
 Dan[ie[l Smith Letter to Wm. Campbell concerns the boundary line between Virginia and North Carolina; Embarkation Camp Cumberland, MD 26 December 1779 5058 188 258
 H. Gerlach Return of Officers and Servants belonging to Major General Reidesel and his family document is countersigned by Theodorick Bland   12 September 1779 5058 181 258
 Daniel McCarty An account to Dr. Captain French Simpson    April - October 1780 5058 199 258
 Thomas Jefferson Copies of correspondence with Abner Nash and James Monroe letter of 28 June regards the "southern movement of the enemy" and the detention of supplies, both of which greatly concern Jefferson. Letter of 25 June "proceeds to give a detailed statement and presumed intended operations of the enemy."  Richmond, VA 25 - 28 June 1780 5058 203 258
 Lewis Littlepage Letter to "Sir" regards Littlepages travels abroad; a fight witnessed by Littlepage  Madrid, Spain 25 November 1780 5058 214 258
 [General] W[illiam] Smallwood Letter to [Thomas] Jefferson concerns losses from a recent battle from the 1st Continental Regiment of Artillery; endorsed by Jefferson  Hillsborough, NC 10 September 1780 5058 209 258
 Benjamin Johnson Letter to James Madison [illegible]   28 October 1780 5058 212 258
 U.S. Congress [Continental] Various resolutions and orders, extracted from the minutes concerns Wabash Indian clashes on Virginia's frontier; the employment of General Woodon; agreeing to the report of P. Legras; appointments for representatives; payment to states on public debt; supplies from Virginia; all signed by Charles Thomson   May 1780 - 21 July 1787 5058 217 258
 Elias Hasket Derby Agreement with Jonathon Peele, a Salem merchant letter about Derby's private ship of war commanded by Thomas Simmons signed by Samuel Waters Salem, MA 5 July 1781 5059 9 259
 Georgia General Court Case, John Foutes vs Daniel Wolecon case concerning Robert Wright, dec.  Savannah, GA 12 September 1781 5059 12 259
 C[harles Tuffin Comte de Rouerie] Armand Letter to [Theodorick] Bland Armand accuses Bland of misconstruing his previous letter  VA ca. ca. 1781-1793 5058 191 258
 Archibald Anderson Letter to John Banister, Camp Gilford Court House about General Morgan's defeat of Tarleton and Lord Cornwallis' march to rescue prisoners  NC 10 February 1781 5059 4 259
 Joseph Reed Letter to William Henry concerning the court martial of William Henry  Philadelphia, PA 29 June 1781 5059 7 259
 William Wipple, Speaker Pro Tem Order for payment to the New Hampshire House of Representatives for Joshua Danforth  NH 20 January 1781 5059 2 259
 Jonathon Dayton Proclamation provisioning French Troops order to have a market held for provisions near the house of Henry Taylor  Dobbs Ferry, NY ca. 1781 5059 14 259
 Daniel Telfair Letter to Andrew Martin written from Polly and Betsey of Bermuda about a flag of truce at Hampton  Hampton, VA 30 July 1782 5059 31 259
 George Meade Letter to Benjamin Rush concerning debts of Michael Burke, formerly of Baltimore  Philadelphia, PA 29 July 1782 5059 28 259
 William Trent Letter to Bernard Gratz about a trip to Maryland  Philadelphia, PA 5 January 1782 5059 16 259
 John A Stokes Letter to Captain Robert Dixon   Elk Marsh, NC 28 September 1782 5059 42 259
 Charles Lewis Letter to George Todd order for hiring a horse   25 August 1782 5059 33 259
 Samuel Huntington Letter to inhabitants of Dresden, VA about the Wyoming Massacre and a donation from the churches of Drysdale Parish after sermons by the Rector transmitted by Meriwether Smith to Edmund Pendleton Norwich, CT 10 June 1782 5059 21 259
 Josiah Parker Letter to Judges of General Court and Jury regarding trial of Dempsey Butler and "Capture of Cornwallis"  Isle of Wight County, VA 23 September 1782 5059 39 259
 William McCreery Letter to Messrs L. & R Purviance, merchants in Baltimore contents: shipping of tobacco, prisoners; Richmond, Baltimore, Charlestown, Bermuda  Williamsburg, VA 11 May 1782 5059 18 259
 Benjamin Temple Letter to Robert Beverly about horses and Col. White  King William County, VA 5 September 1782 5059 36 259
 Daniel Morgan Letter to Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates   Saratoga, VA 4 December 1782 5059 44 259
 John Rutledge Letter to the Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates  also signed by George Clymer Richmond, VA 13 June 1782 5059 23 259
 John Beckley Resolution to the Virginia General Assembly & House of Delegates resolution for pardoning of James Lamb, Joshua Hopkins and John Caton convicted of treason; on the reverse side: "rejected"  Richmond, VA 18 June 1782 5059 25 259
 George Weedon Letter  faded and difficult to read Fredericksburg, VA 1 April 1783 5059 53 259
 William Alexander Letter to Col Charles Dabney dinner invitation for Lord Sterling   28 August 1783 5059 65 259
 Nehemiah Hubbard Letter to Col. William Dangerfield regarding French Army in Peekskill, NY mentioned corn and cattle furnished W Skinner of the French Army while in Peekskill, NY Philadelphia, PA 14 February 1783 5059 51 259
 Nathanial Appleton, Boston merchant Letter to General Court regarding land sale: John Grey, Susanah Jackson, Sarah Green, and Susanah Loving signed by Isaac Smith Boston, MA 1 January 1783 5059 46 259
 Henry Laurens Letter to James Lovell mentioned in letter: Peregrine Bourdieu, son of James Bourdieu; also mentioned General Wipple  London, England 7 April 1783 5059 56 259
 Samuel A Otis Letter to Moses S. Hayes a thank you letter  Boston, MA ca. 1783 5059 68 259
 George Washington Letter to Robert R. Livingston about provisional treaty ink has bleed through and difficult to read Tappan, NY 7 May 1783 5059 59 259
 Benjamin Lincoln Letter to War Office requesting furlough for George Haley   28 August 1783 5059 62 259
 George Washington Letter to William Duer requesting provisions for Col. Witlet's Regiment  Newburgh, NY 1 February 1783 5059 49 259
 Free Holders & others Petition to Virginia House of Delegates for partition of Hanover County with two pages of twenty-eight signatures  Hanover County, VA ca. 1783 5059 71 259
 Jeremiah Pate Letter about his physical condition to?    28 July 1784 5059 80 259
 George Washington Letter to George Plater    ca. 1784 5059 83 258
 Francis Preston Letter to George Richardson requesting information on Col. Christian's pay Breckinridge mentioned  29 February 1784 5059 74 259
 George Troup Letter to George Walton about the sale of a slave   28 June 1784 5059 77 259
 Capt Robert Hunter Misc. accounts and receipts to: Robert Wilson, John Pugh, William Norvell, Thomas Carson, William Staples, James Stemmons, George Cabell, & Samuel Irvin. William Brooks to John Thompson, Robert McReynolds, John Snyder, Thomas Dixon, Morris Dunnington, Thomas Humphreys Josiah Ellis Lynchburg and Richmond, VA 1784-1817 5059 87 259
 William Clayton Accounts James Foster and John Watkin's estate Agnes Thompson, Alex Hay Hanover Town, VA 1785-1789 5059 186 259
 South Carolina District 96 Land grant from William Moultrie unto Daniel Bourdeux, David Hopkins and Francis Bremar for 7000 acres; recorded May 15, 1797, Grant GGGG p. 157, recorded Peter Bremar, Dept Secretary  Charleston, SC 5 December 1785 5059 177 259
 Albion Trockmorton Letter to Andrew Dunscomb, Richmond, VA about a furlough and the War of the Revolution, 1785 difficult to read  15 December 1785 5059 180 259
 George Washington Letter to brother, Charles Washington   Mt. Vernon, VA 12 April 1785 5059 164 259
 Edward Burd Letter to John Nicholson a postscript to Amendments to a bill granting relief to creditors of persons attainted of treason   28 March 1785 5059 161 259
 D. Pagan Letter to William Murray about a book mentioned: Thomas Jefferson, shipping, marriage at Petersburg, Miss Broadnax to ? Carter of Richmond, VA and Mrs. King to ? Foster originally of Boston but late of Charleston, SC also mentioned: Amelia, VA, and Abbe Ragnals History of Philadelphia and Political Establishments and Commerce of the Europeans; news about Thomas Jefferson being presented at the Court of Versailles and his private audience with the King  8 August 1785 5059 174 259
 Col. Richard Adams Misc. documents of Col. Adams, Richard Adams, Jr, and Thomas B. Adams, merchants of Richmond, VA; mentioned: Wm Lightfoot, Roy Allen, Jesse Roper, Samuel Griffin, Samuel Grantland, William Jones, dec., William Price, Thomas Prosser, B. D. Wills John Armstead, William Gaddy, Ludwell Grymes, ? Stith, Wm Hay, ? Edmundson, Thomas Lowell, Daniel Tyson, Hollingsworth Johnson, John Groves, Major Winfree, James Underwood, Nicholas Lyme, William Marshall, John Gilliat, Doctor John Wills, O. Paine  Richmond, VA and Hanover County, VA 1785-1812 5059 192 259
 Quesnay de Beaurepane and A M Cheralin Names of subscribers to Quesnay's Academy [and amounts contributed]: Price, Miller, Gunn, McClurg, Duval, Cary, McCraw, Lyne, Prosse, Good, Lewis, Banks, Montgomery, Stewart, Burton, Kerr, Germon, Haslet, McCreey. Keen, Hay, Lott, Laughlin, Barrett, Southgate, Richards, Higbee, Trevor, Deane, Boulware, Pryor, May, Mayo, Vanduval, Hylton, Ghoghegan, Roper, Webb, Hayes, Dixon, Webb, Boyd, Robert, Luckett, Lambert, Adams, Isaccs, Truehart, Tinsley, Booker, Rowland, Randolph, Harvie, Galt, Mitchell, Formecola, Greenhou, Pennock, Lewis, Warrington, Good, Southall, Voss, Tankerd, Foushee, Wilkinson, Graves, Stockdale, Bolling, Matthews Richmond, VA ca. 1785 5059 183 259
 R. Elliot Order to John Syme in favor of William Radford's pay   8 July 1785 5059 171 259
 John Harvie Receipt to Sherwod Harris ten bushels of corn   1 June 1785 5059 168 259
 Phillip John Schuyler Letter to Goold and Ludlow mentioned Mr. Lewis and accounts  NY 4 April 1786 5059 252 259
 John Hinde Letter to John Crutchfield Offer to hire servants  Hanover Town, VA 1 January 1786 5059 249 259
 Robert Ballard Letter to William Paterson mentioned brother, Thomas Paterson, accounts and Norfolk, VA  Petersburg, VA 15 May 1786 5059 255 259
 William Heth Letter with General Samuel H. Parsons about a meeting in Richmond and General Lincoln  Buck Hill, VA 3 October 1786 5059 257 259
 William Toney of Prince Edward District Misc. documents: Robt Davis, Samuel Patterson, Walter Irvine, Wm Berryman, Sheriff Buckner, L. Allen, Elizabeth Davis, John and Samuel Sadler, Peter Davis, Robert Hill, M. Carrington, Samuel Anderson, Samuel Jones, A Debrell Edward, James, John, & Charles Toney, Robert Logan, Robert, Mosely, Wm and Thomas Moss, John Price, John Harris, Woodson Pittman, Thomas Carter, Wm and John Bernard, James Bagley, Wilson Price, Samuel C Ford, Sarah Folwell, Rolfe Eldridge,  Buckingham County, VA 1786-1813 5059 263 259
 John Sullivan Receipt to Nathan Nichols   13 December 1786 5059 260 259
 J. Osborne Account to Capt William Murray    9 April 1787 5060 9 260
 George Clinton Appointment of Phillip H. Livingston to be Lt. in Militia of the City and County of NY filled in form  NY 4 May 1787 5060 12 260
 Nicholas Mills, of Hanover County Bond to Matthew Anderson & Company   Hanover Town, VA ca. 1787 5060 40 260
 NY, NY Mayor's Court Inventory of costs in John Williams vs. Isaac Furman signed and subscribed by Richard Vasick  NY, NY 4 January 1787 5060 2 260
 John Laurence Invoice for 6 hogsheads of rum   Norfolk, VA 30 September 1787 5060 30 260
 William Lovell Letter about drinking, etc   Williamsburg, VA 19 March 1787 5060 7 260
 Cyrus Griffin Letter to his sister, Elizabeth [Griffin] Adams about a death  Williamsburg, VA 8 June 1787 5060 14 260
 Thomas Lowndes Letter to Robert Goodloe Harper, Attorney at Law about friends and family  Charleston, SC 2 August 1787 5060 25 260
 Le Roy de Chaumont Letter to William Alexander and Company about an overdue payment mentioned in letter: Hugh Nelson Philadelphia, PA and Richmond, VA 17 June 1787 5060 22 260
 William Murray Letter to William Gibbs about delivering letters   ca. 1787 5060 43 260
 John Sunderland Note about a meeting    9 February 1787 5060 5 260
 Benjamin Franklin Order to David Rittenhouse, Treasurer on behalf of Samuel Meredith for pay as delegate to Congress Meredith's receipt  Philadelphia, PA 13 June 1787 5060 17 260
 Robert Morris Petition to Supreme Executive Council of PA petition for William Alexander, merchant of Richmond, VA by his friend Robert Morris mentioned in petition: merchandise, duties, Petersburg, Philadelphia, Brig Petersburg Packett, Capt Brown Richmond, VA and PA ca. 11 October 1787 5060 33 260
 Jesse Root Receipt to Joseph Skinner mentioned: Ephraim Root, James Harmon, Sheriff Williams  Hartford, CT 15 October 1787 5060 37 260
 Harvey Hath Account    ca. September 1788 5060 68 260
 Leighton Wood Account and cover Letter to George Thomas William Dudley's acct.  Hanover, VA 3 March 1788 5060 61 260
 Dinwiddie & Company Account to M. Gilliam mentioned: John and William Bell, C. Duncan. John Osborne   1788-1796 5061 118 261
 William Murray Account with John Thompson, 1787 & 1788    ca. 1788 5060 76 260
 Walker Muse Bill for merchandise to Robert Carter    26 February 1788 5060 58 260
 John Miller Bond to Frederick John Pigou, Jr, merchant with attestments: Josiah Ogier, Notary, John Mitchell, Notary, Wilson Forester, Notary  London, England 1788-1799 5060 78 260
 Robert Hayes Letter to Capt. Hughlett and Capt. Goodwin mentioned: rum delivery and the James River, Richmond, VA  Norfolk, VA 3 April 1788 5060 71 260
 Thomas Palmer Letter to Hugh Patton, Richmond, VA Couch Family  Philadelphia, PA 1788-1789 5060 83 260
 Joshua Wentworth Letter to Moses M. Hayes mentioned: Boston and New York  Portsmouth, NH 22 February 1788 5060 52 260
 William White Letter to William Thomas & Mr. Boyd, Richmond, VA mentioned: Mr. Dudley, Mrs White, dec.  Norfolk County, VA 26 May 1788 5060 66 260
 Ames Fisher Order to Robert Ware mentioned Nathan Fisher  Dedham, MA 12 February 1788 5060 49 260
 Thomas Pinckney Receipt to Col. William Thompson    25 February 1788 5060 55 260
 Potomac Company Receipt to Daniel McCarty, signed by William Hawthorne, Treasurer   Alexandria, VA 7 January 1788 5060 46 260
 Accountants Office, J. Hardy Request to Thomas Smith, Pennsylvania loan office    8 May 1788 5060 64 260
 Shelton Smith and Bull Field Account of sale at Mont Air of negroes, cattle, horses, farm equipment   ca. October 1789 5060 115 260
 Thomas Hatcher Account to Hugh Patton mentioned: Indian corn  Richmond, VA 8 July 1789 5060 104 260
 William Armstrong, Coroner Deed to James Spiller, of Sampson County, NC mentioned: Peter Galbreath, Archibald Simpson, dec.  Cumberland Co, NC 28 April 1789 5060 94 260
 Joseph Carrington Indenture to Richard and Martha Baskerville   Cumberland County, VA ca. 1789 5060 112 260
 Invoice of goods left with John Howard Invoice   Richmond, VA 8 July 1789 5060 107 260
 John Glover Letter to Moses M. Hayes, merchant of Boston, MA mentioned: Capt Green, Boston, receipts and supplies  Marblehead, MA 25 February 1789 5060 91 260
 William Thomas Letter to W. Rubin Auston mentioned: deed for lots, payments and W. Page   1 June 1789 5060 101 260
 Col George Dermistor Order to Lt William Sty mentioned: Henry McNeely's estate  Little Brittain, Canada 30 June 1789 5060 98 260
 William Almond Promissory note to John Brown of Essex County   Caroline County, VA 30 October 1789 5060 110 260
 Andrew Nixon Return of permits for slaves to John Lanier and Joseph Hudson  Bermuda Hundred, VA 20 January - 20 April 1789 5060 88 260
 James Gibbon Account with Major James Armstrong sent to Major John Barrien, Savannah, GA  Petersburg, VA 27 January 1790 5060 129 260
 J. Colcok Bill to Col Nathaniel Gist for merchandise bought at Charlestown  Charlestown, SC ca. 1790 5060 144 260
 Littleberry Mosby Indenture to Wade Mosby   Powhatan, VA ca. 1790 5060 147 260
 Robert Payne Letter to Capt. William Murray, Amelia mentioned: Phillip W. Jackson  Petersburg, VA 8 November 1790 5060 135 260
 John Swann Letter to John McCall request for money mentioned: Turpin  24 November 1790 5060 138 260
 Edward Carrington Letter to William Branch Giles   Richmond, VA 25 December 1790 5060 141 260
 August Seaton Letter to William Brown    25 January 1790 5060 123 260
 Philip Ludwell Grymes Letters and accounts with Rowles & Grymes and Company, shipping, goods, tobacco, James City County, Mrs. Edgar, J. Tayloe, Mrs. Wakelin Welsh & son, Capt Arthur, Goosley, Woodson, Wm Nelson, Jr of Carolina, Gen Nelson, Ralph Wormley, Jr, R Robinson, dec. J R Grymes and Mr Rowles died in London, May 19, 1790 London, England and VA 1790-1811 5060 150 260
  Negro Slaves for Sale miscellaneous bills of sale for Negro Slaves, Richmond, VA, Frances Loraine, Westwood & Armestead, Bulls Roberts, B F Ficklin, Jesse F Kersee, T B Cosby, J Baugham, Welford Johnston, W Fulcher, Michael Gretles  Middlesex County, VA and Elizabeth City County, NC 1790-1865 5060 160 260
 John McCreedle Receipt to R. Cooley   Richmond, VA 26 January 1790 5060 126 260
 Peter B. Orain Request for pay to Gen Benjamin Lincoln, near Boston mentioned: Pulaski's Legion, Philadelphia, prisoner at Santee Ferry  Richmond, VA ca. 28 August 1790 5060 132 260
 Ebenezer Lockwood Bill for Ebenezer Lockwood, member of 2,3,& 4 Provincial Congress, NY 1775,1776,1777 mentioned: Daniel Miller, Caleb Aleadin, Arnold Dickins, Frederick Knox  NY 6 July 1791 5060 190 260
 Hardin Burnley Memorandum on purchase of coal from Mr. A Croshwait    22 October 1791 5060 199 260
 John Glover of Marblehead Power of Attorney to Stephen Miller mentioned: Samuel Barrett, Nathaniel Fellows, Henry Bass  Boston, MA 29 December 1791 5060 206 260
 William Heath Power of Attorney to William Heath, Jr printed form filled in witnessed by John Read and Thomas Clarke  Roxbury, MA 1 August 1791 5060 193 260
 Elijah Leftwich and James H Leftwich Promissory note to James Powell, Exec of Nancy Leftwich, dec.    5 January 1791 5060 179 260
 New Jersey Commissioner of Loans Receipt for certificate of funded debt  printed form filled in, signed by Joseph Bloomfield  22 February 1791 5060 182 260
 J Read Receipt to George Clark mentioned: Messrs Mitchell & Gardner and Alex. McGregor and B. Thurston  New Castle, PA 25 October 1791 5060 202 260
 Samuel Myers Receipted account of John Woodson   Petersburg, VA 29 October 1791 5060 204 260
 Peter Van Schaack Receipts of W Goodrich mentioned: Gen Schuyler, Hendrick Schoonmaker, Windle Pulver, James Lester, and James Lester, Jr, T Rypenbergh, and William Rensselaer  Kinderhook, NY 13 September 1791 5060 196 260
 U. S. Army, 1st Regiment of Lewis Return of arms, accoutrements, and ammunition to complete Capt Joseph Brock's Company mentioned: Isaac Craig and military stores  Fort Pitt 10 June 1791 5060 187 260
 Patrick Henry Statement of indebtedness to the amount of seventy five pounds in horse flesh testees: John Gossling, Gideon Glenn, Robert Bryan  Prince Edward County, VA 1 March 1791 5060 184 260
 Charles Lewis Account with William Finnie   Richmond, VA 19 September 1792 5060 225 260
 Cyrus Griffin, Judge of the United States for the District of Virginia Certificate to William Griffin   VA ca. 1792 5060 231 260
 Alexander Hamilton Circular Letter giving sanction to the signature of Henry Kuhl in behalf of the comptroller    29 September 1792 5060 228 260
 Thomas Foster Expense account, 1777-1780    29 June 1792 5060 219 260
 Peter Wagener Letter about the sale of the sloop Dolphin as credit against a debt to Charles Simms of Alexandria  Colchester, VA 24 February 1792 5060 210 260
 Richard Chichester Letter to Daniel McCarty mentioned: William P Bayliss, James Reod, Joseph Moore, James Brown, Henry Reardon  Newington, CT 11 June 1792 5060 216 260
 John Tayloe Griffin Letter to Elizabeth Griffin Adams Richmond Va, Richmond Hill, family news  Philadelphia, PA 17 July 1792 5060 222 260
 William Charles Claiborne Letter to James T Vaughan, of Richmond, VA mentioned: Capt Goodwin of the Sloop Endeavor; dispute over James Smith claim of service  Philadelphia 17 May 1792 5060 213 260
 John Starke, Major General Receipt to Nathaniel Appleton mentioned: Caleb Stark, Major; Battle of Bunker Hill  MA 5 January 1792 5060 208 260
 Joseph Jackson Account and receipt to John Hancock also blank cheque on the Massachusetts Bank   ca. 1793 5061 25 261
 John Austin Account for freight on tobacco   West Point, VA ca. September 1793 5061 17 261
 Alexander Hamilton Directions for a draft to Nathaniel Appleton of MA  Treasury Dept. Washington, DC 27 February 1793 5061 4 261
 Samuel Shaw Estimate of damages mentioned: Tenerife wine, William Green's contract, signed by Thomas Randall  NY 29 January 1793 5061 2 261
 Philip J Schuyler Letter about accounts to Edward Goold mentioned: Chief Justice Yates, Mr. & Mrs. Evans  Albany, NY 12 April 1793 5061 6 261
 Paul Thilman Letter for land survey payment to Mr. Woolfolk    4 July 1793 5061 14 261
 Mary Willing Byrd Letter to Messrs. Samuel Meyers and Brothers the letter mentions payment for material for clothing; Mr. Dent, Mr. Willing, Miss Fitzhugh  Westover, VA 25 April 1793 5061 9 261
 Thomas Pinckney Passport to George Whippy  printed form, written in French London, England 30 November 1793 5061 22 261
 Thomas Keene Receipt to Robert Cawley mentioned: James Warington   16 May 1793 5061 12 261
 Hicks Campbell Request for payment to William Clayton of New Kent mentioned: John D. Watkins  Richmond, VA 29 November 1793 5061 20 261
 Edmond Brown Bond to James Doswell mentioned: George Lynch  Hanover County, VA 18 October 1794 5061 47 261
 James Wardrop Bond to John Wardrop mentioned: receipts and partnership of James and John Wardrop; British and Portugal Gold attested: James Mc Bride, Mr. Roberts Manchester. VA 29 March 1794 5061 29 261
 Tristan Dalton Letter to James Greenleaf about housing for his family mentioned: Baltimore  Georgetown, DC 14 November 1794 5061 50 261
 John Lansing Letter to John Van Rensselaer about a purchase   Albany, NY 1 September 1794 5061 41 261
 James Clark Promissory note to Mitchell & Gardner   Richmond, VA 1 December 1794 5061 53 261
 General Anthony Wayne Provisions issued to a detachment of the U. S. Legion mentioned: Elliot Williams  Western County of Camp Greenville 1 March 1794 5061 33 261
 Robert Troup Request for payment to Peter Ogilivie    11 June 1794 5061 38 261
 Richard Stith Request to Nathaniel Tate for deed payment mentioned: Bedford Courthouse, Campbell Courthouse  Bedford, VA 17 May 1794 5061 35 261
 D. Meade Request to William Murray to borrow a harness    4 September 1794 5061 44 261
 William B Christian Account with William Cocke agricultural items; mentioned: John Lyons, Christopher Smith, William Gardner, John Christian, Nicholas Syme, Gideon Bosher, Meriwether Jones   1795-1797 5061 87 261
 Thomas Fitz Simmons Letter to Garrett Cottringer    9 February 1795 5061 58 261
 Peter Burton Letter to Mose Myers, merchant of Norfolk, VA mentioned Capt Marshall of Philadelphia; Ship Portsmouth  L'Orient, France 17 February 1795 5061 61 261
 William Short Note of regret to F. Skipwith, Counsel General of the United States of America   Paris, France 26 December 1795 5061 82 261
 Richard Lee Turberville Note to Dr. James Kennedy, of Alexandria about medication   Loudoun, VA 1795-1796 5061 84 261
 Louis Marie, Vicomte de Noailles Note to John Nicholson about a visit    16 November 1795 5061 77 261
 Jonathon Sturgis Order for payment to Ephraim Root   Litchfield, CT 14 November 1795 5061 75 261
 Philemon Dickinson Receipt cut from a document    24 August 1795 5061 69 261
 John M Sheppard Receipt to Bob Cawley    9 April 1795 5061 65 261
 Thomas Leiper Receipt to Daniel Triplett of Falmouth   Richmond, VA 23 October 1795 5061 72 261
 James Garrard Receipts for surveying land in Bourbon County mentioned: Thomas Fleming, Robert Craddock  Bourbon County, KY ca. May 1795 5061 67 261
 Wiliam Smith Request to John Keane for information about a note    ca. 1795 5061 56 261
 William Hull Transfer of stock to William Sawyer mentioned: Thomas Jackson; attested: William McCleary, Mr. Cooper  Boston, MA 11 December 1795 5061 79 261
 John Vaughan Account shipment to Hamburg   27 May 1796 5061 98 261
 William Hill Wells Bond to George Mitchell   Sussex County, VA 2 July 1796 5061 131 261
 Thomas Mifflin Certificate for Clement Biddle as Notary Public   filled in printed form; signed by James Trimble, Deputy Secretary  ca. ca. 1796 5061 106 261
 Timothy Dwight Instructions to Isaac Beers to allow the following students to have books at his store students: John Hoaker, James Murdock, Ezra Bradley, Ebenezer Learned, John Wynne, William Hassell, David B Wil [?], Charles Denison Yale College  New Haven, CT 9 January 1796 5061 90 261
 Henry Knox Letter to Frances Tench mentioned: Schooner Columbia, Capt Loveill, Samuel Hodgdon, Philadelphia, material for spars and cost  ME 26 September 1796 5061 112 261
 Robert Ailken Letter to John Nicholson mentioned: iron chest, Leonard Jacoby, Hamburg  Philadelphia, PA 13 August-9 November 1796 5061 115 261
 Samuel Baynard Letter to Timothy Pickering, Secretary of State mentioned: J. Leonard, Rev. Blackwell, Dr. Mease. Thomas Fitzsimmons. Mordici Lewis  London, England and Philadelphia, PA ca. February 1796 5061 92 261
 Philip Slaughter List of lands on the northwest side of the River Ohio that he wished to sell mentioned: General John Blackwell, Derby Creek, Eagle Creek, General Robert Carterfield, M Clements, Robert Beverly   23 June 1796 5061 101 261
 John Jay Order to prepare a pardon  signature of John Jay NY 18 July 1796 5061 104 261
 Nathaniel Bowditch Receipted bill to Elias H Derby    23 March 1796 5061 95 261
 Stevens Thompson Mason Statement relative to articles of agreement with Hugh Holmes and Philip Pendleton for the sale of Kentucky land 12000 acres  KY 27 August 1796 5061 109 261
 James Daniel Certificate relating to suit mentioned: Samule Burks, Robert Daniel & Company, Mary Haskins, Alex Campbell, John Nash,  Richmond, VA 24 June 1797 5061 123 261
 Georgia, Richmond County Court Court records in Bostwick vs. Walton mentioned: Chesley Bostwick, Moore and Walton attested by: Peter Carnes, John Bostwick, J. Foster,  Louisville, GA 11 August 1797 5061 134 261
 Robert Troup Letter to James Greenleaf mentioned: debt to Mrs. Duer  NY 8 January 1797 5061 120 261
 Robert Morris Letter to John Nicholson mentioned: Mr. Cottringer, Mr. Ashley  Hills 15 September 1797 5061 138 261
 Moses Myers Receipted bill of merchandise from William Manson mentioned: Benjamin Oliver, Samuel Smith, T Bullifant  Norfolk County, VA 20 July 1797 5061 129 261
 Zachariah Bullock Survey of 7582 acres in District 96, South Carolina   SC 15 May 1797 5061 125 261
 Mary B. Sutton Account mentioned: John Holmes   14 May 1798 5061 158 261
 Underwood & Woodson Agreement and bond to Samuel Couch to construct a foundation under his mill mentioned: Stephen Underwood, Richard Harris, George Underwood, Edward Bolling   21 November 1798 5061 172 261
 W. Russell and others Articles of agreement for a business partnership attested to by Miles Hughes also signed by John Lyne and Liston Temple NY 18 May 1798 5061 161 261
 John Lansing Letter about a debt   Albany, NY 19 March 1798 5061 152 261
 William Duffy Letter to Alexander Falconer of Louisburg   Hillsborough, NC 10 January 1798 5061 141 261
 Robert Walsh Letter to his father, Robert Walsh mentioned: Mr. Carrere  Georgetown College, DC 18 September 1798 5061 165 261
 William W Morris Letter to John Nicholson    8 March 1798 5061 149 261
 John Tyler Letter to John Thweatt, of Blandford mentioned: Mr. Gordon  Greenway 29 January 1798 5061 144 261
 James Pamplin Letter to Thomas Dix of Essex County note about a negro girl mentioned: Robert Rogers, estate of Mrs. Upshaw, dec; attested to by Philip Burnette   1 March 1798 5061 146 261
 Willis Green Receipt for copying and recording two deeds for Tunstal Quarles mentioned: William R. Fleming, Thomas M Fleming, Robert Cradock   10 May 1798 5061 155 261
 Aaron Ogden Receipt to the New Jersey Commissioner of Loans mentioned: James Ewing, Commissioner of Loans, Anne Barber  NJ 17 November 1798 5061 170 261
 South Carolina Courts, Court of Common Pleas Verdict in case Johnson & Henderson vs. Moorman & et als. To recover the freedom of several negroes mentioned: Christopher Johnson, Nathaniel Henderson, Robert Moorman, William Burnett, Spencer Burnett, L. William Martin; ten negroes: Venus, Morris, Joe, Rachael, Nathan, Sam, John, Judah, Wiseman, Randel signed by Julius Nichols SC 12 November 1798 5061 168 261
 Robert Payne Abstract of duties carriages of stagecoach lines in Virginia  VA 30 September 1799 5062 32 262
 Macline Brydie & Co Account of Mrs. Betsey Lynch and Andrew Flowers sewing sundries   4 March 1799 5062 2 262
 Cringan & Adams Account to Mrs. Littlepage   Richmond, VA ca. 1799 5062 45 262
 Elijah Leftwich's estate Accounts mentioned: John Leftwich, Abraham Campbell, William Ellis, Thomas Redd; infant children and widow  Hanover Town, VA 1799-1800 5062 48 262
 Phillippe Joseph Letombe Appointment of Louis Azcambal, Vice Consul of Rhode Island  with seal; written in French; notation: very rare Philadelphia, PA 21 August 1799 5062 26 262
 Robert R. Livingston Certificate to Thomas Brodhead   Clermont, NY 18 June 1799 5062 16 262
  Instructions to Pintard & Davidson for a parchment book   14 May 1799 5062 7 262
 Robert Beverly of Blanfield, Virginia Letter to Andrew Duncomb, Richmond, Virginia   Tappahannock, VA 10 October 1799 5062 35 262
 Benjamin Tallmadge Letter to Ephraim Root mentioned: Berkshire County and Tallmadge's doubts about a land title  Litchfield, CT 25 October 1799 5062 37 262
 Joseph Pitcarin Letter to Henry Willis, American Consul, Genoa mentioned: British Naval forces and blockade  Hamburg, Germany 6 April 1799 5062 5 262
 John Thomson Letter to James Kennedy of Alexandria   Alexandria, VA 14 November 1799 5062 40 262
 William Murray Letter to Mrs. Mary Bass regarding her account   20 August 1799 5062 23 262
 George Truitt Letter to William Hill Wells mentioned: the Governor and Mrs. Wells  Dover, DE 2 June 1799 5062 10 262
 Jonathon Mifflin Letter to William Patterson, merchant of Baltimore mentioned: C.T Widderstandt, R.T.Earle, Peter Barker, merchant of Philadelphia, Mifflin's brother's trip to Baltimore and a bond  Nottingham 21 June 1799 5062 14 262
 Edmond Pendleton, Jr Note regarding a judgment against Gawain Corbin mentioned: Valentine's Estate   2 December 1799 5062 43 262
 Henry Selliars [Seylers] Oath of Allegiance to the United States signed by Charles Shackelford  Shenandoah County, VA 1 August 1799 5062 20 262
 Robert Brooke Promissory note to Robert Cawley    13 June 1799 5062 12 262
 C. David Colden, Notary, City of New York Protest of a note upon the request of Samuel Forbes signature: J. T. Anderson  NY, NY 11 September 1799 5062 29 262
 Benjamin Carrington Receipted bill to Mayo Carrington for the United States   VA 12 July 1799 5062 18 262
 Stephen Owens and wife Bill of sale to John Baldwin two hundred acres of land teste: James Allen Gee Green County, KY 1 March 1800 5062 57 262
 John Dunsmore Bill to Mitchell and Gardiner mentioned tea, sugar and brandy  Richmond, VA ca. 1800 5062 120 262
 T. B. Fox Claims by the executor of John S Stubbs, dec'd mentioned: Mrs. Stubbs, widow of Emanuel Jones   ca. 1800 5062 128 262
 William Worsley Itemized list of printing fonts and other printing equipment   VA ca. 1800 5062 131 262
 Cyrus Griffin, Member of Continental Congress Letter of condolence to John Adams, physician of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Maria Griffin, John Griffin, Richard Adams  Williamsburg, VA 17 August 1800 5062 103 262
 Samuel Meredith, Treasurer of the United States Letter to Benjamin Stoddert mentioned: Secretary of the Navy and a warrant   6 October 1800 5062 111 262
 Philip Barrand Letter to Dr. Smith about supply of medicine  Norfolk, VA 16 July 1800 5062 62 262
 Stephen Van Rensselaer Letter to Henry Glen mentioned: a bill passed by committee and a new church  Albany, NY, and Philadelphia, PA 21 February 1800 5062 51 262
 Henry Knox Letter to Henry Jackson mentioned: Capt. Talbot  Montpelier, VA 2 November 1800 5062 117 262
 Susan E Madison Letter to Miss Sarah Radford two letters; mentioned Agatha   ca. 1800 5062 123 262
 C. Levert Letter to Mrs. Ann Leftwich requesting her to pay Thomas Redd twenty pounds receipt of twenty pounds signed by Thomas Leftwich Hanover Town, VA 23 February 1800 5062 54 262
 Eliza Madison Letter to Sally Radford mentioned: Mr. Edmundson, James and Letitia Madison set out for Kentucky; calico and muslin; Blacksburg, Virginia  Richmond, VA 16 October 1800 5062 114 262
 William M. Green Letter to Samuel Tooker about slavery in New York mentioned: Mrs. Doll Kingston, NY 19 August 1800 5062 106 262
 John [Lesley] Letter to the Humane Society about Indian Slaves mentioned: Robert Harris, Mr. Jefferson and Governor Monroe, Elijah Johnson Louisa County, VA 4 April 1800 5062 60 262
 Nicholas Ridgely Letter to William Hill Wells of Dagsborough mentioned, sale of lots in Georgetown; politics and the names of several members of Congress  Dover, DE 22 August 1800 5062 108 262
 United States Second Census Oaths of the census takers for the various towns and counties to the Marshall of the District of Virginia; Belfield Starke of Greenville ; William Smith of Town of Norfolk; William Harris of Sussex and Southampton; Kennon Jones of Dinwiddie Hezekiah Pitts of Northampton; Richard Watkins of Chesterfield; Samuel Wassles of Accomack; Charles H. Simmons of Norfolk; William White of Princess Anne; Archibald Richardson of Nansemond; Edward Dillard of Petersburg; Miles Burgess of Surry; George Hines of Isle of Wight; Thomas Lewis of Prince George; Joseph Townes of Charlotte Co and Nottoway Co, John Booker of Prince Edward Co and Charlotte Co; John Wilson of Mecklenburg Co and Halifax Co; John Street of Lunenburg and Brunswick Co VA July-August 1800 5062 65 262
 Samuel Murgatroyd Papers in Griffith vs. Tebbs including correspondence of Thomas Lang of Boston and George Simpson of Baltimore mentioned: John Stapleton, Mr. Edwards; Ship Bilbao and cargo Philadelphia, PA 1800-1802 5062 134 262
 William Eaton Account with Chapelie and Neveau & Company of Marseilles mentioned: Capt. Coffin and Ship Ann Maria  Tunis 25 April 1801 5062 157 262
 Jones & Metcalf Bill to Caleb Tate itemized for building materials, food and sundries; Robert Hannah, Beverly Roberson, Charles McCraw, Edmund Tate, Joseph Ship, Witts Mosely, Thomas W Cocke, Reeves Higginbotham, James Gilliam, Archibald Robinson, Edward Price, Charles Johnson,  Richmond, VA ca. 1801 5062 181 262
 Thomas Jefferson Letter of recommendation to Samuel Shields of York County mentioned: Port of Hampton; M. E. Chisman; Mr. Kerby  Monticello, VA 21 August 1801 5062 171 262
 James Monroe Letter to Thomas Jefferson, President of the United States mentioned conspiracy of slaves; deposit of arms and Military Stores of the United States at New London; Manchester, Virginia; acquisition of land in the vacant Western Territory of the United States  Richmond, VA 15 June 1801 5062 165 262
 David Humphreys Letter to William Willis mentioned: Captain Mills; quarantine of American vessels upon arrival in the Ports of Spain  Madrid and Barcelona, Spain 5 September 1801 5062 174 262
 William Robertson Letters, documents, receipts, and notes; sales of the estate of William Robertson; mentioned: John Fretwell & Co, Jacob Martin; Robertson Daniel & CO; William Gilman. Richard C. Chandler, William Roe; Doctor Morris; Robert Anderson, Robert Burton; Nathaniel Watkins of Albemarle County, sale of woman, Letty; Ben Johnston; John Coles; Josiah Hobson; John Hardin of Powhatan County sale of Negroe boy, Charles; William Steger; Doctor Everett letter about leaching and oil of sugar; John M Cobs; John Brown of Nottoway County sell Negros woman. Austin Noble, Ishim League, Richard Davis; James Ferrell; James Carr; James Eubank; Thomas Eubank; Marshall Durrett; JOHN Eubank; Edward Garland; Walter Cole; David Young; Joshua Porter; James Dudley; George Norwell; Thomas Norwell; Thomas Thurmond; Walter Coles; Rice Smith Thomas Daniel; Richard Preston; Landon Farrar, Thomas B. Johnson; George Nicholson; Eliajah Boyce; Jacob Drumheller Amelia County and Richmond, VA 1801-1814 5062 186 262
 Thomas Pelham, 2nd Earl of Chichester Pass to John Leonard, citizen of the United States of America   Whitehall 19 November 1801 5062 179 262
 William Collier Power of Attorney to James Bull mentioned: Janet Nevins Collier, late wife of Hezekiah Collier; Samuel Nevins late of Virginia and his wife Susannah Nevins, dec'd; Michael and Thomas Bull; Daniel Beasley and Joseph Gallego of Manchester, Virginia  Hartford, CT 15 June 1801 5062 160 262
 David Sewall Receipt for salary to George Simpson   York (Maine District) 17 July 1801 5062 169 262
 John Stevens Receipt to Jonathon Dayton    9 October 1801 5062 177 262
 John Musier Account to the United States for freight of sundry merchandise, Indian Dept.  text of receipt in the hand writing of Peter Gansevoort Albany, NY 24 September 1802 5062 271 262
 James Monroe Appointment of Anthony Robinson as Director of the Lunatic Hospital   Williamsburg, VA 16 October 1802 5062 274 262
 Thomas Butler the County of Gloucester Bond to John Butler signed by Reuben Butler and John Radford  Richmond, VA 1 July 1802 5062 262 262
 George W. Holmes Letter to Christopher Tompkins purchase of timber and its value   1 January 1802 5062 252 262
 Nicholas Fitzhugh Letter to John Mason of Georgetown mentioned; Potomac Company; Shenandoah River; tolls on the Potomac River; increased river traffic; legislation in Congress; House of Representatives resolution  Richmond, VA 1 January 1802 5062 249 262
 Richard Young Letter to Messrs. Fenwick Mackmurdo & Fisher altercation over a payment for locked gaits (gates); Ampthill Mills  Richmond, VA 3 February 1802 5062 255 262
 Richard Corbin Letter to Messrs. Gilliatt & Kirby recommendation for John Adams  Laneville, King & Queen County, VA 6 June 1802 5062 260 262
 Peter Gansevoort of the Military Agents Office Letter to William Irvine mentioned; United States Schooner, Fort Erie, Fort Detroit, Mackanac  Albany, NY 15 December 1802 5062 276 262
 John Starke Ravenscroft Letter to William Radford of Richmond, Virginia about purchase of two pistols   15 February 1802 5062 258 262
 New York, Cayuga County Letters patent to Mathias B. Tallmadge relief of John Welch and Samuel Crawford; land in the Township of Sterling; one hundred and fifty acres, gold and silver mines signed by Governor George Clinton Albany, NY 16 September 1802 5062 268 262
 Joseph Trent Physician's account with Jesse Armistead mentioned: blood letting   1802-1803 5063 14 263
 Lambert Cadwalader of Trenton, New Jersey Power of attorney to Archibald McCall   Philadelphia, PA 2 July 1802 5062 265 262
 William Tilghman and Philip Wager of Philadelphia Agreement for lease of property on German Town Road mentioned: Henry W. Livingston and wife of the State of New York, Peter James  German Town Road 4 February 1803 5063 2 263
 John Parker Boyd Draft on expenses to Jonathon and E. Little mentioned: William Little  Philadelphia, PA 3 June 1803 5063 9 263
 Carter Berkley Letter price for a crop of wheat; Colonel Hoome's overseer, Mr Martin, Baltimore and a Schooner   16 September 1803 5063 11 263
 Thomas Jefferson Letter to Bernard Germain Etienne de la Counte de Lacpede  very faded Washington, DC 24 February 1803 5063 5 263
 Robert Morris and Dunnington Letters and misc. bills and receipts yard goods, sundries, food, spices, tea, whiskey, clothing; John Pointer, Richard Thurman, Rieves Higginbotham, John Brown, Josiah Bialy, Stewart Taliaferro, Edward Lynch, William Edenfield, James Gilliam, James Mosley, Thomas Cocke, William Warwick, John Eckford, William Stanton, George Sullivan, William Powell, Henry Davis, Peter Detto, Charles Hoyle, Walter Muschell, Thomas S McClelland, Samuel Irvine, William Block, William B. Banks, G. P. & J. Lindenberger, John Clarke  Baltimore, MD, and Lynchburg, VA 1803-1809 5063 17 263
 Thomas Leiper Accounts of sales of snuff, Scotch, etc. mentioned: Thomas White of Richmond, M. D. Emerson, John Landige, Fredericksburg, Sloop Brothers, Mr. Watkins,  Philadelphia, PA 1804-1818 5063 47 263
 Daniel Hardaway Letter mentioned : Chesterfield Court House, Peter Field Trent, John Scott of Manakin Town, John Harris,  Amelia, VA 29 May 1804 5063 39 263
 James Sullivan Letter and draft to General Henry Jackson    16 April 1804 5063 36 263
 Richard Cloug Anderson Letter to Captain Abraham Chapline, Middletown mentioned: Henry Whiting, State of Ohio, Mr. Sullivant,, William Reynolds Kentucky lands Soldiers Retreat, Mercer County, KY 15 September 1804 5063 45 263
 William M. Prescott Receipt to Ephraim Root mentioned: Israel Munson, John Wyler, Israel Thomdike, Hartford Convention  Salem, MA 29 August 1804 5063 42 263
 Vandice's account Sworn to Edward Carrington, Alderman, July 14, 1804   very faded  ca. January-February 1804 5063 33 263
 J. Prentis Account mentioned: trips to Richmond   25 July 1805 5063 71 263
 Ephraim Root Account with Elijah Wadsworth    10 July 1805 5063 68 263
 John B. Johnson Deposition mentioned: Thomas Littlepage, Captain Street   12 February 1805 5063 54 263
 William Crogham Letter to Captain Abraham Chapline mentioned: Thomas Reynolds, William Reynolds, information about acreage on Indian Creek, John Bailey, Col. Anderson, 10,000 acres  Locust Grove, Louisville, KY 25 May 1805 5063 65 263
 George W. Lee Letter to George William Smith mentioned: Francis Smith, agent appointment for Insurance Company  Smithfield and Richmond, VA 10 August 1805 5063 74 263
 A. M. Edgar Letter to Joseph Eggleston mentioned: negroes for sale  Brandon, Amelia and Richmond, VA 24 May 1805 5063 63 263
 David Ross Letter to Mr. Harrison mentioned: Daniel McCallum   3 April 1805 5063 57 263
 John Bassett Letter to Warren Ashley  faded and difficult to read  10 December 1805 5063 81 263
 William Charles Cole Claiborne Letter to William Nicholls, commission as Major in the 9th Regiment of Militia, Territory of Orleans   New Orleans, LA 26 September 1805 5063 77 263
 George Caines Power of Attorney, Francis Bloodgood   NY 23 April 1805 5063 60 263
 Thomas McKean Remission of duties mentioned: County of Northumberland, Andres Kennedy and William Nelson convicted of assault and battery  Lancaster, PA 30 September 1805 5063 79 263
 Moody Hope Advertisement of jackass at stud mentioned: James Hope  Fluvanna County, VA 24 February 1806 5063 89 263
 Colin MacRae Certificate mentioned: Shanks and McRae  Manchester 24 January 1806 5063 84 263
 Louis Felix de Beaujous Letter Beaujous 1799, Consul General to U.S to 1804-1810 written in French, very tiny Philadelphia, PA 13 May 1806 5063 95 263
 Henry Dearborn Letter to Henry Alexander Dearborn father to son letter  Washington, DC 23 October 1806 5063 102 263
 J. Brackett Note mentioned: sale of Baskerville property, Mr. Jones   24 March 1806 5063 91 263
 William McKim Opinion mentioned: Edward Catlett, Robert Pollard, John Fox, bricks  Richmond, VA 3 October 1806 5063 99 263
 Joshua Wickham Opinion in a hypothetical question regarding the sale of land occupied by a family of negroes    8 February 1806 5063 86 263
 Thomas Lawson Receipt to John Daniel   Cartersville, VA 3 April 1806 5063 93 263
 John Joseph Henry Inscription on a fly leaf; remarks by Elizabeth Henry his daughter    25 June 1807 5063 127 263
 Leroy Camden Letter to Archer Robertson  very faded  29 May 1807 5063 117 263
 James Steptoe Letter to Archer Robertson of Lynchburg, Virginia order for goods   16 September 1807 5063 136 263
 James Callaway Letter to Archer Robertson, of Lynchburg, VA mentioned: request for clothing   17 May 1807 5063 112 263
 General Andrew Jackson Letter to Col. Thomas M. Bayley mentioned: Aaron Burr's trial, Jonathon Dayton, General Smith of Ohio, Smith from New York, Davis Floyd from Indiana, treason, grand jury, British ship in the Chesapeake Bay,  Richmond, VA 27 June 1807 5063 130 263
 Aaron Burr Letter to Comfort Tyler mentioned: William Van Ness of Kinderhook, New York, Burr is traveling to Baltimore to visit his daughter  Richmond, VA 14 April 1807 5063 110 263
 George W. Erving Letter to John Leonard, Consul of the United States mentioned: Barcelona, Spain, Tunis, London, Mr. Coxes  Madrid, Spain ca. 1807 5063 142 263
 William Pope Duval Letter to Thomas D. Harris of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: books in Colonel Anderson's office, four surveys, Seymour Powell  Bards Town, KY 13 January 1807 5063 105 263
 William Bryd Letter to William Byrd's uncle, William Munford mentioned: a trip to Cincinnati, his horse, the question of war, goods, whether he should move and the price of goods, General Massie, Mr. Burnett, suit filed in Highland County against William Byrd's father's estate, William Creighton, Chillicothe  Cincinnati, OH 15 August 1807 5063 133 263
 John F. Champlin Letter to William W.Russell mentioned: deeds, Richmond property  NY 28 January 1807 5063 108 263
 Georgia Courts Order to James Williams, James McKinney, William Crawford & William Hadden to appraise the estate of William Ingram, dec'd, inventory of estate  Jefferson County, GA 1 June 1807 5063 123 263
 Thomas Early Order to Thomas Mormon mentioned: sugar and coffee  Lynchburg, VA 1 May 1807 5063 120 263
 Robert Ralston Power of attorney to Mary and Robert Barclay mentioned: estate of Thomas Barclay  Philadelphia, PA 1807-1810 5063 147 263
 Major John Archer Receipt to Dr. John Adams for money paid on a bond due George Banks   28 May 1807 5063 114 263
 Joseph Gallego, et. al. Recommendation of Andrew Sweeny, miller, as Inspector of Flour mentioned: James River signed by R. Gamble, Harry Tompkins, C. Macmurdo, Gibson Jefferson, Richard Gallego, Thomas Rutherford, J. A. Chevallie, David Ross, and many others Lynchburg, VA 3 November 1807 5063 139 263
 Richard Kirby Account sales of estate mentioned: William Slater, Frances Cook, Sheldon Wills, Dixon Brown, John Armistead, John Parker, Evert Robinson, Edward Moss, Augustine Moore, John Needham,   30 March 1808 5063 153 263
 Robert Pollard Account to John Baylor, 1799-1808 mentioned: Frances Brooke, William C. Williams   10 December 1808 5063 168 263
 Philharmonic Society Accounts, dues, treasurer's reports mentioned: dues, John Ewing, William Ewing, William Southgate, Alexander McKim, Charles Southgate, James Wallace, John Gordon, Archibald Campbell, Mr. Fitzwhylsom, Mr. Blagrove, Mr. Gibson, Mr. Macaw, Mr. Lynch, Mr. Foster, Mr. Nesbit sugar, rum, brandy Richmond, VA 1808-1814 5063 173 263
 Albert Gallatin invitation to John Morrow mentioned: dinner   20 December 1808 5063 171 263
 Nancy Davis of Elysian Fields Letter to Ann Ladd of Richmond, VA mentioned: embargo, speaks of her bother Mike's marriage to Lucy Bell and her sister Mary will marry Mr. Hunter  MS 19 June 1808 5063 156 263
 Samuel Coleman Letter to Brig. General Joseph Martin    9 November 1808 5063 166 263
 John Millington Letter to Jessop & Co & Messrs Robinson & Co. mentioned: Butterley Iron Works, cargo of pipes for the West Middlesex Water Works Co.,  Hammersmith 5 August 1808 5063 159 263
 Uri Tracy Letter to Jonathon Little of New York mentioned: New York, Mr. Avery, Mr. Metcalf, embargo,   ca. March 1808 5063 150 263
 William McPherson Letter to W. Wager    9 October 1808 5063 163 263
 John Walker Agreement between William Wirt of the City of Richmond and John Walker of Albemarle Miles Kingston of Norfolk Borough relinquishes three shares of land in the Virginia Company sold by Corbin Griffin to John Walker and then conveyed to me mentioned: title from Samuel G. Adams' and Catherine, his wife property near James River. Miles King, Alexander McRae attestations by: Hugh Nelson, John Newell, Harry Heth, Miles King & others  16 July 1809 5063 230 263
 Elijah Leftwich's Estate Appraisement & sales mentioned: Nancy Leftwich, widow, division of negroes, Thomas Floyd, Polly Leftwich, Thomas Leftwich, Negroes named: Isaas, Gibs, Dick, Charles, Jack, Scot, William, Aaron, Salry, Ciss, Tom, Caroline, Unit, Let, Easter, Sally, Bedford County, VA ca. January 1809 5063 204 263
 Joel Yancey Letter to Colonel John Watts of Bedford mentioned: Moorman's sale, Mr. Hodge's bond  Seneca, KY 22 January 1809 5063 201 263
 Thomas Jefferson Letter to Elizabeth House Trist thanking Mrs. Trist for her twenty-five years of friendship, mentions his liberation from duties and his gardens at Monticello, New Orleans, hammocks, pecans  Monticello, VA 24 March 1809 5063 217 263
 John Mercer Letter to Fulwar Skipwith of Philadelphia mentioned: London, Washington, Mr. Randolph, Congress, Richmond, Boston, Paris, publications, Mr. Biddle, Mr. Patterson  Fredericksburg, VA 20 March-13 April 1809 5063 210 263
 William Radford Letter to Mrs. Ann Mosely of Manchester, Virginia   Lynchburg, VA 21 May 1809 5063 226 263
 John Mercer Letter to William Patterson of Baltimore mentioned: Mr. Fulwar Skipwith at London  Fredericksburg, VA 25 March 1809 5063 220 263
 John P. Starke List of lost articles description of items: letter from Mr. Bradley to Mrs. Bradley, copy of a will of Peter Ragland, dec., reward given to finder and deliver to Mr. Tyrees   ca. 1809 5063 236 263
 Gideon Fairman Order for paper to Webster & Skinner (firm)   Albany, NY 16 January 1809 5063 198 263
 Thomas Jefferson Plan and description of Monticello for Mrs. Mary Higgenbotham of Albemarle County, Virginia   Monticello, VA ca. 1809 5063 233 263
 Willis Jones Survey of land in Smith County, Tennessee made for Duncan Stuart 1000 acres   April 1809 5063 223 263
 James Garnett Testimony relating to Mr. James Row and Mrs. William Hawkins mentioned: slanderous reports   21 June 1809 5063 228 263
 James Worrall Account to Liddwell Bowles bills for medicines, visits and consultations, visit to Mrs. Bowles and delivery of a dec. infant, November 14, 1812   1810-1821 5064 30 264
  Instructions and sketch for building a mill and water wheel Sketch of plaster mill with water wheel   ca. 1810 5064 28 264
 William Burke Letter mentioned: Sarah Barclay and monies owed  Walkerstown ca. May 1810 5064 16 264
 John F. Mercer Letter to Colonel Charles Simms, of Alexandria mentioned: flag of truce, Colonel Tarleton, French officers,  Yorktown, VA 27 April 1810 5064 10 264
 Robert Walsh Letter to Eliza Walsh, his sister, of Baltimore mentioned: W. Maylan, Anna Maria, recovery from ill health, Ann Cunningham, marriage  Philadelphia, PA 3 April 1810 5064 8 264
 John Lansing Letter to George Webster note about the balance of the rent due on a house and lot  NY 12 January 1810 5064 2 264
 Charles Hodges Letter to Joel Young about a bond   10 January 1810 5064 5 264
 Robert Walsh Letter to Peter S. Duponceau mentioned: French Gazettes   5 December 1810 5064 26 264
 Robert Walsh Letter to Richard Harlan of Philadelphia mentioned: National Gazette  Bordentown, NY 17 June 1810 5064 19 264
 David B. Mitchell Letter to Thomas P. Carnes, Judge of the Superior Court for the Western District, and David Witt, Justice mentioned: Jackson County, George R. Clayton, James Bozeman, Anthony Porter  Milledgeville, GA 24 August 1810 5064 23 264
 David Holmes of Mississippi Letter to William Eustis, Secretary of War mentioned: salary to David Berry, interpreter to the Choctaw Indians  Washington, DC 9 July 1810 5064 21 264
 Elizabeth Febizer Power of attorney to James Taylor mentioned: Elizabeth, executrix of Christian Febizer, a Colonel in the Virginia Continental Line, land warrant in Virginia signatures of Joseph Barnes, John Davenport, William Tilgham, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA 8 May 1810 5064 13 264
 New York Courts, City & County of New York Depositions mentioned: Albert Ogden [free black]; Benjamin (Turmie) [born Richmond, Virginia]; Jacob Thomas [free black]; Thomas Van Horne [born New York State]  NY 27 April- 21 November 1811 5064 41 264
 Daniel Baron Lescallier, General Consul from France to United States Letter mentioned: from the National Gazette that Lescallier would publish volumes of his travels in French Norfolk, VA 28 August 1811 5064 50 264
 William White Letter to George S. Atkinson attesting to Mr. S. Atkinson's attendance and high standing in school also a note from Samuel K. Jennings Albemarle County, VA 8 April 1811 5064 38 264
 William Brent, legislator, of Richmond, Virginia Letter to Henry A. S. Dearborn, Collector of the Port of Boston mentioned: brother, Thomas Ludwell Lee Brent, Loudoun County, Judge Tucker, Susan Madison's marriage, Temple Mason, lawyer, many family notes, etc.  Richmond, VA 1811-1825 5064 53 264
 William Lee Letter to J. Anderson of Philadelphia mentioned: Ships, Ann, Baltic, Adolphus, Rebecca  NY 11 January 1811 5064 33 264
 Carter Beverly & Byrd of London Statement of transactions with Thomas Thompson, dec. mentioned: wine, 1793-1795, Carter Braxton, John Butler, Benjamin Hackney, Frances L. Lee, Landon Carter, Thomas Corbin, Addison Lewis. Robert Beverly, Robert Wormely Carter, Ralph Wormely, George Carter, Presley Thornton, Warner Lewis, John Tayloe,  VA 22 June 1811 5064 45 264
 James Hamilton Testimonial for Williamson Wynne, of Franklin County, Virginia recommendation for employment  Williamsburg, VA 9 March 1811 5064 35 264
 Richard Bache Admission of citizenship for Thomas H Bradley, native of England   Philadelphia, PA 15 June 1812 5064 77 264
 John Lansing Certificate to practice law in New York Court of Chancery to Richard Hatfield   NY 15 October 1812 5064 93 264
 William Mayo Documents mentioned: Francis Richardson , guardian of children of George Richardson, Sophia Scott Beale, William Richardson, I. B. Whitlock, Aaron Scott, John Butler, David Copland, court case  Richmond, VA 1812-1817 5064 119 264
 Thomas Jefferson Letter to Charles Blagrove, Registrar of the Land Office, Richmond, Virginia mentioned: land patent of 99 acres formerly Bedford County, now Campbell County, John Doyles instead of John Wayles  Monticello, VA 15 June 1812 5064 79 264
 J. H. Pott Letter to decline a board membership interest in the county   26 May 1812 5064 0 264
 Thomas Jefferson Letter to Goodman mentioned: plasterer, Mr. Chisolm. Lynchburg, wagon load of lime, trip to Popular Forest, Mr. Darnell, Phil Hubbard  Monticello, VA 18 October 1812 5064 96 264
 William Duane Letter to Henry Dearborn of Boston objection to a conversation attributed to William Duane mentioned: Mr. Gallatin and Dr. Eustis Philadelphia, PA 9 January 1812 5064 57 264
 Edmund Waters Letter to his brother, John Waters    ca. 10 October 1812 5064 91 264
 Robert Brent, paymaster Letter to Isaac Shelby, Governor of the State of Kentucky mentioned: General James Taylor, pay for the militia of the State of Kentucky  Washington, DC 21 November 1812 5064 102 264
 John Stokley Letter to James Barbour; a report of the Central Committee mentioned: General James Wood, Great Britain or her savage allies, heavy taxes, poor of the new country that suffer, 113th regiment,  Richmond, VA 22 October 1812 5064 99 264
 Powhatan Jones Letter to John Jennings about a sale    24 November 1812 5064 104 264
 John Adams Letter to Jonathan and Elizabeth Little & Co. about paying his debt, money very scarce  Durham, NY 30 January 1812 5064 60 264
 Elisha Williams Letter to Messrs. Jonathon Eliphalet Little mentioned: judgment against Mr. Cowles  Hudson, NY 4 July 1812 5064 83 264
 Zeph Turner, of Woodville Letter to Peter Hansbrough of Stevensburg mentioned: Richmond, money   25 February 1812 5064 69 264
 Thomas Owen Letter to William W. Woodward, bookseller, of Philadelphia mentioned: a volcano, State of Tennessee, Petersburg, Virginia  Granville, NC 24 February 1812 5064 66 264
 Virginia Hughes Note about Virginia Hughes' school work    23 July 1812 5064 86 264
 George Hay Opinion about the scope of the law    28 April 1812 5064 71 264
 Privateer, "Wasp" in service during the War of 1812 Papers mentioned: Greensburgh, Luzon County, Pennsylvania, Nicholas Stansbury of Baltimore, George Chapman, John Snyder, James Taylor; listed: names of the crew, their occupation on the ship and the number of shares attributed to each one  Baltimore, MD 1812-1815 5064 106 264
 John Mayo Promissory note to Mitchell & Gardner    8 October 1812 5064 88 264
 Jubal Early Receipt to William Radford   DE 24 February 1812 5064 63 264
 William Hoomes, guardian of George W. Hoomes Account mentioned: negroes, William C. Williams   1 January 1813 5064 129 264
 William Hawkins Appointment of John Nicholson as Justice of the Peace for the State of North Carolina   Raleigh, NC 22 December 1813 5064 134 264
 George Troup Letter to ? mentioned: William Pollard of Philadelphia, Mr. Crawford, school in New Jersey, State of Georgia  Washington, DC 21 September 1813 5064 131 264
 Samuel Parkman's property  List of Real Estate situated in Charlestown, County of Middlesex, Massachusetts,to the Assistant Assessor of the direct Taxes mentioned: death of Samuel Parkman, Jonathon Mason, Edmund Dwight, John Cushing, son of Job Cushing, Herman Lincoln, Asa Rand  Boston, MA 3 February 1814 5064 143 264
 Luther Lawrence  Taxable property returns to Collector of Revenue mentioned: a carriage, death of Abbott Lawrence  Groton, MA January-February 1814 5064 137 264
 Nathaniel Seldon Estate Accounts with David Rathay of Powhatan mentioned: Thomas Jordan, crops signatures of Pleasant Bowler and Elias Bowler VA 1814-1815 5064 185 264
 District of Columbia Courts, Alexandria County, Orphans' Court Affidavit regarding bond and security of Edward Stabler mentioned: Alexander Moore, Robert Young, Edward Stabler, guardian of his children, William Stabler, Elizabeth Stabler, Anna Stabler, Robinson Stabler, Thomas S. Stabler   10 November 1814 5064 174 264
 Stevenson Archer, House of Representatives Claim on behalf of Thomas Brown mentioned: Baltimore, Maryland  Washington, DC 6 December 1814 5064 176 264
 Simon Snyder Commission to John Snyder mentioned: militia, Brigade of the eighth Division of Pennsylvania  Harrisburg, PA 1 August 1814 5064 159 264
 John R. Bell General Order from the Adjutant and Inspector General's Office   Washington, DC 6 August 1814 5064 162 264
 M. B. Portiaux Letter mentioned: C. B. Page, Captain Brown  Richmond, VA 20 October 1814 5064 172 264
 Archibald Tweatt of Eppington near Springhill P.O. Letter to ? mentioned: Farmers Bank of Petersburg, purchase of stock  Chesterfield County, VA July 1814 5064 157 264
 Richard Taylor Letter to George Marx  very faded Norfolk, VA 13 August 1814 5064 165 264
 John Mason Letter to Jedediah Huntington mentioned: list of captured British prisoners, New London  Washington, DC 18 August 1814 5064 167 264
 Samuel Hinton Letter to John G. Daniel of Cartersville mentioned: Boyd's Warehouse in Prince George County, and a debt  Petersburg, VA 28 June 1814 5064 155 264
 Charles Carroll of Bellevue Letter to John Mason   Georgetown, DC 28 March 1814 5064 147 264
 John McNutter Letter to John Stewart of Liverpool mentioned: John Leslie  Richmond, VA 27 June 1814 5064 152 264
 Littleton Tazewell Letter to Joseph & George Murray   Norfolk, VA 6 May 1814 5064 149 264
 James Thomson Letter to Joseph and George Marx of Richmond, Virginia  very faded NY 20 December 1814 5064 179 264
 Thomas Aderton of the Brig Saratoga Letter to Samuel Tooker of New York mentioned: receipt of payment, Canary Islands, Tenerife, captured British Brig Lloyd & Brig Morgiana, captured British Schooner Joseph off River Oronoco, captured Schooner Lady Cockburn off of Curacao, ransom of prisoners  Wilmington, NC ca. 1814 5064 181 264
 Carter B. Page Letter to William B. Brown of King William County, Virginia   Camp Fairfield 16 September 1814 5064 170 264
 Wilson Cary Nicholas, Governor of Virginia Certificate appointing William Robertson as a Notary Public   Richmond, VA 26 April 1815 5065 6 265
 Joseph Chew Letter and payments to account of Robert West mentioned: money owed, Mr. Dobbins was thrown from a stage and suffered fatal injuries  Richmond, VA 1 October 1815 5065 13 265
 John Russell Letter to Capt. Alden Partridge of West Point about Russell's son  Boston, MA 23 March 1815 5065 2 265
 Gerard C. Brandon Letter to David Holmes, Governor of the Territory of Mississippi letter to decline his appointment  Washington, DC 19 April 1815 5065 4 265
 Robert Walsh Letter to his father, Robert Walsh, Sr. of Baltimore mentioned: Anna-Maria and Eliza Walsh, Bonaparte, the Bourbons, France, the news from Europe, shipment of wine, Isabelle of Baltimore postscript to Mama Philadelphia, PA 30 April 1815 5065 8 265
 Jeromus Johnson Letter to Lewis Philips of Mount Hope reminding Lewis Philips about money owed   11 September 1815 5065 11 265
 Tobiasear, Department of War Letter to Lt. Colonel Timothy Upham mentioned: money due on account of Lt. Colonel Tuttle, J. Eustis  Washington, DC 18 October 1815 5065 16 265
 William Mason Letter to Thomson McCarty of Georgetown mentioned: Samuel Smoot, William Mc Carty, Aunt McCarty and a harvest bargain  Lexington 4 November 1815 5065 19 265
 General Joseph G. Swift, Letter to William Barron    27 November 1815 5065 21 265
 William Selden Miscellaneous documents opinion for Mr. Irby; Tarply White of Henrico County and his last will and testament, slaves, distribution of property to Thomas White, Isaac White, Mildred Bottoms, Betsy Bottoms, Nancy White, Nancy Bottoms mentioned: Thomas Jordan, Thomas Watkins, Joseph Mayo, James Robertson of Amelia, Francis B. Povall, William G. Povall, Jacob Michaur, David Rattery, Powhatan County Richmond, VA 1815-1822 5065 24 265
 Judge Powhatan Ellis Miscellaneous documents mentioned: Natchez, J. E. Davis, Thomas Humphreys, Thomas Moore, William Provance, John Foster, Joshua G. Clarke, some very faded  1815-1825 5065 37 265
 David Ross Agreement with John Wickham, attorney for the creditors mentioned: William C. Williams, George Holman, three thousand acres, John Watkins, attorney also signed by Wickham, William Mann, and Sam Dyer Fluvanna County, VA 27 May 1816 5065 69 265
 William Miller Appointment of John M. Gimsey as Colonel for the State of North Carolina   Raleigh, NC 26 December 1816 5065 73 265
 John Davidson Letter to Burnett Bassett, House of Representatives mentioned: Mr. Oliver, property  Washington, DC 17 February 1816 5065 56 265
 Alexander Hanson Letter to Dr. Claggett of Rockville mentioned: William Gaither, Belmont, family arrangement, Montgomery  Georgetown, DC 25 April 1816 5065 67 265
 Cornelius P. Van Ness Letter to James Talmadge, of Poughkeepsie, New York mentioned: E. Mott  Burlington, VT 30 January 1816 5065 54 265
 John Jacob Astor Letter to Major Klegg of Quebec mentioned: General James Talmadge, Governor General Wilson  NY 18 June 1816 5065 71 265
 Thomas Calwalader Letter to Robert Brent mentioned: financial transaction  Philadelphia, PA 5 April 1816 5065 65 265
 Colonel J. H. Smith List of letters to Mr. Caule    ca. 1816 5065 172 265
 Miles Selden Estate Papers addressed to Bolling New, Administrator, consisting of bills, inventories, receipts etc. mentioned: Allen's Bridge, Petersburg, Littleberry Whitfield, Wallace & Stephens, Bragg & Jones, George Blow, Pleasant Honeycutt, William Park, Henry Pennington, Jesse Womble, Person Turner, A. W. Johnston, Hannah T. Williams, Anthony Mason, F. D. Peters, Heath Mason, David Pennington, Patsy Marable. Littleberry Lee, Charles Gilliam, Polly Gilliam, William H. Marable, William F. Ruffin, John Brown of Greensville County, VA, Blow & Petit, William Wyche, Lanier Rochelle, Henry Peters, Susanna Baird, Wallace Stevens, Hawkins Pond, David Heath, Robert Downman,  Sussex County, VA 1816-1823 5065 78 265
 James Stephen of Cumberland County Power of attorney to John Campbell mentioned: a land patent, enlistment in the U. S. Army  NC 27 March 1816 5065 58 265
 Dan Baker Writ of execution in Cumberland County, North Carolina, served against Julia Pollard in the State of North Carolina to answer Robert Harrison  NC 26 December 1816 5065 75 265
 George Atkinson A Virginia Schoolmaster's lists of subscribers mentioned: neighbors of Capt. William Hopkins Joseph Coleman 3 scholars, Will Hopkins 3 scholars, L. Hopkins 3 scholars, Garland Mallory 2 scholars, Povel Morris 1 scholar, Michael Damron 2 scholars, William Carrley 1 scholar, Abraham Price ?, William Borden 4 scholars, William Omohundro 3 scholars  1817-1818 5065 202 265
 William Miller Commission to John Washington Commission as Colonel in the North Carolina Militia  Raleigh, NC 7 April 1817 5065 180 265
 H. Ball Letter to ? mentioned: money owed   13 June 1817 5065 188 265
 Joseph Delaplain Letter to ? concerning a biography of Governor DeWitt Clinton   22 May 1817 5065 182 265
 Oliver Wolcott Letter to ? mentions a map of New Hampshire, Mr. Day of Hartford included is a newspaper clipping, AURORA for The County, Philadelphia November 28, 1800 , entitled "Another Voracious Rat, about Oliver Wolcott's leave to resign and an account of citizen's money Litchfield, CT 30 June 1817 5065 190 265
 Nathaniel Bowditch Letter to Edmund M. Blunt mentioned: shoals of Nantucket, shipping, Marblehead, Copy Rights on book of Navigation  Salem, MA 1817-1821 5065 206 265
 W. Dandridge Letter to Francis Foster of Hanover County mentioned: Capt Oliver   22 March 1817 5065 178 265
 James C. Jewett Letter to H. A. S. Dearborn mentioned: John Randolph of Roanoke, John Henry, Miranda, Jefferson, Bruce, Madison, Monroe, Clay, Calhoun,  Washington, DC 5 February 1817 5065 175 265
 Henry James Letter to N. Sheppard mentioned: the widow of John C. Hubner, Belfast, Ireland,  Fairview near Cathdawson, Ireland 11 June 1817 5065 185 265
 Richard Jones Letter to R. H. M  included: an obit for Richard Jones born 1778, died 1851, died at his residence, 14, Chapel St, Governor-Place  27 July 1817 5065 193 265
 William Wirt Letter to Robert Saunders of Williamsburg mentioned: interest due on bond, Farmer's Bank  Richmond, VA 27 June 1817 5065 196 265
 Virginia University List of Subscribers & sums subscribed to the Central College to be paid April 1, 1818 mentioned: residence for each subscriber (about seventy-five names listed; most subscribers near Charlottesville))  Charlottesville, VA ca. 1817 5065 198 265
 M. H. Rice Account to Richard E. Parker   Richmond, VA 1 December 1818 5065 237 265
 Gabriel Slaughter, Lt. Governor of Kentucky Appointment of Francis Ballenger as agent to receive one Peter Johnson charged with a felony   Frankfurt, KY 21 April 1818 5065 223 265
 Thomas Worthington Appointment of Gideon Bailey as Lt. in the Ohio Militia   Columbus, OH 21 May 1818 5065 229 265
 Thomas Nowland Indenture to Thomas H. Bradley "to learn the art of a tailor" for six years mentioned: Thomas H. Bradley of Richmond, Virginia  Philadelphia, PA 31 March 1818 5065 217 265
 Jesse Davis Last will and testament mentioned: son, Presley Davis, son, Elijah Davis, son, Wilson Davis, son, William Davis, son, Jesse Davis, wife, Nancy Davis, daughters, Elizabeth, Nancy, and Harriet Davis  Nelson County, KY 5 April 1818 5065 220 265
 William H. Barron Letter of excuse to General John Mason of Georgetown over due monies  Washington, DC 24 December 1818 5065 244 265
 J. A. Coles Letter to George W. Atkisson mentioned, Virginia Schools, Mr. Clements and Mr. Kid authorized to send Stephen Clements, David Clements, Mary Ann Kid, and John Web Kid to school Martha Clements, William Johnson Kid, and Josiah Kid are too small to sent to school Green Mountain, VA 28 November 1818 5065 235 265
 Dewitt Clinton Letter to James Tallmadge of Washington DC, confidential mentioned: villain who edits the National Advocate, Glen Falls, enemy of Clarke Clinton's pardon for J. B. Livingston if he left the state of New York in 30 days and went to Ohio Albany, NY 12 March 1818 5065 213 265
 Aaron Burr Letter to John Greenwood mentioned: Mr. Crosby  Albany, NY 18 March 1818 5065 215 265
 Wilson C. Nicholas Letter to Mr. Jones mentioned: cashier, Mr. Dandridge  Richmond, VA 4 February 1818 5065 210 265
 Ludwig Weber Letter to Nathaniel Shephard of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: J. E. Hubner, Mrs. Hubner, Philip Hubner, Bremen, also a translation into English with attestation signed by William H. Fitzwhylsom Heilbron 14 December 1818 5065 240 265
 Henry Dance, Clerk of the Federal Court Letter to William Ewing mentioned: money owed  Richmond, VA 3 May 1818 5065 226 265
 William Wirt Letter to William H. Fitzwhylsom mentioned: visit to Richmond by Mrs. French, a performer, from Baltimore,  Richmond, VA 25 May 1818 5065 232 265
 Chiles Terrell Letters to William Cole and Thomas H. Mitchell Papers relative to John Upshur mentioned: Petersburg, accounts Richmond, VA 1818-1823 5065 247 265
 Archer Farrall Misc. receipts mentioned: sheriff of Charlotte, Hillery Goode, W. Cardwell. Thomas Brooks, John Buchanan,   1818-1848 5065 266 265
 Negroe slaves for hire Bills, bonds, and notes for the hire of Negroe slaves mentioned: John Graham, John Harris, John Bosher, N. P. Howard, William M. McCarty, Eliza H. Price, Sarah Munford, John D, Munford, Ester H. Clark, George Gillman, Edwin Clarke, Burwell Stark, Henry Carter, James Latimer, Thomas A. Armistead, Edward King, etc.  Richmond, VA 1819-1865 5066 66 266
 Magdalene Mosely Certificate of Release to Daniel Mosely mentioned: estate of Robert Mosely,  Charlotte County, VA 14 October 1819 5066 25 266
 William Cook Estate Executor's accounts, Robert Douthat mentioned: William Cook, G. Watson, Dr. Clark John Henry, James Jennings, Simon Solomon, Robert Priddy. P. Crutchfield, R. Singleton, George Blakely, John Buckner, Mrs. Cook, John & Thomas Burton, George James, Robert Gamble, etc. and many more names, General Assembly Acts (shipping, flour etc.) passed in Virginia Shepherdstown, Maryland VA 1819-1831 5066 40 266
 General Ebenezer Huntington Letter to John McClellan of Woodstock mentioned: Mr. Woodbury  Norwich, CT 27 March 1819 5066 12 266
 Fred Harris Letter to John Waldrop of Henrico County, Virginia mentioned: sorrel horse, old mare, Richmond, Mr. Ragland  Louisa County, VA 4 November 1819 5066 28 266
 Gabriel Slaughter Letter to Joseph McMinn, Governor of the State of Tennessee appointment of commissioners, boundary line between Kentucky and Tennessee, Robert Alexander, General John Adair of Mercer County  Frankfort, KY 12 February 1819 5066 6 266
 John Forsyth Letter to Landon Cheves   Madrid, Spain 19 October 1819 5066 23 266
 Theodore Lyman, Jr. Letter to Robert G. Harper of Rome mentioned, weather, Mrs. Harper, Nigeria, Africa, masked ball of the English envoy, Russian minister, lace loving city, the Pope, Peabody & Tayloe, Bonaparte  Naples 26 February 1819 5066 9 266
 Martin Van Buren List to James Tallmadge of Poughkeepsie list of names for the Republican Party: Jonathon Dayton, John Townsend, Walter Ditmis, Peter R. Livingston, Stephen Barnum, Peter Swart, John T. More, John Noyes, Charles E. Dudley, Moses Austin, Martin Van Buren, Henry Yates, Roger Skinner, Samuel Young, David E. Evans, John Knox, Isaac Wilson, Perry G. Childs, William Mallory  NY 3 December 1819 5066 35 266
 John C. Spencer Memoranda on two cases to Clerk of Oneida County mentioned: Stephen Bates, Samuel Chissman  Utica, NY 27 September 1819 5066 20 266
 Richard Hanson & Robert Coleman Notice of an injunction mentioned: William Pettyjohn, Superior Court of Chancery for the Lynchburg District, Richard Harrison  Lynchburg, VA 11 December 1819 5066 38 266
 James A. Atkisson Estate Notice of sale of property; horses, cows, hogs, household goods, furniture, etc. to be held on the estate of the late Randolph Jefferson signed: George Skipton, John Skipton  Buckingham County, VA 9 January 1819 5066 2 266
 Richard Drummond Power of Attorney to Messrs. James & John Dunlop, Merchants of London mentioned; Marks & Wheat of London, Samuel Myers, attached papers Norfolk, VA 29 June 1819 5066 15 266
 Charles McKeen and Thomas Leiper Power of attorney to Robert Douthat  also John M. Stephens, April 3, 1823 Philadelphia, PA 24 November 1819 5066 31 266
 Robert Robertson Receipt to Reed & Ragland, Richmond Merchants receipt for butter  Norfolk, VA 11 January 1819 5066 4 266
 Ethan A. Brown Appointment of William McGee as Ensign for the State of Ohio   Columbus, OH 22 February 1820 5066 99 266
 Virginia, Auditor of Public Accounts Auditor's Instructions to be observed by Deputies included: many counties and surnames of deputies signed by James E. Heath; also an envelope of misc. receipts 1820-1829 Richmond, VA ca. 1820 5066 136 266
 Charles Gilfert Bond to secure the purchase of Richmond Theatre stocks mentioned: twenty slaves used a collateral  Richmond, VA 25 July 1820 5066 113 266
 William W. Bibb Commission to Thomas Richardson  as Captain in the Mobile Battalion, 9th Brigade & 4th Alabama Militia signed note by Henry Gunnison Cahawba, AL 22 May 1820 5066 108 266
 General Edmund P. Gaines Invitation to Mr. Symmes for dinner    20 September 1820 5066 123 266
 Rachel D.R. Jackson Letter to Captain Richard K. Call of Nashville   Hermitage 3 October 1820 5066 125 266
 Parsifal F. Smith Letter to Daniel W. Cox of Bloomsburg, New Jersey mentioned: Trenton, N.J., travel, yellow fever, request for letters of introduction  Philadelphia, PA 18 August 1820 5066 118 266
 John Sloane Letter to Edward Avery of Wooster, Ohio mentioned: deportation  Washington, DC 25 December 1820 5066 130 266
 Governor Jonathan Jennings Letter to Ethan A. Brown, Governor of Ohio mentioned: introduction of James Morrison to plead Moses Hoyt's inability to pay a fine  Charlestown 18 September 1820 5066 120 266
 Patrick Coutts Letter to James Winston mentioned: request for James Winston to buy a piece of property in Manchester note signed by E. Mayo about the sale of property mentioned in the letter Richmond, VA 1 June 1820 5066 111 266
 Richard M. Johnson Letter to John C. Calhoun mentioned: Mr. Young at the age of 109 and what will happen to the money due Mr. Young?   1 December 1820 5066 133 266
 Will Long Letter to John H. Smith of Lynchburg, Virginia mentioned: transaction with Mr. Caule; 45 thousand dollars  VA 21 April 1820 5066 105 266
 Henry Meigs Letter to Joseph Hay mentioned: papers from. Clark and Mrs. Stamford, Committee of Claims, introduction of a resolution for the redemption of slaves with colonizing them comfortably in Africa, and on five thousand acres west of the Mississippi  Washington, DC 12 February 1820 5066 92 266
 DeWitt Clinton Letter to Joseph Lancaster   Albany, NY 20 February 1820 5066 97 266
 Samuel Myers Letter to L. E. Stainbach of Petersburg, Virginia mentioned: business creditors  Norfolk, VA 15 January 1820 5066 90 266
 Richard E. Parker Letter to M. H. Rice of Richmond, Virginia   Norfolk, VA 13 February 1820 5066 95 266
 William Marshall Letter to Reuben Burton of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: transaction over the sale of property; house on Cary and property fettered by the claim of Byrd's heirs  Fauquier County, VA 4 August 1820 5066 115 266
 Roanoke Agricultural Society Petition that no augmentation of duties may take place to the Congress of the United States mentioned: Tariff Bill signed Thomas M. Nelson, President Teste: Charles L. Wingfield Mecklenburg County, VA 7 December 1820 5066 127 266
 Mathew ? Report of the Committee to whom was referred the subject of funerals    12 April 1820 5066 102 266
 Captain Philip Slaughter Account with Jeremiah Strother account records   ca. 1821 5066 182 266
 Pennsylvania General Assembly An Act to incorporate and endow the Pennsylvania Institution for the Deaf and Dumb with Supplements thereto  certified by James Trimble (true copies)  1821-1833 5066 185 266
 John Quincy Adams Certificate of the Deposit for the Chart of the Southern Coast to Edmund M. Blunt   Washington, DC 5 January 1821 5066 144 266
 John Clarke & Uriah Lavery Contract between the Bellona Iron Foundry in Chesterfield County, Virginia and Mr. Lavery of Wareham, Massachusetts   VA & MA 11 June 1821 5066 164 266
 John W. Semple Letter to ? mentioned: suit brought in Essex County Superior Court against John Dunn, Francis Webb vs. William & John Webb, Mary Webb, James Webb, Jr.  King and Queen County, VA 16 February 1821 5066 151 266
 Chauncey Goodrich Letter to Alden Partridge, Military Academy, Norwich, Vermont mentioned: box of books  Chesterfield, MA 25 December 1821 5066 179 266
 John McLean Letter to Andrews & Williams receipt of James Clancey's note  OH 30 March 1821 5066 154 266
 Alexander Murray Letter to George S. Wise mentioned: proceedings of the U.S. Fraternal Association  Philadelphia, PA 11 April 1821 5066 157 266
 Capt. Bernard Peyton Letter to Henry A. S. Dearborn of Boston mentioned: mutual friend, Mr. Thomas Jefferson, check deposit  Richmond, VA 16 April 1821 5066 160 266
 Isaac H. Williamson Letter to Israel Pickens, Governor of Alabama   Trenton, NJ 29 November 1821 5066 172 266
 Thomas Garnett Letter to James B. Ferguson in Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Mr. Upshur, money owed to Thomas Garrett by James B. Ferguson  Mill Farm 9 January 1821 5066 146 266
 David L. Morril, Senator of U. S. Letter to James Edwards, Pension Office mentioned: request the discharge of Nathaniel Martin of New Boston who served as a Corporal from Massachusetts   6 December 1821 5066 175 266
 Benjamin Ruggles, Senator in U. S. Letter to James L. Edwards, Pension Office    22 December 1821 5066 177 266
 William Lee, Auditor Letter to Langdon Cheves mentioned: payment of Staff Pay Pensions in the arrears Treasury Department Washington, DC 3 February 1821 5066 148 266
 Thomas Dougherty Letter to Thomas Bibb, Governor of Alabama transmitting three copies of the proceedings during the second session of the sixteenth Congress  Washington, DC 28 July 1821 5066 167 266
 U.S, General Land Office Memo: Patent for Military Bounty Land in Arkansas Territory, to Thomas Cole of Fayetteville, NC warrant number: 24165 signed by Josiah Meigs Washington, DC 3 June 1821 5066 162 266
 Robert G. Scott Misc. legal papers mentioned: Mrs. Maria S. Winston, William Richardson, John O. Trueheart, case Rice vs. the Auditors (Visitors of the Penitentiary), John Parkhill, Matthew Rice, Hanover Court House   1821-1834 5066 195 266
 Stark Armistead Power of Attorney to Thomas Turner Court of Pleas in Washington County, North Carolina mentioned: David Goodman  23 August 1821 5066 169 266
 Miss Susan E. Bagby Account with John & R. C. Bagby    1822-1828 5066 240 266
 John Adams Certificate regarding Peter Bowdoin of Northampton County   Eastville, VA 19 October 1822 5066 227 266
 Elizabeth W. G. Wirt Letter to ? mentioned: her ill husband and a request for chocolate, illness of lawyers, Mr. Jones and Mr. Pickney  Washington, DC 21 February 1822 5066 213 266
 Peyre Ferry Letter to Alden Partridge of Norwich, VT mentioned: Mr. Savage, information about possible employment of a French teacher at the Academy  Concord, MA 19 September 1822 5066 219 266
 Ebenezer Adams Letter to Alden Partridge, Norwich, Vermont mentioned: letter of introduction for Dr. H. Jewett,  Hanover, NH 1 October 1822 5066 225 266
 Thomas Metcalf Letter to James L. Edwards, Department of War mentioned: claim of William Fleet  Washington, DC 15 January 1822 5066 207 266
 John Sloane Letter to James L. Edwards, Pension Office   Washington, DC 2 May 1822 5066 217 266
 Samuel C. Crafts, Congressman Letter to James L. Edwards, Pension Office mentioned: inquiry about William Hamlet of Vermont, inquiry about Jonathon Stevens of Caledonia County, Vermont  VT 13-17 February 1822 5066 210 266
 J. Brown Letter to James Murray Brown (in case of Archibald Robertson of Lynchburg)  difficult to read; overwritten Paris, France 1822-1824 5066 235 266
 Duff Green Letter to Leslie Combs inquiry about a suit in Supreme Court  Chanton, MO 1 May 1822 5066 215 266
 William Cooper Letter to Mr. G & R Waite of Maiden Lane, New York   Washington, DC 1822-1823 5066 230 266
 Colin MacRae Letter to Mrs. T. R. MacRae mentioned: Archibald Sherwin  very faded Manchester, VA 15 January 1822 5066 204 266
 William Gordon Letter to Thomas Priddy of Richmond, VA mentioned: heard from Pickett  Boston, MA 14 September 1822 5066 222 266
 Powhatan Ellis Account with J. H. McComas for lottery tickets    22 November 1823-12 January 1824 5067 38 267
 Joshua Storrs Account with R. White records of account owed for the year   ca. 1823 5067 35 267
 Bollard Smith Account with Robert Steele and Co. clothes for slaves   22 November 1823-12 January 1824 5067 90 267
 William Neale & Company Affidavit to Messrs Lord & Lee: regarding Abraham Seixas' bill affidavit of John Adams, Mayor of Richmond, on fly leaf  Richmond, VA 20 August 1823 5067 21 267
 Robert F. Dandridge on the U.S.S. John Adams Bond of acknowledgement of sums due; accounts mentioned: Juliana E. Dandridge, Lavinia W Dandridge, John Williams & Sianna A. Williams; David Dorrington & Susan Dorrington, Executor & Executrix of William Dandridge, dec. John Ambler, William Armistead & others who are plaintiffs in a suit; Williamsburg Chancery Court. also mentioned in response: Bartholomew Dandridge, debt due Thomas Drew, lands in East Florida, personal letter to Robert Dandridge's mother, about mail and the burial of the ship's Captain; visitors from Richmond: P. Claiborne & wife and Miss Craig Norfolk, VA 20 April 1823 5067 11 267
 Woodford vs. Brown Court case value of lot   6 March 1823 5067 8 267
 Ralph R Gurley Letter tax due on lots of land overdue for four years mentioned: Judge Marshall; ships to the African Coast, letter from Mr. Crane Georgetown, DC 28 January 1823 5067 43 267
 Robert Menzies Letter to Archibald Robertson, Lynchburg, Virginia letter carried by Robert Brodman along with 200 dollars rcd. of Mr. Sheppard that he collected from Mr. Mitchell note payable to Samuel Gerock of Newburn; William Ward, Newborn; J. Lee, Wilmington; John Smith, Newborn; B. Canon, Charleston; W. Bozlan, Raleigh; R. Hay, Newborn; and W.B. Grove, Fayetteville  3 May 1823 5067 18 267
 Henry A. S. Dearborn Letter to Capt. Alden Partridge mentioned: visit to Norwich, schooling of cadets at the military academy  Roxbury, MA 22 August 1823 5067 24 267
 Anne Maxey Letter to John Maxey mentioned: her son, Jonathon Maxey   19 February 1823 5067 5 267
 Thomas S. Jessup Letter to Pierce M Butler   Washington, DC 4 December 1823 5067 32 267
 John Turpin Letter to Robert G. Scott of Richmond court case against Knowles for the hire of a negro man  Warwick 24 August 1823 5067 27 267
 William Shelton Letter to Thomas Lane about the death of Powhatan Carter  Wilton 18 January 1823 5067 2 267
 Thomas S Jessup Letter to William Linnard, Quarter Master, Philadelphia reply to an inquiry about the extra pay for the Judge Advocate during a court marshal  Washington, DC 9 September 1823 5067 29 267
 Charleston, South Carolina Courts, City Court Court certificate of death of Col. William Washington died intestate the sixteenth day of March 1810, two children: William and Jane  signed by William Drayton, Judge Charleston, SC 5 November 1824 5067 88 267
 U. S. War Department Invalid pension to Joseph Fiester, signed by John Caldwell Calhoun, Chillicothe, Ohio   Washington, DC 26 June 1824 5067 64 267
 William Hopkins Letter sale of property at the plantation of William Jefferson, dec. of Buckingham County; purchase of a plough   11 February 1824 5067 46 267
 Ogden Edwards Letter re: Jacob W Corlies and John Widdifield vs. James Cummings    26 June 1824 5067 62 267
 Izard B Rice Letter to "Dear Sister"   Greenwood 4 July 1824 5067 66 267
 S.E. Duval Letter to Benjamin Duval of Lynchburg, Virginia letter from daughter to Papa, mentions Thomas' visit and preparing for Lafayette's visit; ordering a new carriage, etc. Dr. Foushee died, brother Philip, and Mrs. Corbin of Williamsburg will not live long  Richmond, VA 31 August 1824 5067 83 267
 M. K. Murray Letter to Bolling Childress of Henrico County  with a receipt signed: Chasteen Hawkes  4 August 1824 5067 77 267
 John Derby Letter to Captain Alden Partridge, Military Academy of Norwich, Vermont mentioned; payment for board, Boston, New York  Salem 29 March 1824 5067 48 267
 Henry Clay Letter to General Stephen Van Rensselear, Albany, New York mentioned: message of Governor Yates   13 January 1824 5067 41 267
 John Henry Eaton Letter to Henry Toland, Market Street, Philadelphia mentioned: James Stewart of Nashville selling his goods and store  Washington, DC 11 April 1824 5067 55 267
 Martin Van Buren Letter to James Tallmadge   Linderwald 9 November 1824 5067 53 267
 John Enders Letter to John Adams Mayo note about setting Enders house on fire release of slave who belongs to the estate of George Savage from the jail of the City of Richmond  26 July 1824 5067 71 267
 John W. Green Letter to John G. Williams of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Richard Coke  Fredericksburg, VA 19 August 1824 5067 80 267
 P. DuVal Letter to Mrs. T. McRae mentioned: Archibald McRae. food for the mules, receipt for load of oats  Ashfield, VA 28 May 1824 5067 60 267
 James A. Bayard Letter to Richard Willing, Pine Street, Philadelphia mentioned: Mr. Grubb, Mr. Smith, Mr. Dalghren's sickness; collection of debts  Wilmington, NC 10 May 1824 5067 57 267
 J. Madison (not the president) Letter to Robert G. Scott of Richmond, Virginia    21 July 1824 5067 69 267
 Joshua Story Letter to Robert White requesting a delay of payment for money owed   3 August 1824 5067 74 267
 Chapman Johnson Letter to Thomas Boswell   Staunton, VA 3 September 1824 5067 86 267
 Alexander Gordon Letter to Thomas N. Butts, Buttswille, Culpeper County, Virginia mentioned: suit against A. Gordon for 300 dollars   7 April 1824 5067 50 267
 Jacob Morris Bill to Messrs A. Bininger & Son of Broadway, New York bill for fish and oil  Butternut, NY 27 July 1825 5067 119 267
 Charles and Mary Digges L Carroll Invitation to Mr. & Mrs. Ellis    22 October 1825 5067 127 267
 Richard E. Parker Letter to Charles Copeland of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Directory of the Penitentiary  Norfolk, VA 2 May 1825 5067 113 267
 John Q. Adams Letter to Daniel M. F. Thorton: Commission as Purser in Navy   Washington, DC 21 March 1825 5067 111 267
 Samuel Brock Letter to Daniel W. Cox of Philadelphia   Washington, DC 11 January 1825 5067 93 267
 William Bainbridge Letter to General Henry A. S. Dearborn, Collector of Boston   Navy Commissioner's Office 27 August 1825 5067 121 267
 Thomas L. L Brent Letter to Henry A. S. Dearborn, Collector of Customes, Boston mentioned: brother William Brent  Lisbon 14 January 1825 5067 96 267
 Henry Clay Letter to Horace Holly   Washington 5 February 1825 5067 102 267
 William W. Hening Letter to Joseph Pollard of Goochland County mentioned: dispute over a court case, Goochland County,  Richmond, VA 1 November 1825 5067 129 267
 James K. Brown Letter to Matthew Carey   Paris, France 12 March 1825 5067 109 267
 Major William J Worth Letter to Messrs A. Binninger & Son of Broadway, New York order of Irish Whiskey, Brandy, Gin, rice, sugar, salted herring to be sent by Capt. Beal   23 November 1825 5067 135 267
 Theodore Frelinghuyser Letter to Peter D. Vroom, Jr. mentioned: N. Brunswick  Newark, NJ 26 July 1825 5067 116 267
 John Taliaferro Letter to Samuel L Southard, Sec. of the Navy mentioned: Richard T Brown of Westmoreland County, midshipman appointment for his son, James Edwin Brown  Washington, DC 8 February 1825 5067 104 267
 John Clay Letter to the Collector of the Port of Boston letter & bill of lading for one cask whiskey for Judge Story of Salem; mentioned: Judge Todd of Frankfort, Kentucky  New Orleans, LA 7 November 1825 5067 132 267
 John Tayloe Lomax of The University of Virginia Letter to Thomas Boswell of Gloucester Court House and Norfolk mentioned: Vidal's claims against Wormeley's estate; Caroline County Court, Mrs. Nicholson  Fredericksburg, VA 1825-1832 5067 142 267
 George Fisher Letter to William C. Hammond inquiry about a commission enclosed : 1825, Allen Trinble to Melane NY 31 January 1825 5067 98 267
 Edward Livingston Letter to William P. Farrand of Philadelphia   Washington, DC 4 March 1825 5067 107 267
 Samuel L Mitchell Letter to William Sykes mentioned: questions about the order of Hudson River fish  NY ca. 1825 5067 137 267
 Ross Cuthbert Plan for the immediate capture of fortified towns also a note: I am the author of a Plan to destroy the Plague includes drawings  28 September 1825 5067 124 267
 Captain William B Shubrick Account to A. Bininger & Son accounts of gun powder and delivery instructions   3 October 1826 5067 169 267
 James Hamilton, House of Representatives Certificate to T. B. Hayward certificate of recommendation mentioned but missing for a youth from North Carolina with connections in South Carolina  Washington, DC 22 December 1826 5067 182 267
 Fredericksburg, Virginia Mail and Coach Line Charges between Richmond and Fredericksburg, Virginia mentioned: Mr. Hersey and Mr. Lipscomb   14 December 1826 5067 179 267
 Daniel Harrison Deposition certified by James L Graham, Notary Daniel Harrison employee of William Bryan. Silk Printer and Dyer mentioned: Messrs. Barrell & Edwards; Messrs. Edwards & Stoddard of Boston  NY 23 May 1826 5067 162 267
 Robert Y Hayne Letter to ? request for a draft. mentioned: Albany and Canada  New Lebanon, NY 20 June 1826 5067 165 267
 John W. Taylor Letter to James Tallmadge motioned: passage of the Judiciary Bill in the House and Senate; Panama Mission  Washington, DC 26 January 1826 5067 154 267
 Daniel C Haines Letter to Peter D. Vroom of Trenton, New Jersey   Hamburg, NJ 7 September 1826 5067 167 267
 Joshua Storrs Letter to Robert White mentioned: Richmond, negroes, Mr. William Macon   23 November 1826 5067 172 267
 James M. Garnett Letter to Thomas W. White, Printer, Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Public Journals; Prospects for Patronage   ca. April 1826 5067 156 267
 Asher Robbins Letter to William Hammond for William G. Hammond of Kingstown, Rhode Island mentioned: Mr. Kane and the hiring of an instructor  Washington, DC 5 December 1826 5067 175 267
 C. Dabney Receipt to Nathaniel C. Crenshaw receipt for fee in Court of Chancery  Lynchburg, VA 16 May 1826 5067 159 267
 Kentucky Auditors Office Tax receipts for Mr. Mrs. Boswell's land in Logan County   KY 1826-1831 5067 184 267
 Petersburg, Virginia Husting Court Claim against the Virginia Commonwealth arresting slaves, Bob, Archer, Aaron, Charles & Abraham charged with gambling, to arrest Manuel Lee, free man of color charged with gambling  signed by Zachariah Hite Constable & John Paterson, Alderman  ca. March 1827 5068 11 268
 Benjamin Carr Letter to Franklin Peale note about Charles William Peale's death, 2/22/1827  Philadelphia, PA 23 February 1827 5068 7 268
 Richard Rush Letter to General Heister mentioned: possible presidential appointment of William Jones as Collector of the Port of Philadelphia; Mr. Markley, General Bernard, Harrisburg,  Washington, DC 2 January 1827 5068 2 268
 William Plummer Letter to Hubbard & Gardner of Richmond mentioned: claims of L. Robinson Strother  Warrenton, VA 31 August 1827 5068 17 268
 Jacob Barker Letter to Isaac S. Smith of Buffalo note to introduce Mr. Lewis T Allen arriving to superintend the Western Insurance Company  NY 31 March 1827 5068 9 268
 Chapman Johnson Letter to John L. Tate mentioned: amount of rent as a tenant   12 December 1827 5068 22 268
 John Heth Letter to John M Ferguson guarantee payment for Mr. Dandridge   26 July 1827 5068 14 268
 George Wood Letter to Peter D. Vroom mentioned: evidence for a hearing  New Brunswick, NJ 5 December 1827 5068 19 268
 George M Dallas & others Recommendation for Zelman Phillips to the Governor of New Jersey, Isaac Halsted Williamson  signatures: M. Swift, B. Newcomb, T. R. Ingersoll. I Randale, T. Levy, Edward Ming, C.J. Ingersoll, Joseph Watson, John Hallowell, T. Bradford, Jun Philadelphia, PA 15 January 1827 5068 5 268
 The Astronomical Society Account with John Millington as per account rendered to Mr. Stratford many names mentioned  Williamsburg, VA 2 February 1828 5068 28 268
 John Easton Bill to Dr. John Dove bill for horse & furnishings   13 May 1828 5068 41 268
 Francis P. Corbin Bond to Col. a bond for two mares due; if Corbin is not at home, deliver to Mr. H. D. Gilpin at Number 99 Walnut Street  Philadelphia, PA 1 January 1828 5068 24 268
 U. S. Army Pay Department Check to Col. John Roger Fenwick   NY 12 November 1828 5068 54 268
 Robert King Letter to "Dear Robert" mentioned: John Gordon, dissolving a partnership, Mr. E Sneede a possible partner  Orange County 11 March 1828 5068 33 268
 John H. Christian Letter to ? notes of Col Watkins; sale of Kentucky land  New Kent, VA 25 July 1828 5068 46 268
 J. H. Brent & Co Letter to Alexander D. Kelley, House of Representatives, Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Mr. Thomas Green of Richmond, Mr. Neale; suit against W. W. Henning, clerk of the Chancery Court in Richmond for the benefit of Christopher Neale of Alexandria  Alexandria, VA 15 January 1828 5068 26 268
 William Lee Letter to Capt, H, Duncan presenting a claim   15 October 1828 5068 51 268
 Marquis de LaFayette Letter to James Barron response to some advice about dry rot, friends in Norfolk postscript mentions his son in the South of France and that his grand daughter has made him a great grandfather La Grange 20 December 1828 5068 57 268
 Dabney Carr Letter to John H. Eustace Martha J. Eustace died on May 1, 1828 in the 29th year of her life with epitaphs to the memory of Martha J. Eustace, his wife  29 July 1828 5068 48 268
 P. Smith Letter to Paul Fitzsimmons mentioned: check for "Sir Charles"' account, sound horses in Frederick County many references to horse racing letter from Fitzsimmons mentions death of sister, Mrs. Hampton that will prevent attendance at the races Frederick County, VA 1828-1833 5068 59 268
 Robert F. Stockton Letter to Peter D. Vroom of Somerville, New Jersey question about a fee  Princeton, NJ 24 April 1828 5068 39 268
 James Noble & William Hendricks Letter to Samuel L Southard, Sec. of the Navy recommendation for Isaac Spencer of Dearborn County, Indiana  Washington, DC 6 March 1828 5068 31 268
 Lewis McLane Letter to William S Archer, House of Representatives mentioned: Doctor Thorton's stock of horses. Mr. Johnson to purchase a brood mare Senate Chambers  11 April 1828 5068 36 268
 Levi Lincoln Affidavit certifying that Edward D. Bangs is Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts names mentioned: Williams Bardman, Joshua Davis, Caleb Loring, Thomas Curles, William Mackay Attached to the above: copy of an act to incorporate Tristan Barnard and others by name of the Dorchester Cotton and Iron Factory. Dated June 13, 1811; signed, Joseph Story, Speaker, Bill passed Boston, MA 2 March 1829 5068 71 268
 John E. Shell Agreement about a payment mentioned: Hall Neilson, E.B. Bently, B Montague, C.A. Stuart   7 November 1829 5068 89 268
 Bill De Young & Company Declaration regarding goods; certified by Thomas Appleton   Leghorn 6 October 1829 5068 87 268
 U.S. Courts, Pennsylvania District, Circuit Court Depositions to Attorney for the Defense to Attorneys for the Plaintiffs Lessee of Livingston, & al vs. Fariby & al notice of depositions to be taken at the house of William H. Wilson, Innkeeper, in Northampton County, at the Sun tavern kept by Matthews Christ, Bethlehem, Northampton County, at the house of Samuel Rees,Stroudsburg, Northampton County, and at the office of Jefferson. Heckman, Eastern, Northampton County; signed John Sergeant  7 September 1829 5068 84 268
 Richard Rush Letter to [Colt] written in the third person; note about a possible meeting  City Hotel, NY 30 April 1829 5068 79 268
 Isaac Hill Letter to Andrew Jackson, President letter of recommendation, mentions Mr. Stark and Mr. Hallett   14 May 1829 5068 82 268
 William C. Aylwin Letter to Daniel Webster of Washington regarding letters of recommendation for John A. Bates for a commission as purser  Boston, MA 1 January 1829 5068 66 268
 John Pittman Letter to his nephew, John H. Pittman of Villeboro, Caroline County, Virginia mentioned: John H. Pittman's father's death, and the money he owed John Pittman of Buckingham County.  Buckingham County, VA 14 April 1829 5068 76 268
 Daniel Graham, Secretary's Office Letter to Josiah J. Evans of Society Hill, Marlboro District, South Carolina letter contains mention of Governor Huston's impending marriage; Mason Lee's will; collateral relations, the Pennywills, and General Jackson's affliction from the death of his wife  Nashville, TN 9 January 1829 5068 69 268
 Lynchburg, Virginia Circuit Courts Misc. documents names mentioned: Willis Arrington, Pizarro Edmonds, D. Rodes, Samuel Mc Corkle, Richmond College, J. W. Dunnington suit: David E. Spence, Executor of Ryland Roberts, decd. Mary P. Roberts, widow and her infant children: William C. Roberts and John M. Roberts. Mary P. formerly Mary P. Roberts, wife of James P. Miller Lynchburg, VA 1829-1860 5068 109 268
 Virginia University Pay order and two receipts mentioned on forms: A.S. Brockenbough,   1829-1832 5068 107 268
 Adolphus Peticolas & Company Tobacco accounts and letters to Thomas B. McMurdo of Lynchburg, Virginia   Richmond, VA ca. 1829 5068 91 268
 Pennsylvania University Diploma to Samuel Roane: Doctorem in Arte Medici   Philadelphia, PA 31 July 1830 5068 138 268
 Samuel Taylor Letter to ? mentioned: impossible to take up the cases to which you refer  Richmond, VA 31 August 1830 5068 146 268
 Lewis Harman Letter to ? mentioned: a court case; Yates and McIntrye difficult to read Waynesboro ca. 1830 5068 151 268
 Richard Peters Letter to Edward Livingston    23 August 1830 5068 144 268
 John M. Foster Letter to John Chowning of Urbanna, Middlesex County, Virginia mentioned: Thomas Lilly  Frankfort 5 April 1830 5068 127 268
 E.C. Moore Letter to Nancy C. Carter of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Cousin Fanny's illness, Frances and Ann   11 May 1830 5068 133 268
 C. L. Wingfield Letter to Nathaniel Crenshaw of Montpelier, Hanover County, Virginia mentioned: William Nelson, Tilmer M. Hubbert, Mr. Shields, Robert Anderson  Williamsburg, VA 30 December 1830 5068 148 268
 William B. Hodgson Letter to Peter S. Du Ponceau of Philadelphia   Washington, DC 3 February 1830 5068 121 268
 John Mann Letter to R. G. Dunn    24 April 1830 5068 130 268
 Samuel McKean Letter to the Governor of Ohio   PA 25 June 1830 5068 136 268
 Philip Mayo Letter to William Anderson mentioned: money owed and the suit, Curd vs. Hatcher  Richmond, VA 25 February 1830 5068 124 268
 Andrew Stevenson Order to pay Lewis Williams    ca. 1830 5068 154 268
 William Brockenbough Remarks on the duties of the Officer of Attorney for the Commonwealth for the Superior Court for Henrico County   Richmond, VA 26 January 1830 5068 118 268
 John Eustace Agreement between Eustace and Samuel Cochran about Cochran building fifteen threshing machines to be delivered to Richmond, Virginia   21 February 1831 5068 150 268
 George Taylor Agreement with Capt. Benjamin Sheppard for the purchase of Brookfield Estate; paid to Edmund W. Rootes and John Robinson, trustees. mentioned: Ebenezer Mc Nair,   13 December 1831 5068 181 268
 John May In account with Adam Everly mentioned: Prince George County Court, Allen Mitchell, Benjamin Michie   June 1831 5068 167 268
 Mrs. Lestock Wilson, N. Audley Street Invitation to Emma H. Willard to meet Maria Edgeworth   London, England 28 April 1831 5068 165 268
 William Porter Letter to "Dear Sir" question about payment for a court case  Langhorn 26 January 1831 5068 156 268
 J. P. Butler Letter to ? mentioned: change of address from Broad Street to 162 Mott Street, Mr. Mingo, Dr. Fleming.  NY 18 April 1831 5068 163 268
 Levi Woodbury Letter to Alden Partridge   Navy Department 7 October 1831 5068 171 268
 Samuel L. Southard Letter to Governor Peter D. Vroom, Somerville, New Jersey mentioned: Mr. Wirt. names from New Jersey, E. Van Andale, James Parker, Philemon Dickerson, William Pennington. Names form New York: A. O. Dayton, Henry w. Warmer, John Allen Taylor, M. Ogden, Peter Nevins, Lewis D. Henderbugh   8 March 1831 5068 161 268
 George Rockingham Gilmer Letter to Levi Woodbury, Navy Department, Washington recommending Charles Auze for midshipman  Milledgeville, GA 13 August 1831 5068 169 268
 Thomas Wigglesworth Order to deliver goods at the Appraiser's Rooms to Mr. Robinson obit for Jane Wigglesworth, widow of Thomas Wigglesworth and sister of Prof. Andrew Norton of Harvard College Boston. Notice about Edward Wigglesworth, Prof. of Theology, 1765-1791 Newspaper obit of Thomas Wigglesworth Boston, MA 26 October 1831 5068 173 268
 Thomas Price Letter "Dear Sir" mentioned: Hanover Court House   25 January 1832 5069 5 269
 V. Ferron Letter to Dr. Johnson mentioned: Ferron's son is having difficulty making water; request for an appointment   4 August 1832 5069 17 269
 G. Fisher Letter to Elizabeth Fisher, his sister    1 November 1832 5069 28 269
 Abner Nash Letter to Henry Smith & James Jennings mentioned: William F. Randolph's will, payment for property to be withheld since the title is not clear  Cartersville 31 March 1832 5069 9 269
 E.H. Robbins Letter to Hezekiah Niles of Baltimore mentioned: Mr. French and Mr. Brown said that Col [Robert Young] Hayne occupied the Senate with an entire cotton speech; old story of heavy taxes  Washington, DC 16 January 1832 5069 2 269
 Richard M. Johnson Letter to Leslie Combs mentioned: refusal to pay fees, Biddle suit  Choctwa Academy, KY 2 October 1832 5069 25 269
 Thomas B. McMurdo Letter to Linmans Deputy of Lynchburg, Virginia mentioned: Clerk of Henrico Court, estate of Mary Whitlock dec'd. 1811, B. Whitlock, William Whitlock, Joseph Allen, Clerk of the Court of Appeals, Lewis Harvey, 1000 lbs, Judge Brockenbrough, William Clark and wife, Pollard and wife, George Whitlock, Z.B. Whitlock, Mrs. Tait, Nathaniel Whitlock of Kentucky, Mrs. Richardson  Richmond, VA 28 August 1832 5069 19 269
 S. McRae Letter to Mrs. T.R. McRae, his mother mentioned: Mrs. Hawks, Sarah, Brother   30 January 1832 5069 7 269
 Mahlon Dickerson Letter to Peter D. Vroom, Governor of New Jersey mentioned: two pension bills  Washington, DC 17 April 1832 5069 12 269
 Creed Taylor of Needham Letter to Thomas A Holcomb of Lynchburg mentioned: Lynchburg, Farmville, carriage and horses   18 September 1832 5069 22 269
 Robert W. Baylor Letter to William Brockenborough, Post Master, University of Virginia mentioned: forwarding mail and expenses  Essex County, VA 19 July 1832 5069 14 269
 Edward R. Crouch & John E Crouch Power of Attorney to William S. Crouch of Goochland County mentioned: slaves, maternal grandfather, Stephen Redford of Goochland County, William Crouch and Sarah his wife (our mother and father)  *see frame # 50 for addition to record Madison County, AL 18 December 1832 5069 31 269
 U.S. Post Office Way bills for mail coach lines serving Richmond and Charlottesville, VA mentioned: Mr. Quarles of Mechanicsville, Mr. Hendro of Sneads Store, Mr. John M. Price. George Tompkins, John Tate, Mr. Slaughter, Mr. Donolly, Elisha Jackson, Mr. Gentry, Mr. Pettus, Mr. Pendleton, Mr. Scott, Mr. Spotswood and Mr. Harding all of Richmond  Charlottesville and Richmond, VA ca. 1832 5069 34 269
 Tennessee Court, Davidson County Affidavit re: Robert C. Foster and Joseph W. Horton mentioned: acting Justices of the Peace  TN 18 January 1833 5069 48 269
 Frances C. Gray Invitation to Robert Gilmer of Baltimore, Fremont House invitation to dinner at Sommer Street   22 August 1833 5069 53 269
 Edward Livingston Letter to "Gentlemen"    ca. 1833 5069 68 269
 John Jamison of Red House Letter to ? mentioned: payment due  Berkley County, VA 5 January 1833 5069 45 269
 Edmund Smith Letter to ? mentioned: Martin's estate court proceedings  Smithfield, VA 15 November 1833 5069 58 269
 Samuel D. Ingham Letter to Derkin   Harrisburg, PA 23 January 1833 5069 51 269
 Thomas McNuvell Letter to John B. Leonard mentioned: William Baynes   28 November 1833 5069 66  269
 Ayr T. Dillard Letter to John Richardson mentioned: a payment  Pedlar Mills, VA 13 October 1833 5069 55 269
 Thomas B. Parker Letter to Robert Craig Stanard, Attorney at Law, Richmond, Virginia mentioned: enlisting legal advice about the estate of Parker's grandfather, John Bryant's three hundred acres in Village of Richmond  Palmyra, MO 16 November 1833 5069 60 269
 Edmund N. Sale Letter to William M. Mc C? of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: prospects for cotton production and woodlands, West Indies, British Colonies, sale of his plantation of 640 acres   25 November 1833 5069 63 269
 Virginia General Assembly An Act to incorporate the Greenwood Mining Co. in the County of Spotsylvania   Spotsylvania County, VA 1834-1835 5069 117 269
 Georgia Courts, Muscogee County Appointment of Richard T. Marks as administrator of the estate of John Baker signed by John Townsend, Clerk, printed form  GA 3 November 1834 5069 105 269
 New York State Artillery Certificate re: Judge Wells    4 April 1834 5069 78 269
 S. S. Stubbs Letter mentioned: employed by the heirs of Goodrich Boush formerly of Norfolk: Ann Brough formerly Ann Boush (now a widow), Elizabeth Boush and Harriet Robinson wife of Henry Robinson, to place a claim upon the state for property destroyed during the Revolution  Norfolk, VA 5 July 1834 5069 91 269
 Robert S. Garnett Letter to "Dear General"    ca. 1834 5069 113 269
 Milo W. Smith Letter to ? mentioned: James B. Ferguson of Goochland County, Mrs. Thorton's Bill in Chancery, Edward Tomkins of Caroline County  Benson 4 August 1834 5069 98 269
 James Semple Letter to ? mentioned: Williamsburg, Brockenbrough, recovery of debt  New Kent County, VA 1 October 1834 5069 101 269
 John Tyler Letter to ? current events in Congress, Post office report, corruption and abuse existing within all departments, McLane's resignation,  Washington, DC 20 June 1834 5069 88 269
 Richard E. Parker Letter to ?   Snickersville, VA 25 January 1834  0 
 Benjamin Elliot Letter to ? regarding Thomas Gibson's claim of pension mentioned: military service during the Revolution, military tours in North Carolina, Capt. John Knight of the Cavalry  Asheboro, NC 29 July 1834 5069 93 269
 Isaac Hull Letter to Alexander G Gordon, U. S. Navy mentioned: bread and other provisions shipped to Valparaiso  Navy Yard, Washington, DC 25 March 1834 5069 76 269
 C. P. Goodall Letter to Chauncey G. Griswold   Hanover, VA 27 November 1834 5069 107 269
 T. Maxey Letter to Evan Pouthey of Baltimore mentioned: Dr. Fenwick, W. Alexander Murray, William H. Gatchell  Washington, DC 15 March 1834 5069 73 269
  H. Sydney ? Letter to George William Pollard of Hanover Court House mentioned: Mrs. H Anderson gave a party to the senior class, Miss Peachy, Aunt Cushing  VA 9 April 1834 5069 80 269
 William Garnett Letter to Henry L Brooke of Richmond, Virginia   Norfolk, VA 1834-1836 5069 120 269
 M. Lambeth Letter to Henry L. Brooke & Philip M. Tabb mentioned: heirs of Peter Bernard, Mr. Copeland  Lynchburg, VA 2 May 1834 5069 85 269
 Charles G Ferris Letter to J. B. Stevenson  FERRIS, Charles Goadsby, (1796-1848) a Representative from New York; born at The Homestead, Throgs Neck, the Bronx, N.Y., about 1796; received a limited education; studied law; was admitted to the bar and practiced in New York City; member of the board of aldermen in 1832 and 1833; elected as a Jacksonian to the Twenty-third Congress to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Dudley Selden and served from December 1, 1834, to March 3, 1835; elected as a Democrat to the Twenty-seventh Congress (March 4, 1841-March 3, 1843); was largely instrumental in securing an appropriation through Congress to build the first telegraph line; died in New York City June 4, 1848.  14 December 1834 5069 110 269
 Louis McLane Letter to John B Leonard of Cuba   Washington, DC 15 April 1834 5069 83 269
 W. L. Underwood Letter to Thomas M. B, Roy, Urbana, Virginia mentioned: Mrs. Roy, Mr. Glenn, disagreement over money  Bowling Green, KY 1834-1845 5069 124 269
 D. Miller Letter to Uncle Thomas Miller   Buckingham Court House, VA 23 October 1834 5069 103 269
 Robert Rives Letter to William Isbell of Lynchburg, Virginia   Oak Ridge 29 July 1834 5069 96 269
 John Tyler Letter to Brockenbrough mentioned: Mr. John Thompson and a land title that may not be clear, Tye River [Nelson County]  Washington, DC 12 December 1835 5069 154 269
 Peter Robeson Letter to Fountain Lain of Fayetteville, North Carolina mentioned: Peter Robeson's sister, Mary Hall's desire to sell her house and lot on Haymount, Eliza Hall desires to sell her land near Hawleys.  Chesterfield Court House, VA 16 March 1835 5069 136 269
 Benjamin Pollard Letter to George W. Pollard of Philadelphia mentioned: Mr. Daniel Smith's deed and questions about lands condemned for the use of a mill with note attached from Elizabeth Pollard to her son, Benjamin Pollard Hanover Court House 16 November 1835 5069 151 269
 Alexander Garett Letter to John H. Eustace of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Mr. Barley, Peter, James, Charlotte who is slightly blind, F.T. Weidemyer  Charlottesville, VA 29 December 1835 5069 162 269
 J. D. Stevenson Letter to John H. Eustace of Richmond, Virginia   NY 28 December 1835 5069 159 269
 E. H. Owen Letter to John H. Eustace of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Paul A. Sabbaton's land in New York or Virginia might be taken by law to settle his debts; fire in the court building that delayed court cases  NY 24 December 1835 5069 156 269
 Elias Kane of the Navy Office Letter to John Rodgers $8000 request for expenses of this station; provisions, repairs to vessels approved with signature Washington, DC 26 June 1835 5069 144 269
 D. H. Conrad Letter to Lemuel Bent mentioned: Alexander Stephen, wills of Robert Stephen and Adam Stephen   24 April 1835 5069 138 269
 B. W. Edwards Letter to Powhatan Ellis of Natchez mentioned: personal opinion about who is running strongest for Governor in the different areas of the Alabama  Clinton 27 September 1835 5069 148 269
 S. R. Hobbie Letter to the Postmaster at Trenton, New Jersey mentioned: annulment of contract for Mr. C.H. Vanderleer and gives authority for find someone suitable to carry the mail between Trenton and Bloomsburg  Trenton, NJ 8 July 1835 5069 146 269
 Franklin Gavin Letter to Thomas M. B. Roy of Gloucester County mentioned: sale of 100 acres and a request for power of attorney  Frankfort, KY 10 January 1835 5069 132 269
 John Enders Letter to W. H. Hubbard & Laura Ives mentioned: Estate of George Ives, Mr. Baldwin, concerns about the business and final settlement  Richmond, VA 28 January 1835 5069 134 269
 Charles Bonnycastle Letter to William Radford of Lynchburg, Virginia mentioned: retention of Mr. Cobb, Chaplain  University of VA, Charlottesville, VA 20 May 1835 5069 141 269
 University of Virginia Papers relative to a dispute between Mr. L. P. Wigfall of South Carolina and Mr. C. F. Hammer of Mississippi, students at the University of Virginia regarding an affair of honor   Charlottesville, VA 1835-1836 5069 167 269
 U. S. Medical Department Requisition for the Hospital signed by: Robert D Wood, endorsed by Zachary Taylor  Fort Crawford, WI 31 December 1835 5069 164 269
 S. Morris Walenty & Company Account to Sterling J. Crump of Richmond, Virginia  torn and faded Philadelphia, PA 24 October 1836 5070 47 270
 Thomas G. Green Copies of negotiable notes handed to Thomas Green mentioned: R. H. Boyce, Town of Vicksburg, Hugh M. Mackey, Bland Featherstone and Company, William Mills, W. Harvey, James R. Doswell, James P. Bryan, Benson Blake, Commercial Rail Road Bank of Vicksburg, notes for property in Vicksburg and lot description, M. M. Pallen, B. Hershberger, Peter Scrimshaw, A. G. McNutt, Robert C. Neel, J. A. Bolling, James Chewning, A.B. Reading, E.M. Moore, D. Sexton   1836-1841 5070 68 270
 Francis W. Perkins Letter to ? mentioned: Florida  Washington, DC 23 May 1836 5070 19 270
 Thomas H. Botts Letter to ? small claims note about Thomas H. Botts attending Courts of Orange, Spotsylvania, Caroline, King George, and Stafford Counties  17 September 1836 5070 44 270
 George Coole Letter to ? Weaver mentioned: possible purchase of a horse, saddle and bridle belonged to Mr. Holland of Columbia, Mr. Burroughs   2 June 1836 5070 22 270
 Arthur Hopkins Letter to Ann M. Hopkins of Miss Mackinzies' Seminary, Richmond, Virginia mentions: Ann's mother, her brother, possible sale of property and a move to Mississippi, Capt. Edmunds, Mr. Estes  Lovingston, VA 12 April 1836 5070 9 270
 R.T. Marks Letter to C.T. Estes requesting delivery of a watch and any money left from Rev. John Baker, dec. estate  Columbus, GA 18 May 1836 5070 14 270
 Clement C. Clay Letter to Capt. S. B Patton mentioned, order to take up the line at Tuskaloosa by way of Fort Mitchell for the Head Quarters of General Thomas Jesup in Florida Newspaper clipping about Senator C.C. Clay of Alabama Tuscaloosa, GA 1 December 1836 5070 50 270
 Churchill Cambreleng Letter to Charles Dickerson refers to an appointment for a midshipman warrant for J. J. Bryer  Washington, DC 2 January 1836 5070 2 270
 A. Martini Letter to Dickins mentioned: Mr. Forsyth, return to the seat of Government  Washington, DC 16 September 1836 5070 42 270
 H. L. Hawkins Letter to Dr. Thomas W. Johnson mentioned: reports about poor conditions at Picolata, Major Putman, Col. Crain, Private Zilstman  St. Augustine, FL 10 September 1836 5070 37 270
 T. Green Letter to Duff Green of Falmouth mentioned: John R. Triplett, Capt. Cooper, Capt. Clarke, two casks of spirits and their arrival, Hancock Lee  Richmond, VA 20 January 1836 5070 4 270
 George C. Gilmer Letter to Elizabeth R. Bernard of Port Royal, Caroline County, Virginia mentioned: illness of his father, his feelings for Miss. Bernard; perhaps unrequited?  Lynchburg, VA 15 September 1836 5070 40 270
 John H. Euctace Letter to G. M. Cooke of Goochland County mentioned: Mr. Eustace's departure for New York, a sale of his copper mine, Edward Campbell., Busby Mine, Chillian Mill  Richmond, VA ca. 1836 5070 55 270
 John S. Corbin Letter to Henry L. Brooke, Attorney at Law, Richmond, Virginia mentioned: his brother Thomas G. Corbin, a horse and sulkey  The Reeds 23 May 1836 5070 16 270
 Nathaniel P. Tallmadge Letter to James Tallmadge of New York mentioned: attack of lumbago on the steam boat to Baltimore, Hotel Exchange  Washington, DC 9 December 1836 5070 53 270
 James W. Fannin Letter to Joseph Mims mentioned: murder of prisoners at San Potricio and gives an account of Col. Fannin's resources, embarrassments and surroundings mentioned: Col. Johnson, Capt. Pearson murdered after they had surrendered Goliad, TX 28 February 1836 5070 6 270
 Lewis B. Williams Letter to Lucy P. Williams of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Polly a slave who he had whipped for disrespect, Polly asked to be sold, a long explanation about his problems with Polly and also mentions that the measles are in town  Orange, VA 12 July 1836 5070 28 270
 B. Harris Letter to Powhatan Ellis of Jackson, Mississippi  very faded Gallatin, MS 19 July 1836 5070 25 270
 Matthew Carey Letter to R. H. White, Richmond, Virginia   Philadelphia, PA 2 August 1836 5070 0 270
 Chiswell Dabney Letter to William Massie of Tye River Mills, Nelson County, Virginia mentioned: Drew's deposition and William Massie's mother affliction  Lynchburg, VA 19 August 1836 5070 34 270
 Chapman Johnson Opinion on Mitchell vs. James Brown (executor) case   Richmond, VA 14 April 1836 5070 11 270
 Richmond Mining Company, George M. Cooke, Agent Outlays and expenditures at Busby's Mine    1836-1838 5070 60 270
 Edward Everett Appointment of Benjamin Oliver of Lynn as Notary Public for the County of Essex   Essex County, MA 6 January 1837 5070 82 270
 Forked Run Mining Company Certificates to Robert R. Brock and Thomas Mieure    7 February 1837 5070 90 270
 South Carolina Courts, Fairfield District, Court of Ordinary Deed to Marshall McGraw, District of Fairfield, South Carolina with plat of 36 8/10 acres Elizabeth Truman (Fruman), applicant Truman vs. Truman; Elizabeth vs. Emeline, Robert, William & Martha Truman, David G. Wylie, Sheriff; John B. McCall  signed by James Phillips, surveyor SC 13 June 1837 5070 104 270
 William & Mary College Diploma granted to William P. Munford Degree in Civil Engineering signed by Profs. Dabney Browne, Robert Saunders, B. Tucker, John Millington Williamsburg, VA 4 July 1837 5070 113 270
 George W. Hopkins Letter to ? mentioned: power of attorney, John W Schoolfield of Marion, Virginia; power of attorney of Nathaniel Harris  Washington, DC ca. 1837 5070 133 270
 Mary Cocke Letter to ? mentioned: papers of the late Benjamin Cocke, Cocke vs. Haxell signed William Gilliam for Mary Cocke City Point, VA 24 November 1837 5070 128 270
 Elisha Whittlesey Letter to ? committee on claims about the case of George Philips  Washington, DC 31 January 1837 5070 88 270
 Charles Tompkins Letter to ? letter about farm hands   2 April 1837 5070 97 270
 William B. Reed Letter to a Philadelphia book dealer mentioned: Tucker's Jefferson  Philadelphia, PA ca. 1837 5070 136 270
 Samuel Smith Letter to Frances Page mentioned: Governor Thomas Nelson of Virginia  Baltimore, MD 18 September 1837 5070 126 270
 Prince de Christopher A. Lieven Letter to General James Tallmadge of New York  written in French; franked St. Petersburg, Russia June 1837 5070 109 270
 Maryland General Assembly Letter to Governor of Mississippi, Charles Lynch: Resolutions re Franking Privilege  pages signed by Thomas Ward Veazey, Governor  18 January 1837 5070 85 270
 John Pickering Letter to Peter S. DuPonceau of Philadelphia mentioned: silk, silk worms, cotton, North, South, French ministers, literary endeavors of both men, Mr. Gallatin's book, Mr. Schoolcraft's article  Boston, MA 16 August 1837 5070 123 270
 Henry P. Irving Letter to Robert Henderson mentioned: a deed and payment  Cumberland Court House, VA 29 July 1837 5070 118 270
 S. G. Crump Letter to Thomas Dixon of Boston mentioned: reasons why Crump is late with his payment for goods  Richmond, VA 13 August 1837 5070 120 270
 D. J. Pearce Letter to William G Hammond, Justice of the Peace   Washington, DC 10 February 1837 5070 95 270
 Wadsworth Fellows & Company Letter to William Mitchell of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: a note and costs and instructions about security  New York, NY 18 April 1837 5070 99 270
 John Washington Letter to Willis P. Bocock mentioned: suit of Lewis' Administration vs. Buckner's Administration taken from Buckingham Circuit Court to Court of Appeals, questioning Willis P. Bocock about whether he would still be representing Mr. Washington's mother  Carlton's Store, King & Queen County, VA 15 July 1837 5070 115 270
 J. F. Dangerfield Letter to? mentioned: payment from Mr. Erskine and a safe conveyance for sending money, affidavit for goods delivered to Mr. Farley  Lewisburg 1 May 1837 5070 101 270
 Moore & Foushee Statement for liquor and general merchandise to Charles Stewart    1 November 1837 5070 120 270
 R. B. Gibson Letter to ? mentioned: Hardaway case, Edward Redford vs. R. B. Gibson of Frederick Circuit Court, Philip Bunter, adm. of B. B.Woodson, Samuel Venable, C. B. Strong, Winchester, Prince Edward Circuit Court  Cumberland County, VA 18 April 1838 5070 151 270
 Alexander Macomb Letter to Brig. General Abram Eustis. Commanding Troops on the Canadian Frontier refusing leave of absence and complaining of not having received information of the insurrection in Canada  Washington, DC 13 November 1838 5070 174 270
 Robert W. Carter Letter to Charles Shirley Carter of Richmond, Virginia request for a warrant in the County of Richmond on 200 acres known as part of the Mangoanke Marsh on the north side of the Rappahannock River adjoining the patents of William Underwood and Capt Moore Fauntleroy; suit vs. Brent  Sabine Hall 17 November 1838 5070 177 270
 William H. Roane Letter to Dear Friend mentioned: M. Roane's ill health, debate in the Senate, clash between Clay and Calhoun, election of Mr. Clay, Crittenden  Washington, DC 22 February 1838 5070 140 270
 Ferdinand R. Hassler Letter to E. & L. G. W. Blunt of New York mentioned: arrival of wine; Dr. Charles A. Hassler; package from Hamburg  Weasel Mountain ca. 1838 5070 182 270
 Col. William Jenkins Worth of the U.S. Steamer "Telegraph" Letter to General Abram Eustis of Plattsburg mentioned: arrangements for disembarking Montgomery's Company for French ? ; French Creek; Sackets Harbor; Bonnell's Company, 2nd Lt. Johnson "K" Co. charged with wantonly beating and abusing a soldier lists several officers available to hear a Court Martial; also several deserters for trial along with Lt. Johnson; suggests LT. Miller or Gardiner as Judge Advocate Ogdensburg, NY 6 November 1838 5070 171 270
 L. M. Morris Letter to General George M. Cooke of Goochland request for payment on his 1837 crop of wheat  Green Springs 2 May 1838 5070 154 270
 Edward Shacklett Letter to George Taylor of Hanover Court House, Virginia response to an ad placed by Edward Shacklett in the "Richmond Whig," mentions: Henry Priest, Peter Priest, James H. Priest, Thomas Priest, dec.; three runaway slaves, one named Shadrack; Middleburg, Loudoun line, Robert Scott, Samuel Chilton, Warrenton, Thomas Doswell  Oakhill, Fauquier, VA 8 June 1838 5070 159 270
 Thomas Brown Letter to Henry L Brooke mentioned: legal rights of the heirs of Elizabeth Duncan; John Duncan, Ben Hardin, Charles Wickliff, John L Helm and Judge Underwood; laws of Kentucky; names of the children of Shadrack Duncan, dec. by his second marriage are: Isaac, Sarah Elizabeth, Milly Ann & Mary Lane, none married; grandfather Williams was also entitled to land for Rev. War service  Hodgenville, KY 29 November 1838 5070 179 270
 William Mann Letter to John Millington, Prof. at William & Mary College mentioned: copies of recommendations of gentlemen that stand high in the literary world; College of Cincinnati  Philadelphia, PA 4 October 1838 5070 168 270
 William Cullen Bryant Letter to John Rand of London mentioned: Mr. Rand's case of small pox. Mrs. Rand, painting of the Duke of Suffolk  NY 13 August 1838 5070 162 270
 Mandler, Weaver, and Company Letter to Lyell Johnson of Richmond, Virginia 2 price lists of chemicals and a personal note  Wolberhampton, England 2 March 1838 5070 143 270
 Mrs. E. M.Tolbert Letter to Maria M. Duval of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: payment on an amount owed, Caroline was confirmed, Little Belle, Carry, sister Ellen has a daughter, Charles Richards  Philadelphia, PA 14 August 1838 5070 165 270
 John Ratcliff Letter to Mrs. C Feron request to enroll his daughter in Mrs. Fern's school, please reply by Miss Harriet Savage   10 May 1838 5070 156 270
 William B. Weber Letter to Robert H Wade & Company of Goochland County mentioned: request for delaying payment of debt owed, Wade's cousin, Judith H. Bowles   18 March 1838 5070 146 270
 James Steary Letter to S. C. Williams of Wall Street mentioned: the Athenaeum and Mr. Williams stay there   27 January 1838 5070 138 270
 William Helm Letter to William Helm (his uncle) of Warrenton, Fauquier, Virginia mentioned: death of his father and power of attorney, has not heard form his married sister living in Detroit, Michigan and one of his older brother refuses to sign second letter: N. Western Bank of Virginia Washington, OH ca. 1838 5070 186 270
 William Parmenter Note to Mahlon Dickerson of Lynchburg, Virginia note about an application by Mr. Ebenezer Eaton for a midshipman's warrant for his nephew, Lemuel P. Eaton  Washington, DC 14 April 1838 5070 149 270
 Williamsburg, Virginia Hustings Court Indenture between, Edward C. Carrington, Moreau Bowers, Mary E. (Coleman) Carrington mentioned: estate of Thomas Coleman  Williamsburg, VA 22 January 1839 5071 5 271
 P. P. Mayo Letter mentioned: suit vs. Mr. Green, Mr. William Lightburn  Norfolk, VA 3 May 1839 5071 22 271
 W. C. Rawlings Letter to ? mentioned: a certificate of Surry and Mecklenburg Counties, estate of William Allen, and the estate of John Murray, Erasmus Kennon, Sheriff of Mecklenburg County  Amelia Spring, VA 30 August 1839 5071 38 271
 Willis H. Woodley Letter to Dear Sir mentioned: two sons and a deposit with the University  University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA 12 November 1839 5071 48 271
 William R. Johnson Letter to Grady mentioned: custody of this man, Jefferson, by Messrs. Gibson & Miller until further notice   23 April 1839 5071 20 271
 William R. Wheaton Letter to Harvey L. Brooke mentioned: his client, Mr. Benjamin J. Hunt of New York has a claim against Michael D. Wolfe  NY 21 June 1839 5071 30 271
 John H. Smith Letter to Henry L Brooke mentioned: Judge Nicholas' removal of all cases pertaining to Mr. Smith, request to move them to Chesterfield Court, claim for compensation for Rev. War service  Dinwiddie County, VA 22 May 1839 5071 24 271
 William Rawl Letter to Henry Nixon mentioned: Mr. Henson, one of the heirs of Mr. Nicholson, wants to inform you that Mr. Greenleaf advertised a large amount of property in the City of Washington as agent for the estate of Robert Morris, John Nicholson and James Greenleaf   4 March 1839 5071 11 271
 Eliza J. Carrington Letter to John Williams mentioned: her five hundred dollar loan to the Church in crisis, pews as collateral   15 April 1839 5071 15 271
 John H. Smith Letter to John Williams, Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Mr. Allen, Mr. Williams hurt feelings, vestry of St. James Church release of payment for a pew, notice of demand to pay a note held by Mr. Allen  Dinwiddie County, VA 18 April 1839 5071 17 271
 Harvey Brown Letter to Joseph Cunningham of Trenton, New Jersey questions about a delivery without postage  Camp Washington 15 August 1839 5071 36 271
 Horace F. Clark Letter to Lauriston Hall of Paterson, New Jersey mentioned: Mr. Selden  NY 20 July 1839 5071 34 271
 Irvine Callender Letter to LT. Col. Newman S. Clarke of New York mentioned: supplies for Louisville frozen in the canal between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh were forwarded by wagon, missing barrel  Philadelphia, PA 3 February 1839 5071 7 271
 Robert G. Scott Letter to Messrs. Templeman & Dickinson, Auctioneers mentioned: sale of the slaves and other property of Charles Abraham; payments to: James Boshenerger, Robert McCandlish, Mrs. Mildred Watson of Williamsburg, Doctor Jesse Cole accounting amounts due  27 May 1839 5071 27 271
 Joseph Davidson, Michael F. Davidson & Robert Ellis Letter to Michael A. Carpenter and Robert Newman  Bond for $8000; Ellisville Tract, mentioned: David M. Hunter, Albert G. Shepperd   25 November 1839 5071 45 271
 John S. Skinner Letter to Nicholas Biddle of Philadelphia requesting advise about depositing funds from the proceeds of the sale of lands in Florida for G.W. Lafayette; mentioned: difference of exchange between Philadelphia and Tallahassee and making the funds available in Paris includes printed sheet about the American Silk Society Baltimore, MD 20 January 1839 5071 2 271
 James H. Gamble Letter to Professor Johnson, Medical School, Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Mr. G. W. Goode, a request to borrow funds from Prof. Johnson  Philadelphia, PA 4 November 1839 5071 43 271
 William Robbins Letter to R. H. Dickinson of Richmond, Virginia   Gloucester County, VA 20 December 1839 5071 52 271
 Alex W. Dyer Letter to Robert A. Mayo of Powhatan mentioned: his mother, Sally G. Dyer, a teaching position in the neighborhood of Green Mountain, for references contact Thomas Gilmer  Scott's Ferry, Albemarle County, VA 13 December 1839 5071 50 271
 Francis Page Letter to Thomas L N? request for roots and cuttings to plant next fall, hiring out his negroes in the hands of Hill and Dabney  Hanover County, VA 20 March 1839 5071 13 271
 Peachy R. Grattan Notice to Owen C. Morris notice to pay debt due to Col. Givens  Richmond, VA 26 October 1839 5071 40 271
 French Forrest Order to Mr. Davis orders for various wines to be sent  U. S.S. St. Louis 25 June 1839 5071 32 271
 Brig. Gen. George Mercer Brooke Orders to Newman S. Clarke, Headquarters Infantry   Fort Crawford, WI 3 March 1839 5071 9 271
 Pamela H. Cowan of the parish of Natchitoches in Louisiana Power of attorney to Richard S. Swearingen owner of part of a house and lot in Richmond, Virginia now occupied by John Virginia, also two lots adjoining descended from my father William Cowan  Jefferson County, KY 21 December 1839 5071 55 271
 Robert Nott Bill against the Commonwealth of Virginia for work at the Hall of Delegates mentioned: Mr. W.D. Blair, Robert Bradley  VA January-February 1840 5071 61 271
 George E. Moody Bonds to the U.S. 1. George E. Moody of City Point, Prince George County and Ann C. Wood and R.G. Dunn 2. George E. Moody of City Point, Prince George County and Ann C. Wood and John H Balle  VA 1840-1842 5071 114 271
  Description of flags in the charge of the Alexandria Delegation mentioned: Flag used by the Williamsburg Guard in the procession of 1840 in Richmond, Virginia, description of this particular flag, inscribed on one side: Raleigh, 1st August, 1774 1. Washington Flag carried by the Dragoon in the Revolution 2. General Morgan's Flag carried by his Corps of Riflemen in Revolution 3. Flag of Commodore John Paul Jones 4. Commodore Stephen Decatur's Flag nailed to the mast of the Intrepid at the burning of the Frigate Philadelphia Richmond, VA 5 October 1840 5071 103 271
 William B. Shubrich of U.S. Frigate Macedonian Estimate for maintenance for West India Squadron itemized account  Pensacola Bay, FL 11 July 1840 5071 98 271
 Valentine W. Southall Letter to ? mentioned: suit and summons, Courts of Fluvanna, counsel in Richmond, Stillman & Ashlin, Mr. Hartsok, trust fund, depositions, Mr. Sheppard  Charlottesville, VA 1840-1861 5071 122 271
 William M. Blackford Letter to ? mentioned: Fitzhugh, Mr. Conway, an election in Richmond, Virginia, voting twice, once in Henrico and again in Fredericksburg  Fredericksburg, VA 30 March 1840 5071 72 271
 Thomas Rutherford Letter to Alex Rutherford of Baltimore, "Dear Son" mentioned: Flour market, Freight from New York to Liverpool, better terms for procuring a vessel in Baltimore, City Point, Hampton Rhoads to Rio and South America, Mr. Haxell  Richmond, VA 30 March 1840 5071 77 271
 A.T.B. Meritt Letter to Benjamin W. Leigh of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Mr. French, questions about a bond, mutilation by Mr. French of the bond, contract made in Philadelphia, delivery of trees   5 March 1840 5071 67 271
 Lucien B. Price Letter to Doctor Joseph Mosby care of Samuel Price, of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Mr. Lyons  Hanover County, VA 13 May 1840 5071 86 271
 Robert G. Carter Letter to Henry L Brooke of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: death of Mr. Carter, cousin Shirley, request to have Mr. Brooke help with estate matters. Robert G. Carter to return to Richmond in May or June  Columbia, AK 30 March 1840 5071 74 271
 William H. Frank Letter to Henry L. Brooke mentioned: Robert Hopkins entering special bail for Mr. Frank, Mr. James Matthews as substitute  Tappahannock, VA 8 April 1840 5071 84 271
 E .B. Barber Letter to J. Williams mentioned: singers in the choir   ca. 1840 5071 108 271
 Walter Savage Landon Letter to James George P. Rainford mentioned: house sold, Solicitor King, Villa at Lincoln, his pretty little friend   ca. 1840 5071 111 271
 Wilson Lumpkin Letter to James K. Paulding, Sec. of the Navy mentioned: Mr. Bullock of Savannah, Georgia  Washington, DC 28 March 1840 5071 70 271
 John H. Allstadt Letter to John S. Gallager of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: concern over his mother and the correspondent receiving a notice to appear in court, would Mr. Gallaher look into the matter?  Harper's Ferry, WV 6 April 1840 5071 82 271
 Joseph Prentis Letter to John T. Swann of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Mills Riddick and Richard H. Riddick qualified as executors for the late Col. Josiah Riddick  Suffolk County, VA 3 July 1840 5071 94 271
 A. Empie Letter to John Williams of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: general health, medicine, Mrs. Wright is some better, Mrs. Carrington, New church, Littleton, Virginia Springs  Wilmington, NC 25 May 1840 5071 88 271
 John A. Forsyth Letter to Joseph Borras, late Consul of the U. S. for the Port of Barcelona, Spain mentioned: that the Spanish Government has refused to recognize Borras as Consul and J. A. B Leonard will replace him  Washington, DC 17 July 1840 5071 100 271
 Phil Dickerson Letter to Joseph Cunningham of Washington, DC mentioned: how much he owed for his subscription to the Globe  Trenton, NJ 10 July 1840 5071 96 271
 John Fleming Letter to S. W. Morris of Louisa County, Virginia letter of response difficult to read Goochland, VA 29 February 1840 5071 64 271
 William Barret Letter to Storm, DuBois & Company mentioned: kegs of Tobacco, kegs of twist, T. W. White, Schooner, Weymouth-Couch  Richmond, VA 1840-1844 5071 119 271
 Baltimore Claimants Letter to William M. McCarty of Washington DC regarding payment of French claims prior to 1840   ca. 1840 5071 105 271
 J. B. Young Letter to William Palmore Hanover County, Virginia mentioned: a bond, Capt. Goddin, securities of Richard Edwards, Mr. Mayo, William Edwards, Goodman, Blackburn, Wellington Goddin, son of Capt. Goddin  Richmond, VA 2 April 1840 5071 80 271
 William L. Goggin Letter to William Radford of Lynchburg, Virginia mentioned: application for William L. Goggin's son to be admitted to West Point, Robert C. Skiploe's son, Dr. Crump, Sub Treasury Bill being considered in the Committee of the Whole, Harrison's friends Resolution presented to William Henry Harrison and Isaac Shelby, late Gov. of Kentucky for defeating the British and Indian forces under the command of Maj. Gen. Proctor in Upper Canada in 1813 to be given gold medals Washington, DC 10 June 1840 5071 91 271
 Joel Roberts Poinsett of the War Department Orders to Cav[e] Johnson, Chairman of Military Affairs, House of Representatives orders  Washington, DC 8 January 1840 5071 59 271
 Hiram Harris Contract for sale of land in Powhatan County to John W. Nash and Nash's agreement for sale of same to Henry Walthall mentioned: north side of Buckingham Road, Virginia-Powhatan Company  VA ca. 1841 5071 163 271
 Eliza Leslie Invitation to ? invitation to dinner   31 December 1841 5071 161 271
 Mr. & Mrs. Albert Gallatin of Bleeker Street Invitation to Mr. & Mrs. B Stevens dinner invitation  NY 28 April 1841 5071 141 271
 Francis H. Smith Letter to ? "resignation of your nephew, Keydet [Upshaw]: Keydet will depart for Charlottesville  VA Military Institute, Lexington, VA 13 November 1841 5071 159 271
 Willie P. Mangum Letter to ? mentioned: W. Williams, Mr. Franklin  Washington, DC 15 January 1841 5071 136 271
 George W. Toland, Sec, of the Navy Letter to Abel P Upshur mentioned: Joseph Maitland of Philadelphia desires to enter the naval service as a midshipman  Philadelphia, PA 6 November 1841 5071 157 271
 Charles J. Mc Donald Letter to Arthur P. Bagby, Governor of Alabama mentioned: John Freeman & Ausberry Kelly are charged with the offence of Simple Larceny in the County of Troup, Georgia, Please hand these two men over to Henry Favor for transportation to Georgia  Milledgeville, GA 5 November 1841 5071 153 271
 M. Robinson Letter to Elliott Crepin of London mentioned: "I have no reply to make to the coarse insinuation you have thrown out ", resolution of the Board of Directors {?}, new $10 a share, Bridge & Wharves,  Richmond, VA 13 May 1841 5071 143 271
 Samuel H. Rogers Letter to George E Badger, Sec. U. S. Navy request for a warrant as midshipman for his son, Ambrose K. Rogers  NY 18 April 1841 5071 138 271
 W. Jones Letter to Henry Gibson, Clerk of U. S. Circuit Court, Richmond, VA mentioned: Court of Appeals, Fredericksburg, bill of exception  Washington, DC 7 January 1841 5071 133 271
 Abner Robinson Letter to Joseph Allen of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: suit went against me for some slaves, some of them in jail, Mr. Lyons requesting $100  Ridge Plantation 8 August 1841 5071 149 271
 James Maury & Sons Letter to Messrs. I. & D. Walker of Richmond, VA letter and account monthly tobacco report Liverpool 2 August 1841 5071 146 271
 William B. Spraque Letter to Mr. Keeler   Albany, NY 11 October 1841 5071 152 271
 Samuel Oldham An examination paper for a law course University of Virginia  Charlottesville, VA ca. 1842 5072 56 272
 University of Virginia Certificate of Proficiency in Political Economy to William P. Munford    4 July 1842 5072 18 272
 William E. Preble Letter to a Committee of New York Merchants declining an invitation to a dinner in honor of Lord Ashburton James D.P. Ogden, James G. King, Stephen Whitney, James Lee, William B. Astor, George Griswold, C. W. Laurence, Theodore Sedgwick  Portland, ME 30 August 1842 5072 32 272
 M. H. Houston Letter to Abel Parker Upshaw request to look into a pension for Revolutionary War Service for a soldier who served under Upshaw's grandfather   Wheeling, VA 15 March 1842 5072 11 272
 Joseph N. Bacon Letter to Ann M. Mead of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: shipment of a piano that was scratched in transit  Boston, MA 12 March 1842 5072 9 272
 Edward L. Mooney Letter to Col. William L Stone mentioned: a picture he painted for the Stones  NY 1 March 1842 5072 7 272
 Ambrose Spencer Letter to Col. William M. L. Stone of Saratoga Springs mentioned: course pursued regarding John Tyler, Jackson "with all his faults had some sense of personal honor, and Tyler none"  Lyons, NY August 1842 5072 34 272
 M. H. Houston, M.D. Letter to Doctor Addison of Pittsburgh mentioned: wife of Dr. Campbell of Williamsburg, and her pulmonary problems, cause, symptoms, and treatment.  Wheeling, VA ca. 1842 5072 53 272
 U. S. Post Office, John A. Bryan Letter to Edwin M. Leftwich of King William County, Virginia   Washington, DC 9 November 1842 5072 40 272
 Peter S. Du Ponceau Letter to Frances Markoe comments and observations about the National Institute for the Promotion of Science  Philadelphia, PA 8 December 1842 5072 45 272
 Abel Parker Upshaw Letter to George D. Baylor response to a request to place Mr. Baylor's son on the midshipmen appointment list  Navy Dept, Washington, DC 7 February 1842 5072 5 272
 Thomas L. L. Brent Letter to Henry A. S. Dearborn of Boston mentioned: state of the market for Western Lands, sale of two pictures in the Anthenium of Boston, "the judgment of Solomon" purchased by Mrs. Brent from a Spanish artist and "the holy family" purchased from the Marquis of Abrantes  Genesee County, Flint, MI 31 January 1842 5072 2 272
 Madison Tally Letter to Henry Smith & Company of Cartersville, Cumberland County mentioned: Smith's interest in purchasing corn, Emanuel Booker, your boatman in Richmond  VA 12 September 1842 5072 37 272
 Lucy F. Smith Letter to John Adams Smith of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Maria Woodward, Lucy Smith's illness, Mary Elizabeth, sends condolences for the loss of his children  VA 31 December 1842 5072 50 272
 J. Hoy Letter to Joseph Cunningham of Trenton New Jersey request to write an article censuring the rejection of our friend, Tyson, by the Senate  Philadelphia, PA 28 April 1842 5072 14 272
 Williams L. Dayton Letter to Peter D. Vroom of Trenton, New Jersey mentioned: cases to be heard; Little vs. Combs  Washington, DC 8 July 1842 5072 20 272
 John P. Kennedy Letter to Robert Gilmor of Baltimore mentioned: recordation of a deed in Washington County  Washington, DC 30 July 1842 5072 25 272
 Sterling Price Letter to Robert M. T. Hunter of Washington DC response to Hunter about a tract of land in Missouri that was sold for back taxes; twelve miles from the Court House and about the same from the Missouri River  Keytesville, MO 12 July 1842 5072 23 272
 David Fultz Letter to T. Rankin Blair mentioned: certificate of deposit  Staunton, VA 8 December 1842 5072 42 272
  Letter to Thomas Gilmer mentioned: observations and suggestions about the tariff  Richmond, VA 19 August 1842 5072 27 272
 Joseph R. Underwood Letter to Thomas M. B. Roy of Middlesex County, Virginia mentioned: a draft of $210 from his brother, W. L Underwood of Kentucky for Mr. Roy and Martha Roy  Washington, DC 23 June 1842 5072 16 272
 Daniel Perkins Agreement with Stephen P. Hughes, John S. Woodson, Thomas Perkins & D.W.K. Bowles mentioned: anxious to have his coal pits, Edge Hill, worked  Henrico County, VA 12 April 1843 5072 64 272
 Chapman Johnson Legal notes, including references to litigation in the estate of Lord Fairfax    1843-1849 5072 112 272
 John Leeds Kerr Letter to Asbury Dickens of Washington DC introduces his neighbor, Dr. Edward Arnold, who is coming to Washington DC  Easton 31 May 1843 5072 75 272
 Samuel Taylor Letter to Bacon Tait mentioned: Mr. William Hatcher, his mother Mrs. Elizabeth W. Hatcher, delivery   16 September 1843 5072 93 272
 George S. Hillard Letter to Dear Sir mentioned: quid pro quo from Mr. Graham on Hillard's paper on Prof. Longfellow H. W. Lonfellow's engagement to Miss Appleton Boston, MA 26 May 1843 5072 70 272
 Elisha Whittlesey, Auditor Letter to E. M. Leftwich of King William County, Virginia mentioned: F. Taliaferro   26 May 1843 5072 73 272
 C. C. Richardson Letter to Haskins and Libby mentioned: letter to Mrs. Smith and Mr. Macfarland  Armory 30 September 1843 5072 95 272
 A. M. Green Letter to Henry L. Brooke mentioned: Mr. Taylor, two thousand acres of good land in Texas, my brother, Thomas Green sold to Mr. Nicholas Biddle five years age  Richmond, VA 9 November 1843 5072 97 272
 Caleb A. Cushing Letter to J. McCabe mentioned: receiving Cushing's letters to deliver, leaving port shortly for Alexandria, then to Bombay and China trade routes Norfolk, VA 2 August 1843 5072 77 272
 Lemuel J Bowden Letter to John J Faris of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Mr. Fitzpatrick, Mr. Edloe, sale of articles left by Shepperdson, payments against a bond  Williamsburg, VA 27 August 1843 5072 87 272
 Joseph B. Anthony Letter to John Snyder of Pennsylvania congratulations for winning the nomination over General Green  Williamsport, PA 15 August 1843 5072 82 272
 Pamela Hobson Letter to Joseph Allen of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Sister Brooks, purchase of Allen house in Richmond, Madison Court House, Belfield Cave, Polly joins me  Madison Court House, VA 8 August 1843 5072 79 272
 John Adams Smith Letter to Lucy P. Smith of Orange County, Virginia mentioned: Lucy's health, his wife, arrangements to return home with John Brown, we should move from this dreadful place, Mary Eliza, care of Walter H Taylor & Co Norfolk, the Webbs, Mrs. Dunlop, preachers Pendleton, Winslow Doctor Daniel Green is returning to the ship, Vandalia in Norfolk after leave to see his daughter who broke her arm, he intends to resign and get a small farm, Mr. John Anderson invitation to dine, John Smith can meet Lucy in Gordonsville with enough notice Richmond, VA 12 September 1843 5072 90 272
 U.S. Frigate "Brandywine" Letter to Mary   Cape Henry, Rio de Janeiro ca. 1843 5072 100 272
 Albert Pike Letter to Messrs Gould & Banks & Company of New York City mentioned: New Orleans, settling his bill  Little Rock, AR 2 March 1843 5072 62 272
 William H. Dundas Letter to Post Master at Mangohic, Virginia  very faded King William County, VA 25 February- 21 March 1843 5072 59 272
 Gabriel Moore Letter to Tilghman M. Tucker mentioned: reverses of fortune in Alabama, requesting an appointment as a land agent in Mississippi, Gen. Rayburn and Col. Hill will recommend  Panola, MS 20 August 1843 5072 84 272
 William S. Archer Letter to William Radford   Amelia County, VA 2 May 1843 5072 67 272
 Col. Charles Stewart Todd Response to a toast complimentary to the nations in Unity with Russia mentioned: "the Armed Neutrality of 1780, name of his compatriots of 1814  Russia ca. 1843 5072 109 272
 C. A. Johnson Letter to ? request for a catalogue of the students  Washington, DC 17 July 1844 5072 147 272
 A. Alison of the Sheriff's Office Letter to ? mentioned: agreement regarding three thousand copies  Glasgow, VA 31 December 1844 5072 172 272
 W. D. Taylor Letter to ? mentioned: heirs of Sterling Langhorne, children of Langhorne, Ann married to William Conner, etc. difficult to read  9 August 1844 5072 151 272
 William MacKeyis Letter to A. J. Lizars, Professor of Anatomy, Aberdeen mentioned: books and a library  Edinborough, Scotland 26 October 1844 5072 158 272
 H Keeling Letter to Augustus A. Hughes of Williamsburg, Virginia mentioned: glad to hear his studies are progressing well, Delia, bad weather, Agnes and Betty are bed sick, Mrs. K and I are worn out   2 March 1844 5072 125 272
 T. J. Deane Letter to B. Peyton mentioned: deposition of money  Richmond, VA 6 March 1844 5072 127 272
 Thomas Williamson Letter to Col. William Bolling of Old Point mentioned: sorry to hear of Bolling's illness, fishing on Sunday  Norfolk, VA 26 June 1844 5072 143 272
 William Charles Macready Letter to Coleman & Stetson, of the Astor House, New York mentioned: a reminder to hold his rooms for his impending visit to New York  Cincinnati, OH 25 April 1844 5072 134 272
 Thomas Newton Letter to Dave mentioned: birth of a daughter on July 4th, should have been a boy in honor of the day  Norfolk, VA 4 July 1844 5072 145 272
 J. M. Miller Letter to David W Miller, his brother of Morristown, New Jersey   TN 12 November 1844 5072 163 272
 John A Cunningham Letter to Dear Madam mentioned: his sister's trust fund, estate of R. Harris  Richmond, VA 29 February 1844 5072 123 272
 John D. Marshall Letter to Henry L. Brooke   Winchester, VA 29 April 1844 5072 136 272
 Tucker Carrington Letter to John Maben & Company of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: listing of his tobacco account  Clarksville, VA 13 November 1844 5072 166 272
 N. E. Venable Letter to John Maben & Company of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: a letter published  Farmville, VA 11 November 1844 5072 161 272
 Edward Carrington Mayo Letter to Joseph Mayo of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: lots sold, my lot 359  Philadelphia, PA 7 February 1844 5072 120 272
 Pennsylvania University, W. E. Horner, Dean of the Medical Faculty Letter to Junius C. Archer passed his examination  PA 20 March 1844 5072 130 272
 William Barret Letter to Messr. Oelrichs & Turman mentioned: tobacco market   30 March 1844 5072 132 272
 Witherill & Brother Letter to Messrs Brown, Taylor & Tucker of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: payment on account, Charles E. Miller  Philadelphia, PA 2 September 1844 5072 156 272
 John Wyman Letter to Messrs Brown, Taylor & Tucker of Richmond, Virginia   NY 26 July 1844 5072 149 272
 G. Vanderwerken Letter to Messrs Brown, Taylor and Tucker of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: buggy and harness ordered by Mr. Beverly Tucker, payment in the arrears  Newark, NJ 20 November 1844 5072 170 272
 Chester J. Tully Letter to Messrs. Brown, Taylor & Tucker   Baltimore, MD and Philadelphia, PA ca. 1844 5072 175 272
 Cary C. Cocke Letter to Robert Richardson of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: sale of negro, Simon and a girl of nine, sends the note about the sale with Mr. Griffin   31 August 1844 5072 154 272
 William Wertenbaker Letter to Thomas W. Brockenbrough of Richmond, Virginia order for one barrel of St. Croix sugar  Charlottesville, VA 7 June 1844 5072 141 272
 William Kenny Letter to William W. Norvell of Lynchburg, Virginia mentioned: arrangements for the four hundred dollar note that Mr. Craig owes  Staunton, VA 19 November 1844 5072 168 272
 Walter Livingston An Assignment notice mentioned: W. L. White difficult to read Richmond, VA 20 July 1845 5073 33 273
 Ann E. C. Munford Letter to "my dear Mama", (Sarah Radford Munford) of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: her darling son leaving but will be with those who care about him, sending cloth pants and black jacket, sister Anna, best love to Eliza and brother, John, brother William. Love to brother Wythe and Lizzie, cousin Mary Hardaway and cousin Betsy Mayo  Hanover County, VA ca. 1845 5073 52 273
 William B. Preston Letter to ? regarding "the defense of your unfortunate brother", the case is one of difficulty and danger  Christiansburg, VA 11 October 1845 5073 39 273
 John Rutherford Letter to B. Tait request to deliver my boy, William, to Mr. Samuel Guerrant   8 July 1845 5073 26 273
 Henry Howe Letter to Charles Campbell of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: edition will be out and bound by mid April, history of Virginia, desires to get a portrait of Randolph  NY 5 February 1845 5073 5 273
 James Garnett Letter to Doc Johnson mentioned: trying to visit and found Doc absent and heading for the country where he might feel better   21 June 1845 5073 23 273
 R. C. Nicholas Letter to Edmund Christian, Marshall of the Eastern District of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Hale Neilson and Thomas Neilson   22 July 1845 5073 31 273
 George C. Gilmer Letter to Griswold & Claiborne, attorneys in Richmond, Virginia  mentioned: land in King William, Mr. John Thompson of the Senate, a trip to Kentucky, Dr. Spiller's will, Gilmer's wife passing in 1845, the Spiller's heirs, guardian for G. G. Spiller Buck Island, VA 1845-1846 5073 55 273
 Frederick T. Frelinghuysen Letter to J. Hoyt, number 70, Wall Street, New York mentioned: the Stanhope matter  Newark, NJ 12 November 1845 5073 45 273
 Leickie Galt Letter to John Farris & Company of Richmond, Virginia request for a shipment of Family Flour to be delivered to grove landing by Friday  Williamsburg, VA 5 March 1845 5073 8 273
 J. G. Fulton Letter to Johns J. Farris & Company mentioned: a note that he owed, J. R. Lynch  Augusta County , VA 7 July 1845 5073 28 273
 James Buchanan Letter to Joseph Clay Neal of Philadelphia response to Buchanan's recommendation in favor of Mr. Thomas N. Carr of New York for the appointment of Consul to the Barbary Powers  Washington, DC 12 May 1845 5073 21 273
 J. B. Harvie Letter to M. M . Saunders   Richmond, VA 18 March 1845 5073 10 272
 Charles Morris Letter to Messr. Lichels & Cook request for the cost of attaching a cut off, patented by Mr. Frederick Lichels, on the engine of the U. S. Steamer Mississippi at the Navy Yard in Boston appears the Navy wants to compare two similar patents: Mr. Steven's and Mr. Lichels' Bureau of Naval Construction 20 March 1845 5073 13 273
 Reuben T. Thom Letter to Richard Hill of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Mrs. Ellis' claim against Dr. Ed H. Carmichael   21 January 1845 5073 2 273
 James Knox Polk Letter to Robert J. Walker a note about opening letters that arrived in a packet  Washington, DC 21 December 1845 5073 50 273
 Thomas B. Carter Letter to Thomas B. Roy request to assist Thomas B. Carter obtain a pardon (in jail) mentioned: brother Churchill, cousin Harriet  3 November 1845 5073 42 273
 Granville Bullock Letter to William Dabney mentioned: a bond, Mr. William Massie, Mr. S. Morris  Louisa County, VA 1 August 1845 5073 36 273
 Albert C. Brown, Governor Letter to William G. Oden an appointment as a policeman for Lowndes County  Jackson, MS 18 November 1845 5073 47 273
 Elizabeth Baldwin Jarvis Power of Attorney Elizabeth Jarvis of the County of Hart, Kentucky appoints Lewis Barret to recover any property coming to her from the State of Virginia by the virtue of a purchase made by her late husband, John Baldwin of Stephen and Edith Owen of Chesterfield County  KY and VA 1 April 1845 5073 18 273
 Philip F. Voorhies on the U. S. Frigate, Congress Recommendation of Charles Danister from Louisiana Danister, former mate of the Bainbridge and Congress is qualified for the midshipman's warrant  Norfolk, VA 24 March 1845 5073 16 273
 Virginia General Assembly An Act incorporating a company to construct a turnpike road from Howardsville, Albemarle County, to the bridge across Rockbridge in Nelson County    17 February 1846 5073 63 273
 Sidney Bruse Letter to ? response to request for his signature  Washington, DC 10 March 1846 5073 68 273
 James Mayo Letter to ? Taylor a short note  Richmond, VA 5 May 1846 5073 89 273
 Frederick Vincent Letter to Henry L. Brooke mentioned: W. Williams , Henrico County Court, requests delay of court hearing  Norfolk, VA 27 October 1846 5073 102 273
 Schyler Colfax Letter to J. Leander Starr, General Agent, New York mentioned: wind up of this agency with information of expenses incurred, cloud between this country and England  South Bend, IN 29 June 1846 5073 96 273
 F. Jon May Letter to John H. Knight request for funds held by Mr. Knight, comments about politics of the day; mentions Polk and John Quincy  Petersburg, VA 10 February 1846 5073 60 273
 J. M. Saunders Letter to John J. Faris & Company mentioned: Mr. Payne's draft and amount owed  Charlottesville, VA 16 March 1846 5073 73 273
 George Bancroft Letter to Jonathon Dwight & William Dwight of Springfield, Massachusetts mentioned: his draw for a thousand dollars for the support and education of my children, Louisa D, John C, and George Bancroft by the provisions of the will of their grandfather  Washington, DC 23 April 1846 5073 87 273
 Virginia Myers Letter to Joseph Mayo of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: imploring him to represent her in this matter (jury trial), they consign me to the depths of degradation, I alone will remunerate you  Alta Vista, VA 26 November 1846 5073 104 273
 Turley & Smith Letter to Messr. Hubbard & Gardner mentioned: taking depositions at the offices of R. G. Scott, Currin and Strange, notes payable  Memphis, TN 24 December 1846 5073 106 273
 George Peabody Letter to Messr. Wetmore & Cryder of New York mentioned: the "Emerald" has arrived at Cork and is on the way to London, nothing as yet heard of the "Mary Morris," tea remains very dull, Ohio State Stock, New York Life Insurance & Trust Stock enclosed copies for W. W. DeForest & Co; S. S. Jones & Co. London, England 1846-1847 5073 112 273
 Jacob Bobsack Letter to Messrs. Shackleford and Lewallen of Lynchburg mentioned: yards of blanketing and cleaning   2 September 1846 5073 99 273
 Jared Sparks Letter to Sanford & Hayward of Cleveland, Ohio request for a copy of the Western Reserve Almanac  Cambridge, MA 2 March 1846 5073 66 273
 S. S, Baxter Letter to Thomas Carbury mentioned: Messr. Robert Stanard and James Lyons are the counsel for McCeary, Attorney General vs. Feirers, Ratcliffe and Purcell, person's estates with no certain heirs in Virginia may be recovered by the Literary Fund  VA 13 June 1846 5073 93 273
 John K. Archer Letter to Virginia ? mentioned: tell Simon, his wife, Amy, is still ill but the prospects for improvement are great  Amelia County, VA 11 May 1846 5073 91 273
 A. Von Buhlow from St. Vincents Hospital Letter to Walton James of Richmond, Virginia mentioned his ill health and possible trip to Richmond for important business matters. "My young man, Wilkins has left Lynchburg but as yet no one has seen him; please look out for him; alludes to a little memorial, requests that his friends know he is not dead yet  Norfolk, VA 6 April 1846 5073 84 273
 J. Trimble Letter to William M. McCarty of Alexandria Mentioned: suit brought against men cutting lumber off of McCarty's property, on Ohio, Col. Bond, Mr. Nathaniel Massie of Chillicothe, John Carter  Hillsborough, OH 15 March 1846 5073 70 273
 North Carolina Militia Petition to Governor William Alexander Graham: Commander in Chief, North Carolina Militia regarding a question of rank, Cross Creek Company  NC ca. 1846 5073 109 273
 Philadelphia Courts Summons Case: Casper W. Pennock vs. Harvey L Sellers I promise to pay to the order of Doctor Casper W. Pennock one hundred dollars for value received, signed H L Sellers  Philadelphia, PA 1 March 1846 5073 75 273
 P. G. Washington of the Auditor's Office Account to Andrew A. Kincannon, U.S. Marshall, Columbus, Mississippi account of money collected and deposited for U.S. vs. Harris Jernigan, U.S. vs. Wesley B Kimbell, U.S. vs. Joseph G. Hall also mentioned: Granville R. Morris MS 15 October 1847 5073 143 273
 John Scott Rousse, Attorney at law of the Supreme Court of New Jersey Affidavit in the case of Elisha Shepperson vs. John S. Pekins & B. G. Adams mentioned: office of Richard Goodman in the City of New York, Witnesses for the defendant: James A. Donaldson, R N Howes, Addington Reed and Henry Costar John M. Mason, a commissioner appointed under a act of the State of Virginia doth certify that John Scott Rousse appeared before me; depositions from the Husting Court of Richmond, Virginia: N. B. Gardner, Byron Irvin, Moses Searing, Joseph Halsey, Peter S [?], George W. Ray, R. N. Howes, Stephen Wyatt, W. H. Beebe, Henry Costar, & Ezra Durand NY 2 October 1847 5073 139 273
 Thomas Eubank Agreement with Garland N. Parrish Indenture by Thomas Eubank of Hanover County for 1848 and 1849; a mutual agreement for a limited time period  Hanover County, VA 18 October 1847 5073 145 273
 Thomas S. James Letter to Ferdinand A James of Cartersville, Cumberland County Virginia mentioned: sorry to hear of his Mama's illness, remarks about the possible sale of Cumberland County lands that his brother, Fred, requested; mother has spent everything on Frank; when possible bring mother to Arkansas  Pine Bluff, AR 30 October 1847 5073 147 273
 J. Hazlehurst Letter to Henry L. Brooke mentioned: Mr. Hurford discharged from his office of Executor, 141 new shares of stock, Mr. Coleman's death, Bank of Pennsylvania  Philadelphia, PA 19 June 1847 5073 132 273
 U. S. Patent Office Letter to Jesse Leavens of Springfield, Massachusetts Patent for an improvement in sash machinery  Washington, DC 12 June 1847 5073 128 273
 Benjamin F. Butler Letter to John Y. Mason, Secretary of the Navy, Washington DC recommendation for Doctor George S. Parkin of New York City as a candidate for the appointment of Assistant Surgeon in the Navy  NY 2 April 1847 5073 120 273
 Sarah Joseph Hale (Buell) Letter to Mrs. Neal a thank you note  Philadelphia, PA 23 July 1847 5073 137 273
 Thomas J. Massie Letter to Shackleford & Lewellan of Lynchburg, Virginia mentioned: bank notes and Mr. Warwick  Nelson County, VA 28 November 1847 5073 153 273
 John Wilson & Company Letter to William L. Montague of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: the "Patrick Henry," your parcel by her is insured for $1400, there is a scarcity of long, bright leaf  New York, NY February-March 1847 5073 117 273
 Sumners & Miller Letter to William or Alexander Smith of Cartersville, Virginia, and to Messr. Smith & Miller mentioned: Edward Scott, and a note he owes, Edward Scott deeded a house to his mother-in-law to claim "Poor Man's Law" and escape paying the debt  Kanawha Court House, VA 1847-1849 5073 155 273
 Fleming Saunders Letter to William Radford of Bedford County mentioned: his son, Fleming, a deed in trust acknowledged before James Bullock, the deed is lost, his brother, Peter, who is very sick   22 April 1847 5073 122 273
 Richard B. Baptist Note on account to ?   Boydton, VA 7 June 1847 5073 130 273
 Robert G. Scott Permit to Mr. McConnell permission to take Rebecca to his house   25 June 1847 5073 135 273
 William Mc Keige Receipted bill for $900 for loss of a schooner in the service of the U. S. Squadron to the U. S. Navy Department approved by Matthew Perry   24 November 1847 5073 150 273
 Claude Crozet Rough calculations having to do with the flow of water in Haxall's race not Crozet's signature, possibly dictated  Richmond, VA 5 June 1847 5073 125 273
 N. Smith Brown, Governor, Executive Dept Commission to William Johnson, as Justice of the Peace for Jackson County, Tennessee   Nashville, TN 3 June 1848  0 
 Joseph W. Matthews, Governor of Mississippi Governor's appointments of Officers in the Mississippi State Militia appointments: Oscar A. F. Meek, James M. Brown  Jackson, MS 1848-1849 5074 78 274
 W. Newton Letter to ?   Lisbon, Spain 4 October 1848 5074 52 274
 Harry B. Gaines Letter to ? mentioned: Mr. Cardwell, Estate of the late Mr. Randolph  Petersburg, VA 9 June 1848 5074 34 274
 Charles B. Haddock Letter to Alden Partridge mentioned: owe you an apology, invitation to act as chaplain  Washington, DC 29 July 1848 5074 44 274
 Charles F. M. Garnett Letter to Dear Henry mentioned: copy of his resignation and his differences with the President (?), full Board support of his professional conduct and abilities, stockholders, let James Hunter know I am returning to Richmond second letter mentions a possible offer from Nashville, but will take less if he can return to Virginia Columbia, SC 1848-1849 5074 73 274
 J. Stamper Letter to Edward R. Meanley of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: certificate drawing 5/56 int., of deposit from the City Savings Bank, Kent, Kendal & Atwater, please deposit in the Exchange Bank, William Christian generally called William Tish  New Kent, VA 13 January 1848 5074 2 274
 W. P. Peyton Letter to Elvira H. [Munford] Ellis of Richmond, Virginia Dear Sister, I love everything in Richmond that has a single drop of Munford blood, Lizzie's relatives, nephew, Willie Munford, Sister Anna and little Willie, his mother  Staunton, VA 24 July 1848 5074 41 274
 Alfred Beckley Letter to Henry A. S. Dearborn of Roxbury, Massachusetts mentioned: his situation in the unsettled portion of West or New Virginia, ten years pioneering in this area, the Turnpike from the Great Falls of the Great Kanawha to the Red Sulfur Springs in Monroe County, we greatly need a school teacher and would like a young man from your area, for two years of teaching I will make him a Deed of General warranty to a farm of one hundred acres, we are taking measures to form a new county to be called, Raleigh, please make an inquiry at Harvard and Washington College , Hartford, CT, we are in a state of transition from the squalor to civilized and need a teacher for improvement, PS, we could use a blacksmith, as well  Wildwood, Fayette, VA 2 February 1848 5074 7 274
 Andrew Hunter Letter to Henry L .Brooke mentioned: a court case, Walraven vs. Loch, Judge Allen, Mr. Basett difficult to read Charleston, SC 1 March 1848 5074 10 274
 Henry Northrup Letter to Henry L Brooke mentioned: confided to you the claims of Capt Peter Moore, Isaac Browning and ? for suits against the State of Virginia, case of Capt Edward Travis, and you, an attorney employed in good faith allowed these cases to lie unattended for three years; Joseph Boxley, Spotsylvania Court House Lt. John Scott died testate in Prince Edward County, Virginia Washington, DC ca. 1848 5074 58 274
 James Hunter Letter to Henry L. Brooke letter #1: accounts from Maryland, Mr. Price, Major Clarke. John Morris was mistaken about the estimates, engineers, construction, Clay is secretly hostile, chief engineer, stockholders, put Garnett on his guard, Lynchburg, Bedford  Shawsville, VA 1848-1852 5074 81 274
 David Shelton Letter to Henry L. Brooke of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: suit in Chancery, H. S. George Tucker Executor for Judith Randolph, Lyle and Samuel Booker, certain lots near the Town of Farmville, Thomas Leigh Attorney  Clarksville, VA 22 August 1848 5074 47 274
 R. Williams Letter to Henry Smith & James Miller of Cartersville, Cumberland County, Virginia mentioned: F. L .Wilkinson, Benjamin Wilkinson, nephew, John Orbeson, questions about securities  Hickman, KY 16 June 1848 5074 36 274
 Darius N. Couch Letter to John Earl, Jr. & Company request for making him a frock without shoulder straps and three pair of white drill pants; wider around the waist charge to Purdy & Krail, 442 Pearl St, NY Toluca, Mexico 1 May 1848 5074 29 274
 A. V. Duke Letter to John S. Woodson of Louisa County mentioned: Mr. Shelton, Louisa Superior Court, I am unable to pay but will as soon as I receive monies owed to me  Henrico County, VA 26 April 1848 5074 20 274
 Mary Letter to My Dearest Aunt    27 November 1848 5074 55 274
 Leslie Coombs Letter to N. P. Williams mentioned: Mr. Clay, the Whig Party  Lexington, KY 31 March 1848 5074 15 274
 Walter Cunningham Letter to R. L. Brooke   Washington 18 May 1848 5074 26 274
 J. H. Ellerson Letter to R. T. Lacy of New Kent County, Virginia mentioned: Peter and Peter's wife (slaves), Mrs. Ellerson, I am compelled to keep up two separate establishment and I need two cooks, one for Hanover and one for Chesterfield, I will sell the Chesterfield property (150 acres, half in woods, with a fine garden and buildings) as soon as the new bridge is built linking Manchester  Richmond, VA 25 April 1848 5074 23 274
 Alfred Iverson Letter to Richard Smith mentioned: Columbus, Georgia, father's house and lot in the city and the debt to the Bank of the U.S. John Forsyth is unable to meet his debt and is in hopes the Bank will hold the property at a reasonable rate  Washington, DC 28 January 1848 5074 4 274
 George Ashman Letter to William Dwight   Springfield, MA 24 March 1848 5074 13 274
 Thomas T. Edmunds, Emery and Henry College Letter to Worthy Brothers mentioned: Quarterly Returns, Isaac Pettyjohn  Emery, VA 3 April 1848 5074 18 274
 Samuel L. Gouverneur Memorandum of an agreement with William Helm mentioned: Samuel L Gouverneur and his wife, and Richard Smith, Executor of Eliza K. Hayden, William Helm of Fauquier County, Virginia, account of the Revolutionary Services of Lt. Col. James Monroe, half pay pay to Robert E. Scott the amount of contract  2 June 1848 5074 38 274
 Edward R. Meanley, Retail and wholesale dealer in liquors Misc. documents mentioned: to the credit of James Stamper, Petersburg, Virginia: T. H. Wilcox, for T. Lacy, R. S. Thompson, pay unto Mr. Moore 50 dollars for a negro woman slave, Molly to be employed as a cook; receipts for taxes paid on gross sales from Mr. Meanley small gold watch held as collateral for debt of W. B. Crump; account of stock merchandise, E. N. Woodson, Miller & Franklin; printed forms, several signatures from City of Richmond Richmond, VA 1848-1869 5074 89 274
 Sons of Temperance, Virginia Division, Nos. 79, 81, 82, 87, & 89 Quarterly returns to the Grand Division mentioned: Y. Y. Edmondson, H. D. Clayton, F. Slaughter, Bernard Cole. Moses George, John Toombs, Malcolm H. Crump, Isaac M. Petty, George M. Ryan, C. C. Ricketts, Joseph Comfret, John F Waters, James M. Brown, Williams H. Page, Peter Kidd, N. B. Butler, William B. Redd. H. H. Miller, W. M. Prottsman, N. S. Adams  VA ca. 1848 5074 65 274
 Richard M. Johnson & others Recommendation for Augustine R. Coleman for a place in the U. S. Navy as a midshipman, to President James Knox Polk   Lexington, KY 1 September 1848 5074 50 274
 George W. Towns, Governor of Georgia Appointment as an acting Justice of the Peace in the County of Heard, Georgia to Blakely L. Harris James Wilder and Mary C. Wilder, formerly Mary C. Howell wife or William Howell, dec. who resided in Fayette County, Georgia and died in Mexico and R. Edwards and his wife, Elizabeth Edwards only child of the said William Howell appoint Henry Moor of the County of Pike a lawful attorney to collect from Capt. W. B. Blair monies owed the estate of William Howell  Milledgeville, GA 27 September 1849 5074 130 274
 Albany Supreme Court, New York Judgment : Eliah Grant & John O. Sayles vs. John McCauglin & Henry Wright I, Amasa J. Parker, Judge of the Supreme Court statement, Robert S. Lay, Clerk, William L. Learned, attorney for the plaintiffs  Albany, NY 18 December 1849 5074 146 274
 Albert Smith Letter to Col. W. B. Barnett, U. S. Naval Engineer of Philadelphia mentioned: delivering message to Annie, no knowledge of rotating Col. Barnett  Boston, MA 1849-1850 5074 156 274
 Augustus A. Chapman Letter to ? mentioned: land speculations, 50,000 acres, 2700 acres surveyed, 5900 acre tract  Monroe County, VA 5 December 1849 5074 143 274
 William W. Anderson Letter to Elisha Jackson of Cumberland County, Virginia mentioned: his brother, Michael's estate, brother, Richard's estate, pay a debt to Waddy, your brother, William Jackson, Richard's woman, Phyllis and her two children were sold at Louisa, one old man, Boston, yet to be sold, Mary's desire to send Sallie Mildred to school in Richmond if I can pay the tuition Mr. Pulliam will pay her board and room  Powhatan Court House, VA 1849-1852 5074 160 274
 Thomas Eubank Letter to Jorden L. Mott of Water Street, New York mentioned: when are you coming? Remember me to Mrs. Van Doren  Washington, DC 9 July 1849 5074 122 274
 James Quarles Letter to Michael Anderson of Gordonsville, Orange County, Virginia mentioned: Addison Miles, dec. his brother, Henry Miles, Administrator of Estate, if you prefer a lawyer, I suggest John G. Miller, remember me to your wife, W. king, Dr. Beal, and cousin, Maria Baker  Boonville 26 June 1849 5074 119 274
 Erastus A. Corning Letter to the Manager of the Aster House, New York mentioned: his son coming through New York from New Haven and please loan him two dollars  Albany, NY 27 April 1849 5074 117 274
 C. P. Goodall Letter to Thomas H. Dickinson, Jeffer's Store, Nottoway County, Virginia mentioned: Mr. Street, Mr. Boothe  Hanover, VA 19 October 1849 5074 138 274
 Joseph Smith Letter to Thomas M. Carr mentioned: Commodore Morgan and I are on good terms, he is a friend of Mr. Crittendon who is one of the spokes in the wheel of government, Mr. Sprague at Gibraltar, relieving the present counsel at Tangiers  Bureau of Yards and Docks 18 July 1849 5074 127 274
 Henry Moore Letter to W. B. Blair, U. S. A., Washington City mentioned: Estate of William Howell  Griffin, GA 29 September 1849 5074 134 274
 Valentine W. Southall Letter to William A. Turner mentioned: letter from Mr. Rives to the President of the Howardsville Turnpike Company, court case, Col. Fitzpatrick, damage to Mrs. Farrer, opinion about removal of a fence  Charlottesville, VA 14 July 1849 5074 124 274
 Chatham County Court, Georgia Order to the trustees of the infirmary for the relief of afflicted negroes Inferior Court in Chambers, November 5, 1849, present: William Thomas Williams, Robert A. Lewis, R. T. Gibson, A. Porter, Order of 1830 mentions health of patients Savannah, GA 5 November 1849 5074 140 274
  Remarks on Liberty and the new horizons in Europe mentioned: fall of Louis Phillippe very faded  ca. 1849 5074 153 274
 John Williston Agreement with James G. Wilson of the City of New York and a deposition certified by Thomas Eubank depositions taken at the office of William Hendren, Warren W. Wing, Deputy Marshall mentioned: lot on Duke Street in the City of Norfolk occupied by James B Gray, Samuel Bull, William Woodworth, dec. patent for a machine for tonguing and grooving plank Norfolk, VA 6-8 January 1850 5074 165 274
 Baltimore County Indentures between William F. Lynch & Alfred J. Miller for a parcel of land   Baltimore, MD 18 April 1850 5074 183 274
 "Several Conscientious Virginians" Letter to Daniel Webster compliments about his speech on slavery; even the bible suggests that slavery is compatible with holiness with many quotes from the books of the Bible   26 March 1850 5074 177 274
 R. T. Blackburn Letter to the President of the United States, Zachary Taylor "I have place in the Hands of the Board of Managers of the Washington National Monument Society a leather portfolio or writing case which will be presented to you that is a relic of General George Washington" attests to the authenticity since he received it from his father, Capt Sherman Blackburn of Fairfax County who in turn received if from his brother-in-law Judge B. Washington Spring Grove, Jefferson County, VA 13 March 1850 5074 175 274
 Daniel Webster Invitation to James Harvey Bingham invitation to dinner at Louisiana Ave. picture of Daniel Webster  10 March 1851 5075 14 275
 E. Conway Letter concerning Carter vs. Brent   Fredericksburg, VA 26 November 1851 5075 58 275
 Oliver P. Baldwin Letter recommending his son, a young lawyer , looking for clients His son, O. P. Baldwin graduated from the University of Virginia  Baltimore, MD 20 June 1851 5075 37 275
 Charles F. Osborne Letter to ? Waller vs. Gilliam; Osborne vs. Waller  NY 8 April 1851 5075 27 275
 John F. Scott Letter to ? mentioned: his mother, his brother, Hugh Scott, Estate of Mr. Grisman U. S. Court Miller vs. Grinnan Fredericksburg, VA 20 December 1851 5075 61 275
 R. H. Rose Letter to ? mentioned: ad for the descendants of Benjamin R Carpenter, formerly of Amherst County, Virginia, meeting of all persons of the Carpenter name in Richmond, Virginia : Doctor Carpenter's estate and any claims Benjamin first settled in Tidewater, Virginia, married Miss Eaton and died in 1832 in Amherst County at the age of 101 and left nine children (all listed) TN 25 June 1851 5075 40 275
 W. M. Bryce Letter to Alexander Richmond Holladay of Washington, DC request for public reports, leaving the Old Dominion (Virginia) twelve months ago for Tennessee, Whigs, politics  Memphis, TN December 1851 5075 64 275
 James D. Dana Letter to Augustus S. Gould mentioned: Theodore Parker  New Haven, CT 30 July 1851 5075 49 275
 John G. Todd, of Texas Letter to Capt. William B. Blair of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: San Antonio. General Gibson, General Garland, Fredericksburg, change the location of the 8th Regiment, Col. Tompkins is to relieve major Babbitt, Major Longstreet, instructions for Blair's trip to Texas, Meat Biscuit, Mrs. Sydners' boarding House in Galveston, Willard Hotel in Washington DC  Washington, DC 13 February 1851 5075 10 275
 William H. Davis Letter to Charles F. Osborne mentioned: Court of Chancery, reimbursement for costs and counsel fees, Waller's claim, a lien, taxes  Richmond, VA 7 April 1851 5075 24 275
 E. C. P. Letter to D. W. Haxall of Richmond, Virginia requests information about John Wormley's killing of his son-in-law, Mary Dellete's letter to Aunt Mary Carter, death of Alexander Dunbar, William Dunbar, the Wilkinson Family, a house fire  Woodville, Rappahannock County, VA 24 March 1851 5075 16 275
 Millard Fillmore Letter to Elizabeth Harrington, Albany, New York response to an inquiry about establishing a female institute in Virginia  Washington, DC 4 February 1851 5075 4 275
 James E. Heath Letter to Francis A. Dickens opinion about John C. Cocke's claim for half pay in the State of Virginia's Navy; depositions of Payne, Griffin and Green  Pension Office, Washington, DC 29 July 1851 5075 46 275
 M. B. Seawell Letter to Henry L. Brooke mentioned: Seawell's representation for the descendents of Peter Bernard, dec who served in the Revolutionary War, John Bernard of Matthews County, Virginia, Philip Tabb  Gloucester Court House, VA 26 March 1851 5075 19 275
 Moderwell & Kauffelt Letter to J. W. Atkinson of Philadelphia   Columbia, PA 29 March 1851 5075 22 275
 Josiah Smith Letter to John Cunningham of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: taking his wife to Old Point, Virginia for the baths in September, Dr. Tinsley's suggestion  Powhatan Court House, VA 25 August 1851 5075 52 275
 G. W. Good Letter to John William Clark of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: power of attorney to Robert Standard  St. Louis, MO 10 June 1851 5075 34 275
 Pierre Soule Letter to Lewis S. Coryell of Pennsylvania mentioned: a bill in the Senate  Washington, DC 5 February 1851 5075 6 275
 Ivers J. Austin Letter to Marson & Seddon mentioned: collecting a bill against E. Newbern, Richmond, John G. Williams, possible suit Austin vs. Newbern Boston, MA 28 June 1851 5075 43 275
 Henry Clay Letter to Mrs. Elizabeth Harrington response to an inquiry about the government purchasing property in London County, Georgia for the purpose of establishing a female seminary  Washington, DC 27 January 1851 5075 2 275
 James D. Doty Letter to Oscar T. Keeler response to a letter about a signature  House of Representatives, Washington DC 8 February 1851 5075 8 275
 John W. Forney Letter to T. N. Carr   Philadelphia, PA 20 November 1851 5075 56 275
 Andrew J. Coons Letter to William C. Nash of Powhatan Court House, Virginia a request for the trustees of the Martha Ashley property to make the deed directly to Coons; included is a note from R. Batte releasing his share of a purchase in the Ashley property to Andrew J Coons also includes an opinion from Todd & (?) about the lines of the property St. Louis, MO 1851-1852 5075 89 275
 American Institute Notice of membership in the Institute to Col. Ward B. Burnett  signed N. Meigs NY 4 June 1851 5075 32 275
 John I. Guion Order to the State of Tennessee to take into custody one Negro boy charged with larceny   Jackson, MS 3 November 1851 5075 54 275
 United States vs. James Harvey Cannon Papers regarding the case of an eleven year old boy charged with robbing the U. S. Mail Letter from Thomas F. Buck, requesting clemency from the President of U. S, on behalf of the boy's parents (John F. Cannon, father ), Robert Turner, Clerk of Warren County, Virginia Letter from magistrates of Warren County, Virginia: eighteen signatures Letter for clemency signed by one hundred signatures Statement from Erwin C. Brown vs. U. S. Another statement from A. Dangerfield, Rector vs. U. S,: both against James R. Cannon and the U.S. Loudoun County, VA ca. 1851 5075 67 275
 Alexander Edmonds Private agreement with William Helm re: claim on estate of John Catesby Cocke claim for half pay during the Revolutionary War service of John Catesby Cocke , Capt. of the Marines in the Virginia State Navy  signed Teste: William Jennings  28 April 1851 5075 29 275
 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Courts, City and County " Deed Poll" Sheriff's order to sell David Bailey dec. lot and house on west side of Locust Street in Hamilton Village, West Philadelphia to settle a debt held by William M. McClure. Franklin Fell and wife bought the property at sale  West Philadelphia, PA 19 June 1852 5075 145 275
 Eustace Conway Invitation to Alexander R. Holladay   Fredericksburg, VA 19 November 1852 5075 198 275
 Edward Hardy of the Hydrographic Office Letter to E. & G. W. Blunt a thank you note requested by Admiral Sir Francis Beafort for the map of the Arctic Region prepared at Washington  London, England 29 January 1852 5075 109 275
 Anna R .[Munford] Sherrard Letter to "My dear Mother: Sarah [ Radford] Munford of Lafayette, Montgomery County, Virginia mentioned: Jacqueline Marshall arrived from Fauquier, Virginia Sherrard, Joseph Sherrard, Mrs. Breeden, Mr. Stevenson, Mr. Washington, Misses Fitzhugh, Mrs. Douthat, Robert Sherrard has been made a Judge in Captains Sutters District, California included an invitation to the marriage of Julia Creighton to Sam Smith, Jun from Mrs. Robert Creighton Winchester, VA 19 August 1852 5075 178 275
 Thomas T. Munford Letter to "My dearest Grand Ma" [Sarah Radford Munford] of Montgomery County, Virginia mentioned: her brother and Aunt Betsy, mortified to hear upon arriving in Lynchburg that Wythe had been treated badly at V.M.I., sending 10 dollars for Uncle John, Mr. Peyton, Mr. Richard Ellis  Richmond, VA 13 August 1852 5075 175 275
 William M. Burwell Letter to ? note about paying off a note when he returns to Richmond  Washington, DC 26 May 1852 5075 136 275
 W. B. Barton Letter to Alexander R. Hoilladay mentions the River and Harbor bill before Congress and how important it is to the Rappahannock River in Virginia   23 July 1852 5075 170 275
 R. B. Semple Letter to Alexander R. Holladay request a letter of support for John C. Porter to attend the University of Virginia, Mr. Porter is a graduate to the Lexington Institute  Fredericksburg, VA 22 July 1852 5075 166 275
 H. W. Murray Letter to Alexander R. Holladay of Washington, DC request for Holladay's endorsement for Murray's appointment as Clerk of the Louisa Chancery Court, mentions David M. Hunter's election to Clerk of the Court  Louisa Court House, VA 22 July 1852 5075 164 275
 B. R. Wellford Letter to Alexander R. Holladay, House of Representatives, Washington DC mentioned: River and Harbor Bill before Congress and please keep Virginia in mind  Fredericksburg, VA 22 July 1852 5075 168 275
 William A Moncure Letter to Alexander R.. Holladay request for an appointment to West Point for his son Esutace C. Moncure "I only have eleven children" Ruther Glen, Caroline County, VA 7 August 1852 5075 173 275
 John W. Nash Letter to Andrew J. Coons of St. Louis, Missouri response to his letter: his son, William C. Nash, Mr. James Jennings, Bass and myself, sale of lots in St. Louis conveyed to us by Martha Ashley in trust  Powhatan County, VA 16 March 1852 5075 123 275
 J. Armour Letter to Askell Elliot and Company enclosed find the documents relating to Mrs. Margaret Mylne's death, mentions: Quebec and Britain   1 July 1852 5075 155 275
 Tucker Carrington Letter to Capt. E. A. Williams of Clarkesville, Virginia mentioned: invitation, Honorable H. A .Wise  Richmond, VA 7 May 1852 5075 134 275
 John Wells Foster Letter to Charles Whittlesey mentioned: Hall and I are leaving New York to examine certain points of Geology on the way west to Cleveland, fossils, Dr. Newberry  Brimfield, MA 8 November 1852 5075 195 275
 Aaron A. Ward Letter to Col. Ward B. Burnett mentioned his conversation with Mr., Stewart about the additional cost of the buildings above the original estimate, Mr. Todd, Mr. Wells  Washington, DC 19 February 1852 5075 117 275
 William B. Astor Letter to Coleman & Stetson acknowledges the receipt of your letter but I am not inclined to make the changes  NY 24 January 1852 5075 104 275
 George W. Mordecai Letter to E. A .Williams response declining an invitation to a barbecue  Raleigh, NC 4 June 1852 5075 141 275
 John Tunis Letter to E. A. Williams response to a request for 100 copies of the proceedings and by laws of the Roanoke Rail Road  Norfolk, VA 20 April 1852 5075 128 275
 William J/ Robertson Letter to Elisha Jackson mentions: Mr. Morris and a settlement statement of all his claims against M. Anderson's estate, Mrs. Morris as Administrator, Louisa Court, B. Henson, W. Anderson, I. L. Gordon, Louisa Rail Road Bonds, F. James, Orange  Charlottesville, VA 4 February 1852 5075 114 275
 Deane & Brown Letter to Elisha Jackson Sales account of 14 hogsheads of tobacco sold for Jackson: Preston, Gilmour, Winfree, Adkins, Dickinson, Mills, Scott, Vaden, Caskie two letters attached Richmond, VA ca. 1852 5075 209 275
 Philip S. Fry Letter to Elisha Jackson of Fluvanna County mentioned: claims against the estate of Mr. Anderson, Dr. Beale  Orange County Court House, VA 17 October 1852 5075 192 275
 F. B. Deane Letter to Henry L .Brooke mentioned: Mr. Ringgold's ore, Rockbridge County Bonds, Rail Road Company, the stockholders, the legislature  Lynchburg, VA 5 June 1852 5075 143 275
 George Nixon Briggs Letter to John B. Pollock of Cincinnati, Ohio Brigg's autograph  Pittsfield, MA 1 September 1852 5075 182 275
 E. G. McClanahan Letter to John G. M. McClanahan of Lynchburg, Virginia request to his brother to send the enclosed $5f00 check to Thomas H. Busey of Baltimore for some lots; mentions purchasing a slave from Aunt Lucy for $850 also mentions that the Pace property will be sold shortly and to keep an eye on the estate if he wants to recoup his debt Roanoke, VA 2 January 1852 5075 95 275
 Augustus A. Chapman Letter to John Young Mason & Henry l. Brooke sending a power of attorney for Capt. G. D. French to sign, surveyed lines and Col McKay included power of attorney authorizing A. N. Laurence to make a sale of 43, 000 acres of land situated in the County of Giles, State of Virginia for French and Chapman Monroe County, VA 15 October 1852 5075 189 275
 A. N. Lawrence Letter to John Young Mason or Henry L. Brooke of Richmond, Virginia   Boston, MA 20 July 1852 5075 159 275
 Caroline Lee W. Hentz Letter to Lizzie Van Leuven mentions: Marcus Wenland  Columbus, GA 6 February 1852 5075 111 275
 Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort Letter to Messr. E. & G. W. Blunt of New York thanking him for the copies of the survey  London, England 2 July 1852 5075 157 275
 A. B. Becker Letter to Messrs E. & G. W Blunt of New York a thank you for the Light House Report  London, England 1 October 1852 5075 184 275
 Milo Smith Hascall Letter to Mr. Earle requests for overcoats for G. A. Williams, Myers, & Hawkins, Mr. Alexander  West Point, NY 1 March 1852 5075 120 275
 Robert H. Poore Letter to Mrs. Turner mentions Janetta's illness and Milford. Elizabeth Pendleton, Albemarle Court, Charlottesville  Standardsville, VA 12 January 1852 5075 97 275
 Abraham O. Zabrizkie Letter to Peter D. Vroom   Jersey City, NJ 20 April 1852 5075 131 275
 TaylorTazewell Letter to Philip Mayo, of the Circuit Court of Richmond, Virginia notify the judge and change the docket for the delay of the motion against Grey, Mr. Lyons is consul for Gray.  Norfolk, VA 7-19 January 1852 5075 100 275
 Jacob W. Bailey Letter to T. L. Ringgold response to a request for an analysis of ore, suggests Prof James Booth of Philadelphia or Dr. James R Chilton of New York  West Point, NY 30 May 1852 5075 138 275
 William B. Payne Letter to Texas and Land mentioned: Mr. Brittan, Susan Ellett, Mr. William R. Smith's death; fell off the Danville Rail Road bridge  Richmond, VA ca. 1852 5075 214 275
 John H. Gilmer Letter to Thomas E. Jeter mentioned: Col. Morgan, Belle Isle sale under the William Triplett deed; letter includes a suggestion for the Board and James River Company  Richmond, VA 29 January 1852 5075 106 275
 George C. Read Letter to Ward Benjamin Burnett comments about Mr. Read leaving his boat docked at the ship yards, Mr. Burgess has left," if any accident should happen to the dock, your absence might occasion an embarrassment"  Philadelphia, PA 25 June 1852 5075 152 275
 Joshua Reed Giddings Letter to William Alexander Graham, Secretary of the Navy James Morrison of Cleveland desires an appointment of his son, Walter Morrison, as midshipman  Washington, DC 19 April 1852 5075 126 275
 Samuel D. Givens Letter to William C. Knight of Jeffrey's Store, Nottoway, Virginia mentioned: power of attorney, Mr. Hugh Morton, a suit  Eaton, TN 9 October 1852 5075 186 275
 U. S. Department of State Passport for Francis T. Fry  signed by Edward Everett Washington, DC 24 November 1852 5075 201 275
 Henry Stuart Foote Two appointments signed by the Governor of Mississippi Appointments for Benjamin Murray as Justice of the Peace and for A. J. G. Westbrook policeman  Jackson, MS ca. 1852 5075 216 275
 Roberts & others Agreement with Cary Roberts regarding sale of land in York County, Virginia Sale of Poquoson, Powhatan Roberts, Wirt Roberts, R. R. Roberts, former residence of Butts Roberts dec. in York County two parcels: Strakey Robinson, our mother, Ana Roberts, Robert R. Robinson York County, VA 1853-1855 5076 44 276
 John H. Gilmer Letter to ? request for rent difficult to read Richmond, VA 27 July 1853 5076 49 276
 Albert G. Brown Letter to A. K. Blythe, Columbus, MS response to a request for a recommendation for Blythe's assignment to a ship to Bolivia  Washington, DC 1 February 1853 5076 12 276
 Irving & Johnson Letter to Augustus A. Hughes request for Hughes to appear at their office   1 March 1853 5076 27 276
 E. Spencer Miller Letter to Charles S. Morgan mentioned: letter from J. H. Gilmer, plaintiffs and papers   28 February 1853 5076 25 276
 Hiram Walbridge Letter to Col. Thomas N. Carr of New York mentioned: " a matter, that can be no dearer to yourself than to me" difficulty with the government of Tangiers, Alderman Libby, Mr. Markoe, Mr. Buchanan, Governor Dickenson  Washington, DC 27 March 1853 5076 33 276
 D. H. R. Boules Letter to Edward J. Armstrong, Covington, Virginia a recommendation for George A Boules for a position as an engineer in Public Works, mentions Professor Venable of Hampton Sidney College  VA 8 December 1853 5076 69 276
 Theophilus Parsons, Harvard Professor Letter to F. H. Winston mentioned: Little & Brown's catalogue of law books, liberal culture, learn German, Rome, Greece, lists of books recommended for reading  Cambridge, MA 1 May 1853 5076 38 276
 Rufus W Griswold Letter to Henry S Randall mentioned: Mr. Bancroft, 3rd and 4th volumes of "Diplomatic History; " Greeley's announcement of "Life of Jefferson"  NY 15 December 1853 5076 76 276
 James B. McPherson, Cadet Letter to J. G. Wyman & Company request for statement of his account and Cadet Craighill  West Point, NY 28 February 1853 5076 22 276
 J. A. Patterson Letter to James ? mentioned: shipping freight to Sydney and Calcutta, England, 100 revolvers, wagons and carriages, Indian rubber boots and shoes, your mother, John  NY 2 February 1853 5076 14 276
 C. C. Dunlop, Auditor's Office Letter to Lafayette M. Gray information about Mr. Rose's property forfeited for back taxes to the state, held for two years and then sold at a Sherriff's sale  Little Rock, AR 19 August 1853 5076 52 276
 Alexander F. Humboldt Letter to Peter D. Vroom  difficult to read, picture of Humboldt in the Library  ca. 1853 5076 79 276
 Samuel B. Osgood Letter to President Webster refers to an address for Dr. Charles Siedhof, care of Dr. McClellan, Hudson, New York, Dr. Wayland  NY 23 January 1853 5076 10 276
 J. A. Goddin Letter to Robert Howell mentioned: Mr. Strother, Mr. Richard Jefferies, Rail Road Company, draft on the Farmers & Mechanics Bank, Brook Turnpike dividends  Richmond, VA 25 February 1853 5076 19 276
 Martin P Scott Letter to S Maupin, Dean request to present his application to the Richmond Medical College as a candidate for the Chair of Physiology  Richmond, VA 4 April 1853 5076 36 276
 Jane R. Gillespie Letter to Sarch J. Gillespie of Richmond, Virginia   Shannon Hill, Louisa County, VA 15 September 1853 5076 54 276
 Thomas H. Duval Letter to Thomas Brown 4th volume of the Texas Report for the use of the State of Florida  Austin, TX 14 January 1853 5076 2 276
 J. T. Archer Letter to Thomas Brown, Governor of Florida soliciting the appointments of Florida Commissioners for the State of Georgia in behalf of Iverson L Harris who is recommended by Governor McDonald of Georgia  GA 18 January 1853 5076 7 276
 D. B. Pastern Letter to Thomas J. Evans refers to the a letter sent to heirs of Capt John Pastern about Stafford H. Parker, Power of Attorney, mentions: Solomon Pastern, Mary Hodsden and Elizabeth Boykin, Mr. Jordan, Col. Parker   27 October 1853 5076 66 276
 U. S. General Land Office, John Wilson, Commissioner Letter to Thomas J. Evans of Richmond, Virginia refers to a Virginia Military Warrant for Capt. John Pastern in the State Navy, mentions: Mary Hodsden, Soloman Pastern & Elizabeth Boykin as heirs of Capt. John Pastern, Mr. Jordan of Portsmouth, Virginia as power of attorney, Philo Hale  Washington, DC October-November 1853 5076 71 276
 Francis Markoe Letter to Thomas N. Carr mentioned: Smithsonian Institute, letter to Prof. Joseph Henry and Prof. Jewett, Africa  Washington, DC 1853 & 1856 5076 82 276
 James H. Robertson of the Register's Office Letter to W. Shelton mentioned: a draft and no money on reserve  Norfolk, VA 9 February 1853 5076 17 276
 S. T. Moore Letter to William C. Knight, Jeffers Store, Nottoway County, Virginia "Dear cousin" mentioned: money and a receipt, Mississippi, Mr. Moore's children, Georgia, Woodson Knight, Brown and Ellington  Gibson County, TN 16 January 1853 5076 4 276
 Robert Polk Petition to S. M. Harrington, Judge of the Superior Court of Delaware petition of a citizen of Newcastle County who claims he owns for life, a negro slave names Theodore Brown, now retained in the County of jail of Kent County; a request that Theodore Brown be released and sent to his client's farm in Westmoreland County, Virginia  New Castle County, DE 25 March 1853 5076 30 276
 Benjamin F. Butler Statement praising McKenney's Law Compendium   NY 20 June 1853 5076 41 276
 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Two deeds: Franklin Shoemaker & Mary A. Shoemaker, wife to Hugo Wesendonck; Franklin Fell & Susan W. Fell, wife to David Bailey I. Three story stone house on William Street in the Village of Hamilton; 2. lot on the south side of Locust Street in the Village of Hamilton  Philadelphia, PA 4 October 1853 5076 57 276
 Virginia Mechanics Institute Certificate of Membership to R. L. Dickinson  printed form, signed by J. V. Behm and James W. Lewellen Richmond, VA 30 August 1854 5076 122 276
 Nathaniel Hawthorne, U. S. Consul for the Port of Liverpool Certificate regarding Samuel Pearce mentioned: affidavit of Thomas W. Ewing  Liverpool, England 21 February 1854 5076 98 276
 C. H. Thorton Letter to "Dear Sir" mentioned: "painful business," my uncle gave negro, Mary Ann to me when she was an infant and I have treated her well, Richmond, husband in public life  VA 27 February 1854 5076 105 276
 Joseph Ames Letter to "Friend" Colburn mentioned: paid Grafton's note Boston artist, Joseph Ames, painter of "Last hours of Daniel Webster at Marshfield"  27 February 1854 5076 102 276
 Allie Catesby Jones Letter to "My kind friend" mentioned: "a little trip to the Point"  Northampton County, VA ca. 1854 5076 143 276
 P. S. Forbes Letter to ? mentioned: purchasing a mare, Marchioness  NY, NY 14 August 1854 5076 119 276
 Charles Palmer Letter to A. Carrier mentioned: delay of debt payment, tobacco, Mr. Ryan, Europe  New Orleans, LA 23 February 1854 5076 100 276
 Leslie Coombs Letter to Colman & Stetson mentioned: young C. Vanderbilt in Philadelphia, enclosing a memorial  Washington, DC 31 March 1854 5076 108 276
 Alexander H. Stuart Letter to E. Shepperson mentioned: Rockingham Court, Staunton Academy, N. C. Kenney  Staunton, VA 18 February 1854 5076 95 276
 H. L. Cannon Letter to Gililam mentioned: town meetings difficult to read New Haven, CT 1 August 1854 5076 116 276
 Alexander Mosely Letter to Hubbard, Gardner & Co. mentioned: John W. Wilson, counsel for Moseley, Spencer & Co. vs. John Raine, Circuit Court of Appomattox, Citizens' Saving Bank of Lynchburg, Josiah Moseley of Halifax  Curdsville, Buckingham County, VA 5 May 1854 5076 111 276
 Thomas W. Johnson Letter to John S. Woodson of Gum Springs, Louisa County, Virginia mentioned: moving to northwest Virginia, Aunt Polly, Helen, Uncle Stephen, H. P. Poindexter, bill in Chancery, a negro girl named Polly, negro Amy and child, Capt. James Poindexter, Dr. William Q. Poindexter, Patsy Quarles  Harrison, VA 13 February 1854 5076 92 276
 J. Murray Rush Letter to R. Vincent mentioned: law library, an apology  Essex, MD 24 October 1854 5076 135 276
 Peter Letter to Sister, Ann Elizabeth Harris of Augusta County, Virginia mentioned: Uncle Randall. Mrs. Robinson, Sister Mercer, Trinity Church, Rev. William H. Starr, Mr. Langhorne's pulpit, Mr. Mitchell, American Messenger, professed conversion  Richmond, VA 30 August 1854 5076 124 276
 M. Watson Letter to Sterling Niblett of Brickland, Lunenburg, County, Virginia mentioned: Mr. Mackinder, estate of S. P. Carson  New Orleans, LA 10 May 1854 5076 114 276
 William N. I. Godwin Letter to Thomas J. Evans refers to a Military Warrant issued to the heirs of William [Ivy]  Norfolk, VA 9 January 1854 5076 87 276
 William L. Marcy, Department of State Letter to W. H. D, C, Wright of Baltimore, Maryland mentioned: New York dispatches, Rio de Janeiro  Washington, DC 14 November 1854 5076 138 276
 Asa Rogers Letter to W. Newton McVeigh of Alexandria, Virginia response to letter from McVeigh, mentioned: Brother Hamilton, Harry, William, four brothers, a bond, property  Middleburg, Loudoun County, VA 1854-1855 5076 148 276
 John Bingham Letter to W. R. Polk, Delaware City, Delaware mentioned: 500 cords of wood, loss of money  Philadelphia, PA 30 September 1854 5076 133 276
 Edwin G. Booth Letter to William C. Knight of Jeffers Store, Nottoway County, Virginia   Wellville, VA 6 February 1854 5076 90 276
 William M. Evarts Letter to William C. Noyes mentioned: called to Albany   20 November 1854 5076 141 276
 Samuel Mordicai Order to Mr. Grady "please discharge John Vaughan if he promises to go home"  Richmond, VA 4 September 1854 5076 131 276
 John B. Oliver & Edwin S. Oliver Power of Attorney to Edwin Shelton of Hanover County, Virginia mentioned: nephews of the late John Oliver, late of Hanover County, Virginia, widow, Sally McLocklin alias McLanghlin dec. Edmund T. Winston, Hanover Court appointed attorney  New Orleans, LA 1 September 1854 5076 128 276
 Morris & Tanner, R. Archer, W Townes, all of Richmond, Virginia Contract with U.S. in Pensacola, Florida Navy Yard, Joseph Smith, Chief of the Bureau of Yards and Docks  signed by James D. Halyburton, Judge of the District Court of the U.S. for the Eastern District of Virginia Richmond, VA 27 June 1855 5077 54 277
 R. M. Duke Letter regarding Peyton vs. Peyton mentioned: interview of the gentlemen found he could prove nothing and nothing more to be found in Fluvanna  Charlottesville, VA 5 June 1855 5077 40 277
 W. S. Peters Letter to ? Jackson mentioned: an order for Shad to be put off at the Bridge, Sallie is well  Richmond, VA 6 April 1855 5077 31 277
 C. L. Long Letter to "Dear Colonel" request for a Governor's appointment for inspector of tobacco at the Friends Warehouse in Lynchburg, Virginia, Capt. Samuel Burch was Capt. of the night watch in Lynchburg but was removed by the Know Nothing Council  Richmond, VA 4 September 1855 5077 73 277
 John S. Hardaway Letter to "Dear Cousin" mentioned: sending 36 hams, 6 of them should go to Uncle William Rutherford for Aunt Sarah   8 November 1855 5077 94 277
 George B. Taylor Letter to "Dear General" [Ward B Burnett] mentioned: Mr. Noonan needs work   26 November 1855 5077 96 277
 Daniel E. Delavan Letter to "Dear General" [Ward B. Burnett] request to put Patrick Ferrell to work dredging again?  New York, NY 5 December 1855 5077 98 277
 William M. McCauly Letter to "Dear Sir" requests an acknowledgment of receipt   29 July 1855 5077 69 277
 J. S. Nicholas Letter to ? Court procedure in Maryland: Orphans' Court, estate of John Hutchinson, late of the City of Baltimore  Baltimore, MD 13 January 1855 5077 5 277
 Robert William Haxall Letter to David Walker Haxall  about the case in Woodville, Wilkinson County, Mississippi Richmond, VA 31 December 1855 5077 106 277
 G. S. Bedford Letter to Dr. James B McCaw mentioned: Dr. Draper, a journal, review of his book  NY 25-29 June 1855 5077 47 277
 Charles E. Brown-Sequard Letter to Dr. James Brown McCaw mentioned: Dr. F. Gurney Smith, March and April numbers of your Journal gives addresses for Brown-Sequard and F. Gurney Smith Philadelphia, PA 2 April 1855 5077 29 277
 John B. Harvie Letter to Edwin Turpin of Cartersville   Fighting Creek, TN 22 September 1855 5077 80 277
 F. N. Watkins Letter to H. Gardner & Co. mentioned: Lynchburg, Messrs Gardner & Palmer, William D. Branch  Farmville, VA ca. 1855 5077 123 277
 W. W. Ely Letter to James B. McCaw mentioned: purchase of the Boston [?] Surgical Journal, research on the physiology of the nervous system, Virginia Journal  Rochester, NY 24 May 1855 5077 38 277
 George A. Otis Letter to James Brown McCaw mentioned: onerous editorial duties, paid off his primary debts, the Journal, midwifery cases, uninterrupted medical employment, a special lady friend who died of an affection of the heart, your brother-in-law's misfortunes, a review of Hayward, Bernard  Springfield, MA 15 July 1855 5077 64 277
 Millard Fillmore Letter to Jennedy Furlong of New York, "never had a Winthrop Park as a secretary"  Buffalo, NY 7 February 1855 5077 22 277
 O. H. Walch Letter to John Catlin mentioned: Quit Claim deed given by William B. Slaughter to Hiram Warner; part of the Green, Young, & Handy parcel  Milwaukee, WI 31 December 1855 5077 109 277
 James D. Halyburton Letter to John M. Gregory mentioned" releasing a vessel depends on the debt," Schooner William Jones, Eastern District of Virginia, claim of Edward Walker  Richmond, VA 27 January 1855 5077 12 277
 C. Johnson Letter to John Overton mentioned: the bearer of this letter, Mr. Ewer of New York, a graduate of Harvard seeks a teacher's position  Nashville, TN 24 January 1855 5077 10 277
 John Goode Letter to John Rutherford of Richmond, Virginia, Chairman of the State Democratic Executive Committee calls for a meeting in Richmond to "not only the continued ascendancy of our Party in the State but to some extent, the very existence of civil and religious liberty itself"  Liberty, VA 9 January 1855 5077 2 277
 Alfred Metcalf, of the Exchange Hotel Letter to Mary F. Green mentioned: their meeting last summer and hopes to meet her in Richmond but called away on urgent business, signed "farewell yours until Death separates us"  Richmond, VA January 1855 5077 19 277
 Samuel F. Adie Letter to Mary L. Anderson of Fluvanna County, Virginia please remit a payment on this debt held since 1843 included a copy of Mr. M. Anderson's note Richmond, VA 14 December 1855 5077 100 277
 Henry G. Kesper, British Consulate Letter to Messrs. Burnet & Baskwell mentioned: Schooner "Uncle Tom"  Baltimore, MD 15 September 1855 5077 75 277
 Baylies Letter to Mr. Meade mentioned: impending trip south with his wife and daughter, Elizabeth  Boston, MA 28 January 1855 5077 16 277
 James Thomas Fields Letter to Mrs. Greene of New Bedford mentioned: a book left at the hotel for your husband  Boston, MA 24 July 1855 5077 67 277
 Winfield A. Scott Letter to O. H. Peck "an injured arm causes me pain when I write, I shall not answer applications of autographs after this month"  NY 26 June 1855 5077 52 277
 Ward B. Burnett Letter to President Franklin Pierce replying to a suggestion of President Peirce's suggestion: Capt. Israel Miller of the New York Volunteers be appointed a 1st LT. of the Infantry and W. Charles Moorhead be appointed as 2nd LT of the Calvary gives background on each man mentioned Washington, DC 8 March 1855 5077 26 277
 James K. Gibson Letter to R. B. Heath remarks about not settling for $1000 on the Bradfuto heirs' debt.  Abingdon, VA 29 December 1855 5077 103 277
 S. H. Christian Letter to R. H. Dickinson of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: take back the girl, a negro that seeks prostitution in my city, Mr. Golden (Goulden) told her "that I was no gentleman and would sleep with her"  Raleigh, NC 24 January 1855 5077 7 277
 John C. Green Letter to S. W. Morris mentioned: interest on Dr. Martin's bond, Louisa Court House  Culpeper Court House, VA 15 May 1855 5077 35 277
 A. B. Magruder Letter to Thomas Holland information about the death of Mrs. Bullington, wife of W. D. Bullington, moving the corpse by railroad to Richmond  Augusta County, VA 1 August 1855 5077 71 277
 Alex McKenzie Letter to W. Newton McVeigh    7 November 1855 5077 91 277
 Elijah Ward Letter to Ward B. Burnett the General will be in my office tomorrow, the draft, he thought lost has been found  New York, NY 9 October 1855 5077 89 277
 Claude Crozet Letter to Watt & company an order for gutta-percha rope and gutta-percha pipes direct invoice to Kelly & Larguey Brooksville, Augusta County, VA 25 April 1855 5077 33 277
 Richard Washington Letter to William R. Polk mentioned: an invitation and congratulations to you and Mrs. Polk on your marriage   9 June 1855 5077 42 277
 Charles James Faulkner Letter to William S. Purget mentioned: the President's Message, as a Senate document  Martinsburg, VA 17 September 1855 5077 78 277
 W. Newton McVeigh Note note saying Mr. Grymes would give a draft to Shoemaker  VA ca. 1855 5077 117 277
 Franklin Pierce Official letter of condolence to H. M. Vistor Emanuel II, King of Sardinia on the death of the King's brother, Prince Victor Emanuel Leopold, Duke of Geneva  also signed by William Learned Marcy, Sec. of State Washington, DC 29 September 1855 5077 82 277
 Lawrence S. Marye Opinion of the claim of John E. Kelly on the estate of John R. Priddy mentioned: William T. Kelly, plantation called Stag Creek, John E. Kelly, my home plantation, John R. Priddy died in 1841  Hanover County, VA ca. 1855 5077 120 277
 Thomas Y. Tabb Order to [?] Hill, of Richmond, Virginia an order for twenty bushels of crushed bones for his turnips  Elk Hill, Amelia County, VA 5 July 1855 5077 61 277
 T. Shay Arthur Order to Mr. Charles order for a case of "Carnival" paper   19 February 1855 5077 24 277
 William Henry Lucas Sworn statement heirs of Mrs. Maria B. Bradfuto, William B. Roane, Mrs. Imogene B. Lyons, Davidson B. Penn, Circuit Court of Richmond, Virginia   22 June 1855 5077 44 277
 William Kerr, Estate Tentative power of attorney for John Gilmour mentioned: Exchange Bank of Virginia, Virginia Towing Company, Manchester Cotton and Wool Manufacturing Company, bonds of the James River and Kanawha Company, Scotland  Richmond, VA ca. 1855 5077 114 277
 Samuel J. Harrison Testimonial for Beverly Clopton testament to his skills as a bookkeeper signatures: Samuel J. Harrison, William L Triplett, John L Bacon, W. Scott, James Scott, William Gray, Lewis D. Crenshaw, John Freeland, James Caskie, John E. White, Luther Libby, David J. Brown Richmond, VA ca. 1855 5077 112 277
 David Walker Haxall Accounts mentioned: board for twelve men and their horses on the James River, Confederate States, acct. for B. W. Haxall, (long list of purchases)   1856-1862 5078 112 278
 Peters, Martin & Co. Accounts to Elisha Jackson mentioned: tobacco, wheat, flour, oysters, shad, sweet potatoes, whiskey, repairing a watch, daughter, Elvira Jackson, D. B. Franklin adm. for Judah Meyers  Richmond, VA 1856-1857 5078 102 278
 A. C. Layne & R. Archer & Co. Agreement mentioned: blacksmith shop, Governor of Virginia, Armory  Richmond, VA 21 May 1856 5078 31 278
 Charles E. Goldring Appointment of Frederick Overman as Deputy Superintendent Waller Gold Mining Company of Goochland County, Virginia  Goochland County, VA 26 October 1856 5078 66 278
 Alexander Erskine of Huntsville, Alabama Compromise with R. H. Dickinson mentioned slave names Alice, Gilbert C. Russell. L. E. Smith  Huntsville, AL 20 August 1856 5078 58 278
 George W. Cameron Letter to ? Dupry mentioned: payment on a bill, Lewisburg Bank  Greenbrier Bridge, WV 18 February 1856 5078 11 278
 J. A. Patterson Letter to "Dear Jim"  letter over writ with vertical handwriting NY 17 March 1856 5078 22 278
 Roberdean Letter to "My dear Mother" mentioned: Battle of Pueblo, March 9, 1856, 2500 men slain  Vera Cruz, Mexico 12 March 1856 5078 20 278
 Alexander Mosely Letter to ? mentioned: case of Deane & Brown vs. Scott's trustees in the circuit court of Cumberland County, drafts accommodated for Joel Scott, sued in Richmond by Jackson, Mr. Lyons  Curdsville, VA 10 August 1856 5078 52 278
 Rufus Choate Letter to ? mentioned: bankruptcy   ca. 1856 5078 71 278
 John S. Wootton Letter to ? mentioned: 12th Section of the Philadelphia Platform, Mr. Wade  Henry County, VA 25 January 1856 5078 4 278
 Oden Bowie Letter to ? race track stakes and how long to keep them open  Washington, DC 19 February 1856 5078 13 278
 C. S, Morgan Letter to B. B. Long of Washington City mentioned: two case delayed in Chancery, 70 shares of stock in Mr. Mason's hands  Richmond, VA 29 May 1856 5078 36 278
 Samuel Cooper Letter to Capt. George Stoneman, Camp Cooper, Texas mentioned: supplies for the Army have been exhausted  Washington, DC 19 February 1856 5078 15 278
  B. Chewning Letter to Charles F. Smith of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: 58 yards of red and white matting, cousin Lissie, "perhaps Ben or William can attend to it"  Fredericksburg, VA 17 January 1856 5078 2 278
 Richard K. Cralle Letter to Charles R. Slaughter, Lynchburg, Virginia mentioned: two negotiable notes endorsed by J. B. Cabell, Mr. Campbell, General Clay, cattle, Mr. Mathews of the Farmers Bank of Lynchburg, Mr. Kean, Dr. Morris also includes a letter from Thomas Mathews to Charles R. Slaughter 5 letters total Richmond, VA and Meadow Grove, VA 1856-1857 5078 93 278
 Hall Neilson Letter to Col. C. S. Morgan mentioned: nameless Spring Hill customer, Mr. Phillips of New York bought the Huguenot Springs Tract of land form Col. Wooldridge, Mr. Eustace, maps of Richmond, Rail Roads Canal, "all New Yorkers are not Black Republicans," abolition excitement, left my wife and children in Clark County, Belle Isle, Mr. Tuley  Washington, DC 19 July 1856 5078 47 278
 John P. Cushing Letter to Daniel E. Groux of Boston mentioned: a coin collection  Watertown, MA 18 June 1856 5078 41 278
 Henry Symonds Letter to David W. Haxall mentioned: England, Atlantic, music tickets, Haxall's brother  NY 3 June 1856 5078 39 278
 Edward Everett Letter to Edward Caper "please call a special meeting of the Trustees" neg. photo of Edward Everett Boston, MA 2 December 1856 5078 69 278
 William Carter Wickham Letter to G. Watts & Co. of Richmond, Virginia order for his father: home ploughs, boards, landsides  Hanover County, VA 10 May 1856 5078 27 278
 John Tyler Letter to Governor Thomas Jefferson Green of Texas mentioned: his claim to annexing Texas, a treaty of peace without settling the slave question, comments in Richmond  Sherwood Forest, Charles City County, VA 28 February 1856 5078 17 278
 A. C. Layne & Co. Letter to Isaac R. Watkins of Richmond, Virginia response to a request for an accounting, Capt. Dimmock, Kean's appeal  Richmond, VA ca. 1856 5078 107 278
 Charles W. Upham Letter to J. D. Anderson mentioned: Petersburg  Salem, MA 13 February 1856 5078 8 278
 Annie McKenzie Letter to James Galt mentioned: Old Point, Richmond, Exchange love letters White Sulfer Springs, VA ca. 1856 5078 73 278
 William Phillips of the auditor's office, Post Office Dept Letter to John M Gregory, United States District Attorney , Richmond, Virginia mentioned: a certified copy of the bond on the account of George H. Stribling, late, postmaster of Pine View, Fauquier County, Virginia Untied States vs. Stribling & others Washington, DC 19 May 1856 5078 29 278
 Alexander R. Holladay Letter to John S. Fleming of Louisa Court House mentioned: material witness in the Commonwealth case  Orange County, VA 1 May 1856 5078 24 278
 Albert C. Russell Letter to Lewis E. Smith response about practicing a fraud, his nephew, a slave named Alice, Mr. Erskine of Huntsville, Alabama, Mr. Lyon, Richmond, Virginia  Washington, DC 18 August 1856 5078 55 278
 Mann Letter to McCarty mentioned: Pohick, Fairfax, Cubs, Brazil, Italy, Crimea, my brother, William   ca. 1856 5078 90 278
 W. D. Gregory Letter to Richard K. Meade of Petersburg, Virginia dispute over the price of his hogsheads of tobacco sales with Britton, Todd, and Young, Inspectors at Shockoe ( Mayo & Mc Dearmon), Governor Wise, Quakers  Waterboro, NC 19 September 1856 5078 68 278
 William N. I. Godwin Letter to S. H. Parker of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: resigning his commission as Lt., Revolutionary Claims, bill before Congress, petitions for half pay  Washington, DC 8 February 1856 5078 6 278
 Horace Greely Letter to W. C. Haynes   NY 27 July 1856 5078 50 278
 Thaddeus Stevens Letter to W. H. Miller   Lancaster, PA 24 October 1856 5078 63 278
 Thomas F. Bayard Letter to W. R. Polk mentioned: a fee for services rendered as Executor of your father, the late Robert Polk  Wilmington, DE 24 May 1856 5078 34 278
 A. P. Fox Miscellaneous bills and receipts listed: E Forbes, tuition, Tardy & Williams at corner of Cary and Thirteenth, tobacco, J. A. Henderson. B. B. Davis, Dr. James Bolton, reducing a fractured thigh, R. J. Coleman, Trustees of the First Baptist Church, Felix Mathews, James Mathews, Richmond City Water Works for family bath & closets, Dan Delany Confederate transactions: drayage, Tardy & Williams, Auctioneers and Merchants, Samuel D. Hicks, tobacco, Robert W. Oliver, "Commander in Chief Tobacco," Kent, Paine & Co. Foreign and domestic Dry Goods, Main Street, Otis Haxall, McBride, L. P. Watson, "Queen of May Tobacco," "Jackson Tobacco"  1856-1863 5078 116 278
 Joseph M. Carrington Power of Attorney to Bickerton L. Winston   Richmond, VA 12 July 1856 5078 44 278
 Henry M. Rice & Theodore Carrington Article of Agreement between Rice and Carrington Confederate States vs. Contract of sale  Amelia Court House, VA 10 March 1857 5078 174 278
 Charles Rice Slaughter Bill to Blakey & Isbell a bill for expenses in the sale of Henry   4 April 1857 5078 207 278
 R. Robert Brief: Ambrose Lanfear vs. H. L. Hunley mentioned: Province of Louisiana in 1796, Paul Toups, Hawkes Survey of 1855, formal grant of the Spanish Government, south of the Grand Bayou Crocodile, General Lafayette's heirs Supreme Court Case LA ca. 1857 5078 280 278
 A. Moseley Letter request for money order for points for his plough Fish Pond 1857-1859 5078 283 278
 Augustus Hoppin Letter to "Dear George" remarks about illustrations for" Harpers" or your magazine, mentioned: Mr. Bonner of Franklin Street  Providence, RI 22 June 1857 5078 221 278
 Edward P. Terhune Letter to "Dear Horace" please purchase four quarts of pumpkin seed from Mr. Palmer's, go to the paper hanging store, mentions mother  Charlotte Court House, VA 18 May 1857 5078 216 278
 Charles R. Slaughter Letter to "Dear Uncle" mentioned: detained by snow, case of Meem vs. Young, Tait's adm. vs. Jones et. al., English physician experimenting on Garland's eye, Little Mary, Mr. Morris, purchased for you two bonds of Virginia & Tennessee Rail Road gossip of the day is "the separation of Chiswell Dabney and his wife, Royall Holcombe and wife, Kitty Oakley, Pittsylvania County, VA 28 January 1857 5078 156 278
 L. C. Edwards Letter to ? mentioned: death of Robert Kyle of North Carolina, as counsel for his widow, Elizabeth Kyle, a letter from yourself and Robert B. Scott about a case in the Courts of Richmond, Sizer vs. Kyle  Oxford, NC 20 March 1857 5078 186 278
 William s. Claiborne Letter to ? request to borrow five hundred dollars, Mr. R. A. Cogbill will endorse  New Glasgow, VA 9 October 1857 5078 238 278
 Henry W, Herbert Letter to ? Andrews "I am literally starving and in rags"  The Cedars, Newark, NJ 26 December 1857 5078 258 278
 George W. Lewis Letter to Alexander R. Holladay questions about Congress appropriating scrip for the Virginia Land Bounty Warrants  Oak Grove, Westmoreland County, VA 23 December 1857 5078 251 278
 R. D. Buford Letter to Charles R. Slaughter mentioned: Robertson & Company agent. McDowell, McDaniel  Liberty, VA 1 September 1857 5078 232 278
 Lynchburg College Board Letter to Charles R. Slaughter invitation to join the Board of Visitors written and signed by William A Crocker Lynchburg, VA 28 May 1857 5078 219 278
 Robert R. Cogbill Letter to Charles R. Slaughter of Lynchburg, Virginia mentioned: Dr. D.E. Watson's bill  New Glasgow, VA ca. 1857 5078 264 278
 Isaac A. Goddin Letter to George Blow of Norfolk City request for information on a judgment obtained in Hustings Court of Richmond in 1856, mentioned: Thomas Fentress, P. Mayo  Richmond, VA 15 January 1857 5078 153 278
 Mathew S. Henry Letter to Gustavus A. Myers mentioned: Henry's letter to Governor Wise of Virginia, Mr. Alexander & Mr. Streeter of Baltimore, and Prof. Joseph Henry of the Smithsonian Institute, subject of Indian Philology, significance of Indian names on our histories Delaware Indians in Canada Philadelphia, PA 12 September 1857 5078 235 278
 W. H. Haxall Letter to Harriet Haxall in Europe information about the death of their mother, mentioned: Dr. Haxall, Dr. Patterson, Aunt Walker and Mary Bell, Mr. George Fisher died, Bolling house  Richmond, VA 27 March 1857 5078 197 278
 William H. Seward Letter to Hillman B, Barnes of Boston Massachusetts response to a letter  Washington, DC 3 December 1857 5078 247 278
 Miles Taylor Letter to Isaac Toucey, Secretary of the Navy recommendation of "True Delta", a newspaper of New Orleans  Washington, DC 9 March 1857 5078 172 278
 Thomas F. Bowie Letter to James Buchanan a recommendation for Mr. B. Forest for a vacancy for the Post Master of Georgetown, DC  Upper Marlboro, MD 15 May 1857 5078 214 278
 Foxhall A. Parker Letter to John Earle Jr. & Co. of Boston arrangements to pay an account as he is called to sea unexpectedly mentioned: his brother-in-law: J. Gardner Clapp of Boston Norfolk, VA 7 May 1857 5078 212 278
 William S. Hale Letter to Judah P. Benjamin mentioned: Supreme Court case: Shannon vs. Cavazos et. al., motion to dismiss  Washington, DC 18 December 1857 5078 249 278
 Francis T. Stribling Letter to Mrs. Carrington remarks about her son ingesting poison, and possible suicide, may be better at home than in an asylum  Augusta, VA 10 April 1857 5078 209 278
 Judith Page Walker Rives Letter to Mrs. Wise mentioned: Sally, Amelia, all my children are visiting, old white sulphur  Castle Hill 2 November 1857 5078 241 278
 A. D. Abraham Letter to R. H. Dickerson mentioned: cotton and corn crops, prices of negroes, the drought, Macon to Columbus, money market in Virginia  Talbotton, Talbott County, GA 24 July 1857 5078 224 278
 William Pitts Palmer Letter to Rembrandt Peale questions about Charles Peale and Lafayette, portrait by James Peale for Mr. Claypool  Richmond, VA 3 August 1857 5078 227 278
 Cyrus A. Branch Letter to Richard O. Haskins mentioned: a mistake in a bond, City of Williamsburg, Mr. Harris, Railway bill  Burnt Ordinary, James City County, VA 26 November 1857 5078 244 278
 Rembrandt Peale Letter to William P. Palmer response to questions from Mr. Palmer about James Peale, miniature painter, (younger brother of my father), portrait of Lafeyette, Houdon, my portrait of John Marshall  Philadelphia, PA 8 August 1857 5078 229 278
 Joseph Segar Letter to William Palmer order for five bushels of clover seed and one pack of white onion sets mentioned: Capt. Davis Washington, DC 27 February 1857 5078 164 278
 John R, Harman Letter to William Palmer order for six bushels of potatoes for seed, one gallon of corn , beans, and apple trees by Mr. Smith  Belle Font, Staunton, VA 25 February 1857 5078 162 278
 John F. Lay Letter to William Palmer & Son   Lublett's Post Office 5 March 1857 5078 170 278
 John R. Armistead Letter to William Palmer & Son Co. please send eight bushels of clover seed by Mr. Schultz, send by freight eighty fruit trees  Mathews County, VA 25 February 1857 5078 159 278
 William Old Letter to William Palmer, Son & Co. please send the hives to the Powhatan Depot  VA 24 March 1857 5078 194 278
 Thomas F. Goode Letter to William Palmer, Son & Co.   Boydton, VA 21 March 1857 5078 183 278
 William F. Wickham Letter to William Palmer, Son Co. request for a catalogue   28 February 1857 5078 167 278
 R. Mayo, Jr. Letter to William R, Polk of Westmoreland , Virginia mentioned: Layne & Spence, threats to sue for payment  Montrose, Westmoreland, VA 29 December 1857 5078 261 278
 S. L. Lewis Letter to William R. Polk of Montrose, Virginia mentioned: payment for Sally, a slave, ( who is ill) for another year, Oak Grove, Mrs. Chandler  Washington, DC ca. 1857 5078 275 278
 Capt. Charles Dimmock Letter to Y. R. Watkins mentioned: Bragg's Mill, wheat, Bacon Baskervile, Mr. Crenshaw  Armory, Richmond, VA ca. 1857 5078 270 278
 John McClosky Order to Benziger Brothers of New York order for a lamp and a small ciborium "first American Cardinal"  24 March 1857 5078 191 278
 Shelton C. Davis Order to Palmer, Son & Co, of Richmond, Virginia order for two bushels of clover seed and half bushel of orchard grape seed  Richmond, VA 18 March 1857 5078 183 278
 William E. Meade Order to William Palmer order for two mould boards for the Livingston County plough, two bushels of peas, and cabbage  Amelia, VA 13 March 1857 5078 177 278
 F. K. Nelson Order to William Palmer, Son & Co. order for a "Southern corn sheller" made by Russells, and Mason of Boston  Albemarle County, VA 17 March 1857 5078 180 278
 U. S. Patent Office Patent to James E. A. Gibbs of Millpoint, Pocahontas County, Virginia for sewing machine improvements, includes improvement specifics and diagrams certified by Joseph Holt Washington, DC 31 March 1857 5078 200 278
 Wyndham Robertson et. al. Agreement with Thomas L. Preston relative to the Saltworks ten year contract of lease of the King's Saltworks, John D. Mitchell et. al. vs. Alexander McCall, Washington County, Virginia, payment of rents signed by: William Y. C. White, George V. Litchfield Washington County, VA 28 September 1858 5079 61 279
 G.W. Dillard, et al Contract to Spotts, Harvey & Co. two hundred barrels of corn signature of William F. Hord Albemarle County, VA 17 November 1858 5079 77 279
 Tennessee Court, Bradley County Deed & power of attorney from Harriet & Stephen Hempstead to Ann Hempstead with certificates Harriet B. Hempstead, daughter of James and Nancy Withers deceased formerly of Culpeper County, Virginia  Bradley County, TN and Culpeper County, VA 31 May 1858 5079 37 279
 Alexander G. Maupin Letter to "Dear Brother" an opinion about purchasing land in Lunenburg or Brunswick, land suitable for tobacco or corn, appeal to Judge Fields, many protracted meetings going on  Louisa Court House, VA 18 August 1858 5079 58 279
 A. Wright Letter to "Dear Sir" mentioned: debt of Mr. Green, Mr. Chapman  Memphis, TN 17 February 1858 5079 18 279
 William Boulware Letter to "Mon Cher Ami" mentioned: bottles of wine  Caroline County, VA ca. 1858 5079 84 279
 Nathan Washburn Letter to ?   Worcester, MA 13 October 1858 5079 64 279
 A. D. Dickinson Letter to ? regarding Claiborne P. Mason vs. Horatio Boxley, remarks about a payment  Prince Edward Court House, VA 16 April 1858 5079 34 279
 James S. Pulliam Letter to ? mentioned: purchase of a farm for my son, Petersburg  Richmond, VA 15 June 1858 5079 51 279
 Simon Cameron Letter to ? mentioned: young Rozmond  Washington, DC 27 February 1858 5079 28 279
  A. N. Lawrence, Importer of Wines, Sherries, Champagnes Letter to A. A. Chapman of Union, Monroe County, Virginia mentioned: trip to Charleston, sales of wine; second letter headed: Claim of Col. A. N. Lawrence on General A. A. Chapman: sales of lands in Giles County, Virginia, contracts, signed Walter Jones of Washington Second letter missing edge, third note signed by Thomas S. Bocock Baltimore, MD ca. 1858 5079 87 279
 B. B. Long Letter to C. S. Morgan mentioned: Col. Parker and Illinois claims, "disappointment however, has ever been my fate. God grant that you and I may out live our troubles" mentioned: " I have been recently inspired with a faint hope that I may yet get something from an English Estate derived through my mother's grandfather's John Chichester," Col. Parker, Raleigh Colston Alexandria, VA and Baltimore, MD ca. 1858 5079 97 279
 Alexander Brydie Dyer Letter to Col. H. K. Craig mentioned: an account, S. T. Sawyer at Norfolk, Virginia, Dr. Simkins  Ft. Monroe, VA 16 July 1858 5079 56 279
 W. S. Peters Letter to Elisha Jackson remarks about bills; Sampson, H. M. Smith. N. W, Stafford, turning for gudgeons and boring caps  Richmond, VA 22 October 1858 5079 69 279
 James G. Paxton Letter to Fernando Wood , Mayor of New York mentioned: protection of oyster beds  Richmond, VA 31 January 1858 5079 13 279
 C. S. Morgan Letter to George A. Fuller mentioned: Spring Hill, "137 acres of main land and 130 acres in the River of Island, Shoal, etc." land enough for a considerable town, a map  Richmond, VA 12 November 1858 5079 74 279
 Lucius J. Gartrell, representative from Georgia Letter to George C. Whiting mentioned: Mr. Northerns letter about a warrant  Washington, DC 23 February 1858 5079 23 279
 Anna Cora Ogden Ritchie Letter to Gustavus A. Myers "please present the parcel of signatures to the Historical Society"  Richmond, VA 2 March 1858 5079 30 279
 Lewis A. Cash Letter to Henry L. White mentioned: measures to be adopted towards the governments of Costa Rico and Nicaragua, various contracts, Transit Routes  Washington, DC 23 June 1858 5079 53 279
 James A. Stewart Letter to Isaac Toucey, Secretary of the Navy recommendation for employment  Washington, DC 19 January 1858 5079 10 279
 George Lunt Letter to J. D. Andrews a welcome note  Boston, MA 25 February 1858 5079 26 279
 Thomas T. Gantt Letter to John Earle of Boston, Massachusetts remarks about a frock coat and a pair of pants  St. Louis, MO 24 November 1858 5079 80 279
 Walter Gwynn Letter to John Patterson   Tunnel Hill, SC 21 October 1858 5079 66 279
 J. S. Watkins Letter to Lt. M. C. Watkins of Richmond, Virginia "My dear son" mentioned: bouts of yellow fever, Frank Royster, T. Curd, old Ferguson, Camillus, hog farming, a return to the Atlantic States, vineyards, living on leased land, Norfolk  San Francisco, CA 31 May 1858 5079 40 279
 Edward Frothingham Letter to O. Jennings Wise of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: suit vs. H. B. Dickinson, Wainwright's old affairs, James Sizer of Boston, William Beers, James Goode of Richmond, Virginia  Boston, MA 1-21 June 1858 5079 43 279
 Benjamin Pierce Letter to Professor Gray response to an invitation to dine   8 January 1858 5079 5 279
 John H. Bradley Letter to Senator Judah P. Benjamin suggestion for a bill to remove the obstructions from the rivers, mentioned: supervision by licensed river pilots and experienced river man  Campbell County, VA 1 January 1858 5079 2 279
 William Marcy Tweed Letter to T. C. Field a recommendation for Mr. Robert Montgomery for employment in Central Park  NY 31 March 1858 5079 32 279
 J. M. Patterson Letter to W. D. Thompkins & Brothers of Richmond, Virginia order for a bushel of clover seed, Howardville  Mt. Pleasant, VA 11 January 1858 5079 7 279
 Joseph M. Carrington Letter to William mentioned: Miss Lucy Claiborne is very sick at Susan Carrington's, (Col. Carrington's old residence) on Church Hill remarks about suit brought by R. D. Mitchell vs. M Carrington, lumber and buildings supplies for James W. Gaines Richmond, VA 4 November 1858 5079 71 279
 William B. Franklin Letter to William H. Chase Whiting mentioned: talk about Cape Fear business, slim meeting, you, Bache and me  Washington, DC 8 June 1858 5079 48 279
 Thomas Sully Letter to William P. Palmer mentioned: portrait of Pocahontas, Mrs. Nichols near Petersburg, original portrait copied by my nephew, Robert Sully, the original since destroyed, visit to the Bolling family about 1801  Philadelphia, PA 17 February 1858 5079 16 279
 George W. Stephens Letter to William R. Winn mentioned: evidence gathered for a case of John Gallaher, Richmond, Virginia, Powhatan House, John Fleming  Washington, DC ca. 1858 5079 101 279
 Midlothian Coal Mining Company Letters & documents includes: list of stockholders, signature of N. P. Howard, James Archer, T. C. Howard  Chesterfield County, VA 1858-1867 5079 109 279
 George Washington's Equestrian Statue in Richmond, Virginia List of the military & other societies that took part in the Inauguration of Crawford's statue Capt. William Fry, Capt. Elliot, Col. Nimms, Capt. P. J. Moore, Capt. Lybrock, Capt. Johnston, Capt. Dimmock, Capt. Dudley, Capt. William Richardson, Col. J. Richardson  Richmond, VA 22 February 1858 5079 21 279
 Peterfield Trent Medical prescription prescription for James Nelson: flaxseed meal poultice, warm milk, Laudanum, a good dose of salts at bedtime   17 December 1858 5079 82 279
 Edward Ridgely, Sec. of State Certificate and opinion on "Sections 1, 2, and 3 of Chapter 80 entitled" of slaves" are still in full force and virtue without alteration or amendment"  DE 23 February 1859 5079 136 279
 Eppa Hunton Letter to ? recommendation for Z. A. Kanky   1 October 1859 5079 169 279
 H. B. Cowles Letter to "Dear Bro" mentioned John M. Norvell, agent of R. M. College, John B. Morton  Petersburg, VA 19 April 1859 5079 141 279
 Thomas C. Green Letter to "Dear Sir" mentioned: Col. Hite very faded Charleston, West VA 6 January 1859 5079 134 279
 Henry St. George Harris Letter to ? mentioned: delay of note payment until tobacco is sold  Scottsville, VA 6 May 1859 5079 144 279
 M. Marquis Lasander Letter to Brewster of New York mentioned: John Thompson, a horse, carriage is an Albert Phaeton  British Consulate, Boston, MA 8 November 1859 5079 181 279
 James G[aven] Field Letter to C. A. Baldwin & Company mentioned: Harris Freeman  Culpeper Court House, VA 10 August 1859 5079 156 279
 A. R. Blakley Letter to C. A. Baldwin & Company of Alexandria response to a request for information about L. W. Snead  Madison Court House, VA 7 December 1859 5079 189 279
 Thomas Stanhope Flourney Letter to George H. Tally mentioned: a demand note, Capt. E. A. Williams, President of your bank  Halifax Court House, VA 9 July 1859 5079 149 279
 John Tyler Letter to John Ward Dean response to acknowledge his election as an honorary member of the New England Historic Genealogical Society second copy lists family members: Charles Tyler, Henry Tyler, mentions many family members and "Greenway" Sherwood Forest, Charles City County, VA 19 December 1859 5079 191 279
 Thomas A. Hendrick Letter to O. T. Keeler mentioned: Registers of the land offices in Alabama and Mississippi  General Land Office, Columbus, MS 9 July 1859 5079 152 279
 Hamilton Sayers Letter to Samuel M. Price of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: contribution by the New River Benevolent & Female Tract Societies of Wythe & Pulaski Counties for missionary work  Draper's Valley, Pulaski County, VA 30 July 1859 5079 154 279
 Nathaniel P. Tallmadge Letter to Tallmadge Ewers mentioned: "Voyage of Life" Mrs. Burt, Mrs. Hamilton, gives advise on how to study, "Parker's Reminiscences of Rufus Choate"  Saratoga Springs, NY & Troy, NY 1859-1860 5079 198 279
 James Buchanan Letter to Visitor Emmanuel II of Sardinia Official felicitations upon the marriage of Princess Marie with his Imperial Highness, the Prince Napoleon Joseph Charles Paul of France signed by President James Buchanan and Lewis Cass, Secy. Of State Washington, DC 5 November 1859 5079 175 279
 S. Coward Letter to W. C. Troy mentioned: a visit to Mrs. Caroline Jordan at Col. Cockfields to deliver your request for her comments on a case  Effingham, VA 17 September 1859 5079 163 279
 J. J. Arnold Letter to Weeden Huffman mentioned: land patented to John & Oliver Palicks of a lot surveyed for Samuel Smith, abt. 1785, candidates: Jacob Jackson, Triplett Braxton, G. H. Beale  Cedar Creek, Lewis County, VA 25 February 1859 5079 138 279
 E. F. Ragland Letter to Wellington Goddin mentioned: Mr. Purcell, twenty inches of land on the corner of Franklin Street claimed by the city, awarded damages for having to pull down walls and rearrange his house mentioned: heirs of W. W. Dickinson Richmond, VA 1 September 1859 5079 159 279
 Emma Read et al Letter to William P. Burwell response to an epistle calling them "these old maids" vile and slander signed by Sarah M. Whitsides & Margaret W. Burwell  23 September 1859 5079 166 279
 Thomas Francis Meagher Letter to? mentioned: leaving for Central America, an order for pair of trousers and waist coat, send to 129 Fifth Ave, waist coat and trousers to be the same material,: black and white or a black coat and light gray, very narrow stripe  On board the "Northern Light" 13 October 1859 5079 172 279
 John Robertson Order to ? order for lumber   8 November 1859 5079 184 279
 Alexander Hamilton Bullock Order to ? order for harness  Worcester, MA 9 November 1859 5079 186 279
 A. B. Guijon Letter to ? Fleet mentioned: thirty gallons of whiskey, Sandy Hall, Richmond Company, Richmond and Fredericksburg Rail Road, Mrs. Neale  VA 27 July 1860 5080 62 280
 T. W. Hancock Letter to ? Steel mentioned: Spencer Hancock, son of Col. W. W. Hancock of Chesterfield County  Richmond, VA 21 April 1860 5080 38 280
 O. H. Claiborne Letter to "Dear Charles" mentioned: possibility of Charles moving to California, conditions, I carry a pistol in my back pocket, will try to sell our and come back to Richmond and the east coast, believe that Breckenridge will not carry California, all mining claims worth anything are in the hands of old settlers, prospecting for gold but found silver  San Francisco, CA 1 November 1860 5080 101 280
 R. Archer Letter to "Dear friend" mentioned: a note, a shipment, Alexandria, Philadelphia  Baltimore, MD ca. 1860 5080 119 280
 William Gannaway Brownlow Letter to "Dear Sir" acknowledgment of a letter  Knoxville, TN 27 August 1860 5080 75 280
 William A. Winston Letter to "Dick" mentioned: Belle Mead, met Judge Parker of Winchester and his talking wife, farming my corn and fencing, Miss Nancy, Miss Betty Wade, please bring number 4 shot, killed a wild goose, Ma and Mrs. Aylett   29 February 1860 5080 16 280
 Moses Hicks Grinnell Letter to "Gentlemen" enclosed a check for one thousand dollars  NY ca. 1860 5080 126 280
 Maximilian Schele De Vere Letter to "Gentlemen" enclosed a check for his credit  University of VA, Charlottesville, VA 1860-1862 5080 138 280
 Janette B. Poore Letter to "My dear child" [Bessie] mentioned: Richmond's full of people. Cousin Lucy Stacy is getting over Typhoid Fever, George Stacy, Mary Wood very faded Richmond, VA 7 August 1860 5080 64 280
 D. R. Brower Letter to "My dear Colonel" note about a buggy Howard's Grove Hospital Richmond, VA 8 August 1860 5080 67 280
 Lester Wallack Letter to "My dear Sir" request to exchange his sheep dog  NY 14 December 1860 5080 113 280
 William Bradford Reed Letter to ? mentioned: closing up our account   29 June 1860 5080 52 280
 Jackson S. Scott Letter to ? mentioned: a note for a thousand dollars  VA 27 June 1860 5080 50 280
 Robert Hall Letter to ? response about 5000 acres  Princeton, NJ 18 March 1860 5080 28 280
 W. J. Hubard Letter to ? mentioned: Houdon's statue of Washington  Richmond, VA 27 January 1860 5080 8 280
 Robert B. Lyne Letter to ? mentioned: Capt. J. B. Young and his written opinion; remarks about the title to Joseph Bernard's farm  Richmond, VA 25 January 1860 5080 6 280
 M. E. Starke Letter to ? Doswell mentioned: failed his creditors, horses as credit, Col Hughes, Marmaduke Johnson, Temple  New Orleans, LA 23 April 1860 5080 40 280
 W. E. Anderson Letter to ? Hill order for mild tobacco, "these are troubling times and I design comforting myself during the suspension by smoking off my troubles"  Raleigh, NC 28 November 1860 5080 110 280
 B. Snoffer et al Letter to ? Strandberry announcement of first place for Strandberry's Devon Cow, Matilda State Agricultural Society MD 1 October 1860 5080 83 280
 A.N. Lawrence Letter to A. A. Chapman mentioned: the power of attorney which W. G. D. French gave me to sell in Europe the Western Lands owned by you  Richmond, VA 24 January 1860 5080 4 280
 R. Archer & R. S. Archer Letter to A. D. Townes response to changes at the Armory [Armory] property, the mill, a new fly wheel. water wheel, puddling, heating furnace, Sqneezer & Shearz, offer to buy Townes out Tredegar Richmond, VA 14 June 1860 5080 45 280
 Cyrus West Field & Company Letter to C. W. Kearney request for a discount  New York, NY 8 March 1860 5080 19 280
 J. M. Mata Letter to Charles Tillinghast James mentioned: trials in Mexico of the rifled cannon, best of the kind at present, will recommend to my government when needed for the use of the Mexican Army  Washington, DC 30 January 1860 5080 11 280
 Daniel E. Sickels Letter to D. E. Delavan mentioned: another duplicate set of papers to Major Hull  Washington, DC ca. 1860 5080 131 280
 Mansfield A. Lovell Letter to Fernando Wood mentioned: removal of the house on S.E. Corner of 54th Street and Broadway  New York, NY 20 January 1860 5080 2 280
 Stephen Arnold Douglas Letter to Fernando Wood "not a particle of truth published in the newspaper"   16 February 1860 5080 24 280
 Francis Hopkinson Letter to Fernando Wood of New York mentioned: congratulations on the recent victory, Black Republicans & Mulatto Republicans, mentioned: Seward, Bates, "voting for Mr. Fillmore would be throwing my vote away," on my way to New Orleans, my father was a staunch Federalist  Philadelphia, PA 25 February 1860 5080 13 280
 Theophilus Parsons Letter to Francis Bowen of Cambridge, Massachusetts    ca. 1860 5080 129 280
 Emory Washburn Letter to Franklin Bacheller   Cambridge, MA 21 June 1860 5080 48 280
 L. A. Roberts Letter to Horace Greeley mentioned: " The March of the Free" includes Greeley's reply  28 April 1860 5080 43 280
 B. W. Finney Letter to J. H. Walke mentioned: sending by freight train a basket of butter to sell  Genito 19 July 1860 5080 57 280
 J. Tristan Walke Letter to J. H. Walke of Richmond, Virginia request to delay payment on his note until his wheat goes to market  Richmond, VA 8 October 1860 5080 85 280
 Joseph H. Street Letter to J. H. Walker [Walke] of Richmond, Virginia   Hanover County, VA 30 September 1860 5080 81 280
 Clayton G. Coleman Letter to J. M. Gregory request to appoint his son, William Francis as deputy Marshall of Louisa County, Virginia  Richmond, VA 23 March 1860 5080 31 280
 Thomas L. Jones Letter to John mentioned: purchase of new land, a loan, I am qualified as guardian for my Uncle William Jones children, your mother looks well, Martha is unwell, please visit Mecklenburg, pending visit to Richmond as I plan to marry Mrs. Davis, widow of Adam O. Davis this December, Gary has moved his family to Richmond mentioned: Hugh White and possible fight with Zolicoffer in Kentucky, Samuel Cox of the 5th Louisiana Regiment Boydton, Mecklenburg County, VA 1860-1862 5080 133 280
 John Smith Phelps Letter to Luther Cullen Carter response to a letter from Carter inquiring about the State of Missouri  Washington, DC 15 December 1860 5080 116 280
 Horace Mayard Letter to Luther Cullen Carter mentioned: securities  Knoxville, TN 27 November 1860 5080 107 280
 George William Curtis Letter to Luther Cullen Carter opinion about Carter's chances in the county, mentions large expenses, Mr. Draper  North Shore, Staten Island, NY 26 October 1860 5080 94 280
 Edward Morris Letter to Luther Cullen Carter   Philadelphia, PA 27 October 1860 5080 97 280
 Francis L. Smith Letter to Luther R. Spelman of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: defending George W. Crump, charged with killing Joseph Bloxom, sentenced to twelve years in the penitentiary for murder, Governor Letcher, and Judge Tyler, County of Fairfax  Alexandria, VA 30 June 1860 5080 54 280
 Raphael Semmes, Treasury Dept, Light House Board Letter to Messrs. E & G. W. Blunt mentioned: a sketch showing positions of the range lights in Galveston  Washington, DC 30 March 1860 5080 36 280
 James D. Hankins Letter to Richmond Christian of Richmond, Virginia inquiry about his trunk; either sent to Richmond or Alexandria, mentions the University  Bacon's Castle, VA 22 July 1860 5080 59 280
 Samuel M. Wolfe Letter to S. H. Parker inquiry about a possible warrant due his grandfather, Benjamin Wolfe  Washington, DC 21 September 1860 5080 79 280
 C. T. Bruen Letter to the Anonymous Club tenders his resignation  Richmond, VA 1 November 1860 5080 99 280
 Daniel Stevenson Dickinson Letter to Thomas Nelson Carr mentioned: a paper may yet be published  Binghamton, NY 12 August 1860 5080 72 280
 William Cabell Rives Order to Burton & Greenhow order for five hundred pounds of bacon for his laboring people  Castle Hill, VA 14 September 1860 5080 77 280
 J. B. Stovall Order to Burton & Greenhow of Richmond, Virginia order for one hundred and fifty pounds of bacon sent to South Boston, Virginia by railroad  VA 25 October 1860 5080 92 280
 John Tyler Order to Burton & Greenhow of Richmond, Virginia order for half barrel of crushed sugar, a box of starch, a small keg of lard, two hundred pounds of cheap bacon, to be sent by steamboat  Sherwood Forest, Charles City County, VA 16 October 1860 5080 89 280
 Edmund W. Hubard Order to Burton & Greenhow of Richmond, Virginia please send to Farmville by the Danville and Southside Rail Road a barrel of crushed sugar, English cheese, and anti-dyspeptic cheese  Saratoga, NY 16 October 1860 5080 87 280
 Edward T. Finch Order to John & George Gibson  "please send me another load of plank"   12 March 1860 5080 26 280
 James C. Adams Order to John E. White of Richmond, Virginia order for five hogsheads of leaf [tobacco]  New York, NY 10 August 1860 5080 69 280
 Capt. William L. Elliot Order to Messrs. J. Earle Jr. & Company order for a uniform without shoulder straps to be sent to West Chester, Chester County, Pennsylvania, includes measurements  Fort Fillmore, NM 18 November 1860 5080 104 280
 Peachy R. Grattan Order to Mr. Williams order for bale of clover hay and Mr. Sampson's hay  Richmond, VA 27 March 1860 5080 34 280
 Medical College of Virginia Students Petition to publish in book form the course of lectures to Dr. James Brown McCaw  66 signatures Richmond, VA 13 February 1860 5080 21 280
 M. Bayliss Phrenological Chart of Mr. Richard Reim of Henrico County, Virginia printed form and drawing of the skull  VA ca. 1860 5080 122 280
 Virginia Cavalry, 1st Regiment, Company "G" A rooster of the Amelia Troop, from the beginning to the end of the war    1861-1862 5082 224 282
 E. M. Todd Account to "My dear Sir" shipped on the Sloop "New Packet" two hogsheads of my best hams (138)  Smithfield, VA 27 March 1861 5081 45 281
 Peter Martin & Company Accounts to Elisha Jackson account sales of hogsheads of tobacco, Frank Jackson, sales of bags of wheat   15 March 1861 5081 34 281
 A. N. Lawrence and A. A. Chapman Agreement sale of land in Giles County, Virginia, James Lyon of the County of Henrico appointed arbitrator  Washington, DC and Monroe County, VA 20 February 1861 5081 24 281
 Virginia Mechanics Institute Articles of Agreement with the Confederate States for the rental of their hall Response from Thomas Giles signed by A. M. Bailey, William Cabell Rives, R. M. T. Hunter; witness, G. W. Anderson VA 1 June 1861 5081 73 281
 Lewis B. Edwards Bills for services as overseer at the works at Fort Boykins  approved by Walter G. Turpin et. al. VA August 1861 5081 148 281
 Charles Richardson Certificate of pay   Centreville, VA 4 December 1861 5082 44 282
 William Sutton Commission: John F. George Sergeant, 2nd Division of Boston  Boston, MA 26 April 1861 5081 56 281
 Joseph Eggleston Johnston General Order #66 to William N. Pendleton Troops to take position: Maj. Gen. Earl Van Dorn's at 10 A.M., Major Gen. Longstreet's at 11 A. M., Major Gen. G. W. Smith's at 12 A. M., Major Gen. E. K. Smith's at 1 P. M., Brig. Gen. J. E. B Stuart and Calvary signed by Thomas G. Rhett Army of the Potomac 24 November 1861 5082 15 282
 Thomas Turner Fauntleroy General Order putting into effect the findings & sentence of a General Court Marshall Private William Looney of Company B, 1st Battalion found guilty of threatening John Heath, sentenced to wear a ball and chain at hard labor mentioned: Col. William C. Scott, Virginia Volunteer Richmond, VA 7 July 1861 5081 94 281
 Lorenzo Thomas General orders number 35 & 39 sited: Captain John McNabb, 10th Infantry, Surgeon Lafayette Guild, Major Albert J. Smith deserted in Key West, Florida  Washington, DC 20 June-1 July 1861 5081 80 281
 Thomas P. Fitzpatrick Letter to ? Carrington request to borrow money until the tobacco crop is harvested  Nelson County, VA 19 February 1861 5081 22 281
 Andrew G. Curtin Letter to Dr. Jones mentioned: John Alexander, now confined to the Eastern Penitentiary and request for condition of his health  Philadelphia, PA 11 June 1861 5081 76 281
 Robert E. Withers Letter to LT. J. A. Herndon mentioned: offices of the 1st Battalion at Mason's Hall, up coming election between Withers and Capt. Graves 38th Regiment, Virginia Volunteers Danville, VA 11 February 1861 5081 11 281
 Charlie Letter to "Dear Benny" and to "Dear Brother" Soldier's letters: mentioned: dysentery, coughing, Col. Mcgruder, going to cousin, Frank Brooks, for a few weeks to recover and then return to Company 'F", Eddy, signs his letters as brother  Richmond, VA 1861-1862 5082 207 282
 William M. Slaughter Letter to "Dear Brother" mentioned: death of their sister, Sarah, mentions the war as a righteous one, Brunswick, Virginia  Albany, NY 13 July 1861 5081 101 281
 George Smith Patton, C.S.A. Letter to "Dear Brother" mentioned: Brig, Gen, J. D. Cox , Brig. Gen. H. A. Wise, Col. Woodruff of the second Kentucky sends a brief account of the action at Scary Creek on July 17, 1861 Putman County, VA 17 July 1861 5081 111 281
 Charles F. Smith Letter to "Dear Brother" mentioned: very dull here on account of the handling of our government, a little action in western Virginia, however our troops are falling back instead of going forward, Yankees out number us five to one, comments about Brig. Gen. Anderson, John Pizzini, Bob Taylor, Capt. Cabell, Lt. Chamberlain  Richmond, VA 25 September 1861 5081 164 281
 W. H. Waddell Letter to "Dear James" mentioned: fifty-four pounds of butter, sending the key to the trunk, tell Hattie to come back with me  VA 6 November 1861 5082 4 282
 William M. Browne. Acting Sec. of State CSA Letter to "Dear Madam" mentioned: Dr. Templeton a letter of condolence Richmond, VA 22 October 1861 5081 178 281
 Summers Letter to "Dear Mother" mentioned: Col. Rust, General Lee, Lt. Col. Pegram, Mrs. Galt  Staunton, VA 18 July 1861 5081 118 281
 Robert A. Cogbill Letter to "Dear sir" mentioned: note renewed, Mr. Dabney, Mr. Hart, Mr. Rives  New Glasgow, VA 20 May 1861 5081 69 281
 William H. Fenner Letter to "Dear Uncle" mentioned: very cold weather, stable for the horses, stoves in our tents, possible war with John Buell, maybe headed north and if so a short visit with my family in New London  Camp Duncan, Washington, DC 30 December 1861 5082 101 282
 William L. Hill Letter to "My dear Father" mentioned: Yorktown, blank note enclosed, Mr. Lewis, Dr. Jones, our Army has been granted a victory in the last few hours, enemy headed to Leesburg, Hessians, losses heavy on both sides, Dalton Carter of Madison writes that Dr. Galloway's child may not live  Richmond, VA 1861-1862 5082 127 282
 Alexander Doniphan Letter to "My dear friend" request for a loan, newly married, wife's cotton crop and secular business, moved from Lynchburg  Huntsville, AL 1861-1862 5082 122 282
 Lizzie Letter to "My dear Husband" personal letters between a husband and wife, mentions Captain Carrington, their children, General Longstreet, Richmond, Virginia  Richmond, VA 1861-1862 5082 202 282
 G. C. P. Miller Letter to "My dear Sir" mentioned: cedar posts, "these are dreadful times; Old friends like old wine grow more valuable as they grow older"  Lexington, VA 23 October 1861 5081 180 281
 T. Oscar Rogers Letter to ? comments about Henry and his tuition and possible enlistment in the volunteer company  Joebrook 16 May 1861 5081 66 281
 A. Leyburn Letter to ? comments about a misfortune to three hogsheads of tobacco, please sell as soon as possible  Elm Wood 16 May 1861 5081 64 281
 William Norwood Letter to ? mentioned: "Maryland betrayed by the treachery of Hicks," meeting of the Presbyterian clergymen who called upon Lincoln to find a peaceable solution to difficulty, Lincoln said, "Sir, peace with the South is as impossible as it is for you to sleep with my wife tonight," Thousands of troops are pouring in to Washington and may attack sooner that you expect  Georgetown, DC 2 May 1861 5081 58 281
 Mayo B.. Carrington Letter to ? discussion of 1861 Secession Convention, institution of slavery  Cumberland County, VA 28 January 1861 5081 2 281
 William H. Hughes Letter to ? mentioned: Mrs. Ellington, object of charity by the county, her husband volunteered out of state and she may not be eligible for aid  Henderson 19 June 1861 5081 78 281
 William R. Vaughn Letter to ? request for a recommendation for advanced rank in the army to support my wife and children  American Hotel 10 October 1861 5081 169 281
 F. R. Farrar Letter to ? "I shall make one struggle for this Union" feelings about keeping the union together  Deatonville, Amelia Court House, VA 28 August 1861 5081 146 281
 William R. Scurry Letter to Alexander M. Jackson Report on operations on the Rio Grande  Val Verde, NM 23 February 1861 5083 67 283
 Charles T. Mason Letter to Alfred L. Rives requisition for brick and cement for a furnace, unable to report as yet on the experiment made by the ordinance department record of James Branch of Isle of Wight County and his employment as manager in the construction of Fort Huger on Hardy's Bluff Jamestown Island 7 December 1861 5082 55 282
 John B. Stanard Letter to Alfred L. Rives, Engineer in charge of Richmond Defenses Endorsements by Capt. Rives for 150 men both free & slave negroes for the holidays Request for five or six brick layers to work on the magazines on the Chesterfield side of the river  Richmond, VA 23 December 1861 5082 87 282
 William Inman Letter to Alfred Taylor, Commanding the U.S. Sloop "Saratoga" Order for the transfer of Invalids & Prisoners taken in Slavers Mentioned: Ship "Relief," Captain, William M. Glendy, report to Captain Charles Wilkes, commanding the U. S. steamer, San Jacinto" U.S. Flag Ship "Constellation" St. Paul de Soanda 11 August 1861 5081 124 281
 R. T. Thom Letter to an officer of the New Orleans & Washington Telegraph Company mentioned: stockholders shares, Ed. McDowell, F. Slaughter, James R. Thom. Taken over by a Yankee concern  Fredericksburg, VA 8 August 1861 5081 129 281
 John W. Slaughter Letter to Capt. Holmes et. al. application for a furlough to return homes to harvest his crops  Camp Semmes, GA 1 July 1861 5081 86 281
 Henry C. Wayne. Adjutant General Letter to Capt. Jacob Read. Savannah, Georgia mentioned: commission as Captain at the Oglethorpe Barracks of the Georgia 1st Regiment Army  Milledgeville, GA 13 March 1861 5081 27 281
 J. R. C. Lewis Letter to Charles T. Mason mentioned: furnace, bricks, castings, bars, implements for cooking, rations from Richmond  Jamestown Island, VA 4 December 1861 5082 41 282
 H. H. Selano Letter to Col. Henry Heth request for a guard for goods and the reply   4 May 1861 5081 61 281
 J. B. Stovall Letter to E. A. Williams requests a note for fifteen hundred dollars for a few months sent by my nephew, [Barksdale]  Meadville, VA 30 March 1861 5081 48 281
 John B. Rogers, sculptor Letter to E. S. Rich   New York, NY 17 December 1861 5082 80 282
 James L. Taylor Letter to E. T. D. Myers mentioned: two boxes of washers, doors, etc. for the shot furnace did not arrive by the order of Capt. Talcott  Norfolk, VA 13 December 1861 5082 69 282
 General Leslie Combs of the Clerk's Office of the Court of Appeals Letter to Franklin Bachelor of Lyons, Massachusetts response to a request for an autograph of Daniel Boone, "I never saw Daniel Boone but my father settled in Kentucky as early as 1775," he returned to Kentucky after serving in the Revolution and settled in Boonsboro  Frankfort, KY 25 March 1861 5081 42 281
 William F. Wickham Letter to Goddin & Apperson mentioned: bond of W. D. Wickham, General Cooper, Col. Chilton, Mr. Findall Griffin, sale at Mr. Suttons  Hanover County, VA 20 December 1861 5082 82 282
 Thomas Lewis Preston Letter to Goggin & Apperson, Agent Young of Richmond, Virginia please send sheets, pillowcases and towels  Manassas, VA 1-12 August 1861 5081 123 281
 Daniel S. Dickinson Letter to H. W. Rogers introduction of John M. Dickinson of Western New York, Wells Fargo, Rail Road  Binghamton, NY 1 March 1861 5081 51 281
 George B. Draper Letter to his landlord mentioned: misunderstanding about the lease, the Walkers  Hartford, CT 5 February 1861 5081 5 281
 Lewis B. Williams Letter to his sister, Lucy P. Williams mentioned: Dr. Robert Madison, Dr. E. P. Taliaferro, corn starch, rice flour, arrowroot, many sick and wounded, most will die, the government provides badly  Orange County Court House, VA 2 August 1861 5081 127 281
 Albert Sidney Johnston Letter to Isham Green Harris Governor of Tennessee mentioned: enemy movement toward Tennessee, forces from western Virginia and eastern Kentucky have been withdrawn, General Buell has seventy-five thousand men and I have only seventeen thousand, Columbus Fort, Gen. Zollicoffer, Mississippi River, Nashville, Major Gilmer, Europe, need additional forces  Bowling Green, KY 25 December 1861 5082 92 282
 Richard J. Ashe, First Regiment, N. C. Volunteers Letter to James Henry Lane mentioned: sending a sward , saddle and bridle, Capt. Avery and McDowell and LT. Lewis, left two goblets in Richmond for you, regards to Capt. Martin and George Johnston, sword sent by Gen. Joseph R. Anderson of Richmond, Virginia, goblets were left with Mrs. Charles L. Hobson, sister of Lane, living then in Richmond, many comments about the occupations of the officers mentioned after the war copied by Brig. Gen. Lane c. 1890 with remarks on the reverse Richmond, VA 14 October 1861 5081 172 281
 John W. Gentry Letter to James L. Apperson confession to his employer, mentions gambling at the Faro Bank and loosing all  Church Hill, Richmond, VA 17 February 1861 5081 16 281
 Walter G. Turpin Letter to James Maurice William Percival served one and one third month  Fort Boykins, VA 4 December 1861 5082 47 282
 William H. Jones Letter to John E. White mentioned: please pay Mr. Lockett, for a horse I bought, tobacco, Mr. Fullerton  Richmond, VA 22 October 1861 5081 175 281
 John Hartwell Cocke Letter to John F. Wren of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: sending a box for Mrs. L. C. Minor in the care of Prof. Dabney, I will be sending oats and Irish potatoes in a short time  Lower Bremo, Fluvanna County, VA 26 November 1861 5082 17 282
 Christopher G. Memminger Letter to John Letcher with thanks of Governor Pickens for the arms you sent for South Carolina and a receipt  Richmond, VA 9 December 1861 5082 60 282
 M. H. Tredway Letter to John M. Young "please stop in Scottsville and bring up a little negro girl who lives with me"  Danville, VA 1 April 1861 5081 54 281
 Edmund Pierrepont Letter to Joseph Mayo, Mayor of Richmond mentioned: warrants  Richmond, VA July 1861 5081 121 281
 James Alfred Jones Letter to Judge James D. Halyburton of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Munford vs. Munford, Cushing vs. Proctor, Bell vs. Chapman   21 December 1861 5082 84 282
 Powhatan B. Whittle Letter to L. B. Conway mentioned: check on Pittsylvania Bank maybe worthless, send one on another bank  Camp on Broad Run 8 September 1861 5081 156 281
 Robert Mercer T. Hunter Letter to Lewis E. Harvie recommendation for Thomas Hill for deputy marshal  Culpeper, VA 22 March 1861 5081 40 281
 H. H. Selano Letter to M. M. Young request to fill the clerk vacancy in his quarter master   15 July 1861 5081 104 281
 Lord Charles Edward Paget Letter to Messrs E. & G. W. Blunt mentioned: Hydrographic Department, 95 charts, 13 books  London, England 26 August 1861 5081 137 281
 John C. Clarke, Engineer Bureau CSA Letter to Messrs. John & George Gibson mentioned: written statement of lumber for the defense batteries of Richmond on the Chesterfield side of the river, Mr. Pilson  Richmond, VA 11 December 1861 5082 63 282
 R. Rives Letter to Mr. Bates mentioned: forts, carts and hands, fixing to mount the cannons and the dirt has to be hauled, Mr. Higgins, Mr. R. H. Hogges, send to Marion Hill  Falling Hill 27 June 1861 5081 83 281
 J. H. Sands Letter to N. B. Hill request for winter clothing for Company A, 1st Regiment, VA  Young's Mill, Warwick County, VA 7 November 1861 5082 7 282
 Peebles Letter to Peebles mentioned: children sick with fever and chills, Isaac, corn and cotton crop cut in half with strong winds and rain   7 September 1861 5081 153 281
 Alexander Mosely Letter to R. H. Debrell [Debbrelle] of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: meeting of the children at Mrs. Harkins for the purpose of settlement of the estate of Mr. Jones, meeting with Mr. Hill, Mrs. Jones, claim against Hooper's estate, Prince Edward Court House  Gravel Hill, Buckingham County, VA 13 March 1861 5081 29 281
 Robert L. Montague Letter to R. H. Dickinson request to come to his room as he is too sick to leave  Exchange Hotel, Richmond, VA 14 March 1861 5081 32 281
 S. V. Little Letter to R. H. Dickinson of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: the return of the negro if his draft is credited with $1525, examined by a doctor, postscript: Virginia should join us, "there is no other hope" Secession Macon, GA 18 February 1861 5081 19 281
 R. H. Adams Letter to R. L. Christian mentioned: cousin Anne, son William, Mr. Schooler, son Richard, Richmond, sons, Carter and John, belong to the Greensboro Company, Capt. Hobson, 5th Regiment Alabama Volunteers, son William wants to join but I think three is enough and I need him at home  Marengo County, AL ca. 1861 5082 107 282
 Alfred L. Rives Letter to S. H. Cernick mentioned: Mr. St. John, Colonel Talcott   17 December 1861 5082 77 282
 H. McHenry Letter to S. H. Cornick mentioned: Lt. Boswell, liabilities at Williamsburg  Richmond, VA 27 December 1861 5082 95 282
 Benjamin Huger Letter to Samuel Cooper mentioned: Petersburg Express article that will afford the enemy information  Norfolk, VA 9 August 1861 5081 131 281
 H. J. Murray Letter to Thomas Nelson Carr mentioned: Frank P. Nash, lawyer, late of Boston  Portland, ME ca. November 1861 5082 34 282
 John H. Gilmer Letter to Thomas T. Giles mentioned: P. H. Aylett, possible litigation, $15,000  Richmond, VA 13 September 1861 5081 158 281
 Allen A. Burwell Letter to Thomas T. Giles Receiver of sequestered property for the CSA. Proceeds for the sale of Michael Bryan's property  Lunenburg County, VA 30 December 1861 5082 98 282
 William C. Carrington Letter to Uncle H.? mentioned: "Capt's F's deportment, beastly drunk and Col Brown was pretty high too" I must quit this company and seek congenial souls elsewhere" "our company is the butt of ridicule," George Hundley  Centreville, VA 4 July 1861 5081 91 281
 Daniel Teaford Letter to W. D. Thompkins & Company mentioned: ten barrels of flour for Governor Letcher, has sent it to Waggoner Hill  Rockbridge, VA 21 November 1861 5082 9 282
 George Carr Letter to W. H. Hartsook mentioned: V. W. Southall vs. Abram Shepherd, holder of note  Charlottesville, VA 12 February 1861 5081 14 281
 Ann Davis Letter to Warner Lomax mentioned: Caroline, Mr. Hacket, Robert Letterhead of the Palmetto Mag. Charleston, SC 11 February 1861 5081 8 281
 James Edward English Letter to William B. Barnard of Waterbury, Connecticut mentioned: Mr. Hill; note from Barnard speaks of a buggy or sulkey  New Haven, CT 21 November 1861 5082 12 282
 William M. Ward Letter to William C. Fleet mentioned: limited furloughs and keep your men in camp because at any moment you may need them  Tappahannock, VA 17 September 1861 5081 161 281
 B. W. Green Letter to William Connor mentioned: Mr. Young, land   16 March 1861 5081 38 281
 Montgomery Blair Letter to Wood & Brothers mentioned: carriages ordered, Mr. Holbrook  Washington, DC 31 December 1861 5082 104 282
 Charles B. Maxson Letters of a soldier in Company K, 5th Connecticut Regiment to members of his family personal family letters to his father and mother from Frederick, Maryland and Winchester, and Strasburg, Virginia included requests for clothing and pain killers, length of time for mail to arrive, Riley Henry and Frank Peabody came out to sell cigars, volunteers from Rhode Island, Harpers Ferry muskets, Mississippi rifles, had his picture taken  MD , VA, and CT 1861-1862 5082 136 282
 George Arnold Memoranda mentioned: transportation tickets, Capt. D. H. Wood, G. C. Good, West Point, Gloucester Point, Col. T. H. Williamson, Capt. Rives  Richmond, VA 14-16 December 1861 5082 72 282
 S. Bassett French, Ex. Department Military pass for such slave and free negroes as may be sent to Jamestown mentioned: Mayor Joseph Mayo will certify  Richmond, VA 23 May 1861 5081 71 281
 C.S.A. Army Quartermaster's Department, Transportation Office Misc. papers, passes, etc. mentioned: Lexington, Smithfield, Greensboro, North Carolina, Richmond to Norfolk, Virginia for Engineer Charles Schroeder  Charlotte, NC 1861-1862 5082 212 282
 L. H. Dunlap Notebook of supplies required for the engineer Encampment, Western Division mentioned: rations for 20 negroes, order for writing table and supplies, foolscap, rations for four oxen &one horse, four pounds of candles & two candlesticks one bucket of black paint and white, one horse shod, harness repaired  Hoffler's Creek, Hampton Rhoads, VA 9 July-12 August 1861 5081 97 281
 West Virginia Courts, Monongalia County Oaths of Allegiance to the United States Augustus Haymond, James Perry, F. R. Sinclair   ca. 1861 5082 115 282
 Thomas P. Fitzpatrick Order to ? order for sixty-five swords  Camp Jackson, Wytheville, VA 1 July 1861 5081 89 281
 Charles Wilkes Order to Alfred Taylor, U.S. Navy Orders: to return to the United States via English Mail Steamer  U. S. S. "Saratoga," Fernando Po August 1861 5081 139 281
 Mary Todd Lincoln Order to Madam Harris order for a purple silk dress, a head dress not to cost over $5.00 also a franked envelope addressed by Abraham Lincoln to John C. Fremont. Introducing Col. T. W. Sweeny and a 1872, April 6, D. M. Collins to Robert A. Brock discussing letters Washington, DC 30 November 1861 5082 28 282
 Thomas M. Vincent Order to S. V. R. Carpenter of Columbus, Ohio an order revoking Carpenter's appointment as sutler to the 18th Infantry  Washington, DC 12 December 1861 5082 66 282
 John Clifford Pemberton Orders regarding free negroes employed on the works at Fort Boykins to Walter G. Turpin negroes named on the list: Jack Small, William Copeland, Elisha Copland, Anthony Holland, Jerry Read, Benjamin Wiggins, William Scott, Solomon Read, John Copeland, Mile Copeland, Nathan Read  Smithfield, VA ca. 1861 5082 37 282
 Maryland, Citizens now resident in Virginia Petition on behalf of the 1st Regiment of Maryland Volunteers serving in the cause of the Confederacy to the Council of the City of Richmond, Committee on Arms mentioned: Army of the Potomac, Capt. J. Lyle, Clark's Company attached to Col. Gilliam's regiment in northwestern Virginia   ca. 1861 5082 111 282
 Catesby R. Jones Recommendation for R. T. Armistead, a volunteer for the defense of this island   Jamestown, VA 30 October 1861 5081 182 281
 Virginia Militia 33rd Regiment Roster of Officers Eustace Robinson, John P. Harmen, E. H. Sands, James D. Vaughn, William A. Johnson, Ed. Y. Redd, R. C. Leake, L. W. Billups, John C. Gathright, Robert M. Courtney, John F. Linton, LT. Fleming Phillips, James E. Riddick, Peter Mayo, Mortimer Courtney, Giles C. Courtney, J. E. B. Jude, Thomas K. Harold, J. H. Brock, Gustace G. Carter, Henry Younger, Robert H. Henley, LT. W. H. O. Bernard, Benjamin D. Clark, R. A. Roper, Preston Atkinson, John O. Gathright, W. E. Barnick, William Shoemaker, John J. Atkinson, William T Chandler, William J. Shepperson, George Timberlake, Frank Dickman, Amos Willis   27 September 1861 5081 167 281
 Virginia Artillery, Light, William C. Fleet's Company Six Muster Rolls, one morning report, one return of troops signed by First Sergeant Timothy R. Roane, very complete records of date of enlistment and remarks about absentees and sickness see also Virginia Infantry, 5th Regiment, Company B Spotsylvania County and Richmond, VA 1861-1862 5082 155 282
 Thomas Mann Randolph Talcott Special Order Leave of absence to Lt. W. C. Turpin, Engineer  Norfolk, VA 27 November 1861 5082 25 282
 John Bankhead Magruder Special Order discharging William B. Puller, 3rd Howitzers, C.S.A,  signed by the Adjutant Yorktown, VA 1 November 1861 5082 2 282
 John Withers Special Orders giving direction to the commanding officers of troops to aid the engineers when workers are absent [negro slave runaways]  Richmond, VA 27 August 1861 5081 141 281
 Albert Abbitt Statement of a prisoner arrested as a suspicious person, together with related papers concerning him, "possible spy" mentioned: born in Leeds, England, in the lumber business in Georgia for sixteen years, Manassas, Virginia, Baltimore, Chester Avery, Mr. Hunt, Mr. Harris, Mr. Snow, Seymore Lynn note signed by John Scott, C,S.A. from Camp at Davis' house near Occoquan, note signed by J. F. Early, note signed by M. J. Slaughter Camp Pickens, SC and VA 17 July 1861 5081 106 281
 Thomas H. Williamson Statement of free negroes working on fortification Statement for Monroe White, a free negro, and his work on fortification to General Johnston Statement for John Thomas Brown, a free negro, and his work with the engineers on fortification Statement for Warner Staunton, a free negro, called into public service  Manassas, VA 6-13 December 1861 5082 50 282
 Alabama Courts Two Affidavits in Confederate States vs. J. Elkins & Company mentioned: J. Elkins & Company in New York, William Brooks, B. Goldstein, L. Levy  Mobile County, AL 27 November 1861 5082 20 282
 Edward Zimmerman Affidavit S. P. Chase, Brig "Kentucky" for New York certified by Hinton Rowen Helper Buenos Aires Consulate 6 December 1862 5084 85 284
 B. J. Eddins Agreement to furnish bricks to the Engineer Department, C.S.A. mentioned: twenty-four thousand bricks witnessed by John B. [Stanant] Richmond, VA 4 March 1862 5083 81 283
 Alan B. Magruder Army of the Peninsula, requisition of supplies to J. H Wayt mentioned: Majors Claiborne, Ruffin, and Edwards  Yorktown, VA 18 March 1862 5083 92 283
 John M. Phelps Certificate Rev. A. W. Gregg helped raise the 8th Virginia Regiment by traveling through Kanawha, Putnam, Boone, and Fayette Counties  Colesmouth, VA 7 May 1862 5083 126 283
 N. A. Sturdivant Certificate that Private W. W. Maupin is unfit for duty   Camp Lee, VA 11 August 1862 5083 186 283
 Lucius B. Northrop Commissary report on supplies and resources C.S.A. mentioned: North Carolina and Virginia, bacon, hogs, Atlanta, Capt. Parker, General Breckinridge, Major Cummings, cattle to cross the Mississippi for wintering, supply deficit Endorsements by James Alexander Sedden & Gustavus Wooden Smith  1 November 1862 5084 78 284
 John Letcher Commission to Dr. John D. Turner Commission in the Virginia Militia, 33rd Regiment  Henrico County, VA 29 January 1862 5083 16 283
 Edwin D. Morgan Commissions in the 71st Regiment New York Volunteers George R. Hall, William H. Green, George McAllister  Albany, NY 1 December 1862 5084 81 284
 C.S.A Army of Northern Virginia, 1st Brigade Correspondence of Colonel Montgomery D. Corse regarding action in Oct. and Dec. mentioned: Battle of Manassas on Aug. 30, 1862, 11th Virginia Regiment, General Armistead, General Garnett, General Randsom, Colonel Patten, Lt. Col. Florence, Major Swindler, Captains, Bolen, Harris, Fry, Lieu tents, Miller, Estes, Dean, Mullins, Battle of Groveton, Lt. Col. Skinner, list of killed and wounded at Battle of Groveton, Brig. Gen. J. L. Kemper, Battle near Boonsborough, Maryland, distinguished gallantry: Capt. I. T. Burke; Co. D, Lt. Thomas Perry, Co. A; Lt. S. S. Turner, Co. B; Lt. Athey and Littleton, Co. C; Corporal W. Harper, Co. E and I Murphy, Co. C reports from George W. Lazenby, L. B. Williams, Jr., P. S. Ashby, F. A. Langley  ca. 1862 5084 123 284
 Bennett Codney Discharge certificate of William H. Mayo, a free negroe Capt. John J. Clark orders discharge of Mayo from Mecklenburg County, Virginia  Richmond, VA 6 March 1862 5083 89 283
 James C. Mead Discharge of Charles C. Nieth of Company "C" Penn. Vols. on account of disability by the order of General Wadsworth  Washington, DC 30 November 1862 5084 75 284
 C.S.A. Army of Northern Virginia, A.P. Hill Division, Artillery Corps. Field returns Companies of: Capt. S. M. Braxton, Capt. A. C. Latham, Capt. D. G. McIntosh, Capt. G. Davidson, Capt. M. Johnson, Capt. W. J. Pegram signed by Chamberlayne VA 10 October 1862 5084 50 284
 Benjamin Huger General Order #25 Announcing appointment of Captain T. M. R. Talcott as Chief Engineer  Norfolk, VA 7 April 1862 5083 105 283
 Alexander Sands Gentry's case: whether the judgment of the Hustings Court excludes all inquiry, by any other court case about mixed blood, opinion by Sands   17 February 1862 5083 53 283
 Charles Richardson Invoice of Ordinance mentioned: Capt. McPhail, guns , caissons, Battery Forge, E. J. Anderson  Staunton, VA 20 October 1862 5084 58 284
 S. C. Elliott Invoice to Walter G. Turpin Invoices of subsistence stores for Fort Boykin  Fort Boykin, VA January-February 1862 5083 22 283
 J. B. Glazebrook Leave of absence to A. A. Hughes leave for ten days to return to Henry County for his health list of expenses on back of leave VA 8 July 1862 5083 170 283
 James M. D. Carrington Letter to his father mentioned: sending John Carrington home for Christmas, the movements of his company since last he wrote, Clarke County, Orange County Court House, Madison County Court House, Battle of Fredericksburg signed: "Your son" Port Royal, VA 20 December 1862 5084 99 284
 Hugh W. Sheffey Letter to "Colonel" mentioned: certificate of Richard Summerson's proof of payment, erect a new brick building, power of attorney for W. P. Strother  Staunton, VA 5 April 1862 5083 102 283
 Milledge L. Bonham Letter to "Dear Capt."   SC 8 October 1862 5084 48 284
 M. L. Powell Letter to "Dear Col" request to know the Colonel's location so he can turn over the wagons, North Garden? includes the Colonel's reply Albemarle County, VA 10 June 1862 5083 137 283
 John W. Bransford Letter to "Dear Major" mentioned: his reasons for not returning before the end of his furlough, the Yankees are near Staunton, I saw John Mosby, Sgts. Clements and Blair  Richmond, VA 14 November 1862 5084 73 284
 Oliver Johnson Letter to "Dear Sir" from the Anti-Slavery Office regarding Samuel Barker and Rowland Robinson  NY 14 August 1862 5083 188 283
 William Henry Letter to "Dear Wife" mentioned: your brother John's reputation is growing greatly and the Norfolk Dept wants him, the disaster in Tennessee  Camp at Minor's Creek and Gloucester Point, VA 19-24 February 1862 5083 56 283
 T. M. Semmes Letter to "My dear Mother" mentioned: not feeling well since leaving Richmond, Virginia, waiting for the institute to make a decision, sorry his mother is so disapproving of his engagement Virginia Military Institute  Lexington, VA 16 June 1862 5083 150 283
 T. D. McDonell Letter to "My Dear Sir" response to a request for furlough   30 September 1862 5084 17 284
 Bessie W. Nims Letter to "My Dear Uncle" mentioned: Mrs. Cooper, Willie, Grandma and me on our return to Woodlawn, Pa and Lee, Aunt Margaret, Mary Holmes, Sidney, Uncle Tom, stopped at Charlotte  York District, SC 15 August 1862 5083 191 283
 Andrew H. Foote Letter to ? mentioned: Sag Harbor, Washington, General James, Hatch Hill, rifle, shot and shells  New Haven, CT 26 July 1862 5083 175 283
 John B. Cary Letter to ? mentioned: Colonel Blackstone's arrival in St. Mary's, Maryland, Major Banks, Captain Norris  Amelia Springs, VA 25 August 1862 5083 205 283
 Augustus A. Hughes Letter to ? mentioned: looking for a substitute, prices are very high, Charlottesville, Mrs. Riddle, Dr. Michie  Richmond, VA 3 October 1862 5084 37 284
 Wade Keys Letter to ? mentioned: Mrs N. V. Smith in Alabama requests that Col. Watts furnish you with money  Richmond, VA 12 November 1862 5084 71 284
 Alfred Caldwell, U. S. Consulate Letter to Archibald A. ? mentioned: statehood for Hawaii that failed to pass Congress, John A. Parker  Honolulu, HI 9-13 September 1862 5084 9 284
 John B. Stanard Letter to Bridgforth & Tate Richmond City Defenses request for lime for the magazines on the Chesterfield County side of the James River, request and reply included Richmond, VA 4 January 1862 5083 5 283
  Letter to Briscoe G. Baldwin 1st Artillery  Richmond, VA 10 February 1862 5083 37 283
 William H. R. Beall Letter to Capt. ? mentioned: Capt. Miller, Richmond, Virginia  Fayette, MS 6 July 1862 5083 166 283
 Charles Esselstyn Letter to Charles A. Johnson mentioned: a letter from the father of Richard Esselstyn inquiring about his status having not heard from him since the Battle of Hanover Court House, Company E of the New York 25th Regiment  Hudson, NY 4 June 1862 5083 137 283
 James H. Anderson Letter to Charles Bernays, U. S. Counsel mentioned: Dr. V. D. Anderson of Marion, Ohio, as replacement counsel for Mr. Marsh  Hamburg, Germany 28 August 1862 5083 208 283
 William H. Fry Letter to Charles Richardson mentioned: death of Lt. Meredith, recommendation for Lt. George H. Poindexter  Richmond, VA 24 August 1862 5083 200 283
 Edward P. Alexander Letter to Charles Richardson directions from General Lee to have Capt. Ancell's Battery "in readiness to march at a moments warning"  Headquarters at Keach's House, VA 6 August 1862 5083 181 283
 Sidney S. Baxter Letter to Col. ? mentioned: Judge Ould, working paroled prisoners of war with their consent   ca. 1862 5084 111 284
 John Adams Parker Letter to D. K. Stoddert directions, Baltimore, Maryland  Washington, DC 5 March 1862 5083 84 283
 Jervis McEntee Letter to E. S. Rich request to forward his picture, "Indian Summer" for the Troy, New York Exhibition  NY 12 January 1862 5083 8 283
 Pierre G. Beauregard Letter to Earl Van Dorn mentioned: our forces are entirely cut off from A. S. Johnston, the fate of the Mississippi valley depends on the defense of Columbus and of Island Number 10, if you will join my forces we can field 40,00 men and probably take St. Louis as well? copied attested to by Ben. Beauregard Jackson, TN ca. February 1862 5083 64 283
 Charles de Blessier Letter to Francis T. Glasgow mentioned: David Wilson, Rebecca Furnace, Mr. A. Pitzer, request for employment as a mining engineer schooled in Europe and crippled in the War, taken prisoner by the Yankees  Nelson County, VA 15 August 1862 5083 194 283
 J. Mussion Letter to his tailor needs his coat to attend a court martial   3 November 1862 5084 66 284
 B. Duncan Letter to J. H. Baggott mentioned: Dr. J. J. Chisholm, whiskey & brandy  Columbia, SC 10 December 1862 5084 87 284
 H. E. Marner Letter to J. T. Morton request for information about John N. Cockes of the Virginia Calvary who may be in the hospital in Danville, Virginia  Farmville, VA 17 July 1862 5083 173 283
 George W. Randolph, Secretary of War Letter to Jefferson Davis mentioned: Confederate Ports in the hands of the enemy, "the alternative is thus presented of violating our policy of withholding cotton from the enemy or of risking the starvation of our armies," European Wars Endorsements, annexed: 1862 J. Fowlkes to Lucius Bellinger Northrop Richmond , VA 30 October 1862 5084 61 284
 George R. Marble Letter to John ? mentioned: Aloha, our boat had been fired upon, we have 34 Steam Gun Boats, Sloops, Frigates, 22 Mortar Boats, chain cable across the Mississippi River, battle to come within the week  U.S. Gun Boat Kennebec, mouth of the MS 3 April 1862 5083 96 283
 William F. Atkins Letter to John E. White "Dear Uncle", received the new bridle and saddle, we skirmish every day, we have 125 killed and 2 to 3 hundred wounded W. H. Jones Mecklenburg Calvary, Yorktown Headquarters, Army of the Peninsula ca. 1862 5084 106 284
 John J. Brown Letter to John Letcher a reply to a request from Governor Letcher to raise volunteers from Preston County  Kingwood, Preston County, WV 1 August 1862 5083 183 283
 Benjamin H. Hill Letter to Joseph J. Norman & Joel S. Norman reply about furloughs, only the surgeons can authorize VA Senate Chamber C.S.A. Richmond, VA 4 October 1862 5084 42 284
 Thomas J. Beard Letter to Messrs. J. H. Whitlock & Son request for news of his brothers, James H. and Edward Beard and the battle near Richmond, Virginia  Greensboro, AL 6 July 1862 5083 168 283
 Dick Letter to Mr. Wren mentioned: Dublin Station , Virginia and Tennessee Rail Road, Virginia Cavalry, 8th Regiment  Mercer Court House and Pulaski County, VA 22 January 1862 5083 13 283
 George L. Clough Letter to Mr. Ewers note about a picture  Auburn, NY 7 February 1862 5083 32 283
 William Hart Letter to Mr. Tallmadge  on the reverse: note written & signed, H. E. Tallmadge NY 7 February 1862 5083 34 283
 Lilly Martin Spencer Letter to Mr. Tallmadge thank you for payment of "Gossips"  Newark, NJ 6 February 1862 5083 29 283
 William H. Kennon Letter to Mr. Wrenn mentioned: Mr. Tyler's funeral, Burnside Expedition, one hundred vessels at Hatteras Inlet, the Yankees may take Newbern or Wilmington and march to Goldsboro but believe it is Norfolk they want, I have a double barreled gun  Raleigh, NC 22 January 1862 5083 10 283
 H. H. Carlton Letter to Officer in charge [Charles Richardson]   GA Legion 26 September 1862 5084 14 284
 R. H. Dickinson Letter to Paul mentioned: bank notes, N. Tinsley Pate, Michael Hart Estate, G. W. Yancey, Pattesons in New York, Samuel Riese, J. H. Crenshaw, Memphis, Tennessee, Richmond, Virginia, sugar, request for sale price of gold and silver 2. Memphis is worried about the safety of their city, it took three weeks to transport my sugar, L. E. Smith, Samuel has taken his negroes and moved to Louisiana, worried about Billy, Hiram and John on Roanoke Island, worried about the rail road New Orleans, LA & Mobile, AL ca. 1862 5084 118 284
 J. H. Cochran Letter to R. H. Dickinson request help for Cochran and T. A. G. Poulson's transfers to Hiram, Fred Carter refuses to release us, lists many reasons why Carter is not fit to be an officer  VA 1 October 1862 5084 30 284
 James H. Burton Letter to R. S. Archer mentioned: a buggy and harness in Richmond, scarce hands for my operation  Confederate States Armory, Macon, GA 25 August 1862 5083 202 283
 Thomas W, Meriwether Letter to Robert R. Howison mentioned: brother, Charles J. Meriwether, federal compact, late Constitution, Greeks, Mr. Webster, Hugh Maxwell of New York  Albemarle County, VA 5 May 1862 5083 123 283
 Joseph Joseph Finegan Letter to Samuel Cooper exchange of prisoner, T. R. Bonds of Capt. John Gee's Company captured on Santa Rosa Island in the Autumn of 1861  Tallahassee, FL 2 September 1862 5084 2 284
 William T. Robins Letter to Samuel Cooper Robin's application to be placed in the Regular Army of the Confederate States   ca. 1862 5084 141 284
 Thomas Jonathon Jackson Letter to Samuel Cooper recommendation to promote Colonel William Jackson to Brig. General, he served with me as volunteer in the Battles of Port Republic, Cold Harbor, White Oak Swamp, Malvern Hill, Cedar Run, Harper's Ferry and Shepherdsburg   5 November 1862 5084 68 284
 Hilary P. Jones Letter to Stapleton Crutchfield letter about readiness of two companies, Army of Northern Virginia  Artillery Camp, near White Hall 14 October 1862 5084 56 284
 Albert Bierstadt Letter to Tallmadge receipt for $298.50 for a painting  NY 14 February 1862 5083 50 283
 George Loring Brown Letter to Tallmadge Ewers mentioned: his paintings of large Niagara and White Mountain, an Exhibition  NY 6 March 1862 5083 86 283
 John A. Williamson Letter to Tallmadge Ewers mentioned: his paintings  Brooklyn, NY 12 February 1862 5083 45 283
 Thomas W. Whittredge Letter to Tallmadge Ewers mentioned: his paintings  NY 12 February 1862 5083 42 283
 Alexander Wist Letter to Tallmadge Ewers receipt for $200 and an invitation to his studio  NY 12 February 1862 5083 48 283
 William L. Sontag Letter to Tallmadge Ewers of Buffalo, New York mentioned: receipt for $50  NY 12 February 1862 5083 39 283
 J. L. Archer Letter to Thomas C. Howard of Scottsville, Virginia mentioned: business arrangements for rent of Mrs. Mary Forloines and Mrs. Burnett, Aunt Jane and Miss Lucy, three hundred Yankees are in Goochland and may try to burn Bellona tonight, reports that Billy Wooldridge was captured  Bellona Arsenal, VA 3 March 1862 5083 78 283
 L. E. Savage Letter to Thomas J. Jackson mentioned: he is being held prisoner and he is from New York, Gomez Submarine fuse, Washington City, Major Barnard, John Dahlgren  Waynesboro, VA 7 June 1862 5083 140 283
 Frances H. Smith Letter to Thomas J. Jackson offer to have the Corps of Cadets help at Staunton to protect the Valley  VA Military Institute, Lexington, VA 9 April 1862 5083 108 283
 William H. Seward Letter to Thomas N. Carr a thank you note  Department of State, Washington, DC 23 April 1862 5083 111 283
 John C. Rutherford Letter to Thompkins Brothers request for rate of commission for flour, butter, potatoes & apples  Rock Castle, Goochland County, VA 10 December 1862 5084 90 284
 William W. Morrison Letter to W. B. Hughes mentioned: a check on the Confederate States for flour  Goldsboro, NC 3 May 1862 5083 120 283
 James Harris Letter to W. D. Thompkins & Company of Richmond, Virginia request to send items for threshing the wheat, Mr. Snoddy, Richmond, Virginia Confederate Stamps on the reverse of note VA 21 August 1862 5083 197 283
 Helen Coles Letter to William D. Tompkins & Brothers mentioned: fifteen barrels of apples, one for Col. John Rutherford; ten barrels of fruit, apples, potatoes and onions  Carter's Bridge, Albemarle County, VA ca. 1862 5084 113 284
 Arthur Lee Brent Letter to William D. Tompkins & Brothers of Richmond, Virginia request for six really good green hides, deduct from the sales of Hay sent down by the Golden Rule  Bremo Bluff, VA 28 April 1862 5083 113 283
 Charles Richardson Letter to William N. Pendleton Captain Millege reports that you are unhappy with me, please explain, my best horses have been turned over  Richmond, VA ca. 1862 5084 137 284
 Civil War, Prisoners and Prisons List of Officers & Privates, 1st Indiana Volunteers & 66th Ohio Volunteers taken prisoner at Port Republic, Virginia, June 9, 1862  many names listed Port Republic, VA 9 June 1862 5083 143 283
 Charles T. Mason List of slaves employed in changes of the fortifications on Jamestown Island list of slave owners: Col. Hite Carter, W. A. Harrison, W. M. Harrison, D. Walker Haxall, Capt. William Allen, Richard Baylor, E. Young, Mrs. Sarah Colman  Charles City County, VA 31 January 1862 5083 19 283
 Virginia Counties List of Slaves that have escaped to the enemy, between the ages of 18 & 45   VA ca. 1862 5084 144 284
 Alabama Infantry, 9th Regiment Muster Rolls Captain Gaines C. Smith   1862-1864 5084 173 284
 New Haven, Connecticut Selectmen Notice to Mr. Roland Hill to appear for a draft   New Haven, CT 3 September 1862 5084 7 284
 Margaret J. Preston Obituary of William C. Preston who fell at the 2nd Battle of Bull Run, 29 August 1862 mentioned: Liberty Hall Volunteers, Virginia Military Cadets, Battle of Cedar Run, General Jackson, Captain Hugh A. White  Rockbridge County, VA ca. September 1862 5084 19 284
 Y. L. S. Snead Order to Alfred L. Rives order for hardware  Jamestown Island 4 April 1862 5083 99 283
 Montgomery C. Meigs Order to Captain W. J. Downing order to supply horses to Battery in Wheeling  Washington, DC 2 September 1862 5084 5 284
 John J. Clarke Order to Messrs. Bridgforth & Company Order for cement for the Richmond, Virginia Defenses includes the order and the reply Richmond, VA 2 January 1862 5083 2 283
 William N. Pendleton Orders to Major Charles Richardson near Winchester mentioned: Major Page  Leesburg, VA ca. 1862 5084 132 284
 Marsena R. Patrick Parole for Private E. M. White, 28th Regiment of North Carolina, prisoner of war Army of the Potomac  Washington, DC 14 December 1862 5084 93 284
 Fauquier and Loudoun Counties, Virginia Petition to the Confederate States regarding confederate currency mentioned: citizens selling crops to the enemy about 60 signatures VA ca. 1862 5084 146 284
 C.S.A. Army Quartermaster Department Provision returns from various companies Captain Marmaduke Johnson; Lt. A. D. Payne, Lee County; Carter M. Braxton, Captain Thomas B. Lee, near Bunker Hill; Captain Franklin F. Sterrett, Lt. James Cochran; R. G. Provost Marshall R. Armfield; Captain William Dabney   1862-1863 5084 149 284
 Gideon Welles, Navy Department Receipt to Henry Swift & Company of New York receipt of draft for $5000; draft for $8000  Washington, DC 1862-1863 5084 161 284
 Cary C. Cocke Receipt to Messrs. William D. Thompkins shipped by the "Mary Kirk" fifty bales of clover hay and forty-seven bales of oats, Mr. Hughes has the weight  Bremo, VA 10 December 1862 5084 96 284
 C.S. A. Army of New Mexico, Quartermaster Department Receipts for articles supplied by Messrs. Elsberg & Amberg signatures of Brig. Gen Henry Hopkins and Commander Sibley  Santa Fe, NM April 1862 5083 115 283
 Virginia Infantry 56th Regiment Regimental Reports on the Battle of Gaines' Mill 225 men in battle for two and half hours. Lt. Col. P. P. Slaughter severely wounded, one Lt. killed and three Captains wounded, June 27th; 108 men and 18 officers on June 30th fought for two hours, Captain T. Smith wounded, two men killed, one missing, Lt. J. W. Jones and private Royall Lockett deserve honorable mention signed Thomas D. Jeffress, Captain  27-30 June 1862 5083 162 283
 James M. Garnett Report on Ordinance train to Oscar Heinrichs    5 October 1862 5084 45 284
 Jubal A. Early, Ewell's Division Report to Elisha F. Paxton report on the condition of the batteries   21 October 1862 5084 35 284
 James Wallace & William M. Boone Report to Henry Hayes Lockwood Report of a commission appointed to take testimony in connection with the "sentence passed on certain backs of the county" testimony from: George Bell, Mrs. Maria Godwin, Camp Huger, Eldred R. Hall, John H. Floyd, Michael Underhill, Benjamin Nottingham Northampton County, VA 30 July 1862 5083 177 283
 R. C.[ Macucurds] Request for transfer to Light Artillery to "Dear Captain" mentioned: Col. Davidson, the Governor, Richmond, Winchester  Manassas, VA 20 February 1862 5083 61 283
 William J. Pegram Requisition for artillery horses approved by Thomas Jonathon Jackson, Camp Bunker Hill, Purcell Battery, Army has crossed the Potomac and I left our horses and two guns, General Pendleton on the reverse: note by Reuben Lindsay Walker VA 3 October 1862 5084 39 284
 Virginia Light Artillery, Captain Carrington's Battery Requisition for Ordnance   Ashland, VA 26 June 1862 5083 159 283
 H. M. Graves Requisition for subsistence stores and nails for Fort Boykin to: Capt. S.C. Elliot mentioned: Mr. Southall signed by Brig. Gen. R. E. Cols. 10 Fort Boykin, VA February-March 1862 5083 72 283
 John A. M. Lusk Requisition to Stapleton Crutchfield   Camp near Gordonsville, VA 2 October 1862 5084 33 284
 Robert Tansill Roll of conscripts of 2nd Regiment Virginia Heavy Artillery to William R. Barwell mentioned: Companies "B" & "H"; list of 89 conscripts Lt. James Ellett, Capt. R. B. Heath Guineas Station, NC & Milford Station 20-24 May 1862 5083 120 283
 John Withers Special Orders Captains: S. Taylor Martin, John L. Eubank, S. H. Webb and James V. Brooks, Virginia Light Artillery under Major F. Boggs; Henry Hudnall; Captains B. K. Pullen, A. Ballentine, Cavalry, 5th Battalion Virginia Volunteers disbanded and will be enrolled in the 53rd Virginia Regiment Volunteers  Richmond, VA, and TN 1862-1863 5084 166 284
 C.S.A. Taxation Various forms & returns Thomas Smyth to the City of Petersburg; Bedford County, William H. Smoot, John Davis, Jr.; County of Middlesex, William Blackburn, City of Richmond, Cornelius Smith, James Powell, James Hunter  VA ca. 1862-1864 5084 184 284
 C.S.A. Engineer Vouchers for Hire of Hands, Hauling John Van Pelt, John Pegram, Frances Palmer, William G. Evans, General Elisha Strong. General Bragg  Tupelo, MS June 19-July 17, 1862 5083 153 283
 Sherman Application of a charter for Election District Number 1 for the town of New Hartford to Oliver T. Beard mentioned: Mr. Bruce of Onondaga District, D. A. Crane of the Holland Patent  Utica, NY 10 October 1863 5086 31 286
 Tardy & Williams, et al Article of agreement between Tardy and Williams, Alfred Moses and George Davis, George Hart in the amount of one hundred thousand dollars  Richmond, VA 26 March 1863 5085 55 285
 C.S.A. Army Blank parole forms    ca. 1863 5086 101 286
 C. S. A. Treasury Department Certificate to Samuel Norwood certificate stating amount of pay due to J. C. Norwood, deceased of Wiggintons's Company, 48th Regiment, Alabama Volunteers   27 October 1863 5086 37 286
  Certificates testifying as to the age of Tazewell U. Jones mentioned: Robert Rose, George W. Jones; Mrs. Dianna Jones of King and Queen County, mother of Tazewell; William and Dianna Jones parents of George W. Jones born 17 June 1819, Mary Ann Jones born 22 September 1820, Tazewell U. Jones born 13 October 1822 signatures of: Thomas W. Lewis, Thomas Latane. John H. Watkins, R. H. Bagley Essex and King and Queen Counties, VA ca. 1863 5086 107 286
 O. C. Sparkes, Macon, Georgia Deed of sale to W. H. Savage Rose Hill Cemetery  Macon, GA 22 September 1863 5086 11 286
 Pennsylvania Cavalry 3rd Regiment Volunteers Company "C" Descriptive list & account of Pay and clothing, Captain Cyrus S. Haldeman John Murphy's list  Philadelphia, PA 10 August 1863 5085 122 285
 George K. Griggs Detailed report for the 38th Virginia (Barton's Brigade) on Newbern Expedition after the death of General Armstead at Gettysburg, Petersburg, Virginia to Kinston, North Carolina Pickett's Division, Colonel Joseph R. Cabell NC 1 February 1863 5085 22 285
 U. S. Army Carver Hospital Discharge Paper discharge form for H. F. Bartlett, Co. C, 3rd Regiment, PA Cavalry by O. A. Judson, surgeon  Washington, DC 12 January 1863 5085 8 285
 James E. B. Stuart General Order # 27, commending the gallant resistance of Hampton's Brigade    6 August 1863 5085 116 285
 John Echols General Order Number 68 regarding the duties of Cavalry Pickets detailed instructions and responsibilities of Pickets by the order of Brig. Gen. Echols, R. H. Catlett, A.A.G Lewisburg 8 December 1863 5086 56 286
 Michael Middleton Invitation to "Sir" invitation to the Association of Army and Surgeons at the Richmond Medical College, President L. P. Moore's questions  Richmond, VA 25 August 1863 5085 129 285
 Kate H. Breckenridge Letter to Commandant request about releasing a prisoner in Richmond, William Forester, Surgeon, 5th Kentucky Cavalry who is in ill health  Louisville, KY 3 December 1863 5086 50 286
 C. L. Upshur Letter to "Capt" "excuse me for going off to Richmond" approve and forward my expenses to the Richmond House, W.J. Corbell   ca. 1863 5086 104 286
 J. L. Cochran Letter to "Colonel" note referring to the possible loss of previous telegrams, Rev. Tinsley will deliver this one, we need you for court cases  Taylorsville, VA 9 May 1863 5085 97 285
 E. P. Morris Letter to "Dear Captain" mentions: the Army of Northern Virginia, an explanation about providing a substitute; " I am an Orphan, with but very little property and have a young and only sister to educate"  Bowling Green, VA 1 April 1863 5085 58 285
 Emily Virginia Mason Letter to "Dear Cousin" mentioned: "Flag or Truce" my niece says her husband, Col. Wright will do everything possible for your brother to ameliorate his condition as a prisoner, Dr. Mott will come through Richmond, Lt. Ellsey   16 February 1863 5085 34 285
 Edward ? 1st Regiment Virginia Artillery, General Ewell's Camp Letter to "Dear Father" mentioned: Winchester, Bunker Hill, wagons loaded with ordnance, Battle of Gettysburg, Pickett, Hagerstown, Maryland, prisoners  Williamsport, PA 11 July 1863 5085 107 285
 L. B. H. Letter to "Dear Father" mentioned: soldier's letter home, lost all his clothes, A.C. Porter mortally wounded, Pendleton and Maupin killed and Capt. Brown badly wounded, we have had large losses  Hagerstown, MD 7 July 1863 5085 110 285
 [Garland] B. Hanes Letter to "Dear Sir" "we will take your daughter with pleasure," list cost of tuition  Buckingham Female Institute, VA 13 January 1863 5085 10 285
 John Letcher Letter to "Dear Sir" "I have no power to grant you the transfer you ask"  Richmond, VA 4 March 1863 5085 42 285
 Hiram Keeney Letter to "Friend John" mentioned: Evan Bennett, victory in Kentucky, John Keeney, brother to Jim enlisted in an Indiana Regiment  Potter, Yates County, NY 1 February 1863 5083 26 283
 Robert H. Scales Letter to "Mr. Hill mentioned: sale of beef purchased in the mountains of Virginia, purchase of pork from Dr. McCain of Georgia, Milton  Ingleside 8 December 1863 5086 53 286
 James B. Avirett Letter to "My dear cousin Balmain" mentioned: Richmond, Virginia, my sister Carrie, Aunt Fannie, a move to Alabama  Goldsboro, NC 4 April 1863 5085 61 285
 A. R. Blakey Letter to "My dear Cousin"   Madison Court House, and Lexington, VA 1863-1864 5086 145 286
 Harry L. [Thorton] Letter to "My dear General" mentioned: Bakewell told me when in Richmond, Virginia that you were headed to Tallahassee, My mother has gone to California, my leave of 17 days will be in Mobile, I heard that that one of the Polk insulted Pollok B. Lee in the Bragg and Polk quarrel, the 32nd Alabama and the 58th Alabama have combined  Army of TN, Dalton, GA 27 December 1863 5086 77 286
 John I. Middleton Letter to "My dear Sir" mentioned: papers regarding the case of the Confederate Government against me and my brother, William, my father's estate, Mr. Pettigrew  Charleston, VA 23 January 1863 5085 12 285
 W.R.A. Letter to "My dearest Aunt" mentioned: deserters from the north, Rhode Island, because they have not been paid for 7 or 8 months. twelve Yankee officers came through from Columbia, Governor Vance visited us, report on the situation of the war water stained and bled through Goldsboro, NC 23 January 1863 5085 15 285
 John Henry Cochran, Richmond, Virginia Letter to "My Mother & Frank" "Should I die or be killed during this war, it is my desire" these items be given to Ianthe F. Dickinson  Augusta County, VA 26 August 1863 5085 131 285
 W. W. Clark Letter to ?   House of Representatives, Washington, DC 9 February 1863 5085 30 285
 John Blane Letter to ? mentioned: Tazewell W. Jones brought a certificate stating he was born March 22, 1825 and over the age of thirty-five making him too old for conscription   19 March 1863 5085 51 285
 Benjamin Park Letter to ? acceptance to lecture at a later date, Harvey Rice  Fort Washington, MD 17 December 1863 5086 64 286
 Thomas S. Hardee Letter to Alexander R. Lawton introduction of Major James, recently ran the blockade, New Orleans, Jackson, and Mobile, and the Ohio River  LaGrange, GA 2 January 1863 5085 2 285
 Demy Wood Letter to Augustus A. Hughes mentioned: David W. Maupin's estate, Col. John I. Bowcocke, administrator has reason to believe you may hold a bond, County of Albemarle  Charlottesville, VA 28 February 1863 5085 39 285
 Cleveland Winslow Letter to Captain Gwynne please give Mr. Donahue Sutter, 5th New York Volunteers permission to bring for my own use one barrel of ale   22 December 1863 5086 75 286
 James H. Binford, conscript Office Letter to Captain W. C. Fleet, King and Queen County, Virginia instructions from Colonel Shields  Richmond, VA 6 April 1863 5085 67 285
 Richard B. Garnett Letter to Charles F. Linthicum an order to ascertain the ammunition in the cartridge boxes difficult to read  13 March 1863 5085 47 285
 Henry W. Williams Letter to Colonel ?, Commanding the 9th Louisiana Infantry account of prisoner exchange, E. E. Smith  Enterprise, MS 31 December 1863 5086 83 286
 Hutton Lee Letter to Colonel James L. Orr of Richmond, Virginia introduction of Mr. Henry Hart for the purpose of purchasing from the Navy Department the C.S.A. Steamer; "we understand the vessel is unfit for war purposes and we wish to use her to run the blockade"  Charleston, SC 23 April 1863 5085 75 285
 Augustus H. Garland Letter to Creed T. Davis   House of Representatives, Washington, DC 21 December 1863 5086 70 286
 T. G. Kennedy Letter to Dr. Winchell request for remarks about a conversation with Mr. Lively, Dr. Winchell said "were I Provost Marshall I would have Mr. "L" [Lincoln] in custody inside 20 minutes"  Wheeling, VA 1 February 1863 5085 25 285
 Edward S. Jones Letter to Edward M. Garrison: dishonorable discharge, Pennsylvania Cavalry, 3rd Regiment discharged at Camp near Fayetteville, Virginia, full physical description of Private Garrison born in Georgetown, District of Columbia, occupation, teamster  VA 15 November 1863 5086 45 286
 W. & W. S. Peters Letter to Elisha Jackson response to a request for hoop irons, charges about a piano, account for sale of wheat and corn  Richmond, VA 9 October 1863 5086 28 286
 Lars G. Sellstedt Letter to Ewer Tallmadge mentioned: need for pictures  Buffalo, NY 9 November 1863 5086 40 286
 J. G. Sperry Letter to F. T. Glasgow response from the conscription office about reporting to Fincastle  Botetourt County, VA 21 September 1863 5086 8 286
 William T. Chalkley Letter to G. Moxley Sorrel mentioned: endorsements, 18th VA Battalion, Heavy Artillery, request to release Private Richard Williams Company D from his sentence by General Court Marshall   28 April 1863 5085 84 285
 Camden Lewis Letter to G. W. Weekes "McDowell is too sick to answer your letter but says that he will have you transferred to North Carolina"  Richmond, VA 24 April 1863 5085 79 285
 John W. Atkinson Letter to George Burke Negro slaves for sale; purchase of slave, Tabby, for my wife at $1500  Richmond, VA 28 November 1863 5086 48 286
 T. C. Tuppin Letter to George W. Gilliam Your claim on the estate of S. H. [Lanin] for $5500; M. Power, administrator of the estate, proposes to pay in Confederate money  Jackson 22 March 1863 5085 54 285
 H. James Letter to Henry Hart "I arrived here safely and beat the "Antonica" by half an hour"  Nassau [S. S. Calypso] 25 April 1863 5085 81 285
 J. M. Seixas Letter to Henry Hart, Nickerson's Hotel, Columbus, South Carolina request for cotton  Wilmington, NC 22 August 1863 5085 127 285
 J. C. Smith et al Letter to Horatio Seymour request for the appointment of William A. Rice as Notary Public  Albany, NY 14 April 1863 5085 71 285
 William A. Howard Letter to J. M. Edmunds trip to New York to speak  Detroit, MI 8 October 1863 5086 26 286
 Jones & Miller Letter to J. P. Morton mentioned: barrel of whiskey  Lynchburg, VA 4 August 1863 5085 113 285
 Y. C. Marley Letter to James H. Staley South Carolina, Rutledge Mounted Rifles & Horse Artillery   SC 5 October 1863 5086 24 286
 E. T Campbell Letter to James M. Hullen, of Redbone, Mississippi mentioned: Camp Posey, Rapadam River, Germana Ford, John Hildebrand, Mahones Brigade, Fredericksburg, rifle pits, Chancellorsville, Tom Clark, Stonewall Jackson's death by one of our own, Marion Price wounded, Oscar Stevens wounded, Richard Weeman and Frank Anderson wounded, Co, "H" 48th Regiment, Mississippi Volunteers, description of battles and prisoners taken water marked Fredericksburg, VA 13 May 1863 5085 92 285
 Francis D. Irving Letter to John F. Palmore of Cartersville, Virginia mentioned: have agreed not to prosecute any claim of the Government to the wheat you bought of Mr. Merryman; you are required to present a certificate that you will use the wheat for your own use and not resale to Mr. Isbell, " I have seen Capt. Nichols"  Richmond, VA 9 December 1863 5086 59 286
 William S. Morris, President , Southern Telegraph Company Letter to John H. Reagan mentioned: the military and the Southern Telegraph is running low on paper, two large paper mills have burned, Judge R. Rose of Texas has agreed to find new paper supplies in Bermuda if permission is given to leave by a government vessel out of the port of Wilmington or Charleston with your permission permission given Richmond, VA 24 June 1863 5085 105 285
 Warwick & Barksdale Letter to John Letcher mentioned: Major John H. Claiborne, superfine flour, extra flour, wheat and barley, " our business has been reduced to about one seventh of what it was before the war, The government said that it will forcibly tale possession of the legitimate product of our mills, we lay our grievance before you to protect us from this open and flagrant violation of our rights"  Gallego Mills, Richmond, VA 4 March 1863 5085 44 285
 Robert B. Hilton Letter to John Prince mentioned: Mr. Prince is in the Winsor [Windson] Hospital faded Richmond, VA 12 February 1863 5085 32 285
 William T. Dortch Letter to K. W. Lanston mentioned: needing more information about his service records, but maybe able to "get you out of service"  Ballard Hotel, Richmond, VA 2 February 1863 5085 28 285
 G. Slack Letter to L. A. Hagans mentioned: original rolls of a Home Guard paid by me in Kanawha in 1862, C. W. Hill  Wheeling, WV 10 September 1863 5086 2 286
 Baron Palin Letter to L. Haskill mentioned: leaving St. Louis, concern about a bill in the legislature, Democratic coup, vote that would lead to defeat of either Butler or Lincoln  Sherman House Hotel, Chicago, IL 21 December 1863 5086 72 286
 M. Cooper Letter to L. W. mentioned: Richmond, Charleston, General Jamison, Gatewood House, Mr. Nims, Bessie, wants the family back together, it snowed nine inches, Willie, Mrs. Holmes, Peter and Jerry, money and clothes difficult to send  Woodlawn, Gaston County, NC ca. 1863 5086 90 286
 C. R. Skinker Letter to Lt. Col. Duncan mentioned: finding General Jones on the ground and our troops retreating, "I carried him off the field; Major White told me to rest as I was coughing up blood;" Dr. Bizzell; Johnson's Division, Ewell's Corps; John M. Preston 48th Virginia, Company K; enlisted in Richmond, Virginia Branch Station ca. 1863 5086 85 286
 E. W. Marshall Letter to Lt. John S. Fairley of Wilmington, North Carolina mentioned: steamship "Flora"  Charleston, VA 16 August 1863 5085 125 285
 S. Maupin Letter to M. Satterwhite Valentine opinion to a request about Kaolin, fire proof vessels, factory in Wylliesburg in Charlotte County, Virginia,, glass crucibles, superintendent of the factory, Mr. Darry is an Englishmen, proprietors: F. L. and L. T. Barnes, eight miles from the Roanoke Station  University of VA, Charlottesville, VA 14 September 1863 5086 5 286
 W. R. Brandriff Letter to Messrs. Brock, White & Company mentioned: Chemical Laboratory for the manufacture of extracts from indigenous plants, Blue Moss, ginseng, licorice, Dr. Cartman and Dr. Gallett, Dr. Johnston, describes his trip in detail from Richmond, Virginia to Arkansas, Dr. Brockenbough sends his regards  Arkadelphia, AR 7 May 1863 5085 89 285
 A.W.G. Davis Letter to Messrs. John Fraser & Company of Charleston, South Carolina requests and offer for his property in Greenbrier County, Virginia  Greenville, SC 17 March 1863 5085 49 285
 W. G. Atkinson Letter to Messrs. McFarland & Roberts, Attorneys at law mentioned: a contract from the National Fertilizer Company of New York, a robbery, Francis L. Smith, Richmond, Virginia, my address will be Chattanooga, Tennessee  Liberty, Bedford County, VA 6 April 1863 5085 64 285
 J. Crutcher Letter to Mrs. John H. Thomas of Baltimore, Maryland response to an inquiry about the whereabouts of Major Poore, Lt. T. A. Hatcher was with him when he was wounded at Gettysburg but I have found no word of him since. note on outside of letter to allow it to pass through lines by flag of truce Johnson's Island, OH 13 November 1863 5086 43 286
 M. W. Norfleet Letter to Nathaniel M. Norfleet mentioned: letter to his brother about conditions at Johnson's Island, good health but still recovering from his wounds, regards to sister Emma and Ella  Johnson's Island, OH 11 December 1863 5086 62 286
 Thomas J. Jackson Letter to R. E. Lee forgery   2 May 1863 5085 87 285
 William R. Claiborne Letter to Rebecca W. Roy "love letters" from a soldier also one letter from Rebecca Roy to Claiborne, 1863 VA 1863-1864 5086 124 286
 Captain John J. Mellon, Staff of General Beaugard Letter to Robert J. Kelly mentioned: Lawrence Kelly on board the Sloop "Palmetto State," is Mr. B. out of the Confederacy in Europe? And what is D. Thomas doing? Father Andrews of Richmond, Virginia  Charleston, SC 28 December 1863 5086 80 286
 Charles W. Russell Letter to Robert Ould mentioned: enclosed a letter from S. Lynn of Cumberland, Maryland inquiring about his brother David Lynn who is a prisoner at Fort McHenry  Mossingford, VA 23 June 1863 5085 103 285
 James W. Campbell Letter to Samuel Cooper introduction of Henry Hart  Charleston, SC 24 April 1863 5085 77 285
 William P. Miles Letter to T. R. Malone referred your letter to the medical department, Mr. Wright of Georgia  Richmond, VA 25 January 1863 5085 18 285
 William S. Haselton Letter to Tallmadge Ewers inquiry about the whereabouts of his large painting?  NY 12 April 1863 5085 69 285
 J. Hatley Norton Letter to Theodore O. Chestney discharge of Private M. O'Conner a member of Co. D detailed as a nurse, discharge signed by Captain B. J. Black endorsements by : William H. Pillow, John Wilder Atkinson, Thomas S. Rhett VA 4 January 1863 5085 5 285
 H. M. Lee Letter to Thomas J. Evans   Richmond, VA 29 January 1863 5085 20 285
 Floyd D. R. Jones, Senate Chamber Letter to Thomas N. Carr response to help Carr when he next sees Senator Cornell  Albany, NY 28 February 1863 5085 37 285
 Peachy R. Grattan Letter to William B. Stanard mentioned: sale of Cedar Point, payment of the debts due your father's estate  Richmond, VA 21 April 1863 5085 73 285
 Mrs. S. E. Mason Letter to William Ellzey worried about her nephew's welfare  Spring Bank, VA 17 December 1863 5086 67 286
 S. Maupin, University of Virginia Letter to William S. Morris mentioned: Professor Emmet discovered kaolin near the University, some clay found in Richmond, Virginia, behind John Caskie's former residence on Clay Street, porous silica, response to a request about fire clay  Charlottesville, VA 23 October 1863 5086 34 286
 Rebecca W. Roy Letters mentioned: The names of all the single gentlemen I became acquainted with while in New Glasgow, Amherst County, Virginia includes names: McGinnis, Claiborne, Hite, Hale, Little, Pendleton, Davis, Barber, Lynn, Lambert, Smith, Turner, Rose, Banks, Scott mentioned: Miss Beck, Miss Sallie Harris, Mr. Claiborne, Sallie Crawford, Mr. Shelton, style of clothing, lack of money, Juanita Lane, Mr. Lambert's engagement to Miss Wren, maple sugar, cakes, patterns for clothing various letters addressed to Miss Roy 1864-1893 Richmond, VA 1863-1866 5086 113 286
 M. Graham Ellzey Letters of an officer in the 8th Virginia Regiment to members of his family by E. V. Mason Walked from Middleburg to Warrenton, rode with Dr. Murray to Culpeper, "Fighting Joe", Fitz Lee, Grant, my boots were burnt, men from Loudoun, as surgeon reassigned to North Carolina, sister Alice in Middleburg, Cousin Kate Rowland, Will Harrison, Charley Ball, Mr. Bentley, Mr. Scott, former minister in King George is in Lynchburg, Dr. James McCarty, Major Mosby, Lucy Lewis, Col. Wright, Dr. Mott, Jake Fisher has taken the oath and joined the Yankees, Henry Bird Lewis is to be hung for the murder of Dr. Rose who married Kate Taliaferro, William Berry, Clay Wolfe, Thornton McKinney, Powell Grady, Cleve Coleman Virginia's epitaph: "Loaves and fishes" were the spoils for which democrats slew this state that lies moldering here in the sleep of political death" Lynchburg and Chaffin's Farm, Richmond, VA 1863-1865 5086 189 286
 Richmond Glass Manufacturing Company Misc. accounts, receipts, minutes of meetings of stockholders, etc. Directors: W. S. Morris, R. A. Lancaster, M. Jones, J. H. Montague, list of stockholders: Carrington, Crenshaw, Rose, Owen, Waller, Archer, Harrison, MacFarland, Wynne, Smith  Richmond, VA 1863-1864 5086 232 286
 C.S.A War Department Misc. passes A. Hart to Richmond; Miss L. K Hall to Farmville; Miss S. K. Hall to Hanover  VA ca. 1863 5086 95 286
 Southern Express Company Misc. receipts Jackson Miller, ten bales, J. B. Tinsley, two barrels, M. M. Mahon, one package of money, R. E. Rhodes, one bale Staunton, Virginia Petersburg, VA 1863-1864 5086 275 286
 U. S. War Department Paymaster General's Office Orders assigning various deputy paymasters to their several stations Major D. L. Eaton, Major J. S. Hersick, Major William H. Jameson, Major William A. Rucker, Major Charles Dodge, Major E. C. Morse, Major N. A. Tucker, Major Robert Dodge, Major William J. Martin, Major C. S. Underwood, Major Charles F. Wilson, Major S. V. Holliday signed by E. E. Paulding, B. W. Brice Washington, DC 1863-1865 5086 254 286
 Rock Island Prison Plans of the Barracks photograph of the Main Ave. enclosed John Smith Post Artist for Rock Island Prison IL ca. ca. 1863-1865 5090 127 290
 U. S. War Department Provost Marshall General's Office Printed circular, Number 5, James B. Fry method of official communications and dress of the Provost Marshall  Washington, DC 18 May 1863 5085 95 285
 Alabama Infantry, 48th Regiment Requisitions for forage for horses P. G. Brown, Surgeon, Capt. Captain Golightly, Lt. Col. W. M. Hardwick, Col. J. L. Sheffield   30 September 1863 5086 14 286
 J. C. Shields Special Order: to Lt. C. L. Upshur, Company "F" 9th Virginia Regiment   Richmond, VA 3 June 1863 5085 101 285
 Edward D. Townsend Special Orders Number 440, Assigning medical inspectors Lt. Colonel, A. C. Hamlin, U. S. Army  Washington DC 1 October 1863 5086 21 286
 C.S A. Army Quartermaster's Department Special Requisitions from various companies for stores for the Public Service mentioned: George W. Crane, R. P. Archer, Richard Gaine, Payton Wilson, 9th Virginia Regiment, J. Compton, B. S. Thompson, W. H. Maulden, C. R. Montgomery. J. R. Cringan, 53rd Virginia Regiment, R. B. Moon, C. H. Youngblood, Provost Guard, R. Ward, Mr. Meredith, M. Clark, Barton's Brigade, J. B. Hubbard, J. King, A. C. Latham, Brig. Gen. Pendleton, "Rescue Corps," Brig. Gen. Branch, J. L. Sheffield 48th Alabama, W. E. Breck, Surgeon, J. H. Hamilton, J. W. Dorsey, Thomas P. McCandlish, Cousin Kate Rowland, Will Harrison, Charley Ball, Mr. Bentley, Mr. Scott, former minister in King George is in Lynchburg, James McCarty, Major Mosby wagons, saddles, repairs, wheels, axles, ambulance, horses VA 1863-1864 5086 150 286
  Surgeon's report on treatment of a soldier wounded at Chancellorsville Alfred Odom, Company "C" 1st South Carolina Regiment   1 June 1863 5085 99 285
  Table of Ranges for three inch wrought iron gun, U. S. Rifle    7 August 1863 5085 119 285
 Henry Clark Affidavit relating to William Franklin Clark certifies that Henry Clark is the father of William Franklin Clark and that he is sixteen and has my consent to enlist  Jones County, GA 3 February 1864 5087 24 287
 Bacon Tait's release of real estate to Stephen B. Ives Bacon Tait's release of real estate to Stephen B. Ives Bacon Tait of Richmond, Virginia by Constance R. Tait, lawyer of Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts, release and forever Quit Claim to Stephen Ives the real estate in Salem on Cedar Street: full description of property B. 670, L. 158 Salem, MA 1 March 1864 5087 82 287
 Col. Thomas J. Evans Certificate for the loan of a horse 19th Regiment, Virginia Militia borrowed from Dr. Williams his horse and wagon to haul ordnances  headquarters in the field 4 June 1864 5087 120 287
 Confederate Quartermaster's Department Certificate of impressments and appraisement of a mule A. J. Hamilton, Elisha Jackson  Cumberland County, VA 4 March 1864 5087 58 287
 E. W. Carpenter Certificate of local special agent to Benjamin H. Woodworth of Roanoke Island by David Heaton, permit to transport $4000  New Bern, NC 9 January 1864 5087 6 287
 William W. Athey Certificate of the mustering inspector for the 17th Regiment Virginia Infantry Captain William B. Lynch's Company, Lt. Colonel G. Tyler  Howlett's House 1 September 1864 5088 2 288
 William G. Boykin Certificate regarding a stolen horse, 13th Virginia Cavalry received in Richmond, Virginia  Fort Gilmer, GA 1 December 1864 5088 102 288
  Certificates for Confederate Bonds Fleming Philips, E. J. Crenshaw, F. G. Taylor, Nathaniel C. Crenshaw, Thomas L. Jones, ? Bowles, J. H. Hankins   11-18 March 1864 5087 67 287
 M. Nelson Toler Christmas greetings letter to Aunt & Cousins mentioned: Fitz Lee, the Yankees, Northern Neck, killed sheep, King George County, the Hansfords all well, Clark and Jefferson Counties, Judge Thompson, Miss Carpenter, Miss Gregory from Alexandria Company "K" 6th Virginia Cavalry, Payne's Brigade Staunton, VA 21 December 1864 5088 141 288
 Walter H. Taylor and others Copies of endorsements on an application ; 9th Alabama , to hold an election A. H. Hays, General R. E. Lee, John B. Hodge, J. W. Tayloe, Headquarters of Northern Virginia   21 September-30 October 1864 5088 30 288
 Benjamin F. Ficklen Correspondence with Blanton Duncan et. al., concerning sales of cotton in England, blockade running mentioned: De La Rue, contract with Virginia, Hambleton, half a million confederate bonds, Wilmington, London, Virginia Military Institute, "Lady of Lyons" [captured coming in], Virginia Venture, Colin Campbell and sons, J. M. Seixas, City of Petersburg, your brother borrowed from my wife, England in 1863, Paris, Nassau, Bermuda, my father, Colonel W. W. Finney, Alabama, Senator Jameson, New York State, City of New York   1864-1865 5088 250 288
 W. Vance Thompson General Order #3 headquarters removed from Montgomery to Mobile  Mobile, AL 12 January 1864 5087 9 287
 Benjamin F. Butler General Orders #165 signed by Edward W. Smith  Army of the James in the field 8 December 1864 5088 120 288
 Jubal A. Early General Orders, Valley District mentioned: Colonel R. W. Carter of the 1st Regiment Virginia, Colonel R. B. Boston of the 5th Regiment Virginia, Court Martial very faded  November-December 1864 5088 94 288
 Mary V. Terhune Letter to "Darling Boy" [S. Horace Hawes] mentioned: your building scheme, consul of three: Mart, Mr. Terhune and me. Mr. Terhune is coming to Richmond; I expect Mother and Myrtle to return with Mr. Terhune mentioned: Rodes M., Mr. Terhune is headed to Schenectady as a delegate to our General Synod, Rob Bingham, study like you were in college, my babies are well, Baby Alice is fourteen months and looks like Myrtle, General Assembly in session here, Mr. Snyder, Dr. Jenkins who is Stonewall Jackson's father-in-law is going to see you Newark, NJ 1864-1865 5088 236 288
 Mary Agnes Letter to "Dear Brother Tom" mentioned: his exchange of prisoner, Ella Bassett, Mrs. Van Levi of Richmond, Virginia Clayborn, Capt. Edward Carter, please write after you reach "Dixie"  "Jersey" 25 August 1864 5087 162 287
 H. M. Bell Letter to "Dear Colonel" mentioned: quiet in the Valley, rumors of fighting near Richmond  Staunton, VA 2 March 1864 5087 56 287
 Capt. John W. Fenton Letter to "Dear LT" mentioned: a flag of truce to forward a letter from you wife, circumstances of your capture, buck Grove, completely exonerate you from all possible censure, suppose Bailey and Bath are with you, I take leave soon to head north hopefully you will be exchanged, Honstain got Avery's letter from Libby Prison by a "flag", Demleary was killed, Gearing wounded in the jaw, Lt. Ryan was shot through the body, Lt. Zinnette was killed  Bachelor's Creek, New Bern, NC 10 March 1864 5087 63 287
 J. Harman Brown Letter to "Dear Madam" $10 for a book, please send to this address: William Hull, care of Messrs. Hopkins, Baltimore  Baltimore, MD 17 August 1864 5087 157 287
 George W. Bagby Letter to "Dear Old Oman" mentioned: North Carolina  Macon, GA 24 July 1864 5087 141 287
 William B. Ball Letter to "Dear Sir" purchase of a slave named Harry for $2200  Midlothian, VA 3 December 1864 5088 105 288
 William A. Freret Letter to "My Dear General" mentioned: Boggs, Thomas Cunningham, Major Douglas is now the chief engineer, a Virginia gentleman, my friend, Miss Pollard personal letter Engineer Dept., Shreveport, LA ca. 1864 5088 194 288
 William F. Gray Letter to ? mentioned: Lt. Hill left on the Steamer, Port(os)ico, Mr. Sprange would like to know if Hill is a Confederate or Union, Mr. Preston is passing her by the name of Carter, I leave for England  Cadiz, Spain 3 January 1864 5087 2 287
 Richard T. Ellis Letter to ? mentioned: taking your application for the release of corn claimed by McAllison to court, the court decided that I was not to release the corn  Buckingham County, VA 10 May 1864 5087 102 287
 Melvin A. Martin Letter to ? mentioned: $5000 by express, lard and pork, getting it through in small packages, horses and wagons  Chesterfield, VA 29 December 1864 5088 146 288
 Millard Fillmore Letter to A. T. Goodman "I have no hope of a restoration of the Union or a cessation of the war" "I am for a change of administration" Buffalo, NY 24 August 1864 5087 160 287
 Nathaniel P. Banks Letter to Abraham Lincoln letter of recommendation for Lt. Col. David H., Strother; lists full service record for Strother  Washington, DC 1 December 1864 5088 99 288
 Samuel Breck Letter to Adjutant General's Office, War Department, Washington DC "the charge of desertion which has been made against Private Lyman Ball Company I 22nd Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers, has been removed"  Washington, DC 5 August 1864 5087 144 287
 E. H. Harris Letter to Alexander R. Lawton mentioned: movement of supplies: corn, sugar, bacon, lumber, and wood for the Army and the poor; limited use of rail cars, the road (rail) has stopped the Sunday freight car  Montgomery, AL 20 June 1864 5087 125 287
 J. b. Ripley Letter to Bill ? Of Richmond, Virginia to my friend, my appointment to Paymaster D.C. Seymour C. S. Navy, is better that in the office of Tax Assessor, my pay is $500 per annum  Savannah, GA 15 June 1864 5087 122 287
 J. Hilton Scribner Letter to Col. O. T. Brown "I must have someone to go to Yonkers on the 4pm train, if not you, perhaps our friend Goddard"?  NY 13 May 1864 5087 109 287
 Charles J. [Munnerlyn] Letter to Dr. Chambliss request to transfer [McDonald] to a hospital in Georgia  Richmond, VA 11 May 1864 5087 107 287
 Wendell P. Garrison Letter to E. A. Stredwell mentioned: Mr. Thompson  Boston, MA 5 January 1864 5087 4 287
 B. D. Christian Letter to Edmund R. Meanly of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Mr. E. Ball, Dr. Crump. the Salt agency of the county  New Kent, VA 17 September 1864 5088 24 288
 J. Stamper Letter to Edmund R. Meanly of Richmond, Virginia remarks about a debt  New Kent, VA 5 September 1864 5088 7 288
 Charles Ingersoll Letter to Franklin H. Churchill remarks about meeting in New York and a speech to his fellow citizens  Philadelphia, PA 1864-1865 5088 246 288
 George S. Hillard Letter to Franklin H. Churchill regrets about attending the Democratic Union of Association in New York, "my earnest hope that General McClellan maybe chosen president"  Boston, MA 7 October 1864 5088 44 288
 George T. Curtis Letter to Franklin H. Churchill "I will wait at 24 West 22nd Street"  NY ca. 1864 5088 188 288
 Charles P. Daly Letter to Franklin H. Churchill response to invitation; "I have just engaged to speak in conjunction with Mr. Van Buren"   27 October 1864 5088 63 288
 Caleb A. Cushing Letter to Franklin H. Churchill regret that he will not attend the mass meeting in New York at Union Square  Newburyport, MA 21 September 1864 5088 27 288
 Richard O'Gorman Letter to Franklin H. Churchill acceptance to speak before the Democratic Union Association  New York, NY 28 October 1864 5088 65 288
 George F. Comstock Letter to Franklin H. Churchill preference not to speak in New York unless commanded  Syracuse, NY 27 October 1864 5088 61 288
 Millard Fillmore Letter to Franklin H. Churchill remarks about publishing Fillmore's letter  Buffalo, NY 16 September 1864 5088 22 288
 Richard T. Merrick Letter to Franklin H. Churchill mentioned: mass meeting of the democracy in New York at Union Square  Springfield 7 September 1864 5088 13 288
 Theodore Cuyler Letter to Franklin H. Churchill mentioned: mass meeting in New York at Union Square  Philadelphia, PA 6 September 1864 5088 10 288
 William Duer Letter to Franklin H. Churchill acceptance of invitation to speak before the Democratic Union  New Brighton, NY 29 October 1864 5088 69 288
 Francis Kernan Letter to Franklin H. Churchill, Chairman mentioned: Missouri, mass meeting of the democracy in New York at Union Square  Utica, NY 10 September 1864 5088 16 288
 John Charles Fremont and Jessie Benton Fremont Letter to Fredrick Kapp a dinner invitation to meet Mr. Thompson  NY 1 March 1864 5087 54 287
 Charles Y. Morris et. al. Letter to George Rives mentioned: Mr. Starke of the James River Packet Company, E. R. Watson, impressing of corn some very faded  6-22 December 1864 5088 108 288
 J. R. McCann Letter to Henry S. Foote, Richmond, Virginia "tell your friend, Ould" to parole a Federal Major and send him North to effect an exchange for me," I am in poor haalth flag of truce Johnson Island Military Prison, OH 31 October 1864 5088 71 288
 William B. McGruder Letter to Hughes, Sutton and Brothers mentioned: New York, Richmond, Wilmington, extends his congratulations to the people of Richmond for their overthrow of Grant, Butler and Smith  Gaston County, NC 10 May 1864 5087 104 287
 W. G. Nelms Letter to J. W. Rison of Richmond, Virginia request to find work for boy, George, bearer of this note who belonged to Mr. Wilson of my company who was killed; I want to send Col. Green's boy as well, we have more servants than we have use for, our sick and wounded are sent to Howard Green Hospital  Petersburg, VA 21 July 1864 5087 133 287
 Frederick R. Scott Letter to James ? mentioned: North Carolina bonds, sell better in London, English horses, sterling, gold, John went to Danville, Mr. Branch, sugar  Petersburg, VA ca. 1864 5088 227 288
 Lucius B. Northrop Letter to James A. Seddon mentioned: Thomas L. Bayne, corn, France, import of meats. A blow when we lost Tennessee, supplies from our own county secured by agents crossing military lines, Mr. Trenholm indicated his plan of aiding the currency by placing cotton abroad commanding sterling exchange, one million pounds of coffee for barter, meat and corn  Richmond, VA, Subsistence Department 20 December 1864 5088 125 288
 Richard T. Ellis Letter to James W. Allison response to a request for supplies, over 500 persons in the county are families of our soldiers and their hardships are great, and I will not permit any supplies to leave the county  Buckingham County, VA 23 March 1864 5087 80 287
 Reuben L. Walker Letter to John H. Chamberlayne mentioned: under medical treatment, Captain Braxton, Mr. Woodson Major General A. P. Hill, Caroline County, Virginia Chesterfield, VA 31 December 1864 5088 149 288
 J. C. Howard Letter to John J Noble mentioned: Cotton delivered at Columbus, Georgia, fence to keep the cattle from eating the cotton  Montgomery, AL 22 December 1864 5088 135 288
 J. H. Paull Letter to John J. Noble mentioned: cotton, Columbus, Georgia  Montgomery, AL 22 December 1864 5088 138 288
 Alexander W. Reynolds Letter to John J. Reeve mentioned: Capt's George Washington, Finley, Harper, Company H. 38th North Carolina were on picket duty at Dug Gap on the 17th Endorsements  19 March 1864 5087 74 287
 James H. Duncan Letter to John W. Risen received my watch today and was not aware it needed repair; 16th Mississippi Regiment C.O. Wilkins, "small box of clothing to keep for us until next winter should we live" MS River 1864-1865 5088 232 288
 John McMullin Letter to John W. Rison too faint to read  Camp near Pisgah Church 5-8 April 1864 5087 88 287
 Lewis W. Burwell Letter to John W. Rison and "Dear Friend" mentioned: I am wounded and in the hospital, letter form Captain Weisiger, Amelia Court house that reports he shipped the flour to you, did you get it? two letters, April 27, 1864 and June 3, 1864 Mt. Crawford & General Hospital, Staunton, VA ca. 1864 5088 160 288
 F. Willis, Signal Corps Letter to Joseph Manigault request to spend a few days with his brother from the Army of Northern Virginia who he hasn’t seen for seven years, Mr. Bacon is willing and qualified to perform my duties Brig. General Mercer Rosedon, GA 25 January 1864 5087 19 287
 Campbell McDermot Letter to L. A. Hagan inquiry about monies owed, against the dept. of Militia contractor  Wheeling, WV 23 April 1864 5087 95 287
 T. C. Howard Letter to Lt. Robert T. Brooke request for furlough to go to Albemarle County 1st Regiment Reserve Forces Richmond, VA 4 July 1864 5087 128 287
 S. Bassett French Letter to Lucius B. Northrop mentioned: only fifteen days supply of meat in Richmond for General Lee's Army, the "Impressments Act," "In North Carolina our receipts are insignificant; and in Georgia and Alabama we are unable to purchase corn for want of money; in Virginia the meat supply has been exhausted" low supply of wheat  Richmond, VA 15 September 1864 5088 19 288
 David L. Seymour Letter to Luke F. Cozans accepts an initiation to address the Democratic Union in New York  Troy, NY 15 October 1864 5088 46 288
 James W. Wall Letter to Messrs. Churchill, Allen, et. al. mentioned: McClellan, meeting in New York at Union Station  Burlington, NJ 1 September 1864 5088 4 288
 W. Tudor Tucker Letter to Messrs. Hill & Norfleet mentioned: last mail from England, letters form W. L. Hill to forward to you, " in one to me, he mentions that he has written to you to send some hundred million Confederate Bonds to him under my care; to invest what means I have in the Confederacy; not sure what to do, please advise?  Bermuda 23 May 1864 5087 114 287
 Arthur and Gardiner, Nassau Street, New York Letter to Messrs. Wood Brothers mentioned: suit against Buckley  NY 1 March 1864 5087 51 287
 Matthew Lee Murray Letter to Miss Sallie mentioned: Federal Soldiers taken prisoner in Luray. Virginia, Battle of Sharpsburg, Thaddeus Walker, took a liking to him, prisoner was a nephew of Ulric Dahlgren and perhaps a spy, gives a good physical description two letters," Dear Sister" mentioned: Helen, Mary Ann, Marylanders are courting the girls Ballard House, Richmond, VA 24 January 1864 5087 15 287
 Robert E. Rider Letter to Mr. Sutton very faded  Headquarters 2 May 1864 5087 100 287
 William L. Hill Letter to Nathaniel M. Norfleet of Richmond, Virginia C.S.A. finances, heard from Mrs. Williams, worried that Robins will be conscripted, the ship," Flora" sunk in mid ocean between Bermuda and Halifax, Nova Scotia, the "Presto" our company ship had a successful trip, confederate bonds, Mr. Morrison, consult with Palmer at W & P, tobacco, Nassau, we have lost three ships, Mr. Tucker, Mr. Reid, run the blockade  Lamington and London, England, and Paris, Geneva ca. 1864 5088 197 288
 John R. McDaniel Letter to P. T. Sutton mentioned: an infectious disease  Lynchburg, VA ca. 1864 5088 222 288
 R. A. Sutton Letter to R. H. Dickerson, cousin remarks about buying negroes, a visit to his family, please tell cousin Iantha to write to me in care of General Coalston's Brigade  Savannah, GA 26 February 1864 5087 48 287
 A. Stiff Letter to R. H. Dickinson of Bath negroes for sale, Mr. Bagby, girl, Emaline   29 August 1864 5087 164 287
 John R. Sutton Letter to R. H. Dickinson of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Mr. Griswold, $9000 to purchase negroes, West Point, Virginia, $10,000 in corn, Gun Boats up the river and are afraid to turn around, Messrs. Waller and Company  Plain View, King and Queen County, VA 8 March 1864 5087 60 287
 Thomas S. Ashe Letter to R. J. Flake response to a request for furlough, controlled by laws and rules, go before the Board of Surgeons  Richmond, VA 9 February 1864 5087 31 287
 William Fontaine Letter to R. J. Foster mentioned: packet is not running, will not get to Richmond Soon, deposit what amount you choose to the Farmers Bank of Virginia, remarks about assuming a note  Goochland County, VA 20 April 1864 5087 92 287
 Francis W. Smith Letter to Robert K. Hudgins an order for two, ten inch ?  Drewry's Bluff, Chesterfield County, VA 24 May 1864 5087 117 287
 N. C. Munroe Letter to Sadie M. Lewis mentioned: her loneliness with William absent, excitement bout the Yankee Army near Richmond, Uncle Varner, Mr. Hutton was in Liverpool and tried to see your sister, many people are sick, Mrs. Neely lost her only child to Scarlet Fever and Dr. Smith's two children may have it as well, Anna Tyler Sadie is Munroe's daughter Sylvan Lodge 23 April 1864 5087 97 287
 William Henry Chase Whiting Letter to Samuel Cooper of Richmond, Virginia forwarding correspondence of General James G. Martin regarding the recent attempt upon New Bern; a five page full report from General James G. Martin to Major G. H. White from Wilmington, North Carolina, February 12th, 1864; mentioned: Col Jackson, Capt. Paris, General Barton, Lt. Muse, Capt, Harris, Capt. Biggs, Capt. Stark, Lt. Col. Jeffords. Block House, Newport Barracks, Morehead City, march of over two hundred and forty miles included a copy of General R. E. Lee's instructions; a copy, includes 16 notes back and forth between Confederate Generals Wilmington, NC 16 February 1864 5087 33 287
 McFarland & Howard Letter to Sarah A. Robinson mentioned: court case to settle doubtful points of your father's will and distribution of his estate, we need specific instruction from you, your sons and daughter, difference between species then and confederate money now, annuities  Richmond, VA 18 November 1864 5088 91 288
 Douglas Walworth Letter to Surgeon Henry Stone, U. S. Navy mentioned: long cut off from communication, want to hear from Natchez and Mobile and find a way to send letters to my family, over four months since hearing from my family, Longstreet's Infantry, Mrs. Cartwright, my daughter, I am a General of the Calvary  East TN 19 January 1864 5087 11 287
 Ely McClellan, Assistant Surgeon Letter to U. S. Marshall, District of Eastern Virginia mentioned: response about the Mallory owned by the said Mallory now in the army against the U. S., Major General John A. Dix U. S. Army Hospitals, Mallery House Hampton, VA 5 February 1864 5087 27 287
 James Stewart Letter to William Russell: Report on the lines of the 18th Army Corps  9th New York Volunteers, Army of the James Headquarters 1st Brigade, 2nd Division 6 August 1864 5087 147 287
 John H. Reagan Letter to William S. Morris, President of the Southern Telegraph Companies remarks about the transfer of the government line of telegraph from Selma, Alabama to Rome, Georgia and reimbursement of the government expenditures already incurred  Richmond, VA 17 October 1864 5088 49 288
 C. G. Baylor, Direct Trade Commissioner of the State of Georgia to Europe Letter to William Smith mentioned: the formation of a bond of alliance between the cotton and tobacco states of America and Continental Europe against England, Georgia and Virginia  Richmond, VA 8 February 1864 5087 29 287
 Daris W. Murphy. Lt. 13th New York Artillery List of reports transmitted to R. C. Webster, Fort Monroe copies not included  Ft. Hazlett, VA 6 November 1864 5088 86 288
 New York Infantry, 101 Regiment, company "F" Muster in roll, John T. Sprague Col. Enrico Fardella mentioned: Samuel Fair, H. B. Johnson, Capt. W. C. Allen, Capt. T. McCarty, F. L. Larned NY 13 August 1864 5087 152 287
 U. S. A. Army Detachment of Virginia Volunteers, Loudoun Rangers Muster Roll of Recruits enlisted Harper's Ferry, Captain James W. Grubb. William D. Freece, Montgomery, Maryland; Lewis B. Harding, Loudoun County, Virginia; William C. Bant of Monroe County, New York; physical descriptions, bounty paid Lt. Pilcher  Point of Rocks, MD 21 December 1864 5088 130 288
 Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, Provost Guard Muster Roll of William B. Mallory's Company at Charlottesville list of many names with remarks very faded VA 31 October 1864 5088 74 288
 J. H. Carrington, Provost Marshall Pass to N. P. Howard   Richmond, VA 6 October 1864 5088 42 288
 Virginia Buckingham County neighbors & patrons of Barbers Mills Petition to James Alexander Siddons, Secretary of War mentioned: that R. L. Baber be detailed or exempted: signed Brown, Venable and Company of Howardsville, Virginia, Gov't Contractors. Baber runs the local saw mill and provides food for the families of soldiers, if called, the saw mill shut down 31 signatures: Jones, Agee, Bolling, Layne, Hamnes, Smith, Maxey, Norvell, Farrar, Moore, Brown, Harris, Baber, Tapscott, Duncan, Gantt Buckingham County, VA 19 May 1864 5087 111 287
 William Thompson Power of attorney to Edgar Fitz to represent me for the full amount due me by the Virginia Central Railroad Company for wood and cross ties witnessed: S. C. Salley, W. W. Harris VA 2 November 1864 5088 83 288
 Consul of France at Richmond Virginia Protest against Confederate Claims in tobacco  signed Alfred Paul Richmond, VA 15 December 1864 5088 123 288
 Virginia Military Institute Quarterly Report of Cadet J. C. Howard  grades, deposits, and demerits for Cadet Howard  Lexington, VA 1 April 1864 5087 85 287
 William F. Garnett Receipts to James M. G. Dickinson soldiers' pay  VA 11 November-31 December 1864 5088 88 288
 Addison Harvey Report of Harvey's scouts during the recent raid to his Colonel mentioned: Meridian, Mississippi, Black River, Brownsville and Clinton road, marched to Edward's defense, Pearl Run, "I was ordered by General Lee to go to Enterprise and report to him every movement made by the enemy south of Meridian" my losses: James Benfore killed, John Graham killed, Thomas Field killed, R. Stancile wounded, Trindle captured, Pene captured  Lexington, MS 22 March 1864 5087 77 287
 U. S. Army Quartermaster, Major George J. Carney and Captain E. C. Becker Report of Persons & articles employed and hired in Virginia Charles Spencer; Daniel McClellan, Charles Palmer, H. C. Oliver, J. D. Kinsman Robert S. Waugh, Pleasant Gaines, John Hawkins, Albert Robinson, William Givens, William Harris, Robert Smith, Caleb Pointer, James Robinson, John Harrison, Kane Jordan, John Burwell, William Lee, Henry Cooper, Middleton Smith, George Washington, Washington Jones, William Hinton, Burwell Jones, Charles Lewis, Robert Geary, Joseph Bingham, Thomas Robinson, Rueben Butler, John Warren, Benjamin Harrison, John White, Elijah Lewis, William Taylor, John Charity, Benjamin Brockenbury, Samuel Watson, George Tyler, Benjamin Jones, Taswell Bassett, Abraham Taliver Norfolk, VA 1864-1865 5088 239 288
 James Lord Report of Persons and Articles employed on the Eastern Shore of Virginia mentioned: Thomas Lord, M. B. Jones, George Walker, William Moore, Abraham Nottingham, Edmund Arbuckle, , Marshall Parlor, George Wright, P. Coxton, Noah Walker, Henry Tabb, Moses Gardner, John Bagwell, Joseph Upsure, Levi Wambough, Lena Smith, Eva Jones, William Chase, John McMullen, John R. Kelham, C. K. Bailey, Coleburn & Company, L. B. Nottingham very detailed Eastville, VA ca. September 1864 5088 33 288
 A. M. Braxton Report on military status since may 1861 mentioned: raising an Artillery company, known as Varina Artillery in 1861, etc. extensive reports and endorsements for A. M. Braxton 1861-1864 Richmond, VA ca. 1864 5088 152 288
 William H. Dameron Request for a commission for B. K. Pullen, native of Tennessee, with subsequent correspondence to Lucius B. Northrop surgeon's certificate of disability with a request to report to Major John S. Mellon Captain's commission for B. K. Pullen Meridian, MS 22 July 1864 5087 136 287
 C.S.A. Congress, House of Representatives Resolutions directing Secretary of the Treasury to report on certain expenses   Richmond, VA ca. 1864 5088 191 288
 New York Cavalry, 20th Regiment, Quartermaster, Lt. C. E. Zimmerman Roll of enlisted men employed on extra duty, Colonel N. B. Lord mentioned: Joseph A. Lewis, Harrison Lane, John Nobles, James Davis, Harrison Weldon, Ephraim Thompson, Byron M. Luther, Peter St. John. Myron Van Allen, George W. Dyke, George H. Thurston, Daniel Thornton, William Brown, William Kennedy, Alonzo Sprague, Daniel Shimel, Morgan Shimel, John Drochan, Thomas Coonan, Jacob Countyman  Camp Getty and Camp Deep Creek, VA September-November 1864 5088 36 288
 Jubal A. Early Special Order  very faded Headquarters, Northern District 2 November 1864 5088 81 288
 Christopher C. Augur Special Order #303 mentioned: Major Adam E. King detailed as a member of the General Court Martial signed by C. H. Raymond Washington, DC 7 December 1864 5088 117 288
 James Lawson Kemper Special Order for T. C. Howard   Richmond, VA 8 August 1864 5087 150 287
 John A. Andrews et. al. Testimonials for Captain William H. Crowell, "a worthy New England Shipmaster" S. Underwood signature of Massachusetts Governor Boston, MA 1 February 1864 5087 22 287
 Richmond, Williamsburg & Central Turnpike Toll rates Rate adopted by the Board  VA 20 July 1864 5087 130 287
 C. S. A. Army Quartermaster's Department Various accounts and receipts H. B. Wallis, bushels of corn; Capt. J. H. Hamilton, forty pairs of white cotton pants, Capt. Thomas Clark; J. A. Jones, eight hundred pounds of fodder,; R. P. Archer, one saddle and one bridle; W. B. Smith. Wagon parts; William E. Bird, mule shoes; salt, grease, horse shoes, Capt. Charles D. Hill, cash   ca. 1864 5088 164 288
  A list of 88 soldiers form various Regiments, charged with being A.W.O.L., also citizens for Harboring Deserters; names of a few Yankee Deserters are included T. M. Timberlake, J. S. Hulvey, John Terrell, J. Carter, W. Aisquith, E. Aisquith, C. N. Griggs, George. W. Robinson, C. G. Kaufman, J. K. Putman, Tom O'Neal, Jacob Andrews, W. F. Holliday, Joseph Ritenour, Harvey Coverstone, James S. Brown, Thomas Hillery, George Keller, Andrew Nicely, Isaac Nichols, W. D. Funk, Washington McIntuft, W. B. Sicklitel, J. S. Culler, Harvey Prayer, J. H. Nichols, N. Z. Bumgarner, Harrison S. Shank, Henry Vinds, Thomas Warren, E. S. Money, Joseph Iviosk, Harrison Cameron, G. N. Sibert, R. J. Mathis, William Deck, Matthew Hawkins, B. S. Fleming, Alpheus Cornwell. William Thorn, Peter Bell, J. D. Cullers, Thomas Redaciller, J. F. Rudaciller, James Leeth, W. M. Smith, John Blue, Charles E. Barnes, Robert R. Palmer, Joseph E. Coyle, Andrew Arthur, W. B. Lehers, A.S. Kibler, W. H. Kepler, A. M. Sibert, Reuben Aleshire, W. M. Martin, Isaac Keizer, David Haufman, Benjamin Haufman, Joseph Haufman, Harrison Housden, J. S. E. Van Meter, John Lucas, John Milton, Gideon Norman, James McCoy, Jacob Foltz, Thorton Burns, William Ramz, S. Thomas, James Park, John Park, Joseph Curbage, Robert Curbage, Samuel Norman, Thomas Curbage, H. H. Barker, G. L. Price, Rueben Kile, Thomas Price, W. A. Lamb, W. Walker, H. J. Brown C.S.A. Army  ca. 1865 5090 97 290
 Zachariah G. Deas Accounts and return of Johnson's Division Deas Brigade, Sharp's Brigade, Brantley's Brigade, Manigault's Brigade; E. J. martin, D. A. Kinchloe, G. W. Monroe, Ed Johnson, Patten Anderson, W. W. Old T. C. Hindman, E. F. Travis, J. P. Eggleston, W. H. Govan, W.M. Davidson, T. A. Smith, G. R. Kimbrough, J. M. Whitney, A. B. Rouse, T. J. Brannon, J. C. Hutts, J. C. Carter, C. J. Walker, R. W. Kimball, W. M. Nabors, R. G. Welch  Tupelo, MS 9 January 1865 5089 181 289
 Army of Northern Virginia Agreement entered into this day in regard to the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia signed by: John Gibbon, U.S.A., Charles Griffin, U. S. A., Wesley Merrit, U.S.A., James Longstreet, C.S.A., John Brown Gordon, C.S.A, William Nelson Pendleton, C.S.A. [there is a possibility that this agreement maybe one of four (an original and three copies) signed on April 10th, 1865 according to the Appomattox National Park Service) Appomattox, VA 10 April 1865 5089 51 289
 C.S.A. Congress An Act (no, 186) to amend an Act entitled "An Act to diminish the number of exemptions and details"   Richmond, VA 17 March 1865 5089 137 289
  An account by a Confederate Officer the evacuation of Petersburg 2 April 1865 night battle  Petersburg, VA 2 April 1865 5089 106 289
 General William Booth Taliaferro Autobiographical note mentioned: graduate of William and Mary etc.  VA ca. 1865 5090 132 290
 Nathaniel P. Howard, Wellington Goddin, Robert Howard, and William H. Macfarland Bond to Martha W. Mosely wife of Burwell B. Mosely of the City of Norfolk  Richmond, VA 7 July 1865 5089 17 289
  Citizens List of Federal Prisoners also Officers  70 names  ca. 1865 5090 143 290
 James M Garnett Copy of Ordnance Report of Grimes Division, 2nd Corps, A.N.V., with remarks, for B. G. Galdwin   Appomattox, VA 10 April 1865 5089 54 289
 John B. Sprague Declaration certified by Horatio Jones Sprague fifteen boxes of tobacco on the Schooner, "W. L. Burrough: bound for New York  Gibraltar 30 January 1865 5089 176 289
 C.S.A. Department of State Inventory of the Property of the Department mentioned: Mr. Mann, Mr. Rost, Mr. Yancey, Fort Monroe, Charleston, Mr. Mason, Mr. Hunter, Mr. Benjamin, James William, Mr. Seidell, Bishop Lunch, Mr. Preston, Mr. Cripps, Mr. Lamar, Mr. La Fere, Mr. Helm, Mr. DeLeon, Mr. Quintero, Mr. Dowling, Mr. Heyleger, Mr. Walker, Mr. Bannon, Mr. Holcomb, Mr. Alman, Mr. Holcombe, Mr. Clay, Mt. Thompson., Mr. M. Rae Diplomatic Commission to Washington, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Spain, Mexico, Russia, London, Paris, Havana, Vera Cruz, New Leon, Nassau, Bermuda, Cork, Ireland, Canada; copy, attested to John T. Pickett Richmond, VA 29 March 1865 5089 122 289
 John S. Bacon Letter of resignation to the Stockholders of the James River Manufacturing Company, Richmond, Virginia   Richmond. VA 8 May 1865 5089 41 289
 Anthony M. Dupuy Letter to "Dear Brother" mentioned: Mr. Putsel, our sister's losses less heavy than I feared, are you still in a small brokerage business or in the storage and commission business?  Hereford, Martinsville, Henry County, VA 10 October 1865 5090 40 290
 J. T. S. Reid Letter to "Dear Miss Josey" mentioned: forwarding letters to Bermuda or Nassau, the battle at Fort Fisher  Wilmington, NC 3 January 1865 5089 188 289
 William E. Coleman Letter to "Dear Mother" of Richmond, Virginia mentioned" defeat Yankee's fleet, gone to Beaufort  Wilmington, NC 2 January 1865 5089 193 289
 Henry B. Rosser Letter to "Dear Uncle" mentioned: ill since my return, cousin William, little Frank died, Uncle Daniel, Montgomery, heard that Lee had surrendered, my parole, Uncle Efford, cousin Nannie, Willie, little Mary, Huntsville, Neal Dupree  Locust Grove, AL 3 November 1865 5090 54 290
 A. M. Boulware Letter to "Gents" mentioned: B. D. Green, his sister, Sarah, negotiable note   2 December 1865 5090 69 290
 Mrs. Archibald. Stuart Letter to "My dear, dear Brother" mentioned: hearing about your imprisonment along with Captain Sessions from a member of the 18th, I am in Danville with kind friends; note sent with Mr. Rison  Danville, VA 9 April 1865 5089 47 289
 Charles L. Hart Letter to ? inquiry about his living quarters  Washington, DC 8 February 1865 5089 170 289
 Isabelle Sully Letter to ? "can you assist him (my son) in procuring a situation?"; he is a good book keeper and accountant  Richmond, VA 18 October 1865 5090 43 290
 A. Webster Letter to ? Wist please deliver fuel to 14th and K Streets Headquarters Armies of the United States Washington, DC 22 August 1865 5090 21 290
 Joseph Wheeler Letter to Albert Ferry "enemy may have moved to the other side of the river" I have ordered General Allen to picket, General Hume to picket from Little River to Hughey's Ferry; rail road bridge at Alston; "Shall the bridge be burned?"  Crane Creek, Columbia, SC 18 February 1865 5089 154 289
 George M. Cuyler Letter to Alexander R. Lawton "unfit for any kind of service, even light duty" also Surgeon's certificate signed James Mercer Green Macon, GA 16 February 1865 5089 157 289
 J. M. Seixas Letter to B. T. Ficklin underpayment of bill for compressing  Lexington, NC 1 March 1865 5089 148 289
 Augutus M. Stovall Letter to Carter L. Stevenson mentioned: sending Captain Clark with packages for General Pettus containing furloughs and leaves before they leave for Montgomery, an accident today but trains will leave tomorrow morning, Lee's Corps have been ordered down the river  Headquarters Clayton's Division 21 January 1865 5089 2 289
 William C. Breckenridge Letter to Carter L. Stevenson Headquarters William's Kentucky Brigade near Columbia, " according to instructions from Colonel Dibrell I moved at dark yesterday evening to the junction of the river road from Orangeburg to Lexington, "prisoners say its the 20th Army Corps"   13 February 1865 5089 4 289
 Wade Hampton Letter to Carter L. Stevenson 1st Cavalry Brigade, mentioned: Butler's scouts, General Beauregard, Augusta, Wheeler, pickets on the river battle plans  13 February 1865 5089 7 289
 Charles Marshall Letter to D. T. Williams of New York mentioned: on my way to Cumberland, client in Richmond, pleasure to act for you  Baltimore, MD 18 December 1865 5090 92 290
 Charles T. Sherman Letter to E. R. Bentley mentioned: contract with Mr. Baskerville and myself is agreeable, officers of the Trust Department second letter: I will need power of attorney in order to appear for your company, form enclosed Washington, DC 1-16 November 1865 5090 47 290
 Anthony Thornton Letter to E. R. Bentley of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: inquiry about Bentley's family after the war; Thornton family in Cooperstown for a summer retreat; I now have seven children  NY 9 August 1865 5090 7 290
 Cryus A. Branch Letter to Edmond R. Meanly concern over the loss of his property in Richmond, Virginia during the fire, if anything was saved sell it for U. S. currency  James City County, VA 22 April 1865 5094 32 294
 John Travers Letter to F. B. Dean mentioned: a possible business proposition now that the war is over that would be good for you and your state mentioned: a party here anxious to complete the connection between the river, canal and the Central Railroad NY 13-23 December 1865 5090 87 290
 William M. Ambler Letter to Garrett Williams and Company of Richmond, Virginia correction for amount due Mr. Ambler  Tolersville, Louisa County, VA 5 December 1865 5090 81 290
 John Burrows Letter to George?   Lambertville, NJ 20 February 1865 5089 151 289
 J. Owens Berry Letter to Hugh Nelson mentioned: college mate, McKenny died at Hatcher's Run, A. B. Moore recognized the corpse and removed his bible, several religious tracts and a blank book, Dinwiddie County, Virginia, Satterfield depot, Mr. Mc Kenny of Richmond difficult to read Johnson's Island Prison, OH 7 May 1865 5089 44 289
 William W. Valk Letter to J. M. Stringfield mentioned: receipt for 150 lbs. of coal, the allowance for my servants has not been sent  Washington, DC 3 July 1865 5089 22 289
 Joseph B. Palmer Letter to J. W. Ratchford "the enemy broke my line both to the right & left of my center yesterday"  Orangeburg Road, SC 13 February 1865 5089 167 289
 William Fontaine Letter to James M. Haden request for information about your bond for $3, 500 and interest that you owe me  Danville, VA 15 September 1865 5090 30 290
 John Rutherfoord Letter to John B. Danforth John B. Danforth mentioned: collections of quotas in Norfolk and Portsmouth, the question of Portsmouth and Norfolk area surrender to the North in 1862 and whether they would belong to the North, this area with not currency except that of the U. S. Government and only worthless Confederate money, Mr. Reid's note to Mr. Deming, Board for the Mutual Society of Assurance  Alum Springs, Rockbridge County, VA 12 August 1865 5090 13 290
 Joseph Wheeler Letter to John M. Otey Aiken and Columbia Road, perhaps the enemy was moving in the direction of the Edisto, General Stevenson, General Dibrell, Horsey's Bridge, General Harder desired cavalry to protect his right, particularly so mush as extends from Sandy Run to the Santee, General Allen is still at Aiken, with two large Brigades, the enemy may still be at Johnson's Turnout  near Jackson's Bridge, SC 13 February 1865 5089 162 289
 James Harlan Letter to John W. Howard response to a request for employment  Department of Interior, Washington, DC 3 August 1865 5090 2 290
 William Gilroy Letter to Joseph E. Segar " having served three years in the U. S. Army , if they can be drafted or not"  Eastville, VA 6 March 1865 5089 145 289
 William Allen Butler Letter to Joseph P. Collins mentioned: a donation to the National Freedman's Relief Association  NY 22 November 1865 5090 62 290
 J. A. Dowell Letter to Joseph Stearns mentioned: opening of the Fredericksburg Office  Richmond, VA 3 November 1865 5090 52 290
 Alexander N. Zevely Letter to Lorenzo Thomas introduction of John H. Boner who will present a recommendation from General Holden  Washington, DC 24 July 1865 5089 13 289
 William W. Holden Letter to Lorenzo Thomas, Adjutant General of the U. S. introduction of John Henry Boner of North Carolina  Raleigh, NC 6 July 1865 5089 20 289
 J. Woods Garth Letter to Martin & Cardoza mentioned: tobacco, his and his Mother's, whether to sell now or wait until spring when the prices should be better  Charlottesville, VA 10 August 1865 5090 10 290
 Dr. John L. Shelton Letter to Martin & Cardoza mentioned: sending hogsheads of tobacco for sale; let Dr. Perrow have eight dollars   16 August 1865 5090 18 290
 W. F. Lynch Letter to Messrs. Martin & Cardoza mentioned: too ill to travel, please send the enclosed 10 dollars to my landlady, Mrs. Mayo at Fourth Street, Gamble's Hill, Richmond, Virginia; where may I store a few articles of fine furniture for a few weeks, Mary Ellen's mother and children  Baltimore, MD 8 August 1865 5090 4 290
 David P. Parker Letter to Mr. Sinclair "the mail for Danville, Virginia and Greensboro, North Carolina can now be sent by the Danville Rail Road," agents have been appointed, Petersburg, Virginia  Richmond, VA 31 July 1865 5089 10 289
 G. W. Richardson Letter to Mrs. Lucy Ann Govan "My dear Aunt" I have seen Aunt Tyler and Bettie and they will agree to drop the suit under the following terms; that you will pay in State Stock the debt from Uncle Archibald to the estate of Uncle Edward, and the debt due from Dr. Tyler to Uncle Archibald, and that the suit will be dismissed at your costs, mentioned: A. Govan's estate to E. Govan's estate, Mrs. Mary and Elizabeth Hill, Mrs. Margaret Tyler, Mr. Griswold, Mr. Mosby, Mr. Speed, Mr. Coghill, your return to Lynchburg  Richmond, VA 4 February 1865 5089 172 289
 Miss J. C. Minking Letter to Nathaniel M. Norfleet of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: finding a position to teach English at Madame Prevost's School,; Chegaray Institute, Miss Boag has left for Charleston  NY 27 September 1865 5090 33 290
 Richard Thomas Letter to Post Master, City Point, Virginia please forward mail to Dr. Richard Thomas of the 38th New Jersey Volunteers to Trenton  Trenton, NJ 8 July 1865 5089 15 289
 F. R. Farrar Letter to Powhatan Roberts mentioned: find enclosed a copy of the judgment in your favor, Peter Stewart lives in Richmond and you can serve the notice on him, Mr. Weisiger's opinion  Jetersville, Amelia County, VA 24 November 1865 5090 64 290
 Gustavus A. Meyers Letter to Powhatan Roberts mentioned: representing Mr. McCabe, Mr. B. E. Poiteaux a resident of Churchill, arrangements for your deposition  Richmond, VA 28 November 1865 5090 67 290
 S. M. Gregory Letter to Powhatan Weisiger of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: sorry to hear that your daughter is sick and your foot trouble, glad you are back on Main St. I have just returned form Providence, The Grand Lodge, Brother Parkman  Boston, MA 12 December 1865 5090 84 290
 Alexander Rives Letter to Ragland & Company mentioned: lumber, we lost our horses during Sheridan's raids last Spring and will need an advance to restart  Carlton, VA 28 October 1865 5090 45 290
 John M. Patton Letter to Smith, Williams and Company of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: order for salt, Mr. Alexander F. Taylor, Mr. Bragg  The Meadows 2 December 1865 5090 75 290
 E. R .M. Letter to T. N. Patterson mentioned: sales of shoes, Dr. Thomas, W. F. Chandler  Richmond, VA 2 December 1865 5090 71 290
 Benjamin Scott Letter to the Freedman's' Relief Association, New York mentioned: forwarding clothing for women and children  Weybridge, Surry, England 9 March 1865 5089 141 289
 A .L. Buckingham Letter to W. J. Cowing enclosing a printed list of the members of the last Oregon Legislature  Salem, OR 30 January 1865 5089 178 289
 Moses F. Odell Letter to William L. Stone acceptance of his resignation  NY 28 September 1865 5090 36 290
 John M. Patton Letter to Williams, Garrett & Fisher mentioned: Mr. Bragg sent you some days ago 160 bags of wheat, the price of corn  The Meadows 10 September 1865 5090 28 290
 Thomas S. Flourney Letter to Williams, Garrett & Fisher mentioned: sending hogsheads of tobacco by rail   6 September 1865 5090 23 290
 Helen Letters to "Dearest treasure of my heart," "Dear Josie," Dearest Joe," Dearest friend" mentioned: her only brother fell in the Battle of Richmond,  Pine Hill, Spotsylvania, VA March-June 1865 5089 109 289
 R. P. Stockton Letters to Z. C. Warren mentioned: Daniel Collins, Fielding Combs  NJ 27 March 1865 5089 120 289
 C.S.A. Army of Northern Virginia Lists of Officers & men of different commands paroled Roll of Commissioned officers of Forney's Brigade, Mahone's Division, number of officers 72; report of officers and men serving at Artillery Headquarters 1st Corps.; Bratton's Brigade, Field's Division; McIntosh's Batt. Of Artillery 3rd Corp; Ransom's Brigade; W. P. Roberts; Robert W. Bidgood, John H, /sharp, Wiley Williams, Benjamin Pitt, E. P. Alexander, L. N. Webb, Joseph C. Haskell, W. T. Mason. J. J. Middleton, J. H. Franklin, W, M. Post; Poque's Artillery 3rd Corps.; Haskell's Artillery 1st Corps; Huger's Artillery 1st Corps; S. McGowen's Brigade; McGonan's South Carolina Brigade; James Marshall, Joseph Hoffman, Mayfield Nootz, D. B. Bridgeford, W. A. Johnston, 14th North Carolina Regiment of Infantry; Hardaway's Batt. Light Artillery;; Cooke's North Carolina Brigade; McComb's Brigade 24 pieces, and cover addressed to Colonel Walter H. Taylor; also one envelope addressed to General Robert Edward Lee; signature of George H. Sharpe Appomattox, VA 9 April 1865 5089 70 289
 Pennsylvania Cavalry , 3rd Regiment Misc.. Documents W. J. McCullen is now a patient under Surgeon Taylor, orders for parade placement; transportation permit for Sgt. Joseph A. McDevitt to return to City Point, Virginia; Lt. A. J. Pemberton to report to Capt. W. R. Brooke at City Point, Virginia; deserter, Pvt. Benjamin S. Moore; Pvt. Thomas Cassidy died at the Post Hospital, Richmond, Virginia June 7th, 1865 signed William Palmer, Surgeon; detachment orders for James Watkins  PA ca. 1865 5090 112 290
 Frederick J. Thibault Oath of Office as Commissioner for Virginia in California, sworn before Samuel ?, County Judge   San Francisco, CA 15 February 1865 5089 160 289
 John S. Billings Order to F. [Schafhist] Order to report for duty to Asst. Surgeon Joseph J. Woodward  Washington, DC 30 December 1865 5090 95 290
 C.S.A. Army of Northern Virginia Paroled Prison's Passes at Appomattox Joshua Thomas, Co. H 39th Virginia; A. Butts, Co. B 39th Virginia; J. A. Dewey, Co. A 39th Virginia; A. Meyers, Co. B 14th Louisiana; W.H. Cautzen, 2nd Co. Washington; M. M. Hite, Co, A 39th Virginia; W. S. Wards Co. A 39th Virginia; E. E. Smith, Co. K 3rd Regiment; J. S. Sussten, Co. A 39th Virginia; A. N. Boyd, Co. A 3rd Batt.; N. Bell, Norfolk Signal  Appomattox, VA 10 April 1865 5089 58 289
  Plea of a deserter from the Purcell Battery mentioned: Citizen Lewis, Dr. Mason's evidence, Dr. Crenshaw, Fredericksburg Hospital, pronounced me insane, returned to Camp Winder after Drewry's Bluff, Capt. Tabb twenty pages of testimony contesting the charge of insanity  ca. 1865 5090 148 290
 Andrew Johnson Presidential pardon to R. T. Foster of Richmond, Virginia  also: August 17, 1865, R. T. Foster receipt and acceptance of the president's pardon with the certificate of William Henry Seward Washington, DC 28 June 1865 5089 24 289
 Richmond Improvement Company Proposals for the purchase of all the real estate of the "burnt" district of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: borrowing funds from London  Richmond, VA ca. 1865 5090 124 290
 Virginia General Assembly Resolution: for ourselves and the people of Virginia Resolution to bring the State of Virginia back to the Union of the United States  Richmond, VA 1 May 1865 5089 33 289
 Ohio Infantry, 5th & 29th Regiments Rolls two hundred and sixty three names  OH ca. 1865 5090 100 290
 U. S. Army of the Potomac Roster of Brigade and Division Commanders 2nd Corps, 5th Corps, 9th Corps, 2nd Cavalry Division, Provost Marshall Generals Brigade, Volunteer Engineer Brigade (rank included) 42 names listed  ca. 1865 5090 135 290
 Christopher C. Auger Special Order Number 299 Order for a general court martial for December 6, 1865: Colonel Maxwell and General Dent  Washington, DC 5 December 1865 5090 78 290
 Frederick T. Dent Special Orders Number 124 orders for 1st Lt. George E. Henry, 14th Regiment, to report for duty  Washington, DC 7 September 1865 5090 25 290
 Gresham Mott Special Orders Number 285 Court Martial appointed for November 20, 1865 for: Lt. Col. O. C. Maxwell, Ohio; W. L. Baer, Pennsylvania; W. H. Harrison, Pennsylvania; Major Stickney; Capt. James W. Powell; Lt. Lewis W. Stevenson; Andrew Coats; Capt. Andrew Maheney  Washington, DC 18 November 1865 5090 59 290
 M. C. Mitchell Telegram to Joseph Stern mentioned: my daughter Carrie who tells us that you rescued her, please join us for tea today  Richmond, VA 29 May 1865 5089 38 289
 Pierre G. T. Beauregard Telegram to Major Chesman "stop all artillery without horses at Greensboro, send on all artillery horses"  Raleigh, NC 17 March 1865 5089 139 289
 Anna M. Smith A short sketch of a short Life: Lt. Col. Francis Williamson Smith "son of James Marsden and Anne Walke Smith, born at Norfolk, Virginia November 12, 1838"  VA ca. 1866 5091 178 291
 U. S. Army, 11th Regiment, Infantry Abstract of purchases & consolidated morning Report J. C. Bates signature, William [Vinal] signature, beef Camp Grant, Virginia, Libby Prison, Virginia, Daniel Huston Richmond, VA 1866-1867 5091 186 291
 District of Columbia, Washington County, Orphans' court Appointment of executors in the estate of Henry Aylmer executors: Phoebe Aylmer and Robert R. Aylmer signed William F. Purcell Washington, DC 26 November 1866 5091 157 291
 Charles G. Halpin Endorsement cut from a military dispatch mentioned: Capt. Joseph Murphy Charles G. Halpin better known as Miles O'Rielly; General U. S. Army, poet, journalist, politician  20 June 1866 5091 74 291
 Lucie Letter to "Dear Ami" [John] mentioned: Willie Arndell, Mr. Parrott, Jimmie Harper, Susie Moore, Raleigh  NC 19 January 1866 5091 15 291
 Eugene Letter to "Dear Brother" mentioned: sending two trunks of books and clothing, I must be in New York and Boston before the end of February, would prefer telling you our troubles in Raleigh rather than writing  Richmond, VA 16 January 1866 5091 12 291
 Elly Letter to "Dear Powy" [Powhatan Roberts?] mentioned: Will Robinson says I must write to you, to make the man who has leased the lot from W. Harwood pay for half of the wall  Culpeper Court House, VA 14 February 1866 5091 28 291
 Sue [Bridges] Letter to "Dear Uncle Barrett" mentioned: letter to Aunt Harriet, Mr. Hannah, guano and compost, Massing Ford, one hundred dollars, Dr. [Spragins], cousin Jane, letter from Ellen, John Eggleston's store   23 March 1866 5091 50 291
 George H. Pendleton Letter to "My dear Miller" mentioned: engagements will not permit me to be in Reading in July for the beginning of the campaign, my son enters Harvard College and I will be in Cambridge  Cincinnati, OH 21 June 1866 5091 80 291
 Oliver Wendell Holmes Letter to ? declines an invitation to deliver a lecture  Boston, MA 6 September 1866 5091 100 291
 William T. Joynes Letter to ? mentioned: Mr. Ragland, Lincoln, sterling, New York, bonds of the southern states, smuggled goods from the North "the enemy gained nothing, and Virginia lost nothing by the operation of Mr. Ragland" Petersburg, VA 21 December 1866 5091 164 291
 J. H. Pearce Letter to ? mentioned: arrived safely on the night of the 12th after 3650 miles and 18 days, a splendid trip, sharks, whales, dolphins, gulls. Flying fish, Island of Sombrero was the first sight of land, 13 steamers of the Southampton Line were lying in the harbor when we arrived, French Merchant Steamers, a free port belonging to Denmark, " it takes ten niggers to do the work of one white man in England." I hope Mr. Butler is well and making money, I saw his friend, McMasters several time in Liverpool, tomorrow I start by steamer to the Barbados in hopes of seeing my Richmond friends  St. Thomas, West Indies 16 September 1866 5091 112 291
 Anthony M. Keiley Letter to ?   Petersburg, VA 22 September 1866 5091 121 291
 E. L. Lee Letter to ? West Virginia Taxes, suits in Chancery, against the Supervisors of Berkley, Mrs. Baker and her husband mentioned: conservative Yankee lawyers, cases delayed because the Judge was sick, Col. Rutherford, John Jamieson, Edward Dorsey, the people here are ground down by taxes, the wheat crop was very short and collecting will be difficult until Spring Shepherdstown, MD 18 December 1866 5091 159 291
 W. G. M. Davis Letter to ? mentioned: payment, Charles Morris, Richard Morris, Mr. Burnett  Washington, DC 27 April 1866 5091 60 291
 C. F. Smith Letter to ? please forward this letter to Mr. Caldwell in White Sulfur Springs, my doctor tells me if I value my life I need to go the White Sulfur Springs  Warrenton, VA 13 June 1866 5091 71 291
 Eppa Hunton Letter to a clerk of the court questions about a court action and a possible delay, Quigley, Barbour  Warrenton, VA 18 April 1866 5091 57 291
 Charles S. Wallach Letter to A. Austin Smith mentioned: copy of the Patent for P. H. Kings Land  Washington, DC 15 August 1866 5091 91 291
 William T. Joynes Letter to A. J. Rabun payments against David Bissett who is never sober  Petersburg, VA 21 May 1866 5091 68 291
 William P. Burwell Letter to A. P. Brown mentioned: instructions for depositing the money from the sale of four hogsheads to the National Bank of Virginia  SC 3-8 January 1866 5091 4 291
 John P. Tabb Letter to A. P. Browne & Company mentioned: oats, wheat, my note that is due  Amelia County, VA 6 November 1866 5091 144 291
 George Taylor Letter to B. Holliday & White mentioned: William Barton, William Taylor, Mrs. Ganett, a deed, a note   1866-1868 5091 194 291
 Jacob Barker Letter to Barstow & Pope mentioned: a shipment of hay, freight charges, Belize to Galveston, cargo of cotton, bales of Ravenduck and bales of Russian ?  New Orleans, LA 21 December 1866 5091 162 291
 Samuel Blatchford Letter to Cambridge Livingston, Secretary American Telegraph Company southern stockholders who have not complied with my request are : Robert Early of Lynchburg, Virginia and David E. Spence of Lynchburg, Virginia; proof of oath of amnesty required by the proclamation of May 29, 1865  NY 11 August 1866 5091 85 291
 John S. Corbin Letter to Chastain White, Attorney of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: basis of Confederate Currency, cotton, Richmond, recovery of Robert Darracott of Hanover County, Land and premises near Old Church Post Office, sold by my wife, Mrs. Mary Catherine Corbin, son, William Liggon Corbin, deed drawn by Gustavus A. Myers, trustee, Nicholas Mills, Charles Mills, Ronald Mills, George W. Bassett, John Beal, H. H. Clopin, George W. Johnson, George Boyd, Richard G. Smith, Thomas Turner, Joseph Street  Montgomery, AL 26 December 1866 5091 167 291
 Ralph Waldo Emerson Letter to Dr. T. F. Smith acceptance to lecture on December 20th, perhaps "Society in America," a lecture in Boston on December 11th newspaper clipping enclosed Concord, MA 23 November 1866 5091 152 291
 Asa D. Dickinson Letter to E. B. Bentey mentioned: need of 80 bushels of wheat for my Nottoway Estate and 30 for the one on which I reside, I expect to have a surplus of corn at my Nottoway Estate  Prince Edward Court House, VA 13 September 1866 5091 109 291
 R. B. Haxall Letter to E. B. Bentley mentioned: wheat sowed by tenant, guano  Gordonsville, VA 7-11 September 1866 5091 103 291
 Garnett Scott Letter to E. B. Bentley order for James River Guano; please send it to Madison Run Station or Gordonsville  Madison Run Station, VA 8 October 1866 5091 129 291
 R. H. Tatum, M. D. Letter to E. B. Bentley mentioned: advance of credit until my tobacco is sold, send me a half ton of your "Special Preparation" to be tried on wheat, Richmond and Danville Rail Road  Mattox Station, Longwood, VA 19 October 1866 5091 136 291
 James Galt Letter to E. B. Bentley mentioned: do not bring wheat without guano, tobacco crop will not pay for labor and taxes, our prospects are very dark  Point of Fork, VA 27 September 1866 5091 124 291
 Edward D. Christian Letter to Edmund R. Meanly mentioned: Mr. Woodson promises to pay by June  Lynchburg, VA 15 May 1866 5091 66 291
 C. T. Harrison Letter to Edward S Joynes mentioned: James L. Stern of Caroline County, Virginia  Richmond, VA 3 September 1866 5091 97 291
 Randolph Barksdale Letter to Frank W. Chamberlayne of Richmond, Virginia put aside 20 gallons of whiskey; send me cloth wadding number 12  Meadow Bluff, Greenbrier, WV 22 September 1866 5091 118 291
 Charles Stringfellow, Attorney Letter to G. A. Myers mentioned: Confederate money, debt after the Civil War, other court cases and decisions: Canada. Virginia Courts, Supreme Court of Iowa  Petersburg, VA 30 January 1866 5091 21 291
 E. L. Harris Letter to George W. Harris mentioned: Richmond  Woodville 17 August 1866 5091 94 291
 J. P. Ranson Letter to Gray & Gauldin Mr. Hamilton requested that I make a statement about his tobacco  Charlotte, NC 3 October 1866 5091 126 291
 W. Nelson Letter to Gray and Walker of Richmond, Virginia please send one ton of phosphate to Beaver Dam Depot via the Virginia Central Rail Road  Oakland, Hanover County, VA 26 October 1866 5091 142 291
 S. G. Drake Letter to J. Munsell mentioned: Book of the Indians, sorry you let the devil run away with your valuable books, Mr. Doty of Albany  Boston, MA 15 February 1866 5091 30 291
 Robert Ould & Carrington Letter to James H. Poindexter   Richmond, VA 13 February 1866 5091 26 291
 G. A. Magruder Letter to Janetta Poor of Richmond, Virginia "as a widow of a Confederate officer who has lost his life in the cause of his country and left you destitute;" your best opportunity of success would be a boarding house or school; let me know how much it will cost and I will try to help; it will be impossible for you to pay you husband's debts; I don't think it is safe for me to return to the states; I plan to travel to Isle of Wight, England; mentions a sewing machine made in Canada, William, Mary and George send their love, Mrs. James Mason and Mrs. B. Tucker have arrived in Canada signed: your brother Montreal, Canada 13 August 1866 5091 88 291
 J. F. Sissions Letter to John ? mentioned: subscription to the Richmond Medical Journal, freedman, family news very faded Lexington, MS 11 February 1866 5091 24 291
 Charles O. Conor Letter to John ? mentioned: Mac Neven Monument, Robert Ernest, Mr. and Mrs. Verplanck, Dix  NY 15 October 1866 5091 131 291
 William B. Hubbard Letter to Messrs. Walker & Gray mentioned: keeping his tobacco back until Spring, produce, advance of money  Nelson County, VA 17 October 1866 5091 134 291
 C. P. Culver Letter to N. H. Ragland mentioned: I am now doing business with McVey & Grey of Baltimore; I hope to purchase a cotton plantation in Hancock County, Georgia with 2200 acres; I am looking for someone to put up capital of 10,000 dollars for half interest in the profits for five years; expenses are projected on Mr. Dixon's plantation that is located nearby, Mr. A. H. Stephens is familiar with this plantation  Crawfordsville, GA 8 August 1866 5091 82 291
 J. H. Alexander Letter to Nathaniel M. Norfleet mentioned: receiving a box of tobacco, and a tin foot tub, Mrs. Norfleet's letter to my wife cheered her up, the infernal Freedman's bureau and their interference actually push the negroes west to plantations that interest the Yankees, some negroes work well under the new contracts but others think it is time for idleness and little work, I am still practicing law  Washington, GA 23 January 1866 5091 18 291
 Charles E. Thorburn Letter to Nathaniel M. Norfleet of Richmond, Virginia response to a request for obtaining a partner in business with capital, mentioned: Lynchburg tobacco trade side notes about the price of tobacco,, guano, cotton, beeswax, dried apples New York, NY August-September 1866 5091 183 291
 Lawrence Strother Trimble, U. S. House of Representatives Letter to Nutt of Virginia mentioned: an amendment  Washington, DC 28 December 1866 5091 170 291
 E.L. Van Lew Letter to Powhatan Roberts informing Mr. Roberts to confer with the consul, Danner & Wise, whom her mother and E. L. have chosen to represent matters concerning her father's will  Richmond, VA 24 February 1866 5091 33 291
 John A. Sloan Letter to Powhatan Weisiger order to forward to Mr. Albert Crabtree, Greensboro, North Carolina a black hat marked inside "style no. 2 velvet nap" like the brown one I purchased  Greensboro, NC 19 November 1866 5091 150 291
 George W. Dame Letter to Powhatan Weisiger order for a Templar cap with a cross for my trip to Baltimore  Danville, VA 12 November 1866 5091 147 291
 Asa D. Dickinson Letter to R. H. Dickinson of New Orleans mentioned: a negotiable note executed by Robert Booker and endorsed by John C. Johns, [Johnson] of Charlotte, Mr. Booker has no means to satisfy the note and I have tried to attach Mr. Johns property to no avail, the war and it's aftermath  Prince Edward Court House, VA 3 March 1866 5091 36 291
 George W. Curtis Letter to Rev. Kennedy declines invitation to deliver a lecture, Utica, Mohawk  Staten Island, NY 9 May 1866 5091 63 291
 Julius Wirth Letter to Robert C. Redmond mentioned: money owed for expenses, Mr. Ferguson, Mr. Craddock  Richmond, VA 3 January 1866 5091 2 291
 S. B. Cushing, Esq. Letter to S Pell mentioned: a bond needing two sureties  NY 8 September 1866 5091 107 291
 Joseph B. Payne Letter to Thomas Binford request for a trunk and two French books he left in his care  Amelia Court House, VA 19 September 1866 5091 115 291
 Walter Blair Letter to Thomas M. Binford mentioned: half barrel of Claggettt's ale, roller for the bedstead, tell Pa and Ma that I will write soon, my regards to Julian  Hampden Sidney College, Prince Edward County, VA 17 April 1866 5091 55 291
 J. S. Lawrence Letter to Thomas P. Jackson mentioned: how to represent Jackson enclosure: October 25, 1866 R. Steele to Lawrence about a claim against Thomas P. Jackson from Brooks Brothers NY 25 October 1866 5091 138 291
 Z. York Letter to Welford of Virginia mentioned: Cal Waggaman, I fear he will not be able to find labor to carry on his sugar plantation, rumor has it the Colonel Peck will marry Mrs. Cravens of Charlottesville, both Capt. Boarman and Major Wilson ask about Miss Reeves, they both plan to ask her to remove to Louisiana, be on your guard, my plantations will be ready for cotton seed, 2500 acres and 350 former servants, Red River, Concordia Parish, finding my bachelor's establishment in Vidalia filled by officials of the Freedman's Bureau, Natchez, Mr. Watt of Richmond, Virginia, Miss Minnie, Smith Taylor and Company, corn planter, after the war in Louisiana  White Hall Plantation, LA 15 March 1866 5091 41 291
 Cary C. Cocke Letter to William D. Tompkins & Brothers mentioned: orders for clover seed, orchard grass, wheat, John H. Cocke, plow points for a one horse, right hand A & B plow  Bremo, VA 1866-1875 5091 210 291
 William C. Bell and Company Letter to William P. Burwell mentioned: Pendergrast, Fenwick, tobacco, market slow, flour, caddre, cotton, Baltimore, P. P. Clement  Charleston, NC ca. 1866 5091 173 291
 Edwards & Lamb Letter to William P. Burwell mentioned: tobacco and cotton  Liverpool, England 21 March 1866 5091 48 291
 Wood Wilkinson & Company Letter to William P. Burwell of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Ralph King, accounting error, hogsheads of leaf tobacco, New York, African Coast, many transaction amounts recorded  Halifax, Nova Scotia 1866-1868 5091 205 291
 Sterling Price Order to pay Herbert Price $100  photograph Cordova 9 April 1866 5091 53 291
 J. H. Taylor Special Order Number 8 Military Commission: Major General Francis Fessenden, Colonel F. E. Pierce, Colonel C. E. LaMotte, Brevet. Colonel D. M. Sells, Brevet. Colonel O. C. Maxwell. Major J. C. Lawyer, Major H. D. Markley, Major Theophilus Gaines; appointed to meet at Alexandria, Virginia attested by Theophilus Gaines Washington, DC 10 January 1866 5091 9 291
 Texas Supreme Court Admission of John K. Connally to the Bar in the State of Texas  printed form, signed by Richard Coke, George W. Smith, S. P. Donley, & Chief Justice Galveston, TX 16 January 1867 5092 5 292
 Beverly Randolph Wellford Brief: Walker vs. Hening cited cases: Dale vs. Hamilton, Fall River Co. vs. [Borden], Smith vs. Tarleton, Burwell vs. T?, Smith vs. Burnham, Henderson vs. Hudson  Richmond, VA 3 December 1867 5092 142 292
 James Alfred Jones Davis vs. Morris and notes to Mrs. Rees mentioned: Virginia State Bond   ca. 1867 5092 180 292
 Thomas Smith Letter to " Dear George" mentioned: complaint about Leeds and Miner and the sale of paintings, Mrs. Kellogg  NY 25 April 1867 5092 56 292
 J. R. Gilliam Letter to "Dear Marshall" mentioned: John Flournoy rode over your land and declined taking it; tobacco, wheat, Corn, Thomas Bryant killed three turkeys, Claiborne Forbes killed two , I killed three turkeys; John Gilliam; sweet potatoes, cider, beef, respects to George W., Charles & Sarah, Mother sends her love  Buckingham County, VA 27 October 1867 5092 131 292
 J. Willing Brown Letter to "Dear Serg't" mentioned: four plates, prefer original negatives as they are relics of the C. S. A.  Glencoe 13 September 1867 5092 116 292
 George Teamoh Letter to "Dear Sir" mentioned: Mr. Black, delegates setting traps in each county to "turn us out of our houses" letter by one of the negro delegates at the Virginian Convention of 1867-68 about the Convention Richmond, VA 17 December 1867 5092 153 292
 Thomas L. Rosser Letter to "Dear Sir" invitation to a meeting letterhead of Southern Orphan Association Richmond, VA 25 January 1867 5092 10 292
 M. Bridges Letter to "Dear Uncle Barret" mentioned: paying interest on the loan he owes, my little nephew fell from the second floor banister, Aunt Lou, children immersed with their company in "paper dolls," Dave is two tomorrow  Charleston, SC 1 October 1867 5092 122 292
 Mann Page Letter to "Gentlemen" mentioned: Cumberland, Richmond, Miss Belle Harrison, Farmville concerning legal cases Brandon on the James, VA 7 December 1867 5092 145 292
 Joseph K. Barnes Letter to "Madam"  notary of April 9th has been mislaid  Washington, DC 29 May 1867 5092 67 292
 Joe L. S? Letter to ? a love letter and a request for a photograph  Ruther Glen, VA 24 August 1867 5092 108 292
 Dr. T. W. Gouldin of Caroline County, Virginia Letter to ? mentioned: leaving $5600 to invest in Confederate Securities, please attach a certificate to the back of these two bonds in my name alone rather than as executor of John Gouldin  Richmond, VA 21 August 1867 5092 102 292
 John Page Letter to ? mentioned: Louisa Court House, Mr. Kemper  Beaver Dam Depot, VA 16 February 1867 5092 15 292
 S. D. Whittle Letter to ? please hold the draft on Messrs. Grubbs and Williams  Powhatan County, VA 25 October 1867 5092 128 292
 W. B. L. Cooke Letter to ? mentioned: "peach blow" potatoes, bad weather and roads have delayed my crop  Hanover Court House, VA 30 March 1867 5092 47 292
 William Staers Letter to Andrew H. Christian of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Whitfield family of Powhatan, Mrs. Staer has put a parcel on the Schooner, "Rainbow" that sails for Richmond today with second hand silver plate worth about $100 and a lady's ridding stirrup  Halifax, VA 5 October 1867 5092 125 292
 William Price Palmer, Secretary of the Virginia Historical Society Letter to B. H. Dixon of Boston, Massachusetts acknowledgment of donations: "Dixon on Surnames" and "Memoir of the Shelton Family"  Richmond, VA 5 September 1867 5092 111 292
 R. H. Garnett Letter to Clerk of the Court request for information about bringing suit in your Federal Court  Dunnsville, Essex County, VA 24 August 1867 5092 105 292
 J. P. Strider of Washington College Letter to Dear Jim invitation to the Final Celebration of the Graham Philanthropic; includes names of Orators, Medalists and Committee members written on the leaf of a printed program of Washington and Lee Literary Societies Lexington, VA 18 June 1867 5092 76 292
 Ira Ayer Letter to Dr. J. Alonzo Smith notices of registration to be posted  Hanover County, Ashland, VA 16 June 1867 5092 74 292
 James S. Tipton Letter to E. B. Bentley mentioned: a negotiable note endorsed by C. G. Elliot in the hands of Colonel Samuel McCamant of Grayson County, Virginia with a request that he would bring suit on it for you, McCamant now deceased, I need further instructions  Hillsville, VA 2 January 1867 5092 2 292
 Staunton, Virginia Western Lunatic Asylum Officers Letter to E. F. Ragland of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Dr. Stribling, bring with you letter or papers about your sister, Amanda M. Ragland letter signed Thomas J. Evans Richmond and Staunton , VA ca. 1867 5092 169 292
 Stewart L. Woodford, Lt. Governor of New York Letter to Edwin A. Studwell many newspaper clippings about the election of Stewart L. Woodford rather than Greeley at the Saratoga Convention  press cuttings enclosed: "The Sun" and "The Standard" Albany, NY 5 March 1867 5092 21 292
 Raleigh Colston Letter to Garrett, Williams, & Fisher shortage on the bags sent, corn crop, wages for help, payment arrangements  Albemarle County, VA 1867-1868 5092 185 292
 L. B. Price Letter to Harrison, Goddin, & Apperson mentioned: remittance to Texas, note for $1,000 at 5% interest  VA 31 December 1867 5092 159 292
 James A. Garfield, House of Representatives Letter to Ida M. Mitchell acceptance of an invitation  Washington , DC 23 November 1867 5092 140 292
 Sterling Broome Letter to Jefferson Davis request to use your influence to get me passage home to Mobile  Richmond, VA 23 March 1867 5092 44 292
 G. Stras Letter to John G. Spotts Claim on the estate of A. F. Hendricks  Tazewell Court House, VA 24 January 1867 5092 8 292
 Edward C. Burks Letter to John G. Spotts of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: George Gibson, court suit  Liberty, Bedford County, VA ca. 1867 5092 162 292
 G. A. Hopkins Letter to L. L. Moore Mentioned: Mr. Kent, surprise at the amount of insurance payment, send the money to New York, Knox and Dyer, machinery  Millridge 25 December 1867 5092 156 292
 Bradley T. Johnson Letter to Mayo & Clinton of Richmond, Virginia request for 20 pounds of tobacco to be sent to the convention in care of Thomas I. McKaig letter from the Constitutional Convention Annapolis, MD 9 August 1867 5092 94 292
 A. R. Venable Letter to Messrs. Allison & Addison Mr. John M. Venable would like a cider mill; send to Farmville Depot in Prince Edward County, Virginia  Hampden Sidney, VA 9 August 1867 5092 100 292
 P. W. Connor Letter to Messrs. Burress, Powers & Yancey receipt for payment in your case against Floyd & Hunter  Louisa County, VA 14 December 1867 5092 148 292
 Thomas D. Johnston Letter to Messrs. Hodges & Mayo request for tobacco, Mr. Fraser of the Everett House fancies your tobacco, as well; Mr. James A. Robb of New Orleans is lodging with me; how is Matilda?  NY 9 August 1867 5092 97 292
 H. St. George Harris Letter to Messrs. Martin & Cundge sale of tobacco  Buckingham County, VA 14 June 1867 5092 72 292
 R. S. Chilton Letter to Miss Agnes Palmer reply to her request  Washington, DC 2 May 1867 5092 62 292
 Maria Mitchell Letter to Miss Comstock thank you for Mrs. Green's letter, I felt as though I was back in New England, thank you for the number of Standards, Mrs. Howe, Whittier's "Snow Bound"  Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY 22 February 1867 5092 18 292
 R. Noland Letter to Mrs. Parke C. Bagby mentioned: Beverly property in Orange county, Messrs Harrison, Apperson & Goddin your mothers agents, a proposition: $19000 for 444 acres, Dr. L. B. Rose of Fredericksburg  Charlottesville, VA 16 December 1867 5092 150 292
 Frederick T. Frelinghuysen Letter to Peter D. Vroom mentioned: Croxall Case, Trenton  Newark, NJ 23 May 1867 5092 64 292
 Thomas Bolling Letter to Powhatan Weisiger of Richmond, Virginia an order for a hat and gloves mentioned: Josephine, keeping the children till Saturday, neighbors: Julian Harrison, William Ferguson dined with us and attended a funeral in Mansville, sending fruit to you and my crop of wool, please purchase for me H. M. smith's cider mill and send by boat, "Black Eagle" (Master Palmer) Bolling Island, VA 10 December 1867 5092 175 292
 James Buchanan Letter to R. M. Smith marked "confidential;" send Mr. Lyons to New York for the Enquirer to hold personal intercourse with some of our leading Democratic politicians, Manhattan Democratic Club, S. Barlow, August Belmond, Horace Clark (son in law of Mr. Vanderbilt), W. Hoffman, M. Marble (editor of the World), Charles O'Conner Royal S. Phelps, Charles Carrol of Carroll's Manor in Maryland  Wheatland, PA, 6 July 1867 5092 86 292
 Meriwether Wright Letter to Stark W. Morris "my sister, Patsey C. Edwards wishes to employ your counsel" mentioned: Howard B. Edwards, George W. Trice, Joseph D. Porter, Charles S. Jones, Henry Gravitt Edwards, Robert Stewart, Eliza Stewart, Mr. Biggers letter mentions the sale of property and Patsey C. Edwards share of the property Louisa County, VA 12 June 1867 5092 69 292
 Anna Elizabeth Dickinson Letter to Thomas Franklin Smith response to a request for her to lecture, New York in April  Boston, MA 6 November 1867 5092 134 292
 Josiah G. Holland Letter to Thomas Franklin Smith mentioned: his lecture in Harlem and his terms are $100  Springfield, MA 30 July 1867 5092 92 292
 W. C. Claiborne Letter to W. B. Davidson of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: sale of tobacco, bacon shoulder, salt, postage stamps, new corn   11 September 1867 5092 113 292
 W. T. Walters Letter to William ? mentioned: tobacco, Halifax, a different race of laborers, Charlie is well and nearly sixteen and in College  VA 19 September 1867 5092 119 292
 F. H. Wolcott Letter to William H. McFarland of Richmond, Virginia questions about the legality of the land purchase and McFarland's opinion  New York, NY 1 July 1867 5092 83 292
 W. P. Stone Letter to William H. McFarland of Richmond, Virginia question about whether a company organized under the General Law of Corporations of the State of New York can be permitted to operate and hold real estate with equal advantage as a company organized under Virginia Laws? mentioned: President Wolcott; second letter mentions purchase of 3000 acres Dover Mines, VA 24 June 1867 5092 79 292
 Walter D. Leake Letter to Williams, Garrett & Fisher mentioned: your judgment against the Veteran's Administration  Louisa Court House, VA 22 April 1867 5092 54 292
 Thomas Johnson Letter to Williams, Garrett & Fisher inquiry: "if it would be agreeable to any of the commission merchants of Richmond to advance the annual supply of groceries to Planters, in prospect of their speedily sending down their crop of tobacco"  Halifax, VA 6 April 1867 5092 49 292
 James C. Cochran Letter to Williams, Garrett & Fisher mentioned: sending 21 barrels of new flour, request for price of Guano, and cheap salt  Staunton, VA 27 July 1867 5092 89 292
 Thomas Chalmers Letter to Williams, Garrett, & Fisher mentioned: sending one tub of my best tobacco by the Richmond and Danville Rail Road, request of a draw of $180 to meet my taxes, Colonel Barksdale's bond  VA 11 February 1867 5092 12 292
 Jacob Hanger Letter to Williams, Garrrett & Fisher please send by express to Staunton seed potatoes, early Goodrich New Potatoes  Churchville Post office, Augusta County, VA 7 April 1867 5092 52 292
 Henry Rives Pollard Order to Powhatan Weisiger of Richmond, Virginia order for a black felt hat   ca. 1867 5092 183 292
 Virginia Mechanics Institute Proceedings of the Board of Managers; resolved to sell at public auction $25,000 bond for the lot where the Mechanic Building stood between 9th and 8th streets to secure a debt held at the office of the Richmond Enquirer, President A. M. Bailey, Trustees: W. H. MacFarland, Joseph R. Anderson, and Andrew Johnston lists the names of ten managers Richmond, VA 8 November 1867 5092 137 292
 Jesse A. Ausley Verdict of the jury in divorce case of Ellen C. Evans vs. Robert Campbell Evans ruled in favor of Ellen E. Evans, viuculo matrimonie  Richmond County, GA 27 April 1867 5092 59 292
 Benjamin K. Roberts Account payable to " Dear Col"   Fort Monroe, VA 26 February 1868 5093 50 293
 Robert R. Howison Bill to Nathaniel M. Norfleet a bill for his professional services  Richmond, VA 9 October 1868 5093 129 293
 United State Agricultural Society Certificate of membership made out to Miles Cary printed form, Charles B. Williams' signature   28 December 1868 5093 146 293
 Thomas Samson and Samuel Price Character reference for James D. McClosky   Richmond, VA 11 February 1868 5093 46 293
 J. D. Weed Deposition concerning the existence of extensive frauds at Alcott's Distillery in Mecklenburg County, Virginia mentioned: E. A. Rollins, Charles Howard, Welden, North Carolina, barrels of spirit, Raleigh, North Carolina  U. S. Commissioner's Office, Richmond, VA ca. 1868 5093 140 293
 Nathaniel P. Howard Extensive list of books of N.P.H. packed up: the library of a Richmond, Virginia Attorney mentioned: Thomas & Sons, John Wiley & Sons  Richmond, VA ca. 1868 5093 151 293
 U. S. Army, 29th Regiment Inspection Report Lt. Col. H. L. Chipman, Company D, Capt. E. V. Richards, Company F . Alexandria, VA 31 March 1868 5093 60 293
 A. M. Gangeurer Letter to Chief Justice Salmon Portland Chase Industrial Home School; is in debt and will need a contribution to keep their children safe and well feed  Washington, DC ca. November 1868 5093 137 293
 Leizzie Letter to "Dear Brother" mentioned: Brother Robert's little girls, children coming to see us, little Henry's suggestion that they should come to Sister Leizzie's, Aunt Emma  Rivermont 14 August 1868 5093 107 293
 Susie Page Nelson Letter to "Dear Doctor" mentioned: Dr.& Mrs. Moore, Mr. Dabney's death, thanks for the prescription very faded Baltimore, MD 4 April 1868 5093 68 293
 John Charles Fremont Letter to "Dear Major" "I am working at the Railroad, but with no positive result yet. Next week will perhaps clear this subject up." mentioned: Miss Haines, Thanksgiving NY ca. 1868 5093 148 293
 Peachy R. Grattan Letter to "Dear Wife" mentioned: military despot, party at the Baldwin's last night for the girls, school is drawing to a close, Ellen Reeve, Robert Vaughn, Delia and Virginia Gay "the world changes and my body and mind are old, Lucy wrote to me  Richmond, VA 19 June 1868 5093 97 293
 James Monroe, Consul of the Untied States of America Letter to ? mentioned: coffee, Peter S. Nicolson, shipper, New York  Rio de Janeiro, South America 2 October 1868 5093 125 293
 C. Alexander Letter to ? concerning my lot of whiskey  Waynesboro, VA 18 January 1868 5093 24 293
 Thomas J. Owen Letter to ?  please extend my note for 30 days if possible, my tobacco is not ready Green Bay, VA 8 June 1868 5093 93 293
 Thomas F. Goode Letter to A. J. Rahn mentioned: a collection on account against W. B. Buford of Brunswick County  Boydton, VA 18 March 1868 5093 56 293
 John Lyon Letter to B. Tyler Johnson of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Mr. Bolling R. Heath, Mr. Lynham in charge of the factory fixtures in Chesterfield County, Judge Underwood, contempt of court  Petersburg, VA 21 February 1868 5093 48 293
 George F. Lay Letter to Brandon & Cooke of Richmond, Virginia remarks about his illness, seventy cords of wood ready for delivery to send by boat, my physicians suggest I go to Florida for a few weeks  Powhatan County, VA 7 January 1868 5093 21 293
 George Taylor Letter to Breeden & Fox mentioned: Messrs. Cannon & Courtney, Mrs. Catherine Taylor, deceased, Bettie M. Taylor, Mrs. Lee, my daughter, Mrs. Whittle, debt outstanding, Virginia Bonds, my daughter, Nannie Mr. Breeden, deceased, Mr. A. T. Stewart of New York Horn Quarter, Richmond, VA 4 June 1868 5093 86 293
 Andrew J. Rogers Letter to Chastian White inquiry about White's land seven miles above Richmond on the canal with a coal mine for a possible sale, we meet on the train between Ashland and DC, closing on a sale in North Carolina presently very faded Washington, DC 2 August 1868 5093 104 293
 Patrick Ragland Letter to Creed T. Davis of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: an apology, Chancery Court, Clay, Republican Convention, family news, photographs Montgomery, Scottsboro, Bellefonte, Alabama AL 1868-1872 5093 157 293
 James M. Flint Letter to D. C. Mayo enclosed money order for purchase of tobacco  Naval Hospital 2 April 1868 5093 73 293
 Samuel Ayres Letter to D. C. Mayo mentioned: New York  Richmond, VA 22 December 1868 5093 143 293
 D. White Letter to Davidson mentioned: F. Wootton, defer the sale of my tobacco   11 July 1868 5093 100 293
 A. V. Rahn Letter to George W. Blount of Wilson County, North Carolina claim against Samuel Marshborne of Wilson County, North Carolina reply "Marshborne is perfectly insolvent" signed G. W. Blount  23 March 1868 5093 58 293
 William S. Peachy Letter to Harrison, Goddin & Apperson after waiting to sell my farm for three years I have decided to rent it to Mr. Lipscomb; I expect to sell 124 acres of land on the James River to Field Williams  Williamsburg, VA 7 February 1868 5093 40 293
 P. R. Norment Letter to Harrison, Goddin & Apperson requests a delay on the $200 rent due for "Bleak Hill" for two weeks  Hanover County, VA 21 January 1868 5093 12 293
 T. S. Johns Letter to Harry request about setting up a clothing business in Richmond, Virginia  Washington, DC 11 March 1868 5093 54 293
 Robert Rose Letter to Henry [Rose Carter] mentioned: the Rose family coat of arms in Scotland, Hugh Pleasants may have the information, politics, democrats, General Hancock, Judge Davis of the Supreme Court, Judge Black  Washington, DC 2 February 1868 5093 37 293
 W. Barton Letter to Henry Pendleton of Port Royal mentioned: sale of the deed of trust that you hold for Mr. Jones & Mr. Garrett & wife, this property where Mr. Garrett resides has a prior trust attached by P. T. Lomax, Mr. W. H. Tayloe, North Carolina  Fredericksburg, VA 27 November 1868 5093 134 293
 W. R. Johnson Letter to John ? mentioned: Dunn & Donnan, raw cotton, a court suit, Richmond, Virginia  Petersburg, VA 5 October 1868 5093 127 293
 John G. Dew Letter to Marshall M. Gilliam mentioned: Miss Wilcox from Charles City County  King and Queen County, VA 20 August 1868 5093 110 293
 Echols, Bell, & Callen Letter to Messrs Smith, Rhodes & Company remarks about Smith and Rhodes claim against N. Harrison (nothing but a scamp) who avoids payments for his debts as well as the estate of his father-in-law  Staunton, VA 20 January 1868 5093 26 293
 Beverly Randolph Wellford Letter to Nathaniel M. Norfleet note about a deed of trust  Richmond, VA 1 February 1868 5093 35 293
 William Joseph Robertson Letter to Nathaniel P. Howard "relived by the arrangements for an oral argument" mentioned: Mr. Page, "What does the journal of the House and Senate show to have been the action of the Legislature when the subject was before it a year ago?  Charlottesville, VA 9 February 1868 5093 43 293
 William Pope Dabney Letter to Nathaniel P. Howard remarks about the Virginia Bar, and a possible new edition of the "Courts of Common Law & Equity in Virginia" to include the changes from the Code of 1819 to the Code of 1860, I am a graduate of the session of 1848/49 in the Law School of the University of Virginia, Mr. R. Robinson, William Howard, agriculture, the "Melayer System", Robert is an instructor at the University of the South at Sewanee, Tennessee  Powhatan County, VA 3 September 1868 5093 117 293
 Mary Mann Page Newton Letter to Powhatan Weisiger regrets and two dollars enclosed signed Mrs. William Brockenbrough Newton Summer Hill, Hanover Court House, VA 6 January 1868 5093 18 293
 Stephen V. Southall Letter to Powhatan Weisiger response to a judgment filed against Mr. Garland for P. Weisiger  Charlottesville, VA 2 January 1868 5093 15 293
 R. C. Cooke Letter to Ragland & Branch   Richmond, VA 1 March 1868 5093 52 293
 John Mercer Patton Letter to Ragland & Brooke  prices for timber and the supply on hand  The Meadows 25 May 1868 5093 75 293
 R. B. Tompkins Letter to Samuel A. Maddox enclosed find $13 to pay for tobacco  Washington, DC 30 January 1868 5093 31 293
 Echols, Bell & Cattell Letter to Smith, Rhodes & Company mentioned: Mr. McLaughlin's check for two years interest against S. F. Jordan, no one who owes you money has responded to your generous offer, either secure the debts if solvent or sue  Staunton, VA 6 June 1868 5093 91 293
 Carrington, Loving & Young Letter to Smith, Rhodes & Company following debts are worthless: J. L. Staton, Penn & Tompkins, James S. Penn, John T. Moffett, S. W. Myer, Gannaway & Woodin, Thomas D. Moore & Company, "Ante bellum County Merchants are the very worst class of debtors"  Montreal, Nelson County, VA 11 June 1868 5093 95 293
 W. Schenck Letter to Stevens, Pegram & Company mentioned: a claim, Bannister, settlement  Lincolnton, NC 17 October 1868 5093 131 293
 Horatio Seymour Letter to Thomas Nelson Carr "it gives me great pleasure to find I have a friend who wishes to make me President"  Utica, NY 27 January 1868 5093 28 293
 Alexander [McDengald] Letter to W. C. Troy mentioned: spirits, turpentine, the still, Peter Monroe, Mr. McNeil, "please send me a side of western Bacon"   3 June 1868 5093 83 293
 George M. Everhart Letter to William L. Hill mentioned: sending a paper on the Sate Fair, live stock  Louisville, KY 10 September 1868 5093 120 293
 Thomas Affleck Letter to William L. Hill of Richmond, Virginia "enclosed find two articles on Hedging" your interest in Bermuda Grass, I would like a copy of Ruffin's Farmer's Register, our corn and cotton crops are promising, I would like to get away and would trade my six hundred acres and house and work for your paper  Brenham, TX 27 July 1868 5093 102 293
 Robert Strange Letter to William P. Burwell update on Burwell's suit (continued) against Dr. DeRosset for 17 bales of cotton from 1866, depositions, of Dr. Ingram, and L. B. Hanks  Wilmington, NC 25 May 1868 5093 77 293
  Letter to William P. Burwell mentioned: hogsheads of tobacco, Mallory, Plummer  Petersburg, VA 27 May 1868 5093 80 293
 C. Pickett Letter to William P. Burwell mentioned: legal advisor, Major Sturdivant, Dr. Burwell, Richmond, claim 12 months overdue  Turkey Island, VA 20 April 1868 5093 71 263
 William G. Crenshaw Letter to" My Dear Colonel" mentioned: phosphate of lime, are there mills near Richmond that can grind the bones?, Scott at Gordonsville charges 50 cents per ton, Peruvian Guano, wheat should grow well in Orange County, we should go the England and Scotland and observe their farming methods  NY & VA 2 September 1868 5093 115 293
 Virginia Horticultural & Pomological Society List of Subscribers, as members of the society Executive Committee: John M. Allen, Charles B Williams, John J. Werth, William H. Haxall, John H. Claiborne, William T. Sutherlin, James T. Johnson, Charles H. Dimmock; Officers: William Gilham, J. C. Shields, Franklin Davis, I. S. Tower two hundred and forty-two original signatures of subscribers  1 January 1868 5093 2 293
 George H. Sharpe Order to "My dear Major" order for six, five pound bales of smoking tobacco  Kingston, NY ca. 1868 5093 154 293
 H. C. Adams Order to Hodges & Mayo order for "Virginia Choice" Tobacco  NY 1 April 1868 5093 65 293
 Charles P. Word Statement in relation to the seizure of tobacco sixteen stolen caddies of tobacco returned to Charles Word by the Collector of Internal Revenue mentioned: Dandridge & Anderson, Mayo Cahoon, Caleb Tate, New York Richmond, VA 15 September 1868 5093 122 293
 Barbour Lewis Affidavit re: Thomas E. Leonard passed a fraudulent document for $30.00  Memphis, Shelby County, TN 11 February 1869 5094 4 294
 Rufus B. Bullock Affidavits to B. D. Smith, appointment as Notary Public Affidavit: Rev. Rufus K. Porter of Atlanta was insured by the Piedmont Real Estate Insurance Company of Virginia for the sum of ten thousand dollars and that he died and was buried in the Atlanta City Cemetery on July 15, 1869 signed by B. D. Smith; affidavit signed by John C. Whitner; affidavit signed by R. C. Ketchum; affidavit signed by Dr. T. H. Orme Fulton County Atlanta, GA 30 September 1869 5094 83 294
 "Pale Blossom" Letter to "Cousin Barrett" mentioned: Cousin Julia and Aunt Jane wish to leave and want you to arrange a hack and driver to meet them at the Danville depot in Richmond, and take them to Marlbourne, Brother Abner, Sister Mary, Mamma  Linden 27 November 1869 5094 110 294
 G. S. Moore Letter to "Dear Colonel August" mentioned: a protracted court case, Is it necessary for me to come to Richmond, Virginia?  Baltimore, MD 3 May 1869 5094 35 294
 J. C. Nott Letter to "Dear Doctor" regarding some marks on Mrs. James Crenshaw's baby; one on the temple and one on the chest (noevi); should they grow they will need to be removed, I propose to watch its progress  NY 28 November 1869 5094 113 294
 Francis P. Porcher Letter to "Gentlemen" my book, "Resources of the Southern Fields and Forests" a book dealer in Richmond, Virginia Charleston, SC 29 October 1869 5094 102 294
 John H. Jordan Letter to "My Dear Harry" mentioned: just returned from Chicago, I will be at Spotswood  Lexington, VA 10 May 1869 5094 39 294
 W. R. Barkley Letter to "My Dear Judge" request for an endorsement  Farmville, VA 14 May 1869 5094 42 294
 L. J. Anderson Letter to "My dear Judge" mentioned: Betty is anxious to hear form the debt due from Colonel Henry, we are all well and living at the corner of 19th and I Streets  Washington, DC 6 October 1869 5094 97 294
 M. G. Peyton Letter to ?  Letter of the University of Virginia Proctor regarding bonds University of VA, Charlottesville, VA 8 June 1869 5094 58 294
 Basil L. Gildersleeve Letter to ?  inquiry about furs damaged by moths University of VA, Charlottesville, VA 5 October 1869 5094 95 294
 Hugh W. Sheffey Letter to [editor]? mentioned: a manuscript  Staunton, VA 8 May 1869 5094 37 294
 Fairthorne & Rand Letter to A. Austin Smith of Richmond, Virginia notice that they would initiate a suit against Smith to collect a debt  Philadelphia, PA 23 July 1869 5094 65 264
 William H. Seward Letter to A. Z. James    5 May 1869 5094 44 294
 William M. Tredway Letter to an attorney mentioned: a barrel of spirits left in Mr. Hurt's Store without his knowledge, U. S. Commissioners, John Brown and Tapley Zeatts as witnesses  Pittsylvania Court House, VA 14 October 1869 5094 99 294
 Henry Barnard, Department of Education Letter to Charles Campbell "I wish to correspond with you on matters educational as well as personal"  Washington, DC 22 February 1869 5094 15 294
 Samuel T. Bayly Letter to Chastain White  very faded Cherry Grove 5 June 1869 5094 55 294
 H. B. Brooke Letter to Chastain White mentioned: court day, advertise the sale in the Richmond and Fredericksburg papers  Caroline County, VA 24 July 1869 5094 67 294
 Robert Hudgin Letter to Chastain White mentioned: Convention, General Stoneman, nominations, Mr. Holladay, I suggest they appoint Mr. Jones, "this is very important to me"  Bowling Green, VA February-July 1869 5094 134 294
 Edward Shippen Letter to Chastain White of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: witnesses, a court case in Richmond, Virginia, Mrs. Cooper, certificate of marriage, Health Office, Mr. George, Caroline Jackson, Judge Underwood, registration laws second letter addressed to Holladay, Bagly & White Philadelphia, PA 1869-1877 5094 154 294
 Hinton R. Helper Letter to Dr. Blorde, of New York "a friend of mine owns, in various tracts, an aggregate of one hundred thousand acres of mountain land which he is disposed to sell for fifty thousand dollars cash; good for grazing, vineyards, orchards and possibly minerals; I should be glad if these lands could be owned and occupied by colonies of Germans, etc."  Ashville, NC 8 December 1869 5094 116 294
 John H. Hudson Letter to E. A. Rollins mentioned: James T. Dickinson, a distiller gave notice of his intentions to suspend work in his distillery, Asst. Assessor, McCracken locked the furnace   1 March 1869 5094 17 294
 Edward D. Christian Letter to Edmond R. Meanly mentioned: money he owes enclosed, had to sue E. .N. Woodson, Court at Appomattox  Lynchburg, VA May-August 1869 5094 130 294
 F. N. Watkins, Attorney Letter to Egbert Leigh response to an invitation to a convention on the 18th, requests reasonable paid expenses should he attend  Farmville, VA 12 February 1869 5094 9 294
 D. C. DeJarnette Letter to George Brown instructions about cutting the timber  Caroline County, VA 26 May 1869 5094 49 294
 Charles Downing Letter to George Thurber "you are at liberty to use my notes describing apples"  Newburgh, NY 21 December 1869 5094 119 294
 John Torrey Letter to George Thurber mentioned: a gentlemen who was recently in Nevada brought several quarts of seed, "Bunch Grass," the Indians make use of it for food, Ericoma Cuspidata, It may grow well in sandy barren soils, list of grasses of the Mexican Border Survey, Colorado  Columbia College, NY 6 November 1869 5094 104 294
 E. A. Bauman Letter to George Thurber mentioned: Mr. Henderson's Book, drawings on wood  Rahway, NJ 13 July 1869 5094 63 294
 Ferdinand V. Hayden, Department of Interior Letter to George Thurber mentioned: articles with illustrations drawn on wood, Natural History  Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC 24 December 1869 5094 121 294
 H. S. Kepler Letter to Gibson & Hill mentioned: Mr. Southall, contract on the trees  Drewry's Bluff, VA 12 March 1869 5094 19 294
 Augustus H. Garland of Garland and Nash Letter to J. A. Lynham of Richmond, Virginia letter about a court case  Little Rock, AR 23 August 1869 5094 78 294
 Roger J. Page Letter to John Filch mentioned: Albany County, Richmond, Virginia, Judge Bramhall, Silas Wright reply written on bottom of letter  16 November 1869 5094 107 294
 Alexander S. Macrae Letter to Messrs. Serrill, Flash & Reed of Richmond, Virginia request for the newspaper's name in Parkersburg, West Virginia, is it possible to make an extract of sumac?  Liverpool, England, and Antwerp, Belgium ca. 1869 5094 139 294
 F. M. Imboden Letter to Mr. Gibson mentioned: Mr. Holt, woods, timber to cut, pine, "old field," Phillips, contract  Claremont, Richmond, VA 30 January 1869 5094 2 294
 Clay Orcway of Mayo's Island Letter to Mr. Gibson order for 4000 laths and a small amount of lumber to be delivered to Major Beardsley Mill who will carry them down to my wharf in his boat  Richmond, VA 30 December 1869 5094 127 294
 A. Alexander Letter to Noah Walker & Company enclosed find a check for $11.00 for a coat  Lexington, VA 26 July 1869 5094 69 294
 J. b. Cary Letter to Noah Walker & Company of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: "I will be in Richmond to settle my bill"  NY 19 August 1869 5094 76 294
 T. E. Tweedy Letter to Powhatan Weisiger & Company or Richmond, Virginia regarding a box left at the depot in Richmond, Virginia and your kindness  NY 2 October 1869 5094 89 294
 W. B. Pettit Letter to S. R. Spelman of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: bonds given to Richmond College, Hanes K, Clements, Mary M. Perkins, John Keenson, Philip Snoddy, George L. Crank  Columbia, VA 25 June 1869 5079 146 279
 John E. Williams Letter to Salmon P. Chase reference to Judge Chase's letter to Captain Manning quoted in the newspaper  NY and Raleigh, NC 4-10 June 1869 5094 52 294
 Thomas E. McNeill Letter to Serrill, Flash & Reed request for a job since I am leaving Mr. E. Kelly, a good machine shop could be made to pay well, possibility of a locomotive works  New Brunswick, NJ 5 September 1869 5094 80 294
 C. T. Tompkins Letter to the President & Directors, S. A., for the benefit of widows & orphans mentioned: J. H. Maddox, Cyrus M. Williams  Richmond, VA 1869-1870 5094 150 294
 William S. Norris Letter to W. S. Reed mentioned: bark stacked at the side of the road at Forest Depot; Mr. Wingfield's certificate that fifty cords had been delivered, my son is going to college and I need the tuition money  Lynchburg, VA 12-17 August 1869 5094 71 294
 Keller & Aberk Letter to William P. Burwell mentioned: Mr. Meredith, transaction with Burwell only if the tobacco is of the 1868 crop and can be shipped via sailing vessel to New York to Antwerp or Baltimore to Rotterdam, please send samples immediately to Bremen to Daniel Knoop  Mannheim, Germany 20 February 1869 5094 12 294
  Letter to William P. Burwell mentioned: 22 hogsheads were delivered and the quality of the tobacco is poor, awaiting word from you  Antwerp, Belgium 4 October 1869 5094 92 294
 D. G. McIntosh Letter to William P. Burwell of Richmond, Virginia reference to Burwell's claim against the estate of Hough, his widow Margaret Hough, administratrix, Nims died insolvent, Mr. Ellett, and when did your partnership cease?  MD 1 July 1869 5094 60 294
 Robert L. Owen Letter to Williams & Fisher mentioned: tobacco crop, fertilizer, agriculture salt, lime, phosphate  Black Walnut, VA 12 March 1869 5094 22 294
 James C. Taylor Newspaper announcement mentioned: the dissolved partnership of James C. Taylor and Robert C. Trigg and questions  Christiansburg, VA 26 December 1869 5094 124 294
 Virginia General Assembly Observations on the relations between the Assembly & the Courts of law under the "new Constitution"   Richmond, VA ca. 1869 5094 144 294
 John S. Billings Order to D. C. Mayo order for smoking tobacco  Washington, DC 20 May 1869 5094 46 294
 A. A. Yeomans, Post Surgeon Order to Mr. Darby, dealer in sewing machines, Richmond, Virginia order for Johnson Machines, Dr. Bartholt of the Army  Vicksburg, MS 3 April 1869 5094 29 294
 Baltimore, Maryland Mayor & others Testimonials for Frederick S. Turner recommendations for Mr. Turner to Richmond, Virginia signatures: John A. Robb, Robert T. Banks Baltimore, MD ca. March 1869 5094 25 294
 U. S. Commission for Virginia District Affidavits for qualification of voters mentioned: J. A. Lynham, Benjamin Jones, Leigh Street, Richmond, Virginia, canal employee in Goochland County; John W. Jenkins, Madison Taylor, County of Louisa, resident of Jackson Ward, Richmond; James Hill of Richmond's Old Market Election District; Robert B. Jones resident of Marshall Ward District, Richmond, Washington Holmes of Jefferson Ward District, Richmond; Richard Mims of Jefferson Ward District, Richmond; Albert Washington of Monroe Ward District; Samuel Wade of the Jefferson Ward District, Richmond includes printed list of the National Republican Ticket VA 8 November 1870 5095 93 295
 Rutherford B. Hayes Appointment of Theodore F. C. Demarest as Commissioner of Deeds for the State of Ohio in the State of New York   Columbus, OH 6 June 1870 5095 47 295
 Germania Building Association Bond signed by 92 members, liquidating the association 175 member listed with shares 92 personal signatures Richmond, VA ca. 1870 5095 116 295
 William D. McGuire Letter to "Dear Doctor" declines a tender for a position, recommends Robert P. Page of Berryville, formerly a candidate for chair of anatomy when Dr. Logan was elected  Berryville, VA 10 January 1870 5095 6 295
 H. A. Watkins Letter to "My dear Brother" mentioned: Doctor and undertaker's account, Mr. Lewis Putzel, Mr. Shultz, notes due, twelve per cent interest, George Hairston, who married Nannie Watkins, Mrs. Waller and Mrs. Saunders, Adie, Mrs. Joiner, Mr. Lee and an upright monument, Dr. Smith and his family have moved to Henry and living at his fathers, chicken pox, Mary and Jennie  Martinsville, VA 3 February 1870 5095 16 295
 Mary Will Letter to "My dear Cousin" mentioned: sale of the house, Spencer and Willis have left us, return to Montrose in the fall because Brother Ben has bought it, Willis is an Alabama Engineer on the Chattanooga & Alabama Rail Road, Mother is very feeble, Willie Smith is with us  Homestead, VA 27 June 1870 5095 64 295
 Richard James Lane Letter to "My dear Friend"   Worthing ca. 1870 5095 121 295
 Horace L. Kew Letter to ? mentioned: a debt, house insurance, Culpeper  Richmond, VA 21 November 1870 5095 107 295
 Benjamin S. Ewell Letter to ? please take the trouble to correct the copy of the catalog enclosed, J. Murphy of Baltimore is the publisher of the present edition  College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA 17 June 1870 5095 57 295
 Laura Keene Letter to ? a thank you note for his assistance to Miss Taylor and herself  Academy of Music, Charleston, West VA 22 November 1870 5095 110 295
 Richard H. Garrett Letter to Chastain White mentioned: paying off his debts with the help of his nephew from Newburg, New York  Port Royal, VA 26 January 1870 5095 11 295
 Ould & Carrington Letter to D. B. Parker, U. S. Marshall mentioned: necessary to go to Halifax to Barksdale Depot and levy on the tobacco crop of Dr. Hoge to satisfy the two executors of the Smith Guardians. We wish the tobacco to be sold in Richmond, D. Williams  Richmond, VA 30 March 1870 5095 29 295
 R. L. Owen Letter to George W. Williams mentioned: sale to tobacco, planting of corn and wheat, order for fertilizer, Salt, lime, against his wheat crop, Prince Edward County  Black Walnut, VA 20 April 1870 5095 31 295
 William Smith Patton Letter to George W. Williams of Richmond, Virginia Banking and Exchange Office  Danville, VA 9 June 1870 5095 54 295
 Judith Page (Walker) Rives Letter to Gibson & Watkins mentioned: loans, bags for oats, bacon, county taxes, money for railway tickets  Castle Hill and Cobham, Albemarle County, VA 1870-1874 5095 127 295
 Robert O. Doremus Letter to H. Storm College or the City of New York  NY 8 January 1870 5095 4 295
 Joel T. Headley Letter to Hooper C. Van Vorst declines and invitation to lecture before the young men's association of Albany  NY 20 October 1870 5095 83 295
 Chancey Whittle Letter to Hugh B. Grigsby my sister, the late, Francis M. Lewis widow of Captain William Lewis is donating to the Virginia Historical Society the medals he collected in Paris in 1808. Captain Lewis was lost at sea when the Sloop of War, Epervier disappeared in 1815  Norfolk, VA 2 December 1870 5095 113 295
 James Marion Sims Letter to James B. McCaw interest in Sim's patient and Mrs. Wood our hostess will be able to give her a place to stay  NY 19 January 1870 5095 8 295
 J. M. Mercer Letter to Joseph L. Carrington mentioned: introducing the daughter of the late police officer McLactrey of Richmond, Virginia to you for assistance in finding a lawyer to help her with any property her father may have held, Mrs. Hopkins  Baltimore, MD 3 May 1870 5095 42 295
 French Strother, Superintendent Virginia Penitentiary Letter to Julian Binford please send me a bottle of French Brandy for this evening  Richmond, VA 20 June 1870 5095 59 295
 John Werth Letter to Mayo & Gibson mentioned: his father's estate and his mother's property, timber sold, enclosed check  Richmond, VA 28 July 1870 5095 70 295
 John Ellicott Letter to Mayo & Gibson mentioned: L. M. Shoemaker telegraphed, lumber, Virginia pine  Baltimore, MD 13 August 1870 5095 72 295
 Duke Jones Letter to Mrs. E. A. Rutherford mentioned: County Court, either you or Mrs. Aylett should have power of attorney, perhaps Col. Danforth is a notary?  Charlottesville, VA 25 May 1870 5095 45 295
 W. W. Stokes Letter to N. T. Patteson a reply about the Jefferson Insurance Company bankruptcy; "I fear she (your relative) will be able to realize but little from the misplaced confidence of her husband whom I knew well and highly esteemed"  Farmville, VA 17 September 1870 5095 80 295
 H. J. Stone Letter to Noah Walker & Company request for material samples for a "Chesterfield" style short coat  Mecklenburg County, VA 2 November 1870 5095 91 295
 P. P. Barbour Letter to R. B. Haxall mentioned: sending down a filly for exhibition with a request for pasture   29 October 1870 5095 88 295
 Edward Payson Weston Letter to Stephen W, Jessup, of New York note along with fifty passes with printed poster, announcing Weston's "final effort in Pedestrianism" NY 25 April 1870 5095 34 295
 W. W. Putnam Letter to Thomas Davis "Thomas Davis was employed at the 3rd Police Station from the 17th of March to the 29th of April, 1870"  Richmond. VA 30 August 1870 5095 78 295
 Union Congressional Republican Congressional Committee Letter to Thomas P. Jackson of Virginia enclosed copies: 100 Civil Rights and 15th Amendment, 50 New Era, 50 Address of Committee, 50 Financial Document; only for the hands of Republicans; instructions of what to give to the whites and what to give to the blacks signed by James H. Platt, Jr. Secretary Washington, DC 25 August 1870 5095 75 295
 William E. Hatcher Letter to Tom & J [?] mentioned: send a copy of Jone's "Aids" to Dr. Steel, Dr. Hartman, Richmond, Virginia  Petersburg, VA 3 January 1870 5095 2 295
 William L. Owen Letter to Tucker Carrington and Paul C. Venable mentioned: South Boston, a deed, the Judge, trustees, "it is necessary to have proof that the value of the property is less than the debts intended to be secured" R. H. Moss & Brothers are recently bankrupt Richmond, VA 3 March 1870 5095 19 295
 Gauldree Boillean Letter to Virginia Land, Loan & Trust Company mentioned: I am the owner of 68,000 acres in southwestern Virginia, do you loan money on this type of land and what would be the interest? For references please check with the French General Consulate of New York and the French Consulate of New Orleans  New Orleans, LA 19 March 1870 5095 23 295
 Richard Grant White Letter to W. A. Barnum reply to a question about his copy of "Le Livre Rouge"  NY 26 October 1870 5095 86 295
 A. T. Moseley Letter to William mentioned: Colonel Davis, Aunt Nancy, taxes  Court House 27 January 1870 5095 14 295
 Alexander Rives Letter to William D. Gibson note of a late payment  Carlton, VA ca. 1870 5095 124 295
 Charles William Eliot Letter to William L. Stone mentioned: no professorship of Positive Philosophy is likely to be established in this College, list of lecturers: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Samuel Eliot, John K. Paine, Josiah D. Whitney  Harvard College, Cambridge, MA 22 March 1870 5095 26 295
 Charles Morris Letter to William P. Burwell offers an opinion about a debt that Mr. Berry owes to Mr. Burwell and a possible settlement  Athens, GA 22 June 1870 5095 61 295
 New Jersey Essex County, Surrogate's Office Letters of Guardianship Jane M. Baldwin & Lucius D. Baldwin for Cornelia K. Baldwin, Jane S. Baldwin, and Elizabeth Baldwin, being minors over the age of fourteen years printed form signed by George D. G. Moore, surrogate NJ 19 July 1870 5095 67 295
 Thomas J. Evans Testimonial for Dr. J. Mason Evans, an applicant for the position of Superintendent of Schools for Middlesex & King and Queen Counties, Virginia Dr. J. Mason Evans is the brother of Brown Evans  Richmond, VA 2 May 1870 5095 39 295
 Rob. W. Carter Comments about the will of Thomas Stabler Montgomery County Register, John W. Spates, in August 17, 1860, Isaac [Hartshorne], executor  Montgomery County, VA 23 March 1871 5096 37 296
 Gilbert Carleton Walker Commissions: Virginia Troops Captains of the Volunteer Company called Lee Guards, 102 Regiment of the 2nd Brigade; J. b. Bland, 1st Lt. of the Light Infantry called the Walker Guard, 1st Regiment   1871-1872 5096 128 296
 B. P. Noland Letter to "Dear General" Johnson "too unwell to go to Richmond", Mr. John H. Alexander, my young partner will have power of Attorney; William Bennett, Charles H. Green, John S. Grant, James Marshall, Newsome Estate, Winchester, Virginia, Colonel [ Hollroy], Mr. Sherman, gold, Farmer's Bank  Middlesburg, VA 20 June 1871 5096 56 296
 N. F. Brock Letter to "Dear Judge" mentioned: Charles L. Mosby of Lynchburg; case of Stephens in Appomattox Court; case moved to Amherst, Judge Shelley  Buckingham Court House, VA 12 March 1871 5096 34 296
 J. T. Hendrick Letter to "Dear Sir" mentioned: question about the statement of account for R. G. Hendrick, Mr. Powell, Treasurer in Richmond, Mr. Hendrick left here a year ago and left books to be sold  Paducah, KY 7 July 1871 5096 64 296
  Letter to "Dear Sweet Mary" of Richmond, Virginia "love letter" send your reply by the Judge Newspaper copy "How They Go to Bed" Baltimore, MD 19 August 1871 5096 80 296
 J. R. McNutt Letter to "Dear Uncle William" Mollie gave me a letter to send and I am enclosing mine, I am so behind with the Central Presbyterian but my troubles are great  Lexington, VA 7 July 1871 5096 67 296
 James L. Davis Letter to ? recommendation for Peter Woodfork  Richmond, VA 3 January 1871 5096 5 296
 F. M. Imboden Letter to ? Gibson mentioned: oats   23 October 1871 5096 94 296
 Samuel P. Ryland Letter to ? Williams mentioned: collected interest of Thomas Walker, dec'd; Joanna S. Walker   30 July 1871 5096 74 296
 S. C. Robinson Letter to [Gordon] & [Cringan] misplaced bill and receipt  Longdale, C & O Railroad 18 February 1871 5096 25 296
 Asa D. Dickinson Letter to [R. B. Chaffin] mentioned: I am unwell, "Fighting Creek"  Springfield, Prince Edward County, VA 6 December 1871 5096 114 296
 J. Salmer Hoffman Letter to [Richard] Allen mentioned: Maryland Orphan's Court; wishes of the children's deceased Mother, you as grandfather and guardian; Court provided a large sum for the support and maintenance of your grandchildren  Baltimore, MD 21 May 1871 5096 50 296
 W. S. Barton, Attorney Letter to Alexander R. Holladay (Holladay & White) question about a case; "Tell, White, and do not complete the sale in the [Schooler] case"  Fredericksburg, VA 23 June 1871 5096 59 296
 George B. MacLellan Letter to Allan & Johnson please send a catalog; wish to ascertain if you can furnish the Spanish Chestnut, English Walnut, and Osage Orange seedlings  Rappahannock Station, VA 27 December 1871 5096 123 296
 Charles L. Pollack for John S. Mosby Letter to Allen & Johnson please forward your account against Joseph H. Blackwell  Warrenton, VA 4 December 1871 5096 112 296
 J. M. Hudgin Letter to Chastain White mentioned: Colonel Dickinson, I am prepared to offer 50 cents on the dollar for the property, "I can buy plenty of debts- first liens at that price" keep this confidential  Bowling Green, VA 14 November 1871 5096 103 296
 George William Richardson Letter to Chastain White write to Ashland to get a meeting arranged second letter "confidential" "I was assaulted in the night by the ruffian A.W. McGreger, have my cases continued, William H. McGhee vs. Albert D. Wicker Richmond, VA & Oakland, Hanover County, VA 1871-1873 5096 131 296
 John L. Marye Letter to Chastain White date set for a case: [Schooler vs. Schooler]  Fredericksburg, VA 19 May 1871 5096 47 296
 John Jett Letter to Cochrane & Lewis you have not replied to my claim against the United States sent via John F. Settle  Washington, Rappahannock County, VA 16 September 1871 5096 84 296
 Dillard & King Law Office Letter to D. Cardwell of Columbia, South Carolina  difficult to read Greensboro, NC 26 June 1871 5096 61 296
 James M. Laidley of the Life Association of America Letter to E. T. Winston mentioned: Colonel Clarkston, a decree obtained in Federal Court against the Bank of Virginia, Branch at Lynchburg; Isaacs & Company  Charleston, WV 24 May 1871 5096 53 296
 Benjamin H. Magruder Letter to George S. Palmer mentioned: the death of Professor [Socrates] Maupin, Professor Gilham as his replacement, please send me his antecedents  Keswick 30 October 1871 5096 97 296
 Edwin Martin Stone Letter to George T. Paine a list of the Society's publications: R. William's Key, Simplicity Defense, Early History of R. I. (Callender's), History of Narragansett (Potter), Annals of Providence and Expedition against Quebec, Contributions to History of Baptists in R. I.; we would like Confederate War literature in return  Providence, RI 31 January 1871 5096 12 296
 William M. McComb Letter to George W. Williams shipment of white wheat, credit to Dr. Charles Quarles  Gordonsville, VA 25 January 1871 5096 9 296
 John W. Riely Letter to George W. Williams of Richmond, Virginia sale of his tobacco, wants to sell at the best price so if there is extra it will go to McKinney  Halifax Court House, VA 11 February 1871 5096 22 296
 W. Denham Letter to H. Elliot mentioned: Dr. A. B Hawkins of Tallahassee; the Governor, buying of bonds, interest paid promptly as long as we was Governor, General Bailey  Monticello, FL 29 December 1871 5096 125 296
 Gracie Voorhies Letter to her Uncle in Richmond Virginia "dullest Christmas ever, several negroes for hire, Mr., Skinner was always drunk, Aunt Sallie, Aunt Mary, a Carriage and Plow Factory, John M. Francis, nephew, G. A. Jarvis, fire in Richmond, Susan Tinsley is in Texas, Lucy, Bettie, Charles Chapell family news  2 January 1871 5096 2 296
 William Ambers Letter to Holladay & White mentioned: John Belcher vs. E.O. Watkins, Estate, you as counsel for Doswell, Mr. Nunnally  Manchester, VA 15 November 1871 5096 106 296
 N. H. Ragland Letter to Isaac, Taylor & Williams "enclosed find a check and please send me a new check book"  Appomattox, VA 29 July 1871 5096 72 296
 William Terry Letter to J. B. Bland mentioned: please send me three mattresses, enclosed account of salary for J. W, Hackler, Judge of Grayson County  Wytheville, VA 28 September 1871 5096 86 296
 J. J. White Letter to John M. Allan mentioned: Colonel Ross says the company has declared a dividend, please send my share in fruit trees, winter, apple, peach, Raspberry (lists the different varieties)  Lexington , VA 10 November 1871 5096 100 296
 James W. Massie Letter to John M. Allan mentioned: Colonel Ross, John W. Barclay, two dividends Virginia Military Institute  Lexington, VA 24 November 1871 5096 109 296
 John Early Letter to John W. Jenkins "your son left with two other students over Easter; the two other students returned but your son was not with them and they think he went to Petersburg, let me know if he is at home" very faded Georgetown College 13 April 1871 5096 42 296
 George A. Magruder Letter to Julia Magruder mentioned: "the death of our brother;" John Magruder; Allan's wife wrote and spoke of his good health; Ella was engaged to sing at a private house for the benefit of the French wounded and she immediately withdrew her name and we went into mourning; Allan's daughter, Helen is nursing at a hospital in London and is engaged  Onslow Gardens, London, England 10 March 1871 5096 31 296
 William Watts Letter to L. Levy of Richmond, Virginia mentioned, absent for two months, crop of wheat, barrels of flour  Big Lick, VA 23 July 1871 5096 69 296
 R. D. Minor Letter to Mayo & Gibson mentioned: Dutch Gap and Osbornes on the Bluff, request for price for pine lumber, and pile drivers James River Improvement Rocketts, Richmond, VA 2 February-11 March 1871 5096 15 296
 S. Alexander Letter to Messrs. Mayo & Gibson short on a delivery of lumber Virginia Steamship and Packet Company Richmond, VA 16 January 1871 5096 7 296
 Isaac Jones Wister, late Brig. General, U.S.A Letter to Robert Stiles of Richmond, Virginia reply to request for any information I might furnish on the raid of General Kilpatrick on Richmond in 1864 and the auxiliary expedition of Colonel Dahlgren, two pages of his recollections Philadelphia, PA 6 December 1871 5096 117 296
 Daniel B. Lucas Letter to Slaughter & Craighill enclosed letter from Mr. Bedinger in reply to Mr. Johnson of Salem, question about the value of a property transfer before the end of the war: Remick of the estate of Snyder case against Charles [Anspough] Charleston, WV 8 March 1871 5096 28 296
 George A. Magruder Letter to Uncle Allan mentioned: death of my father, Mr. Foote, trustee, Helen, Ella, apartment in Paris, Rome, Naples, Eliza Scott and daughter, William P. and John's death so close together  Paris, France 19 October 1871 5096 89 296
 S. G. Philips Letter to W. C. Troy mentioned: Congress, General Assembly, past treachery  Raleigh, NC 12 April 1871 5096 40 296
 William P. Craighill Letter to W. C. Troy of Fayetteville, North Carolina enclosed find two dollars  Baltimore, MD 3 August 1871 5096 77 296
 B. L. Burwell Letter to William P. Burwell mentioned: samples of plug tobacco and explanation of their sale in New York  NY 22 December 1871 5096 121 296
 G. P. Evans, Office of the U. S. Marshall for the Eastern District of TN Notification of issuance of bankruptcy warrant warrant issued against the estate of Stanford L. Jenkins of the County of Sullivan Creditors: Saunders, I. H. Dooly administrator of estate of John Dooly of Richmond, Virginia, Putney, Watts, T. Haynes of Memphis, S. Newton , Administrator of William Barnet estate mentioned: Lynchburg, Virginia Knoxville, TN 18 April 1871 5096 44 296
 Gilbert G. Walker Telegram to Walter H. Taylor Mr. Riddick, Senator, died this am, send instructions  New Orleans, LA and Richmond, VA 3 February 1871 5096 19 296
 de Valcourt et. al. Agreement Edgar de Valcourt and Robert F. Ross of Baltimore and Ernest Wilty of Richmond  MD 6 May 1872 5097 44 297
 J. D. Goodwyn Letter to Colonel Forbes Colonel Wyatt is to appear before you to give evidence in apposition to the interest of my wife and children; please ask him the following questions; James Greenway  Dinwiddie County, VA 31 January 1872 5097 8 297
 John D. Munford Letter to "Dear Sister Fannie" mentioned: Maria, Mr. Custis with his daughter, Nannie and her husband, marriage of Lizzie Southall to Mr. J. W. Turner, son John and General Tom, brother Wythe  Williamsburg, VA 22 January 1872 5097 5 297
 R. H. Fitzhugh Letter to "My Dear Colonel" please put the enclosed $250 to my credit  Mount Sterling 5 February 1872 5097 11 297
 G. J. G. Letter to "My dear father & mother mentioned: "The State has gone radical and Colonel Hodgson, is turned out, and his worst enemy elected," Smith, Vaughan or Peck, H. S. Whitfield, wrote an article for Colonel Taylor, "my Carrie's grave is almost covered with flowers; I miss her so" Nathaniel Thomas Fupton University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL 13 November 1872 5097 84 297
 J. Pendleton Rogers, Office of Rogers & McCance Letter to "My dear Father" mentioned: very cold weather, business is very slow, hope that his father reached his destination safely; Richard left for Danville, Madison and Clarksville, little Nellie in rapture over the Christmas presents; Ellen and the baby are well; Dr. Minnegerode preached the Christmas sermon  Richmond, VA 27 December 1872 5097 90 297
 M. A. Page Letter to "My dear Father" mentioned: Josephine, "I read in the paper that you plan to sell your whole farm!!  Bandover 25 July 1872 5097 70 297
 Harry K. Murray Letter to ? mentioned: query about transferring money from the National Bank of Scotland to Richmond, Virginia; I wish to purchase a place from Mr. Rives; second letter refers to a draw and credit on his account Albemarle County, VA & Nova Scotia 1872-1873 5097 98 297
 J. H. Carrington Letter to ? mentioned: Johnston & William, Planters Bank, Mrs. MacFarland, a court suit, Mr. Smith, a private sale  Richmond, VA 14 November 1872 5097 87 297
 Samy Jones Letter to ? delivery of corn and please return my bags to the Peaks to be refilled   3 April 1872 5097 39 297
 John G. Clarke Letter to ?Colonel [Cumbers] of Manchester mentioned: D. K. Weisiger, Mrs. Walker, moving into a house in Manchester  Richmond, VA 16 September 1872 5097 76 297
 J. B. Watkins Letter to Albert note about a coat  Richmond, VA 21 March 1872 5097 28 297
 G. F. B. Leighton of the Norfolk Horticultural and Pomological Society Letter to Allan & Johnson of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: list of the Virginia & North Carolina Agricultural Society; flowers and plants; General R. L. Page  Norfolk, VA 7 October 1872 5097 82 297
 Braxton & Wallace Letter to Bradley T. Johnson mentioned: Mr. McKenny, the bank, and his debt; 25 cents on the dollar; Mr. Spillman  Fredericksburg, VA 16 March 1872 5097 23 297
 J. M. Booker Letter to Dear Burwell & Demoss of Washington City awaiting a Senate decision, invitation to come to Lynchburg  Lynchburg, VA 24 May 1872 5097 51 297
 Union Republican Congressional Executive Committee Letter to Edward Daniels of Richmond, Virginia inquiry about printing and the cost of some documents about Greeley's Record for the Virginia democrats signed by J.M. Edmunds Washington, DC 6 July 1872 5097 65 297
 F. R. Farrar Letter to Gibson & Watkins William R. Carter has made a deed to me as trustee; sale of tobacco  Amelia County, VA ca. 21 March 1872 5097 26 297
 J. Otto Ehbets Letter to Grubbs & Williams of Richmond, Virginia placement of his home site, Tunstall, for sale, on his way to Huntington, West Virginia  Tunstalls 6 February 1872 5097 13 297
 Alexander H. H. Stuart Letter to Horace E. Hayden explanation of Archibald Stuart genealogy  Staunton, VA 6 January 1872 5097 2 297
 Ida Gray Letter to I. Lane Sterne note declining an invitation but in hopes there will be another  Richmond, VA ca. 12 February 1872 5097 15 297
 Pierce M. B. Young Letter to John A. Bingham question and the opinion about the eligibility to hold office under the 14th Amendment  Washington, DC 29 February 1872 5097 21 297
 Joseph Walker Letter to John Hill eviction notice to quit the premises of Broad Rock lands  Holly Springs Farm, Chesterfield, VA 4 June 1872 5097 57 297
 Joseph R. Flanders Letter to John S. Mosby "I do not think that any Democrat should support Grant anymore than Greeley" mentioned: a convention, Blanton Duncan of Louisville is working it up in the west; James Lyons of Baltimore; Colonel William Preston Johnson  NY 1 July 1872 5097 62 297
 Charles S. Converse Letter to Mrs. J. E. Strother letter about her case pending in Appeal Court about Building Fund Stock  Richmond, VA 24 August 1872 5097 73 297
 John M. Orr Letter to Pell & Stevens mentioned: your suit vs. Thomas F. Tebbs is on the docket and we need you affidavit  Leesburg, VA 3 June 1872 5097 54 297
 George H. Southard Letter to Q. A. Gillmore decision to take stock, Mr. J. [Bigler]; New York & [Stonington] Granite Company  Newburgh, NY 15 May 1872 5097 48 297
 David McCauley, Mayor's Office Letter to R. B. Chaffin mentioned: W. W. Company, stock should be safe as many are subscribing for the water, Mr. Deloss Root  Indianapolis, IN 3 May 1872 5097 41 297
 Francis Mahoney Letter to Richmond Granite Quarries request for prices of window and door sills, lintels and good building stone  Richmond, VA 22 July 1872 5097 67 297
 L. E. Dudley Letter to Stephen C. Rowan of Naval Station, Brooklyn, New York recommendation for George [Callan]  NY 3 October 1872 5097 79 297
 James Gorden Letter to William M. Ledly mentioned: Ben Green, horses or mules  Baltimore, MD 18 June 1872 5097 59 297
 A. J. Jephers Letters of guardianship issued to C. J.[Brenham] upon the estate of James R. Pringle, a minor   San Francisco, CA 27 February 1872 5097 18 297
 Lucy S. Douglas Letters to the Court of Appeals regarding her father's will mentioned: Judge May, my mother, Mrs. Gillian, John Gilliam, Slaves, my father's will, Uncle Reuben, Lucy Carter of Shirley, MacFarland, Peachy Grafton, Susan Gilliam, Marcus Gilliam, Judge Gholson, Robert Gilliam, Mr. Pollard, Uncle M. Shelton, Elizabeth Burham, Sarah [Straehan], Mosely Brown, Sam Garland, Commissioner Wilder, Chapman Johnson, payment of Harrison on Elk Island, Bolling Osborne, Jane Curry, Elizabeth Buchanan, William Mosely, Osborne vs. Waller  Lynchburg, VA March-April 1872 5097 30 297
 William and Mary College Questions and answers relating to the resignation of Professor McCandlish and faculty salaries mentioned: Rev. McWharten & Rev. D. Wilmer  Williamsburg, VA ca. 1872 5097 93 297
 M. M. White Appointment of William F. Smith agent as White's agent for buying and selling groceries in the City of Richmond  Richmond, VA 18 December 1873 5097 175 297
 Samuel B. McLin Certificate to C. E. L. Allison certification for Allison as Justice of the Peace for Gadsden County  FL 15 October 1873 5097 152 297
 Sam P. Watkins Letter to "Dear Uncle" response to a request for a loan that he is unable to underwrite; my love to Aunt Mary  Halifax, VA 17 September 1873 5097 150 297
 J. R. Crenshaw Letter to "My dear Colonel mentioned: little knowledge of the fertilizing business, William is in Elizabeth, New Jersey; Nicholas needed for a position with the telegraph company in Montgomery, Selma, Mobil, and New Orleans, I would look after him as my own son  Southern & Atlantic Telegraph Co., NY 7 May 1873 5097 117 297
 Lucy Henry. Wood Letter to "My rose Mary" a floral love letter   19 May 1873 5097 124 297
 John A. G. Alpenburg-Mahl Letter to "Your Honor" mentioned: immigrated from Europe; had misfortunes in Richmond, Virginia, joined the U.S Army, my friend F. H. Langstedt M.D., request for leave to attend his dying father in Europe  Fort D. A. Russell, Wyoming Territory 15 April 1873 5097 112 297
 Thomas S. Moorman Letter to ? mentioned: Dr. J. J. Wordlaw  Newberry, SC 21 October 1873 5097 160 297
 John A. Logan Letter to ? please send at once to James K. Compton, Scottsburg Depot bags for 60 barrels of corn  Halifax Court House, VA 26 November 1873 5097 171 297
 Robert A. Gogbill Letter to ? payment on a debt  New Glasgow, VA 25 April 1873 5097 115 297
 William Henry Rinehart Letter to ? Walters mentioned: your visit to Italy, Venice has cholera, Florence is healthy, I am working on a statue, best love to Harry and Jennie includes a negative print of Rineharts head by Crutchfield Rome, Italy 9 September 1873 5097 146 297
 John P.[ Mettaner] Letter to [his lawyer] his claim against the U.S., interview between the Commissioners and Colonel Thomas J. Spencer who is an important witness; General Sheridan and his invading army and my five horses  Wareham 21 October 1873 5097 157 297
 William H. Ruffner Letter to [R. W.] Flournoy sorry to hear of your indisposition, write for Mr. Holland; technical college, Captain Dew  Lexington, VA 20 August 1873 5097 144 297
 Jasper J. Jones Letter to Creed T. Davis of Richmond, Virginia description of the Davis's Uncle Pat's [Ragland] death; David will succeed as his heir (David is the fruit of an illicit intercourse of your Uncle with a woman whose maiden name was Alfred); David is a student at Norwood High School in Virginia; Mrs. Shelton's children: Clay and Viola; Eva, Billy Robinson, John Snodgrass, Bellefonte  Scottsboro, AL 31 October 1873 5097 166 297
 Z. T. Booth Letter to Creed T. Davis of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Major Ragland's sudden death, buried at his home in Scottsboro, Alabama, David Ragland, J. T. Skelton  Montgomery, AL 27 October 1873 5097 163 297
 Arch Graham Letter to D. Carter mentioned: trunk sent from Goshen never arrived  Washington, DC 16 January 1873 5097 103 297
 D. N. Walker Letter to D. I. Burr [Reese] mentioned: trying to get possession of my factory, tobacco, possible arrangements, price of gold will dictate prices of tobacco; should we hold or sell, a large crop this season, largest since the war  Richmond, VA 19 October 1873 5097 154 297
 O. R. Funsten Letter to Franklin, Davis and Company mentioned: plates, Mrs. Colley, Princess Anne County, Portsmouth [perhaps a traveling salesman for china] Norfolk County, VA 19 June 1873 5097 141 297
 Abram Comingo Letter to George K. Peake of Kansas City   Washington, DC 21 January 1873 5097 105 297
 Julia G. Tyler Letter to Greenough & Meredith please send good butter to John Tyler, Wilson's Landing, James River  Sherwood Forest 8 December 1873 5097 173 297
 John Marshall Thacher Letter to J. Ambler Smith of Richmond, Virginia note about a list of employees in the Patent Office from Virginia  U. S. Patent Office, Washington, DC 4 June 1873 5097 136 297
 William W. Belknap, War Department Letter to James H. Platt response to Thomas H. Wynne for information about garrison flags: give colors and dimensions  Washington, DC 19 March 1873 5097 107 297
 William W. Smith Letter to John R. Whitfield mentioned: mother and Jennie's investment in a mill and the prospects of a dividend; Dr. Christian, Ned; Mrs. Jones; Dick; Ella  Bethel Academy, Warrenton, VA 16 May 1873 5097 120 297
 J. W. Marshall Letter to Logan & Bransford reference to appointment of Mr. Harrison W. Fendly as Post Master at Drewey Bluff; John H. Parker  Post Office Department, Washington, DC 24 May 1873 5097 127 297
 William H. Payne Letter to Luther Spelman request to inform Emmett Crump about a piece of legislation  Warrenton, VA 6 April 1873 5097 110 297
 John B. Harvie Letter to R. B. Chaffin of Clarksville, Virginia mentioned: the sale of Chaffin's property, your sister in Richmond, William Tabb, Sarah and the children, Nicholas is not going south but will work with his father in Richmond  Fighting Creek 9 June 1873 5097 138 297
 E. C. Minor Memoranda written on the Constitution and By-Laws of the Y.M.C.A of Richmond "Mr. Read and I bought property together" printed by-laws and constitution included Richmond, VA ca. 1873 5097 177 297
 John Thomas Pickett Memorandum for W. W. Corcoran regarding the Confederate Archives  Washington, DC 2 June 1873 5097 129 297
 Garnett Andrews Account to Hudgins, Gordon & Company of Richmond, Virginia money paid on account  Yazoo City, MS 23 October 1874 5098 92 298
 Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Virginia Certificates of membership in the Friendship Lodge of Richmond, Virginia George Engel, J. L. Courtney, William J. Glenn. George P. Bagger, W. R. Hall, F. J. Duke, O. F. Wise; visited Lodge in Washington DC, S. John Thomson, James G. Rolway, L. B. Allyn forms Richmond, VA 1874-1875 5098 125 298
 William J. Robertson Check to Hudgins, Gordon & Company enclosed check  White Sulpher Springs, VA 19 August 1874 5098 76 298
 Garnett Andrews Check to Samuel M. Price of Richmond, Virginia enclosed check on [Native] Valley Bank of Staunton, Virginia for stockings  Sweet Springs 26 August 1874 5098 81 298
 James L. Kemper Fragment of a land grant to the said R. Q. Sharp  Alleghany County, VA 15 December 1874 5098 105 298
 James Hayes schedule of Assets and Liabilities Letter mentioned: F. J. Ballard, Sarah S. Hayes, Ann S. Hayes, Estate of John Hayes, land house   ca. 1874 5098 122 298
 Lewis E. Harvie Letter to "Cousin Lewis" mentioned: three tracts of land (2000, 3000, 5000 acres each) situated on the Ohio River near Tygart's Creek and the mouth of the Scioto River in Ohio; all patented in the names of John Harvie, Charles M. Thurston & Edmund Taylor; old land claims are difficult to document; our grandfather's lands, sister Ellen  Frankfort, KY 27 March 1874 5098 38 298
 J. W. Wickham Letter to "My dear Colonel" question about a past payment, brother, William, John Page  Westham Locks 23 February 1874 5098 27 298
 W. G. Crenshaw Letter to "My dear Colonel" mentioned: I will come to Richmond when needed, grange movement, Mr. Harvie, Mr. Ruffin's account  Hawfield 6 July 1874 5098 60 298
 Mahala P. H. Roach Letter to "My dear Cousin Frank" mentioned: marriage of her second daughter to the Superintendent of the Machine Shops on the Vicksburg & Meridian Rail Road, my other daughter, Mrs. Turnbell, came for the wedding; her sister-in -law, Miss Claude Turnbell (South Carolina families); Mrs. Stevenson; Aunt Sophia Fox;; Kentucky, Arlington, Uncle Martin, the Meads, Skeltons, Randolphs, and Haxalls; Liverpool, Richard Gildart, Spencer Steers a wonderful genealogical letter full of family surnames Vicksburg, MS 30 March 1874 5098 41 298
 H. Maxwell Letter to ? passage of the funding bill by your government; I sold immediately and lost 550 lbs  Selborne, England 2 March 1874 5098 35 298
 James G. M. Ramsey Letter to ? mentioned: Bolivar Christian's address on the Scotch Irish, William Henry Foote, D.D. I am too old to assist you in the preparation of your "Rambles Around;" death of my brother, Colonel W. B. A. Ramsey; old Mr. Gilliam was the father-in-law not the father of Hugh Dunlap; as an octogenarian, they elected me President of the Tennessee Historical Society  Knoxville, TN 20 May 1874 5098 51 298
 Charles Martin Letter to Dinwiddie B. Phillips of Lynchburg, Virginia questions about the Monitor and Merrimac fight in 1862  U. S. Naval Hospital, Washington, DC 14 December 1874 5098 102 298
 William H. Palmer Letter to Frank ? remiss about his inability to help with a loan; mentioned his setback after the war and obligation in securing Colonel Preston a home for his family  Mountain View 27 December 1874 5098 107 298
 Catesby R. Jones Letter to George W. Munford mentioned: Colonel Norris' account of the Hampton Roads fight; "I testified before the [Tattnall's] Court Martial that in my opinion the Monitor ought to have sunk the Merrimac in fifteen minutes" very faded Cave Springs, GA 7 September 1874 5098 84 298
 John W. Riely Letter to George W. Williams of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: estate of William H. Clark; request for duplicate sales made; Messrs. Nelson & Dunkley  Halifax Court House, VA 3 November 1874 5098 94 298
 Wyndham Robertson Letter to Hudgins, Gordon & Company regrets that he is unable to remit second letter encloses remittance  The Meadows near Arlington, VA ca. 1874 5098 110 298
 John B. McPherson Letter to J. C. Redheffer, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania request for examiner's fee as the case as ended  Harrisburg, PA 7 March 1874 5098 33 298
 John E. Massey Letter to J. H. Smith of Overton support for our friend, Stevens, "fortunately for him, though unfortunate for his success in the election, he has two good arms and two good legs. These are disqualifications for office in the present day"  House of Delegates, Richmond, VA 7 January 1874 5098 5 298
 John M. Patton Letter to J. L. Williams articles in the "Churchman" "you are too much of an obstructionist  The Meadows 27 February 1874 5098 30 298
 John McCarty Letter to John [Latouche] of Richmond, Virginia order for a full dress coat and vest   18 January 1874 5098 12 298
 D. R. Brower Letter to John Latouche of Richmond, Virginia payment for material  Eastern Lunatic Asylum, Williamsburg, VA 9 April 1874 5098 44 298
 William Ira Smith, clothier Letter to John S. Mosby notice of his obligation to bring suit  Richmond, VA 18 May 1874 5098 48 298
 Nannie Steptoe Eldridge Letter to Jubal A. Early of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: gold medal given to George Washington by Boston City; my cousin, Louisa Washington of Jefferson City, Virginia; my father's first cousin, George Steptoe Washington; Spark's "Life of Washington;" Virginia Historical Society  Philadelphia, PA 8 July 1874 5098 66 298
  Letter to Judge ? mentioned: a court case; Major Fitzhugh; Cincinnati; New York; impeach Forrest; Colonel Gordon, Richmond, Virginia; Charleston, Harper's Ferry  Washington, DC 22 September 1874 5098 87 298
 William R. Aylett Letter to L. R. Warren court case; H. R. Pollard; "I'll give them all the fight they want"  King William County, VA 28 May 1874 5098 54 298
 William B. Westbrook Letter to M. W. Hazelwood mentioned: an account of $800, Eureka Grange #57  Petersburg, VA 24 July 1874 5098 73 298
 R. H. Hare Letter to Messrs. Grubbs & Williams mentioned: arrangements for a note and interest very faded  21 November 1874 5098 97 298
 E. A. Wood Letter to Mr. Wright mentioned: Messrs. Lancaster, payment of a loan and Wood's misfortune  Casselles 28 January 1874 5098 18 298
 Hartley Graham Letter to Mr. Williams mentioned: here to pay part of the money to Lancaster & Company, Mr. Wilcox Brown very faded Baltimore, MD 16 February 1874 5098 24 298
 Thomas H. Leary Letter to Redwood & Crenshaw request for payment or will sue  Richmond, VA 6 May 1874 5098 46 298
 Gilbert C. Walker Letter to Thomas R. Price and Company, John Booker, J. H. Claiborne, Putney & Watts response and acceptance to stand for election  Richmond, VA 22 July 1874 5098 70 298
 Richard H. Stinton Letter to Tom remarks about a public notice about Stinton: I am not the son of Joseph but James, I did sail the Horn around on the Battleship, Ohio; entered the Navy immediately after graduation from Lexington in 1847, I am not a Richmond boy by birth; entered Banking and Exchange here in San Francisco, etc.  San Francisco, CA 28 May 1874 5098 57 298
 Mortimer D. Leggett Letter to William G. Henderson letter of appreciation in response to his resignation  U. S. Patent Office, Washington, DC 20 August 1874 5098 78 298
 John S. Mosby Letter to William I. Smith mentioned: paying money to Sutton that really was not his and if he does not return it, I will prosecute  Warrenton, VA 21-31 January 1874 5098 15 298
 Charles Stringfellow Letter to William P. Burwell mentioned: Iron Works; "Griffin and Cunningham were rightly decided"  Petersburg, VA 7 July 1874 5098 63 298
 Edward T. White Letter to William R. Winn mentioned: Hill Carter, Silas McDowell, property sold to Mahony, claim against the Chesapeake and Ohio Rail Road  Owensburg, KY 14 January 1874 5098 8 298
 John Washington Letter to William R. Winn mentioned: check for a note, Bowling Green Court, Chandler  Caroline County, VA 16 January 1874 5098 10 298
 Mary Ambler Coleman Letter to William R. Winn mentioned: the will of my husband, Colonel Lewis Coleman, was burned at the court house during the war. I have a copy of it written from memory by those who witnessed it; John Taylor the clerk of Hanover County said it must go to you to be recorded, please advise so I may transfer property legally  Hanover County, VA 2 February 1874 5098 21 298
 Chiswell W. Dabney Letter to William R. Winn mentioned: Judge Nowlin; Governor Smith's; Superintendent of Public Buildings; his daughter  Pittsylvania County, VA 7 January 1874 5098 2 298
 Richard H. Stinton Newspaper article about Stinton microfilmed out of sequence should follow frame 59 on reel 298   ca. ca. 1874 5098 69 298
 Wyndham Robertson Order to Samuel M. Price an order for: wrapper flannel, school girl's Balmoral skirt; suspenders; a shirt, buttons, gloves  Abingdon, VA 9 October 1874 5098 90 298
 C. H. Lee, Attorney Report on the title by the Corporation of Leesburg to the Court House lot to the Board of Supervisors of Loudoun County opinion: Reamer's Hotel; deed of 1761, Nicholas Minor to Francis Lightfoot Lee; 1827 petition of John A. Binns & others; Act of the Legislature in 1828 question about the legality Leesburg, VA ca. 1874 5098 113 298
 Stephen B. Ives Affidavit relative to the late Bacon Tait of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: suit by James F. Haley, Miss Constance R. Tait, J. C. Perkins, Bacon C. Tait, deed of trust on Tait's house in Salem certified by Charles W. Richardson, Justice of the Peace Salem, MA 16 March 1875 5099 34 299
 John E. Penn Affidavit to George Palmer affidavit , E. E. Bouldin, Attorney for Danville, Virginia Patrick Springs was sold to William A. Burwell Patrick Court House, VA ca. 1875 5099 156 299
 L. B. Price Amount due on note to William R. Winn  Major Ballard  Dundee 29 September 1875 5099 119 299
 Marshall Jewell, Postmaster General of the U.S. Appointment of Thomas W. Beasley as Postmaster   Goochland County, VA 8 October 1875 5099 124 299
 Tardy & Williams et al Contract with William Terry debts due us from Pierce Hole signed by George S. Palmer, acting partner, Richmond, Virginia Richmond, VA 20 February 1875 5099 19 299
 H. P. Tayler Henrico County, Virginia Deed of Bargain and Sale to J. H. Montague from James R. Crenshaw of New York plus misc. items printed receipt form for State Taxes in the City of Richmond to the Richmond Glass Manufacturing Company, signed by William P. Ragland, printed form receipt for William H. Montague for Chamber of Commerce dues, 1874 returned premium for cancelled insurance policy, signed by George E. Pickett & H. R. Baldwin Richmond, VA 24 April 1875 5099 47 299
 William Flegenheimer Interrogations in the case of Julius Myer vs. S. Hechinger    24 May 1875 5099 64 299
 Waller Redd Staples Letter to "Dear Judge" I will be in Wytheville  Lynchburg, VA ca. 1875 5099 161 299
 J. Harman Brown, Office of the Register of Wills Letter to "Dear Madam" mentioned: pamphlets of the Conference Committee  Baltimore, MD 26 April 1875 5099 56 299
 Skipwirth Wilmer Letter to "Dear Sir" mentioned: original dispatch from McKenna to Carrington, A. B. Chandler, Charles Marshall's opinion  Baltimore, MD 3 June 1875 5099 70 299
 N. B. Meade Letter to "Dear Sir" mentioned: investing $8000 for me, state bonds  Winchester, VA 9 March 1875 5099 29 299
 R. R. Williams Letter to "Dear Sir" mentioned: Miss Martha S. Harris, Henry King's Estate, Neal's Estate, C. P. Goodall, Messrs. Mim & Howe  Peducah, KY 10 March 1875 5099 32 299
 John P. Tabb Letter to A. Austin Smith request for Smith to recommend Tabb for a Governor's appointment as Amelia County attorney for immigration, Major Boykin, Colonel and Mrs. Lewis Harvie, Mr. Blacker, chief of the British immigrants  Amelia County, VA 19 July 1875 5099 96 299
 C. Y. Franklyn & F. Hynes Letter to A. W. Garber confirmation of a berth for Mr. Mackintish, if Mr. D. Wilis calls I shall do the best I can for him British North American Royal Mail Steam Packet Company Bowling Green, NY 22 March 1875 5099 40 299
 S. P. Putnam Letter to Aaron Jones of Richmond, Virginia sending three copies for the Editors, a book by Mr. Tait, Mr. McKenzie  Philadelphia, PA 9 August 1875 5099 99 299
 Thomas W. Davey Letter to Bennett mentioned: New Orleans in distress caused by the infamous Government inflicted upon it's inhabitants  New Orleans, LA 21 January 1875 5099 8 299
 John B. Bachelder, printer Letter to C. F. Johnston of Richmond, Virginia response to inquiry about a map of troop movements during the Civil War; mentioned: an Isometrical Drawing and a Government topographical map, General Law of Alabama who commanded Hood's Division after Hood was wounded, General Longstreet  Boston, MA 10 July 1875 5099 90 299
 Amos Merrill Letter to Charles Lawman Amos Merrill: born August 25, 1809 at Salisbury, Massachusetts, graduated Bowdoin College in 1834, studied for the law, moved to Tennessee in 1836 and then to Texas 1839, appointed to the Texas Supreme Court in 1867  Galveston, TX 5 April 1875 5099 45 299
 George F. Holmes Letter to Charles Rutledge Whipple response to a request for rooms for Holmes and his roommate, W. McCaw for the coming term  University of VA, Charlottesville, VA 8 July 1875 5099 88 299
 O. S. Buxton, Doorkeeper's Department Letter to Eppa Hunton note sent along with a set of Reports of the Committee on the Conduct of the War, including supplementary Reports in all eight volumes for the use of the Southern Historical Society at Richmond, Virginia  Washington, DC 25 January 1875 5099 11 299
 Edwin W. Stoughton, Dartmouth College Letter to Franklin H. Churchill response to an invitation to speak Phrenological Journal copies; six pages NY 13 January 1875 5088 52 288
 James D. Johnston Letter to George S. Palmer response to inquiry about insurance claims, A. A. Chapman, Mr. Compton  Pearisburg, VA 10 September 1875 5099 110 299
 Allen B. Magruder Letter to George S. Palmer reference to a trip to Richmond to take the testimony of Governor Wise and others in the matter of the Boundary Line Commission between Virginia and Maryland, Governor Whyte, Isaac D. Jones, R. T. Daniel, Judge W. J. Robertson request for patience on submitting a debt owed Baltimore, MD ca. 1875 5099 146 299
 John S. Mosby Letter to George S. Palmer reference to a case against Mosby, Phil Sutton, Smith's lawyer, Major Johns  Warrenton, VA ca. 1875 5099 151 299
 Patrick Hagan Letter to George S. Palmer mentioned: Abingdon, Mr. Gibbons, Messrs. Campbell & Trigg, Colonel Cummings, a claim and payment  Janesville, VA 20 January 1875 5099 5 299
 William Terry Letter to George S. Palmer mentioned: meeting with you and Mr. Wilkinson, Fair Grounds, comments about the money owed to you by Wilkinson  Wytheville, VA 31 October 1875 5099 131 299
 William H. Palmer Letter to George S. Palmer family letter mentions Grandfather and Grandmother, Aunt Mary and Oliver Zell, Greenmount Country, went to Norfolk to see Baines and [Grandy], leave for New York  Baltimore, MD 7 July 1875 5099 85 299
 Jasper Stowe Letter to George S. Palmer regrets for missing him at a meeting in Charlotte  Din Hook, NC 21 May 1875 5099 61 299
 D. G. Thomas Letter to George S. Palmer of Richmond, Virginia letter of recommendation for employment for Beverly J. Henritze  Abingdon, VA 16 January 1875 5099 2 299
 Robert Hull Letter to George S. Palmer of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: a book titled "Kindergarten," family inquiry about his "big baby" (possibly his daughter) over staying her welcome in Richmond  Baltimore, MD 23 June 1875 5099 72 299
 James H. Brooks Letter to George S. Palmer of Richmond, Virginia remarks about Palmer helping him to return to Richmond to a situation, and why his own father is not aiding him but helping the firm of A. L. Ellett & Company and Peyton Bailey, my wife holds the mortgage on my present home and we are in the arrears, I need financial help with a new patent and my father will not help  Baltimore, MD 3 September 1875 5099 105 299
 T. G. McCorwell Letter to George S. Palmer of Richmond, Virginia request for a loan of $6000, D. G. Thomas  Abingdon, VA 8 February 1875 5099 14 299
 Chiswell W. Dabney Letter to Guy Jackson of Goochland Court House, Virginia mentioned: Mr. Houston, Mr. Shelton, Mr. Caperton, Mr. Winston, Judge Pleasant  Ashland, VA 1875-1876 5099 163 299
 Susie Y. Chappell Letter to her Uncle Jerry mentioned: father busy with his horses, Mama is trying to get good photos of each of us to send back to our Virginia family, I have finished school and Ellen, my oldest sister is in school, Nettie is the youngest and loved by all; Papa's pet, love to Aunt Mary  Columbus, TN 26 September 1875 5099 116 299
 C. Dabney Letter to Isaac H. Carrington Joseph M. Terry requested your opinion on a recent case decided in Pittsylvania Circuit Court, mentioned: Floyd Tanner died Oct. 1863, Sheriff C. D. Bennett, widow Elizabeth R. Tanner, Sheriff James H. Collie, Joseph D, Blair, Garrett N. Lucy and wife, Commissioner Neal, William T. Stamps, Asa L. Stamps, Judge A. D. Dickinson, William Hunt, Thomas E. Parkinson, McAden, Dr. Terry, Henry T. Parrish, John W. Wilson of Prince Edward County  Pittsylvania Court House, VA 9 November 1875 5099 140 299
 J. F. Williams Letter to John M. Allan mentioned: plants that arrived were dead upon arrival, please send more, Magnolia, Elm, Black Currant  Amherst County, VA 13 October 1875 5099 126 299
 William C. Hall, minister Letter to Julian ? mentioned: Eastern Shore, (possibly a letter with words of wisdom to his nephew in college), Aunt Eliza, Hollins Institute  Gold Hill, James City County, VA 13 September 1875 5099 113 299
 Augustus E. Maxwell Letter to L.J. Beall of Richmond, Virginia response to Beall's inquiry about the sale of his property in Pensacola, since Mr. Mallory's death land prices have gone down here in Florida  Pensacola, FL 29 October 1875 5099 129 299
 J. G. Mason Letter to Miles Cary of Richmond, Virginia a claim about an annuity: Mr. Schooler, L. Catlett & Frances A. Catlett  Fredericksburg, VA 24 March 1875 5099 42 299
 Marion Minnegerode Letter to Mr. Powell of the Richmond Seminary comments about erecting monuments to departed heroes  Richmond, VA 8 November 1875 5099 137 299
 H. W. Bransford, City Attorney's opinion Letter to N. A. Eubank reference to the "Spring Lot" at the northeast corner to 4th and Maury Streets, James Pleasant surveyed in Oct. 1859 for executors of Joseph Marx (Plat Book #1), reserved for common use of the spring water  Manchester, VA 5 November 1875 5099 134 299
 William G, Henderson Letter to P. H. Starke enclosed bill for research with reference to the suit of Mr. Watt against you for infringement of his patent for his plow  Washington, DC 26 August 1875 5099 102 299
 B. Sears, Trustee of the Peabody Education Fund Letter to Prof. ? mentioned: Nashville, Philadelphia, Board of Trustees, Principal of a school  Staunton, VA 17 May 1875 5099 58 299
 Chastain White Letter to T. Atkinson   Richmond, VA 3 March 1875 5099 27 299
 Franklin Doswell Letter to William R. Winn request for information about my share of the distribution of the King Estate  Jacksonport, AR 16 February 1875 5099 17 299
 Hopkins Hull and A. [Kinson] Memo of claim against Carr and Poindexter mentioned: E. Barksdale (two notes), fraudulent conveyance of land, Chancery suit, Wood [Bouldin, Jr.], T. Bass, Lanier, Cushing and Bailey's claim faded Baltimore, MD 17 July 1875 5099 93 299
 Stephen Hunter Memorandum of Agreement between Stephen Hunter and E. S. Pendleton mentioned: auction of property on corner of 9th and Grace Street known as the Monument Hotel, James L. Apperson, Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer auction advertisement flyer included from William Green and A. L. Boulware, Special Commissioners Richmond, VA 28 May 1875 5099 67 299
 John Dunlop Note of agreement filed in case of Brown guardian etc. & Richard Cawthorne etc. mentioned: Charles McGruder executor of James Kinnaird loaned his infant guardians money and is liable for its payment to the legacies, lists many court case decisions Albert Hurlden and Ellen Hurlden, infants represented by counsel VA 6 June 1875 5099 75 299
 James A. Seddon Payment on account to Hudgins Gordon & Company   Sabat Hill 5 October 1875 5099 122 299
 Alexander Q. Holladay Testimony to Directors of the Eastern Lunatic Asylum testimony in behalf of Dr. Robert G. Cabell for Superintendent of the Asylum  Henrico County, VA 10 November 1875 5099 143 299
 B. M. Wailes to John G. Spotts mentioned: Capt. Paul, a debt, deed of trust, pastoral engagements, Robert Allen, your debt to me  Nelson County, VA 23 February 1875 5099 22 299
 J. B. Young Affidavit for Gustavus G. Carter mentioned: property in Henrico County, George Walker, Maryb C, Powell, Mrs. Blanchet Drewey  Henrico County, VA 5 December 1876 5100 140 300
 Emily A. Chapman Check to Philip J. Wright of Richmond, Virginia cheque on the Merchants Bank of Canada  Switzerland 18 February 1876 5100 50 300
 Robert F. Baldwin Cover letter to John B. Bigger cover letter for the list of all officers and employees and their salaries Western Lunatic Asylum letterhead Staunton, VA 23 December 1876 5100 153 300
 George C. Caughlin Deed to ? grantor is Mr. Cauglin and the grantee is missing  East Hammonton, NJ ca. 1876 5100 158 300
 George F. Maynard & et al Deed to Peter W. Grubb et al of Richmond, Virginia Sallie V. Maynard, William W. Parker, estate of Stafford H. Parker recorded in Chancery Court of Richmond City San Francisco, CA 22 January 1876 5100 20 300
 Tom Letter to "Dear Brother Austin" mentioned: scarcely had time to eat or sleep for we are in the middle of a Yellow Fever Epidemic, Miss Myers, 7000 people have left the city  Savannah, GA 11 September 1876 5100 116 300
 William F. Gordon Letter to "Dear Captain" mentioned: organization of the county, Captain Murray, Hancock and George D. Wise, election  Louisa County, VA 16 August 1876 5100 110 300
 L. F. Bennett Letter to "Dear Morton" mentioned: movement of the railroads, "Sheldon Mail," "Sioux City Journal," Columbus, Nebraska, Black Hills, Puget Sound, Boone, Iowa, coal fields of Iowa, Dakotas, price of land near Sheldon names of our lawyers: O. M. Barrett from Hannibal, Oswego County, New York, Charley Allen form Ohio, D. A. W. Perkins of Massachusetts, Augustus, wheat, grasshopper  Sheldon, IO 20 February 1876 5100 52 300
 C. B. Bryant Letter to "Dear Sir" mentioned: Callaway's Committee vs. Hariston, case delayed because some of the evidence has to be procured form the state of Mississippi  Martinsville, VA 14 November 1876 5100 127 300
 R. K. Meade Letter to "Dear Sir" mentioned: written to Miss Laws asking her to renew my note  Charlottesville, VA 19 December 1876 5100 151 300
 E. P. Phelps Letter to "Dear Uncle Allan" "I start today for Indiana to stump for Hayes" Judge Chambers, Jane  Washington, DC 11 August 1876 5100 107 300
 W. Brown Letter to "My dear Father" a letter full of distress, mentioned: Jacksonville and Cedar Keys, schools very faded Marlin, TX 9 September 1876 5100 113 300
 Richard Nugent Letter to "My Dear Sir" mentioned: Mr. D. J. Rhodes of Brashear City owes me $5000, 12,000 Negro troops arrived here from Texas, my last sister died  New Orleans, LA 1876-1877 5100 167 300
 J. M. Catlett Letter to "My dear Sir" comments about the Republican Convention being held in Leesburg, Virginia  Catletts, VA 13 June 1876 5100 93 300
 Isaac D. Jones Letter to ? mentioned: Major Duffield and Judge Ould, General Wise, agitation in South Carolina, legislation about the Maryland Virginia boundary line, map of the 1730's illustrating the agreement between Lord Baltimore and sons of Pennsylvania  Baltimore, MD 21 February 1876 5100 55 300
 M. Wray Letter to A. Austin Smith "I delivered your message to Charley"  Norfolk, VA 7 February 1876 5100 43 300
 J. A. Sadler Letter to Benjamin H. Hill mentioned: Blaine's attack on , Mr. Jeff Davis, Colonel William Johnston, Governor Vance  Charlotte, NC 27 January 1876 5100 24 300
 Blanton Duncan Letter to Benjamin H. Hill mentioned: Mr. Tilden, another Civil War  Louisville, KY 19 December 1876 5100 137 300
 J. McQueen Ould Letter to Benjamin H. Hill of Georgia remarks about a speech that Mr. Hill made, "I fought faithfully through the war, sir, with a patriots hope big in my bosom and wept bitter tears at Appomattox"  Orange County, FL 31 January 1876 5100 30 300
 William F. Gordon Letter to Charles P. Ramsdall, Judge Mr. J. W. Carpenter wishes to be summed for jury duty  Louisa, VA 1 October 1876 5100 122 300
 Benjamin H. Rutledge Letter to Charles R. Whipple mentioned: politics, a book plate, Andrew Rutledge letterhead Rutledge & Young Counselors at Law Charleston, SC 25 November 1876 5100 122 300
 James D. Brady Letter to D. W. Bohannon request for Bohannon to attend the Republican Central Committee to be held in Richmond, Virginia on July 11, 1876 at the Custom House  Portsmouth, VA 27 June 1876 5100 95 300
 Jacob Abbott Letter to Edward Denham request for a copy of his address  Farmington, ME 2 March 1876 5100 58 300
 W. C. Knight Letter to George Haw mentioned: Mr. G. Watt letterhead of Richmond Stove Company Richmond, VA 15 May 1876 5100 89 300
 Benjamin W. Lacy Letter to George L. Christian Case of Washington & Slaughter  House of Delegates, Richmond, VA 15 March 1876 5100 67 300
 William F. Briggs Letter to George S. Bernard mentioned: insurance claim, Mr. Robinson, Mr. E. C. Land  Hicksford, VA 22 November 1876 5100 130 300
 Collier & Budd Letter to George S. Bernard of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Mr. Stiles  Petersburg, VA 27 December 1876 5100 155 300
 John A. Chandler Letter to George S. Palmer mentioned: Mr. Washington, interest on a note, sale of property, "Old Granny Roots," Dr. Boulware, interest on the Shelton note   21 January 1876 5100 17 300
 Louise Pollack Letter to George Warren mentioned: an advertisement and the "Science of the New Education"   28 July 1876 5100 102 300
 Abram Woolever Letter to J. C. Bates discussion of a remedy for the poor circulation in the Harrisburg State House and how it might improve the ventilation in Richmond's Capitol  Harrisburg, PA 19 April 1876 5100 74 300
 Henry C. Kelsey Letter to J. D. McIntire of Richmond, Virginia tax owed on premiums to the State of New Jersey  Trenton, NJ 8 March 1876 5100 63 300
 A. C. Houston Letter to Jackson Guy request for a deposition, Goochland Court House, Virginia, delay of a case, C. W. Dabney, Shelton from author's "An Incestuous Alliance, 1891" Union, WV 20 January 1876 5100 14 300
 J. M. Edmunds Letter to James D. Brady of Portsmouth, Virginia mentioned: 500 assorted documents to be sent to your committee for distribution includes reply by James D. Brady; letterhead of Union Republican Congressional Executive Committee Washington, DC 16 September 1876 5100 119 300
 Joseph M. Toner Letter to John Dove mentioned: Dr. J. L. Cabell. Dr. James Henderson, Dr. Joseph Clark comments about a Medical Biography Paper to be presented at the International Medical Congress to be held in Philadelphia; a request for input on the deceased physicians that practiced in Virginia from 1776 to 1876 Washington, DC 2 May 1876 5100 82 300
 Harvey Black, M.D., Eastern Lunatic Asylum Letter to John Dove of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: comments about his son, Dr. John Dove, Jr. a patient at the asylum  Williamsburg, VA 4 February 1876 5100 35 300
 Theo Brace Letter to John Hunter mentioned: Mr. Michie and a compromise about the Michie Trust Deed, Mr. Vest  Paris, MO 5 February 1876 5100 40 300
 R. R. Simpson Letter to John Hunter, Jr. of Louisa Court House, Virginia regrets that he was not able to make the hunt because he was ill, dental work, Miss Nannie Tunstall, Lizzie Edmunds, Miss Millie Edmunds, Barksdale, Miss Millie Carrington, Petersburg Exchange Hotel Richmond, VA 8 December 1876 5100 142 300
 Francis C. Osborne Letter to John Latouche "please send samples of English diagonal black cloth suitable for a frock coat and vest"  Hagerstown, MD 9 August 1876 5100 105 300
 Harvey Terry Letter to John S. Wise enclosed a power of attorney sent to me by our friend, Hugh Nelson of Franklin County, Virginia, ask Mr. Garnett to go bond on this and return to Hugh Nelson at Rocky Mount, Virginia  Columbia, SC 29 June 1876 5100 97 300
 John S. Wise Letter to L. J. Harvey sorry I missed you, Evans and Courtney are willing to discount 8% from what is due their clients  Richmond, VA 11 March 1876 5100 65 300
 Samuel V. Niles Letter to Messrs. Morton & Giddings of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: case of Richard Servants, Mr. Bagley, power of attorney to sell the scrip  Washington, DC 8 May 1876 5100 86 300
 Roger Gregory Letter to Mr. Young mentioned: Mr. Willery, Mr. Stearn, Marengo, hay, corn, rent  Elsing Green, King William County, VA 1 January 1876 5100 2 300
 John Lee Carroll Letter to Nicol & Company comments about a shipment of china  Annapolis, MD 20 April 1876 5100 79 300
 Harvey Black, M.D., Eastern Lunatic Asylum Letter to Philip J. Wright comments about Miss Sarah E. Wright  Williamsburg, VA 5 February 1876 5100 38 300
 Henry Lylburn Letter to Philip J. Wright "I do not wish to purchase any of the Richmond and Potomac Stock"  Philadelphia, PA 15 January 1876 5100 12 300
 E. S. Gregory Letter to Philip J. Wright "Dear Uncle Phil" note about a debt  Petersburg, VA 14 February 1876 5100 45 300
 M. A. Harris Letter to Philip J. Wright how are railroad bonds selling?  Black Walnut, VA 30 March 1876 5100 69 300
 Luis de Potestad Letter to Philip J. Wright of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: the English bill, order of Miss Chapman, Switzerland, England  Washington, DC 8-10 January 1876 5100 5 300
 E. B. Britt Letter to W. F. C. Gregory of Petersburg, Virginia "We wish to have you here for a rally near Suffolk, there will be a large number of negroes and you can do more to influence them" letterhead of Singleton & Company, Oysters, 1874 Suffolk Map included Suffolk, VA 23 October 1876 5100 124 300
 George W. Jacoby Letter to W. F. Giddings of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Centennial Exhibition letterhead of Keys Steam Marble Works Philadelphia, PA 8 June 1876 5100 91 300
 James R. Thorton Letter to Whittle & Shepperson mentioned: Professor L. L. Holladay of Hampden Sidney College and his school catalog, possibility of including my school's catalog along with his  Worsham, Prince Edward County, VA 2 March 1876 5100 60 300
 Herbert H. Hawes Letter to Whittle & Shepperson request for the cost of printing a pamphlet for "The Abraham Covenant"  Farmville, VA 14 April 1876 5100 71 300
 Frank V. Winston Letter to Wililam R. Winn "what has become of the McChesney matter?" just saw Anderson and he is willing to foreclose  Louisa Court House, VA 17 February 1876 5100 48 300
 Joseph Bryan Letter to William E. Nye mentioned: Francis T. Wooton is not indebted to the Powhatan Phosphate Company  Richmond, VA 13 December 1876 5100 145 300
 Thomas M. Welch Letter to William E. Nye mentioned: a negro named John Buchanan, fertilizer, balance on an account Flippo's Caroline County, VA 3 December 1876 5100 137 300
 William R. Taliaferro Letter to William E. Nye mentioned: garnished summons, Powhatan Company  Orange County Court House, VA 2 December 1876 5100 135 300
 David T. Ansted Notes on an exhibition of minerals, especially Imboden's "Office of Virginia Land" John Daniel Imboden  VA ca. 1876 5100 1610 300
 James N. Tyner Notice of establishment of a post office at Doswell, Fluvanna County, Virginia Mrs. Catharine Ray, postmaster  Washington, DC 1 February 1876 5100 33 300
 E. D. E. N. Southworth Page of a manuscript to Edward Denham   Yonkers, NY 8 January 1876 5100 10 300
 John H. Elder Payment to ? payment on a picture frame  Richmond, VA 21 January 1876 5100 27 300
 Judge Lane Rough notes about Patrick Henry's farm, Roundabout written in the margins of "An Open Letter to the People"; including sketches of buildings  Louisa Court House, VA ca. 1876 5100 164 300
 University of Virginia Virginia diploma and law school certificate to Charles Rutledge Whipple  signed by James F. Harrison, Stephen Valentine Southall, William Wertbaker Charlottesville, VA 29 June 1876 5100 99 300
 Virginia General Assembly, House of Delegates Certificates of membership Roger Gregory of King William County; Peter Carter of Northampton County; J. R. Ross of Buckingham County; Waddy T. James of Franklin County; George Walker of Northumberland County; William Lovenstein;  Richmond, VA 1877-1885 5101 135 301
 James L. Kemper Communication from the Governor in reference to appointment of the Board of Visitors to Mt. Vernon to the General Assembly  Richmond, VA 6 March 1877 5101 27 301
 Virginius Dabney Letter to "Jimmie" comments about a safe place to keep bonds  NY and Middleburg, VA 1877-1878 5101 123 301
 Alexander Q. Holladay Letter to "My dearest wife" note that mentions talking to the President and conferring with the Secretary of State; things look more favorable  Washington, DC 9 May 1877 5101 52 301
 Wendell Phillips Letter to ? mentioned: a lecture, Springfield or Rutland proponent of abolition  20 October 1877 5101 84 301
 John H. Nash Letter to A. Bargamin of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Miss Virginia [Guyot] executor of the estate of Mary Richard, Mr. R. Y Vaughn, waiting for payment of Nash's claim on the estate  Norfolk, VA 26 September 1877 5101 74 301
 W. J. Riley Letter to Alexander Q. Holladay of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: concern over the appointment of Elizabeth Van Lew as postmaster, spoke to the President, Judge Hughes  Washington, DC 20 April 1877 5101 44 301
 James L. Kemper Letter to Asa Rogers questions about the illegal funding of bonds letterhead of Governor Richmond, VA 8 December 1877 5101 110 301
 Ella W. Rutherfoord Letter to B. T. Archer    1877-1878 5101 128 301
 Thomas A. Emmet Letter to C. F. Johnston "I will give you fair dollars for the five hundred dollar note of the Confederate Government in Montgomery 1861"  NY 17 March 1877 5101 33 301
 James William Blanks Letter to C. W. Thorn & Company note about paying off a note for Mrs. I. F. Blanks  Clarksville, VA 14 May 1877 5101 55 301
 Richmond Stove Company Letter to D. Duncan, Randolph Macon College, Ashland, Virginia request to pay an account James A. Duncan's reply to the Richmond Stove Company telling them to refer the account to Dr. Bennett Richmond, VA 1 August 1877 5101 65 301
 Charles E. Taylor Letter to Dickinson & Chewning of Richmond, Virginia please renew the note at State Bank for Pritchard Estate  Wake Forest College, NC 22 June 1877 5101 59 301
 R. M. T. Hunter Letter to Governor James L Kemper response to the Governor Kemper's questions about illegal bonds, mentioned: General Rogers, Mr. Morrison enclosed in : 11 December 1877, Kemper to the Virginia General Assembly Richmond, VA 8 December 1877 5101 103 301
 Hiram Sibley Letter to his son mentioned: Isaac Sherman, Mr. Branch and Mr. Scott, Mr. Davis, Petersburg Rail Road, bonds and receivership  Rochester, NY 16 March 1877 5101 31 301
 Scott Ship Letter to I. Sprigg Campbell response to a request for preparing an article for the "Engineer"  Lexington, VA 28 April 1877 5101 49 301
 Asa Rogers Letter to James L. Kemper response to the Governor's question about illegal bond funding  Richmond, VA 10 December 1877 5101 113 301
 William R. Johnson Letter to James W. Gibson of Richmond, Virginia please present these noted to Charles McDonald of Butte County  WV 28 March 1877 5101 35 301
 R. S. Chamberlayne Letter to John B. Davis Mr. Lewis reports six men are worming peach trees, four hauling manure, five repairing road, trashing peas and cleaning weeds out of the park, Mr. George and Mr. Z at the Canning House, Gould Hill wagon brought extra flour and carried back from store some goods and your wine out of sideboard upstairs letterhead of Lester Manor Canning Est. King William County, VA 10 October 1877 5101 79 301
 Leroy M. Lee Letter to John Bell Bigger request for possible employment for R. B. Banks, his son-in-law  Lynchburg, VA 19 November 1877 5101 90 301
 R. S. Ryland Letter to John Bell Bigger request for a committee clerk position for his friend  King William County, VA 27 November 1877 5101 93 301
 F. M. McMillan Letter to John Bell Bigger , Clerk of the House of Delegates request for a right hand seat in the chamber  Stanardsville, VA 16 November 1877 5101 87 301
 A. C. Willcox Letter to John Latouche request for samples of material to have a overcoat made  Willcox Warf, Charles City County, VA 20 November 1877 5101 96 301
 L. J. Bossieux Letter to John Latouche disappointed that Latouche can not pay  Hot Springs, Bath County, VA 27 August 1877 5101 70 301
 James A. Seddon Letter to John Latouche of Richmond, Virginia thank you for the box of clothes  Sabot Hill, VA 24 September 1877 5101 72 301
 L. D. Isbell Letter to Marshall M. Gilliam mentioned: Charles H. Sackett, Stephen A. Glover of Buckingham County, Virginia and his claim for collection by suit, the court house burned while the suit was appealed and all records were lost. George D. Saunders represented the defense letterhead of the Judge of County Court of Chariton County Keyesville, MO 5 March 1877 5101 24 301
 John B. Gary Letter to Marshall M. Gillian mentioned: R. H. Gillian, Michael Jones' old debt  Buckingham Court House, VA 11 August 1877 5101 68 301
 William M. Brown Letter to Miss. V. Snyder response to a question about the will of John Washington; mentioned: Betty Ann, Nancy, Nathaniel, Mary, John, Baily, and Lawrence Washington  King George Court House, VA 23 April 1877 5101 47 301
 Paul S. Carrington Letter to Mother and Brother mentioned: Will, Uncle Isaac, money hard to get, Mecklenburg County  Richmond, VA 30 June 1877 5101 61 301
 James L. Kemper Letter to R. M. T. Hunter, Treasurer request for answers about your knowledge of the illegal refunding of State Bonds  Richmond, VA 8 December 1877 5101 100 301
 Martin M. Lipscomb Letter to Rutherford B. Hayes, President Elect of the U.S. long rambling letter complaining about the appointment of Elizabeth Van Lew to the postmaster and appealing to Hayes inner soul for courage to remove the "bad Men" who surround him. PS. Lipscomb has the letter published for fear that it will never reach Hayes desk  Richmond, VA 19 February 1877 5101 10 301
 James Beale Letter to S. Bassett French positive response to an invitation to attend "a delicate and important trust"   10 October 1877 5101 77 301
 Joseph A. Bailly from his studio Letter to S. Bassett French the sketch has been prepared and I am coming to Richmond with it  Philadelphia, PA 17 October 1877 5101 81 301
 John H. Worsham & company Letter to Spotts & Gibson "Mud everywhere" lumber houses were raised off pillars. S. C. Tilman, T. S. Coles; remarks about the 1877 flood on the James River  Scottsville, VA 3 December 1877 5101 98 301
 James L. Kemper Letter to the Virginia General Assembly Senate & House of Delegates mentioned: Judge Edward H. Fitzhugh, Governor William Smith, J. M. Bennett, Alexandria Government, Governor Pierpont, William F. Taylor, Colonel L. R. Smoot, James McDonald; copies of correspondence in reference to the $1000 in gold that Kemper received in 1865 and his desire to return it to the State of Virginia  Richmond, VA 27 February 1877 5101 15 301
 William M. Fontaine Letter to William Wirt Henry (My dear cousin) extensive lineage description of George Dabney Winston, oldest son of Judge Edmund Winston & Dorothea Spotswood Henry , daughter of Patrick Henry and his second wife  Reidsville, NC 10 April 1877 5101 37 301
 Thomas King Petitions in reference to the educating of the deaf and dumb; the Honorable Mr. Letcher of Rockbridge County, Virginia Deaf, Dumb and Blind Institution at Staunton, Virginia; referred to the Committee on Asylums & prisons copy of letter addressed to Messrs. Hurt, Edmunds, & Stovall King is the father of two mutes Halifax County, VA 26 January 1877 5101 5 301
 Wickham, Williams, Carter & others Recommendation of John W. Poindexter for a position in the Postmaster's Office to W. W. Forbes  signed by H. T. Wickham, Thomas S. Atkins, Lunsford L. Lewis, B. W. Hoxsey, John R. Popham, Robert W. Hughes Richmond, VA ca. May 1877 5101 57 301
 Virginia General Assembly, Senate Requisition for furniture for the Senate Chambers to the Superintendent of Public Buildings Judge Thomas on the reverse: letter of Governor James L. Kemper with recommendation, signed twice signatures of Shelton C. Davis, S. H. Boykins Richmond, VA 11 January 1877 5101 2 301
 James L. Kemper Response to the Virginia General Assembly Governor's response to the General Assembly about the illegal bond funding  Richmond, VA 11 December 1877 5101 116 301
 Alexander Meyrowitz Study of the variations in meaning of the Hebrew verb "rendered in English by tarry, delay, linger, to be slack"  University of MO, Columbia, MO ca. 1877 5101 118 301
 B. F. Ficklin  Letter to "Dear Colonel" advises against sending young men to this area   12 June 1878 5101 181 301
 William Henry Taylor, Virginia State Chemist Analysis of Fertilizers made for the Commission of Agriculture Thirty-five names of fertilizer, by whom made, where manufactured, price, and the amounts of moisture, phosphoric acid, potash, soda, ammonia, silica   ca. September 1878 5101 192 301
 Daniel E. Pollard Letter to "Dear Marshall" response to a request for a bill for house 42 x 18 above and below with a 10 foot hall; you can get the sash with glass and doors and flooring ready made cheaper that I can make them  Buckingham, VA 1 October 1878 5101 194 301
 Judge F. R. Farrar Letter to ? meeting of Phoenix Lodge, lecture :" Lights and Shadows on the Story of Life," A scene form the life of county court lawyer, "The Halifax Overseer and His Wife," sale of tickets outline of program and Judge Farrar's response Beatonsville, Amelia County, VA 18 January 1878 5101 148 301
 Wyndham Robertson Letter to Dr. F. D. Cunningham of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Hemorrhage and blistering, Iodide of Potash, request for further treatment, description of an eye problem and the Doctor's instructions  Buena Vista, VA 8 January 1878 5101 145 301
 Thomas S. Martin Letter to Francis H. McGuire comments about M. Millhiser & Company vs. L. H. Brown  Scottsville, VA 10 April 1878 5101 166 301
 T. J. Gillett Letter to Francis J. Duke of Richmond, Virginia response to a request to change the meeting place from Odd Fellows Hall corner of Mayo and Franklin Streets to Levy's Hall corner of Main and 11th Street is granted letterhead of the Grand Lodge of Virginia, "Most Worthy Grand Master" Danville, VA 5 June 1878 5101 173 301
 Sam Henry Letter to Franklin Davis of Richmond, Virginia response to a request for an opinion about Mr. Wilson's work and personal back ground  Gadsden, AL 25 March 1878 5101 163 301
 George Esterly Letter to Frederick W. M. Holladay enclosed find circulars out lining an act to secure the employment of the unemployed and also to aid suitable persons in securing homesteads on Government Land letterhead "Seeder & Cultivator Combined" Whitewater, WI ca. January 1878 5101 152 301
 G. Spriggs Campbell Letter to G. W. mentioned: Ida's wedding; "my experience down here could be worked into a novel (some of the social and political combinations of this winter exceed anything I have ever known) letterhead of St. Charles Hotel, Rivers and Longsdale New Orleans, LA 25 April 1878 5101 168 301
 George C. Rives Letter to Honorable E. R. Watson suggestions and opinions for moving the case of Davis vs. Farish et. al. along speedily"; object to all introduction of all testimony as to the value of the negroes; parties contracted in reference to a payment in Confederate Money, refer to Gould's Pleading letterhead United States District Court Galveston, TX 11 June 1878 5101 175 301
 F. H. Cobb Letter to J. Binswinger, President Richmond Granite Company mentioned: specifications and tracings of the drawings letterhead of Engineer's Office, U. S. Capitol Grounds Washington, DC 24 October 1878 5101 197 301
 F. R. Farrar Letter to James A. Eggleston mentioned: Mr. Henry Rowlett has been to see me in regard to his indebtedness; he proposes giving up 225 acres of his 300 acres rather than go into bankruptcy  Beatonville, Amelia County, VA 12 August 1878 5101 188 301
 R. G. Roberts Letter to James Dupuy mentioned: Mrs. Mc[Klein] and her daughter, Mrs. Gaylord are absolutely destitute   ca. August 1878 5101 186 301
 R. D. Lilley Letter to John Echol, Trustee of Washington and Lee, Lexington, Virginia mentioned: Mr. McCormick, telescope, promotion of science, Washington and Lee, I fear it will go to Princeton, funds to found an observatory in Virginia  NY and Richmond, VA 9 February 1878 5101 155 301
 John Neely et. al. Letter to Messrs. Franklin, Davis & Company recommendation for Mr. William W. White of this county  Accomack Court House, VA 10 September 1878 5101 190 301
 E. H. Smith Letter to Messrs. Goddin, Wassen & Company mentioned: interest on a note, sending wheat to market, real owner of the house on Clay and 4th Street  Village View, Dinwiddie County, VA 22 July 1878 5101 184 301
 Robert M. R. Hunter Letter to the Committee on Finance of the Virginia House of Delegates mentioned: Mr. Newman's salary has been stricken for the appropriation bill in the Senate, you have added to the responsibilities of this office while cutting one our four employees. we need him letterhead of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Treasurer's Office Richmond, VA 9 March 1878 5101 160 301
 John Echols Letter to William C. Wickham of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: his brother-in-law, Gilbert R. Firth and his model for the proposed statue of General Lee (which he proposes to submit in the competition with others)  Staunton, VA 12 November 1878 5101 200 301
 R. R. Bagby Letter to William R. Winn mentioned: agreement with Colonel Edwin Shelton is in writing, hands of the executors  Washington, DC 25 May 1878 5101 171 301
 Lewis Wallace Commission to J. E. Price, Captain in the Shakespeare Militia Company Grant County   New Mexico 25 August 1879 5102 33 302
 W. Ficklin Letter to "Dear Colonel" mentioned: daughters of Colonel John Slaughter, Mr. Dickinson, wheat crop, Dick's Loudoun County, little brother Fitz  Belmont ca. 1879 5102 52 302
 Martin V. Calvin Letter to "Gentlemen" mentioned: General Lee's speech, General Toombs  Augusta, GA 26 April 1879 5102 17 302
  Letter to "My Dear Sister" mentioned: Kru{ ?] and Hurndon failed for one hundred and ninety thousand dollars, try to keep your house, Bertha, Parna, Bert, Charley  New Orleans, LA 28 April 1879 5102 19 302
 John W. Cameron Letter to J. C. Dame of Richmond, Virginia "I will not be connected with the Jordan Alum Springs again and sincerely wish I had never had any connection with them" letterhead of Pulaski House Savannah, GA 28 March 1879 5102 13 302
 F. Mangold Letter to J[ohn] (John) William Jones mentioned: "Personal Reminiscences of General R. E. Lee," Taylor, Four Years with Lee," and "Siege of Savannah," General Humphrey , Red River Campaign, book seller and price list, desire to visit America  Berlin, Germany 12 July 1879 5102 22 302
  Letter to James B. Williams of Lynchburg, Virginia mentioned: a gentleman who wishes to remain unknown would like to help R. J. Wright with his mortgage  Richmond, VA ca. August 1879 5102 35 302
 H. R. Thurber Letter to John B. Davis mentioned: canned goods, especially tomatoes and peas, tomatoes crop in New Jersey very good letterhead of West Broadway, Reade & Hudson Sts. NY 15 August 1879 5102 30 302
 Stephen B. Elkins Letter to John B. Davis mentioned: Mr. Collins; Washington, DC; Hallie  NY 30 March 1879 5102 15 302
 Thomas S. Daniel Letter to P. B. Starke note to accompany a petition (not included) requesting that the no fence law be repealed  Edmunds Store, VA 25 February 1879 5102 9 302
 William E. Cameron Letter to R. Shaw of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: annual pass over your road  Petersburg, VA 1 January 1879 5102 2 302
 Baskerville and Walker Letter to Spotts & Gibson response to a debt collection, mentioned: E. H. Umbarger, Treasurer of Wythe County  VA 28 July 1879 5102 23 302
 Duke & Duke Letter to Spotts & Gibson mentioned: note of Mrs. Bococks, claim against McAllister  Charlottesville, VA 10 November 1879 5102 40 302
 E. W. Timberlake Letter to Spotts & Gibson mentioned: property of J. C. Kearny  Louisburg, NC 15 November 1879 5102 43 302
 John B. Moon Letter to Spotts & Gibson of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Mr. Worsham, I found nearly every account was out of date, waiting to hear  Scottsville, VA 25 November 1879 5102 45 302
 R. A. Ayers Letter to Spotts & Gibson of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: I have not yet sued on claim vs. Ham[blen] and Orr, they have carried away a drove of hogs and should pay you  Estillville, Scott County, VA 7 November 1879 5102 37 302
 J. B. Richmond Letter to Spotts & Wilson mentioned: Spotts & Gibson vs. R. J. Richmond & A.L. Lloyd, judgment has been obtained letterhead of Lane & Richmond Eastville, VA 7 August 1879 5102 28 302
 Frederick W. M. Holliday Letter to the "Gentlemen of the Senate and House of Delegates" call for an extra session to "dispose of now, that angry controversy may end and peace and quiet bring that prosperity, which will surely follow and which the people of Virginia long for so earnestly"  Richmond, VA 4 March 1879 5102 11 302
 Saratoga Monument Association Letter to the Virginia General Assembly asking for an appropriation toward a memorial to be placed on the Battlefield for Saratoga lists officers, standing committees and trustees of the Saratoga Monument Association, includes negative of medal NY 4 February 1879 5102 4 302
 Alexander Hogg Letter to William Eggleston application for the chair of mathematics as you reorganize the of Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College  Agricultural College, College Station, TX 28 November 1879 5102 47 302
  Notice of the organization and election of officers of the South-West Virginia Medical Society Officers elected: Dr. William F. Barr of Abingdon, Dr. J, M. Estill of Tazewell, H. G. Johnston of Giles Court House, Oscar Wiley of Salem, J. S. Tipton of Hillsville, Thomas Kerman of Lebanon, J. D. Jordan of Newbern, Dr. John S. Apperson of Smyth County, Dr. George E. Wiley of Emory, monthly meetings at Marion, Smyth County The South-West VA Medical Society Smyth County, VA ca. December 1879 5102 49 302
  A sketch of the life of John Letcher, the War Governor of Virginia    ca. 1880 5102 140 302
 George F. Drew, Governor of Florida Appointment of Jackson Guy Commissioner of Deeds for the State of Florida in Virginia  F. W. A. Rankin, Jr. Secretary of Florida State Tallahassee, FL 29 December 1880 5102 138 302
  Biographical sketch of General Hugh Waddell    ca. 1880 5102 145 302
 Professor Graves Deed of Trust, questions and puzzle Evolution of Hill vs. Rixey   1 May 1880 5102 85 302
 A. S. Hunt Letter to "Dear Tom" comments about the cost of curbing, see Cook or some other manufacturer of iron, O'Keefe, possible new turf for the lot includes drawing of fence Atlanta, GA 5 September 1880 5102 120 302
 E. R. Gibbs Letter to Anthony M. Keiley inquiry about the appointment of new professors to the Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College  Lexington, VA 19 July 1880 5102 111 302
 Suggestion for the State Executive Committee Letter to Anthony M. Keiley 1. failure to carry the state last fall was due to talk and over confidence; we need more organization and hard work and less talk. 2. We need money and method; a graduated scale of assessments on office holders; lists methods for organization the method 3. Superintendent to keep a complete set of books of the District  Farmville, VA 31 May 1880 5102 78 302
 John Warfield Johnston Letter to Anthony M. Keiley request your help with a chancery case in Wytheville or [Staunton] decided against Mrs. Elvira Fisher of this city in the Court of Appeals  Washington, DC 23 March 1880 5102 69 302
 Alexander Q. Holladay Letter to Anthony M. Keiley of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Tuckahoe Farmer's Club   27 May 1880 5102 75 302
 A. P. Montague Letter to Anthony M. Reiley   Washington, DC 6 August 1880 5102 113 302
 Marion A. Kendall Letter to B. A. Trebor of Richmond, Virginia thank you note for the ferns, my sister loved the shells, and the Confederate currency, we will forward the Mexican relics soon; second note mentions his ill sister, Mr. Faber, idols, Obsidian glass  West Tisbury, MA 23 August 1880 5102 164 302
 William G. Moore Letter to C. F. Johnston request for a lost medal of the Washington Light Infantry Corps from Mrs. Palmer  Washington, DC 20 December 1880 5102 136 302
 U. S. Post Office Letter to C. H. Mallory question about the pay for J. A. Courtney at Junction, Hanover County, Virginia  Washington, DC ca. 1880 5102 169 302
 [William] D. Cunningham Letter to D. R. T. Coleman comments about Coleman's indication of Cunningham's character to the Academy and "their action proves your accusations as false," "From the time you proved treacherous to my father"  Richmond, VA ca. November 1880 5102 123 302
 C. M. Reynolds Letter to Dr. S. A. Moffett response about lack of funds to pay the interest on bonds  Richmond, VA 9 January 1880 5102 57 302
 Edgar Allan Letter to Fisher & Wyles mentioned: poor sale of tobacco, "I don't know what is to become of me this year if the market there continues so dull & flat, I had to borrow money to ship my last 30 hogsheads" "my health makes it impossible to come to Richmond for the sale of my tobacco; I ought not to spend any more money just for the pleasure of seeing tobacco sold at a sacrifice" Farmville, VA 16-28 July 1880 5102 99 302
 A. R. Blakley Letter to George C. Jefferson remarks about motion for security, tell Patteson to get the strongest affidavits  Charlottesville, VA 14 November 1880 5102 128 302
 Arthur Stuart Letter to George D. Wise   Baltimore, MD 16 August 1880 5102 117 302
 John E. Massey, Auditor of Public Accounts Letter to George L. Christian, Judge of the Hustings Court of the City of Richmond mentioned: ten dollars, maximum sum which the courts are authorized to allow for clothing any prisoner confined in jail in one year, the sergeant of the City of Richmond has exhibits not only total disregard of law, but a reckless extravagance lists of prisoners and amounts charged for clothing: Holly Brice, Nat Campbell, Claiborne Cunningham, Lucien Davis, Fred Gibson, James Hicks, Annie Lipscomb, Joe Richardson, Jacob Randolph, R. Smith, Alice Stewart, Charles Thompson, B. J. Ware, Sarah Wilson and these charges ranging form $20 to $30 are only for six months, "The state has thus been robbed of thousands of dollars," Richmond, VA 15 July 1880 5102 104 302
 Frederick W. M. Holliday Letter to J. M. Brockenbrough, Superintendent of Buildings "you are the only official of the Government with whom I have legal relations, who has so misunderstood me. I hope this letter will relieve the misapprehensions under which you labor"  Richmond, VA 26 February 1880 5102 65 302
 James M. Carlisle Letter to J. M. Campbell   Washington, DC 8 December 1880 5102 134 302
 Gregory B. Finch Letter to James Alfred Jones Hutchinson vs. Richardson  Boydton, Mecklenburg County, VA 12 June 1880 5102 92 302
 Anthony M. Keiley Letter to James McCarrick mentioned: claim of Asa Snyder for "total Loss" on a shipment of galvanized iron shipped in Philadelphia General Agent, Clyde Lines Richmond, VA 24 May 1880 5102 72 302
 Thurber and Company Letter to John B. Davis of Richmond, Virginia thanks for going on the bond, interest in handling your goods  NY 1880-1881 5102 172 302
 John H. Parker Letter to Lewis Booker mentioned: Nicholas Court House, 1870 deed recorded to G. Fox, son-in-law of Colonel Brown who drew the map. perhaps we can offer to pay the taxes and expense; a tract of Robert Burton's heirs is advertised for sale, Holt and Braxton, land much better than expected  Summersville, Nicholas County, WV 14 July 1880 5102 96 302
 W. B. Thompson Letter to Rev. J. K. Hayne of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: delinquent churches  Nashville, TN 10 August 1880 5102 115 302
 Virginia Department of Public Instruction Letter to the Virginia House of Delegates response to a legislative request for how much money is due by the State to the Public Free School teachers of each county prior to 3 March 1879 signed by William H. Ruffner Richmond, VA 20 January 1880 5102 60 302
 H. C. Rogers Letter to William P. Burwell reference to the claim for payment of judgments rendered in favor of P. H. Mayo and J. B. Pace and Turpin  Washington, DC 28 June 1880 5102 94 302
 Cyrus Brainerd Letter to William P. Munford references to meeting dates; YMCA International Committee of Young Men's Christian Associations letterhead NY 10 November 1880 5102 126 302
 William D. Bloxham Notice of appointment as Commissioner of Deeds to Jackson Guy   Tallahassee, FL 4 June 1880 5102 90 302
 John F. Lay Power of Attorney as trustee for Caroline Lay, his wife, and their children, David M. Lay of Florida, Richard L. Conover of New Jersey and Henry Clarke of England, lands near Lake Panasoffkee in Sumter County, Florida Caroline Lay's renunciation of right of dower in front of Jackson Guy, Commissioner of Deeds for the State of Florida in Virginia Richmond, VA 3 December 1880 5102 131 302
 Alexander Q. Holladay Supplementary Catalog of bills fifty names listed for bills paid and unpaid   ca. 1880 5102 162 302
 James G. Field Two notes by the Attorney General on the cases: Glass vs. the Commonwealth and Greenhow, Treasurer vs. Auditor of Public Accounts mentioned: an error in judgment of the Circuit Court of Richmond, City, case of Nicholas M. Page, Executor vs. the Board of the Literary Fund, $14,000, County Court of Hanover County, 1879, see Session Acts of 1878-9, page 312, John W. Pate, a licensed bar-room keeper note at end of each opinion to make 20 copies, J.G.F. Richmond, VA ca. 1880 5102 151 302
 Samuel B. Henry Agreement: between Samuel B. Henry , party of the first party and the Virginia Mining & Manufacturing Company , party of the second [re: Feldspar and Flint] mines in Amelia County, Virginia mentioned: Alexander H. Rutherfoord, Oak Hill, The Glebe, B. Trueheart & others signature of A. S. Buford and Samuel B. Henry VA 19 April 1881 5102 195 302
 Edward J. Morris Invitation to William B. Hodgson dinner invitation   ca. 1881 5102 179 302
  Knights of Honor: Benefit Certificate to N. E. Beall children, Carrie and Hunter McGuire Beall  Richmond, VA 5 February 1881 5102 181 302
 Henry G. Davis Letter to "Dear John" mentioned: a bill for the Navy from some point on the Potomac to the Virginia State Line to the legislature, I enclose a letter from Mr. Kent to Messrs. Conard and Coghill letterhead of U.S. Senate Washington, DC 1881-1882 5102 269 302
 John B. Gordon Letter to "General" introducing U. S. Grant, Jr. letterhead of Latham Alexander & Company NY 11 August 1881 5102 227 302
 H. C. Allen Letter to "My dear Sir" mentioned: Walton , Strayer lands, Botetourt County, Piedmont and Arlington Company  Woodstock 27 May 1881 5102 216 302
 John W. Hall Letter to "My dear Son" family letter: Mother and Daisy, new phaeton, Captain Wright, Davy letterhead of Danville and New River Railroad Co. Danville, VA 22 March 1881 5102 193 302
 J. M. Sinyanki Letter to A. F. Robertson mentioned: Early settlement of Virginia, Pocahontas, Calendar of State Papers Colonial Series preserved in the State Paper Department of Her Majesty's Public Record Office, Captain New port's Journal, Edward Maria Wingfield, Sir Thomas Dale, Chamberlain writes to Carleton, John Radclyeffe, etc.  London and Brighton, England 17 August 1881 5102 229 302
  Letter to A. H. H. Stewart letter to the Historical Society prefacing a donation of old papers including a 1616 land patent for William Berkley   29 August 1881 5102 248 302
 A. R. Terry (Bea) Letter to B. A. Trevor of 409 East Canal Street, Richmond, Virginia personal letter very faded Waterford, MI 27 February 1881 5102 189 302
 Thomas L. Brown Letter to Baker P. Lee of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Coal River Region, iron and other minerals  Charleston, WV 10 October 1881 5102 256 302
 R. H. Delany Letter to C. D. Hotchkiss "I saw Captain Carter yesterday and now enclose a check for the amount of your claim"  Welbourne 10 February 1881 5102 184 302
 A, H. Drury Letter to D. G. Tyler, Charles City Court House mentioned: Mrs. Adams, Bob Adams owes me the amount of the note, deed of trust, Mr. Walker, show my letter to the Judge and let him decide mentioned: my wife's brother, Ned's marriage in Petersburg, Mr. Gregory, late Edmund Ruffin of Hanover, Evelynton Farm Westover, VA 1881-1882 5102 274 302
 Daniel A. Grimsby Letter to J. C. Fowler mentioned: Grimsby's appointment to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of Judge Shackleford, do you think my political opinions preclude the opportunity to fill the seat if I pursue the seat?  Culpeper, VA 21 November 1881 5102 258 302
 Leroy H. Beale Letter to James B. McCaw gratitude for being elected Executive Officer of the Westmoreland Club mentioned: President of the Richmond Yorktown Association VA 18 April 1881 5102 204 302
 James Keith Letter to John M. Orr response to a request for his recommendation  Warrenton, VA 22 September 1881 5102 251 302
 A. Y. [?] your friend Letter to Judge Beverly R. Wilford mentioned: the Judge's interest in the surrender of Yorktown, a relic held by Colonel Frederick L. Layton of Gloucester, a stick with a ring around the top engraved to the British Regiment it belonged, Layton's son, Fielding can give you more information very faded Richmond, VA 22 April 1881 5102 210 302
 Columbus Alexander Letter to Miss Fanny B. Hunter genealogical information  Washington, DC 26 February 1881 5102 186 302
 John M. Otey Letter to Miss Marchy mentioned: feeling ill, his sweetheart, Dave, a basket, sister Lucy  Richmond, VA 18 May 1881 5102 213 302
 James B. Hope Letter to Mrs. Webb mentioned: editorial letter about the history of the monument extant, instructions for printing the poem, a photograph   ca. 1881 5102 176 302
 Henry Gantt Letter to R. Irby, General Agent mentioned: eight thousand acres can be purchased for six to eight dollars per acre   4 June 1881 5102 218 302
 Catherine S. Culton (Catherine S. James, maiden name) Letter to Rev. Thomas Preston of Richmond, Virginia request for a letter of transfer from the First Presbyterian Church of Richmond to the Second Presbyterian Church of Orange, New Jersey Certificate given December 2, 1881 Orange, NJ 28 November 1881 5102 261 302
 James E. Reeves Letter to Robert C. Schenck mentioned: our train ride to Charlotte, return from Savannah, interviewed by a newspaper reporter, can you send a train pass for Mr. Charles S. Howell, a Daily Register reporter to travel and write about the southern states as far as Jacksonville? letterhead: State Board of Health, WV Wheeling, WV 15 December 1881 5102 264 302
 Henry G. Mullins Letter to T & J. W. Johnson Company gives a list of his second hand law books that he wishes to dispose of  Martinsville, VA 20 April 1881 5102 207 302
 Charles A. Marshall Letter to Thomas M. Randolph Talcott mentioned: joining a Society, family well, Sam Johnson  Baltimore, MD 2 August 1881 5102 224 302
 Charles Manly Letter to Thomas R. Price, University of Virginia request for a copy of Dr. Curry's lectures before the Normal Institute at UVA for a course of study in English for Furman University  Greenville, NC 22 September 1881 5102 254 302
 Alexander H. Sands Letter to Washington H. Griffin mentioned: sale of the property of your brother, Mr., Seay, Mr. West  Richmond, VA July 1881 5102 228 302
 J. J. Stuart Order to "Gentlemen" order for printing of cards and a work basket  Charlottesville, VA 21 December 1881 5102 267 302
 [Thomas Waring] The Last Will and Testament of Old England: A Satire dated 19 April 1779 enclosed is 1881 letter from Waring to Brock   ca. 1881 5058 194 258
 Berthold Auerbach A Rhineland story, translated by M. Ezekiel How Grandfather and Grandmother met, Dr. Richard Menz and his wife on their Golden Anniversary, son-in-law Architect Eberhard  Germany ca. 1882 5103 2 303
 A. N. Bell Letter to "My dear Admiral" recollections of navy life with a friend and rejection of a membership in the Historical Society letterhead from the Sanitarian Magazine NY City 10 February 1882 5103 16 303
 E. R. Watson Letter to "My dear Judge" mentioned: Rive's case  Washington, DC 22 March 1882 5103 19 303
 Russell Benedict Letter to "My dear Major" sorry I missed you  NY 23 September 1882 5103 43 303
 Beverley R. Welford & William W. Henry Letter to ? mentioned: reply to a question from the courts about the whereabouts of a bill, London & Backing Mining Act  Richmond, VA 17 July 1882 5103 36 303
 Alexander Coke Letter to ? request for information about a deed that Mr. Gordon of Baltimore requested for the [Battens] of that city  Richmond, VA 17 May 1882 5103 28 303
 W. P. Burwell Letter to A. M. Lyon oblige me by sending a check or draft as per written contract to pay me as a contingent fee on the repeal of the "stamp tax"  Washington, DC 10 October 1882 5103 45 303
 R. E. Nelson Letter to D. J. Woodward of Richmond, Virginia first letter asks questions of Woodward about his land claim, "enclosed letter from Mr. Conway Robinson, Jr. of Washington DC about your land claim letterhead of Maryland Agricultural College College Station, Prince George County, MD 4-23 February 1882 5103 12 303
 C. Ash and Sons Letter to Dr. J. Woodward sales pitch for dentures, Mineral Teeth  London, England 8 June 1882 5103 33 303
 William W. Gordon Letter to Dr. Judge mentioned: two notes date of maturity, pay to my nephew this fall  Richmond, VA July-August 1882 5103 53 303
 John S. Wise Letter to Francis L. Smith of Alexandria, Virginia response to a request for the continuance of the Neale case  Richmond, VA 20 December 1882 5103 48 303
 Alex Wiley Letter to John B. Davis of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: early sale of peas, believe we can sell your goods at a fair price letterhead of Imported Manufacturers and Grocers NY 29 May 1882 5103 30 303
 John W. Phelps Letter to Messrs. John Earle & Company of Boston, Massachusetts please forward another bill to Irving House, New York  West Chester, PA 5 April 1882 5103 21 303
 William W. Corcoran Letter to Philip Slaughter of Mitchell Station, Culpeper County, Virginia Happy New Year and gift  Washington, DC 21 December 1882 5103 51 303
 William C. Carrington Letter to R. B. Chaffin reference to Chaffin's charges of fraud and corruption within City Council, "it is my duty to make rigid inquiry into any official misconduct, in order for me to do that, you must name names and the department in order to protect the innocent" Mayor's letterhead Richmond, VA 24 July 1882 5103 39 303
 George E. Waring Letter to the Mayor of Richmond, Virginia, William C. Carrington mentioned: the first publication of my Division of the Tenth Census, containing the social statistics of New Orleans, Louisiana and Austin, Texas letterhead of 10th census Newport, RI 7 April 1882 5103 24 303
 J. M. Beatty Letter to W. F. C. Gregory of Richmond, Virginia request for information about Thomas Richmond and William Grass of Scott County who served in the War of 1812  Beattyville, Lee County, VA 1 February 1882 5103 10 303
 Jesse E. Peyton Letter to William W. Henry of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: a bill to have the Government purchase Temple Farm and Moors House in Yorktown for the public, please send me any of your recollections of the area  Haddonfield, NJ 16 May 1882 5103 26 303
 J. L. M. Curry, Circular of the General Agent of the Peabody Fund mentioned: Normal College at Nashville   ca. 1883 5103 84 303
 Bon Air Land Improvement Company of Virginia Ledger balance Stiles & Gilliam, Trustees; Bonds, Ott & McPhail, Trustees, M. S. James & Son. S. Ford, W. G. Taylor, Secretary, F. Colston, J. W. Holt, George J. Hundley  VA 30 September 1883 5103 81 303
 John Hart Letter to ? response to a request for addresses: R. G. Coleman, Lewis' Store, Spotsylvania County; Henry Hall's Spotsylvania County   3 May 1883 5103 64 303
 Charles Marshall Letter to Austin regrets that he cannot lend Austin money, the demands of a large practice are costly, funds go out as fast as they come in  Baltimore, MD ca. 1883 5103 87 303
 Joseph Van Holt Nash Letter to C. S. Brown mentioned: Mr. Hotchkiss, a copy-right on the Geological Map, Mr. Womack, V. A. B. Company  bled through, D. Appleton & Company Publisher's letterhead Atlanta, GA 10 May 1883 5103 59 303
 Andrew Pissini Letter to D. R. Norwell you have been elected a Contributing member of the Richmond Light Infantry Blues Richmond Light Infantry Blues letterhead Richmond, VA 29 March 1883 5103 62 303
 J. L. Owens Letter to Hasting request for an opinion about: a problem with a neighbor blocking access to an outlet to a county road for my timber.  Clover Hill, Chesterfield County, VA 12 February 1883 5103 56 303
 John W. Hinsdale Letter to J. P. Fitzgerald mentioned: my deposition has bee mailed to the clerk of Prince Edward County, Virginia, contract with the Farmville Company, now in receivership, interest on money, Mr. Gibson, Mr. Booker, legal suit letterhead of Hinsdale and Devereux Raleigh, NC 3 August 1883 5103 75 303
 Alexander G. Taliaferro Letter to Mr. Davis. Lee Gallery, Richmond, Virginia thank you note note included: John Grant designed the model of the Confederate Battle Flag upon the suggestion of John W. Davis Rapid Run, Culpeper County, VA 28 May 1883 5103 66 303
 Edward V. Valentine Letter to William A. Courtenay, Mayor of Charleston, South Carolina remarks about sending a bust and the packing involved  see next 2 records, frames 72 thru 74 Richmond, VA 24 July 1883 5103 70 303
 William A. Courtenay Letter to William C. Carrington letter of thanks for inspecting the bust of Robert Y. Hayne before the sculptor, Valentine proceeds with packing and shipment  Charleston, SC 25-31 July 1883 5103 72 303
 M. L. James, Dean of the Faculty Letter to Zebulon B. Vance of Charlotte, North Carolina request for Vance to speak at Commencement in March Medical College of Virginia letterhead Richmond, VA 13 September 1883 5103 79 303
 J. V. Reddy Letter to "Dear Judge" Cunningham vs. Cunningham; unless I get a report on this case the taxes will be lost for 1884  Richmond, VA 23 June 1884 5103 107 303
 John F. Slaughter Letter to "Dear Uncle" "regret to inform you that Charley's youngest child has died, other two children very sick, Robert dangerously" P.S. my brass foundry was burnt Lynchburg, VA 30 March 1884 5103 98 303
 U. S. Mint Letter to C. T. Johnston of Richmond, Virginia, and C. F. Hutchinson request for Confederate Notes, New Orleans Half dollar of 1861 L. R. Cowperthwaite and Loudon Snowden Washington, DC 1884-1885 5103 153 303
 D. R. Norvell Letter to D. R. Norvell of Richmond, Virginia genealogical information: Norvell Leake & Company of Richmond, Virginia, Caleb Norvell of Tennessee, Libscomb Norvell. Duncan Robertson, J. M. Norvell New York Exchange letterhead NY 16 January 1884 5103 92 303
 B. K. Bruce Letter to Edwin A. Randolph of Richmond, Virginia instructions for the Exposition, one page missing letterhead of Chief Director Dept. of Colored Exhibits, World's Exposition Washington, DC 4 October 1884 5103 112 303
 David D[ixon] Porter Letter to George H. Preble included an article from the Washington Star; do you know any Boston Editor who will publish and promote my book  Washington, DC 31 December 1884 5103 151 303
 J. M. Moffitt Letter to John Earle of Boston, Massachusetts remarks about two pair of tight pants  Charleston, SC 5 June 1884 5103 105 303
 Alfred M. Scales Letter to John W. James remarks about his manuscript and returning it so Scales can publish himself House of Representative letterhead Washington, DC 3 April 1884 5103 101 303
 Henry H. Wells Letter to L. R. Page mentioned: Mr. Dungan, Isaac Taylor and Williams case, decision made two years age, Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company to the north abutment, District of Columbia shore, meetings at Richmond and Alexandria, Commissioner's Kean report, Bradley Johnson, Crump Amounts due on judgments, Cumberland Coal and Iron Company, Francis L. Smith's statement, Farmers Bank vs. Alexander Canal Company Washington, DC 1884-1885 5103 161 303
 James McDonald Letter to Major Charles T. Bigger remarks about Bigger's rank as Quarter Master 1st Brigade Virginia Volunteers Commonwealth of Virginia letterhead Richmond, VA 30 May 1884 5103 103 303
 David G. Tyler Letter to W. F. C. Gregory of Richmond, Virginia Richard Lacy vs. Johnson; what are we to do about this case?, terrible weather, no hope of the stopping the rain and not fit to serve notice of depositions  Charles City County, VA 6 March 1884 5103 95 303
 Lionel S[ackville] West Letter to William Evelyn Cameron request for information on the Lunacy Laws of Virginia J. S. Browning, Personal Secretary to the Governor; portions of text torn away British Legation, Washington DC 27 August 1884 5103 109 303
 D. Turner Letter to William Evelyn Cameron request for a copy of Governor Kemper's special message to the Legislature in 1876, many comments about the north and the south, some genealogy about the Camerons of Canada, reference at the end of the letter to Lt. Governor, John F. Lewis, and old friend includes note from Cameron referring this letter to H. W. Flournoy Washington, DC 28 November 1884 5103 144 303
 C. R. Boyd Letter to William W. Finney, Secretary of the Board of Control a question about having more success of our exhibit if I had the consent of the Executive Committee to grant honorary appointments to ladies in different parts of the Commonwealth in my department letterhead of Commonwealth of Virginia World's Industrial & Cotton Centennial Exposition Richmond, VA 21 November 1884 5103 141 303
 Jasper W. Gilbert Letter to William Wirt Henry thank you note for Henry's and Dr, Curry's recommendation for Gilbert's appointment as an honorary member of the Virginia Historical Society and his acceptance  NY 20 November 1884 5103 139 303
 Virginia Historical Commission Minutes of two meetings to plan exhibits in the State's display World's Industrial & Cotton Centennial Exposition at New Orleans, 1884-1885 draft, with additions & corrections in pencil Richmond, VA 13 November 1884 5103 115 303
 Westmoreland Club, Richmond, Virginia A list of the Non-Resident Members of the Club one hundred and seventy-five names and locations  Richmond, VA ca. 1885 5103 232 303
 Virginia Department of Public Instruction Autographs of County & City Superintendents of Virginia Schools seventy-five names and location  Richmond, VA ca. 1885 5103 227 303
 R. R. Fan Invitation to J. H. Holmes invitation to a conference of all County and City Superintendents and Principals of Public High Schools in Virginia at the Hall of the House of Delegates, Richmond  Richmond, VA 17 January 1885 5103 189 303
 George William Curtis Letter to ? Robinson George William Curtis born February 24, 1824, lecturer, author, poet note of rejection for an article by Robinson; includes negative of a photograph Staten Island, NY 10 April 1885 5103 193 303
 John C. Wheat Letter to E. B. Spence & Son please send two all wool undershirts  Lynnwood, WV 17 November 1885 5103 209 303
 William D. Donaldson Letter to George ?   Sewell, WV 6 October 1885 5103 203 303
 Alfred Friend Letter to John E. Taylor recommendation for John Bowers as driver; also good at the car stables and the protection of females traveling alone Harris & Son letterhead Petersburg, VA 30 November 1885 5103 211 303
 Otto G. Kean Letter to Leigh R. Page of Washington, DC note about a case and a time to confer with Frank Christian  Richmond, VA 21 May 1885 5103 198 303
 J. Higginbotham Letter to McGuire & Ellett of Richmond, Virginia letter about shipping bars of coke made from raw coal to the steel industry, pencil drawing of loading method used to shop coke  Louisville, KY 22 June 1885 5103 200 303
 B. C. Harrison Letter to Messrs. E. B. Spence & Son of Richmond, Virginia an order of three or four pairs of old flannel drawers, please forward to H. T. Miller if you are not longer in this business  Green Bank, WV 19 December 1885 5103 214 303
 Samuel H. Letcher Letter to Messrs. McGuire & Ellett of Richmond, Virginia receipts for P. Whitlock vs. C. E. Deaver and Watkins, Cottrell & Company vs. H. C. Parsons Letcher and Letcher letterhead Lexington, VA 20 November 1885 5103 206 303
 Charles G. Sawtelle Letter to Rufus Saxton of Louisville, Kentucky your account for the transportation of U. S. Troops over the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad (Dec. 1883 to June 1884) has been found correct; second letter approves charges for fright over the C & O Railroad from Louisville to Phoebus, Virginia in June 1885; third letter approves freight in March and April 1884 certified as true copies & signed: R. Saxton Washington, DC ca. 1885 5103 220 303
 J. Allen Brown Letter to Thomas A. P. Champlin mentioned: Dr. Rice, commission on membership fees, request for an Agent's Manual and a list of your policy holders letterhead, dealer in Fertilizer and Insurance Salisbury, NC ca. 1885 5103 217 303
 J. A. McKenzie Note to C. F. Johnston of Richmond, Virginia note about $5.00 that he owed and paid Commonwealth of Kentucky letterhead Frankfort, KY 7 April 1885 5103 191 303
 William F. Vilas Appointment of James R. Taylor as Postmaster for New Kent County, Virginia   VA 24 February 1886 5104 21 304
 Manly B. Curry Letter to "Dear Tom" wonders why Tom has not returned and deed, mortgage, note and power of attorney? Letter from Miss Juliet says that Tom page is to be married and leave for Europe for three months, Your investments should do well here, population growing  St. Paul, MN 16 July 1886 5104 46 304
 J. M. Humphreys Letter to ? mentioned: Postmaster robbed Ben's money from his letter to his wife, oystermen, very cold weather, James Gunn, brother of Eugene and Lewis Gunn died suddenly yesterday, Rosebud, Jacky  Henrico County, VA 15 February 1886 5104 10 304
 Charles H. Porter Letter to ?    21 November 1886 5104 81 304
 James S. Delano Letter to Alfred R. Buffin response to Buffin's request for information about G. W. Z. Black, saw him on the street today  Washington, DC 22 July 1886 5104 58 304
 G. W. Z. Black Letter to Alfred R. Buffin your war claim is docketed, looking for definite action soon  Washington, DC 16 February-7 December 1886 5104 17 304
 Alfred R. Buffin Letter to Archibald Hopkins request for information about G. W. Z. Black  Richmond, VA 3 July 1886 5104 43 304
 Fred H. Stith Letter to C. W. Chears of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: hunting up miners in the rural districts, Woodstock Manganese Company letterhead of Manganese and Iron Company Thomasville, NC 21 July 1886 5104 56 304
 R. R. Carter Letter to Charles B. Spence & Company mentioned: pants and vest fit but the coat is ill fitting, can it be altered?  Bermuda Hundred, Chesterfield County, VA 11 September 1886 5104 72 304
 Robert M. Wilcox Letter to Charles B. Spence & Company enclosed find a check for the clothes  Wilcox Wharf, VA 24 July 1886 5104 60 304
 John C. Paris, M.D. Letter to E. B. Spence please send me a few samples suitable for a man's coat   ca. 1886 5104 101 304
 Josephus V. Bidgood Letter to E. B. Spence enclosed: a new note letterhead of J. W. Randolph & English, Binders, etc. Richmond, VA 16 December 1886 5104 93 304
 Hugh M. Patton Letter to E. B. Spence & Company mentioned: new wheat, late in planting due to very wet weather  Culpeper, VA 2 August 1886 5104 62 304
 William McLaughlin Letter to E. B. Spence & Company enclosed find currency, when will you have your new winter stock?  Lexington, VA 19 July 1886 5104 52 304
 F. John Porter Letter to Edgar F. Gladwin   NY 17 May 1886 5104 126 304
 Alfred R. Buffin Letter to G. W. Z. Black of Washington, DC mentioned: signed petition for Power of Attorney, claim for the timber cut from his land during the war Commission issued to Ensign Young, my wife's Uncle, back pay due for pension; also North Carolina twenty-two shares of State Stock issued to Mr. Young still on the books, please look into both matters Henrico County, Richmond City, VA 15 February-2 April 1886 5104 13 304
 Waller R. Staples Letter to George letter about a court case difficult handwriting Christiansburg, VA 24 June 1886 5104 40 304
 William Letter to Henry general talk about an infantry post on the frontier, Malaria, studying hard, Stamper family  Fort Leavenworth, KS 13 August 1886 5104 65 304
 James H. Ferguson Letter to Henry T. Wickham Stock Claim of L. Martin: a horse killed at Maiden on Oct. 30th, papers of the engineer  Charleston, WV 20 December 1886 5104 95 304
 Horatio Seymour Letter to J. F. Starbuck "It will not be possible for me to go into Jefferson County"  Jefferson County, NY ca. 1886 5104 2 304
 Joseph Bryan Letter to John E. Taylor mentioned: Captain Coke, order of the Bonds  Richmond, VA 30 March 1886 5104 25 304
 Thomas Parkes Letter to John T. Jones mentioned: land to sell, 7000 acres, vein of coal workable, fine coking coal, detailed description of the property, chemical content, transportation of product, labor and cost arrangement second letter is a response and contains answers to questions posted by Mr. Jones Nashville, TN 4-20 November 1886 5104 74 304
 James L. Kemper Letter to Leslie Spence please just send me the pants and vest but not the drawers  Orange, VA 21 December 1886 5104 99 304
 Haxall Brothers & Company Letter to Messrs. R. B. Chaffin & Company mentioned: looking for a site for the Small Pox Hospital, about 40 acres called Bankstown between the Hollywood Cemetery and the Catholic Cemetery, we would take the same price that was paid for the property of the Catholic Cemetery  Richmond, VA 2 January 1886 5104 4 304
 Rush U. Derry Letter to Messrs. Walthall & Bowles Superintendent of Public Printing  Roanoke, VA 26 January 1886 5104 7 304
 Dr. W. P. Morgan Letter to Mrs. Diblee Genealogical letter: surnames: Brown, Wallace, Morgan, Donnelly, Harrison, Smith sites: Augusta County, Rockingham County, Bath County, Ebbing Springs Valley, Virginia  Baltimore, MD ca. 1886 5104 113 304
 James F. Fairfield Letter to Oscar F. Kieler mentioned: an impression of the engraving of the poet  NY 15 April 1886 5104 29 304
 C. Pickett Letter to Taliaferro & Company mentioned: Mr. Darby, sale of Turkey Island, Mr. Enroughty letterhead of Merchants and Miners Transportation Company Norfolk, VA 10-20 December 1886 5104 86 304
 Jesse J. Porter Letter to Taliaferro & Company sorry about the claim against you  Louisa Court House, VA 22 May 1886 5104 37 304
 Henry Clay Willis Letter to W. R. Perry note about coming to Richmond  Greensboro, NC 15 May 1886 5104 31 304
 A. O. Bliss Letter to William H. Gaines note for payment, Chesterfield County second letter suggests his farm is up for rent: 30 acres of raspberries, 5 acres of strawberries, 12 acres in grapes, 30 acres in pasture, I'm too busy with real estate to farm Centralia, VA 27 August-5 October 1886 5104 68 304
  Letters addressed to James Alfred Jones & Mary Morris Jones relative to an order for a stained glass memorial window mentioned: London Office, lilies in the border or snowballs two letters signed by Charles Booth NY ca. 1886 5104 103 304
 E. M. Morrison Order to E. B Spence & Company order of under shirts, noticed your advertisement  Smithfield, Isle of Wight County, VA 20 July 1886 5104 54 304
 W. C. Thomas, Jr. Order to E. B. Spence & Company order for undershirts letterhead of Thomas Brothers, Cigars Richmond, VA 30 November 1886 5104 84 304
 Russell Robinson Order to E. B. Spence & Company of Richmond, Virginia order for under shirts and cravats and light weight grey flannel shirts, 17 1/2 neck  Nelson County, VA 17 July 1886 5104 49 304
 Norbonne Berkeley Order to George Watt order for three more of your plows, send in care of J. J. Wheat & Brothers   13 March 1886 5104 23 304
 Edgar Allen Testimonial for Remington typewriter purchased from John B. Culpeper  Richmond, VA 17 May 1886 5104 34 304
 William E. Hatcher Letter to ? "Invitation to tea with Eldridge and then the concert"  Richmond, VA 2 February 1887 5104 116 304
 Joseph W. Ketes Letter to Benjamin H. Nash response to the complaint about the brush left in the ditches and road under the telegraph line in Chesterfield County, Virginia  Richmond, VA 28 March 1887 5104 128 304
 John S. Wise, Letter to Benjamin H. Nash, Attorney for Chesterfield County response to a complaint letter about the condition of the lines in Chesterfield County letterhead New York and Southern Telegraph Co. Richmond, VA 8 March 1887 5104 120 304
 E. Singleton Letter to Benjamin S. Ewell, President of William and Mary College request for information about L.H. Girardin who was professor of modern languages in 1803 and wrote a Continuation of Burke's History of Virginia letterhead Office Appleton's' Cyclopedia of American Biography NY 19 March 1887 5104 122 304
 William M. Haxall Letter to Dunlop & McCance or Richmond, Virginia mentioned: one car load of Bran, Winter Wheat Bran, sale price  Baltimore, MD 3 June 1887 5104 133 304
 Anson George McCook Letter to Edgar F. Gladwin mentioned: Nathan Goff is now a member of the House of Representatives in West Virginia, Mr. Coon  NY 21 May 1887 5104 131 304
 James B. Eustis Letter to H. W. [Kemper] mentioned: a court case about railroads and legislation  Washington, DC 3 February 1887 5104 118 304
 S. C. Kelloff Letter to M. S. O'Donnell General Sheridan states that the card photograph is the best ever taken of him. It was taken in 1872  Washington, DC 28 July 1887 5104 137 304
 H. M. Jackson Letter to Thomas Ellett, President of the Pegram Battalion Association enclosed is a copy of the address delivered on the occasion of the unveiling of the Memorial window at the Soldiers Home  Richmond, VA 4 June 1887 5104 135 304
 Virginia Agricultural Mechanical & Tobacco Exposition Collection of correspondence Signatures: Ashton Starke, R. A. Brock, Richard O. Morris of Louisa County, Martha H. Boyd of Mathews County, H. H. Berkley of Rolling Hill, Charlotte County, Henry C. Jones, Bernard Helms, N. W. Ashby, Charles Kelley, Hanover County, Robert C. Garnett, I. I. A. Powell, Sackville, W. Caldbeck, Miller Rhoads & Gerhart, C. M. LaPrade of Newport News, Charles K. Willis, N. A. Stewart, M. T. Williams, J. A. Wolff, long list of Maryland women for the "Maryland Room," A. Eichel Committee on Relics and Antiquities: R. A. Brock, O. L. Cottrell, Charles M. West, Granville G. Valentine, Benjamin B. Valentine Richmond, VA ca. 1888 5104 218 304
 District of Columbia Contract with Richmond Granit Company for two hundred thousand granite paving blocks, signed by Binswanger, W. B. Webb, Charles Raymond, L. R. Barns, Rob Wendenberg, A. Rick, Lewis E. Wendenberg, W. A. Nettle, A. Christian   6 August 1888 5104 173 304
 P. T. Woodfin Letter to ? Cuthbert mentioned: a move to Florida letterhead Southern Branch Natl. Home for Disables Vol. Soldiers Hampton, VA 20 November 1888 5104 202 304
 William Lummis Letter to ? Wortham remarks about the results of Harrison /Cleveland vote  NY 8 November 1888 5104 197 304
 C. L. Johnson Letter to "Dear Judge" mentioned: a suit in chancery, deposition in Richmond, Virginia  Albany, NY 19 February 1888 5104 144 304
 George Crook Letter to Edgar F. Gladwin the Department of the Platte was established in March 1866; Commanders were: Generals Cooke, Auger, Ord, Sheridan, Crook, Howard, & Crook  Omaha, NE 11 February 1888 5104 139 304
 William T. Sherman Letter to Edgar F. Gladwin of Brooklyn, New York mentioned: Sherman's autograph, only one General now and that is Sherman, Sheridan is Lieut. General  NY 7 March 1888 5104 147 304
 H. M. Mcgruder Letter to J. C. Hill mentioned: express companies  Eastham, VA 22 September 1888 5104 192 304
 Thomas M. Cooley Letter to J. C. Hill response to a problem with fright transported by public carriers  Washington, DC 15 August 1888 5104 184 304
 J. R. Garlick Letter to Jack mentioned: talking to Cecil, his son, about the situation at Fourqurean's, Sue letterhead Bruington Female Institute King and Queen County, VA 18 September 1888 5104 189 304
 M. L. O'Donnell Letter to John C. Tidball O'Donnell's question abut the strength of guns at Gettysburg, answer: Confederate 287, Federal 370 on the reverse: 1888, June 10, John C. Tidball to Henry Jackson Hunt following the reply of H. J. Hunt Boston, MA 30 May 1888 5104 160 304
 C. P. E, Burgwyn Letter to Lewis D. Crenshaw report that the Monitor Fleet has been brought up and will moor at Randolph Flats, tugboats: Mayflower and Craighill and the steamer Goldsboro second letter mentions Congress' appropriation of $400,000 for Virginia for the James River; letterhead James River Improvement Richmond, VA 27 October-4 December 1888 5104 194 304
 Waller M. Boyd Letter to Logan S. Robins, 313 W. Clay Street, Richmond, Virginia recollection of the prisoner escape from Johnson's Island: Capt. Thomas H. Davis, Captain Robinson of Westmoreland County, Virginia, Major Winston of North Carolina, Sandusky, Ohio Virginia newspaper clipping of "How six prisoners escaped from Johnson's Island" Massie's Mill, VA 3 July 1888 5104 165 304
 J. T. Thornhill Letter to Luther mentioned: post card from Mer de Glace, Europe, David Christian, field east of the creek sold for $600 to Charlie, Fannie left for Blue Mountain, Mississippi, Kansas City Exposition of 1888 is open, the streets are gala, regards to Dr. Hatcher  Kansas City, MO 17 September 1888 5104 186 304
 Oliver Otis Howard Letter to M. S. O'Donnell response to a question: please read a copy of the Atlantic Monthly for July 1876 with my remarks about the fighting on the first day and the order from Hancock; PS Doubleday's account is neither correct or impartial, seems to proceed from some unaccountable bitterness  Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA 11 June 1888 5104 163 304
 Thomas W. Sweeny Letter to M. S. O'Donnell of Boston, Massachusetts mentioned: looking over his papers for information on the Battle of Shiloh  Astoria, Long Island, NY 6 April 1888 5104 151 304
 Abner Doubleday Letter to M. S. O'Donnell of Boston, Massachusetts mentioned: not quoted correctly, pamphlets, cycloramas, glad to add the extract you sent from Governor Lee of Virginia my historical collection  NY 16 May 1888 5104 153 304
 S. S. Pegram Letter to Minor & Daniel mentioned: Perkins & Company, Leake & Company, Talbot & Sons, dispute over payments  Chattanooga, TN 26 May 1888 5104 155 304
 Edward Denham Letter to R. F. Walker mentioned: working on a book, "Dictionary of Sobriquets or Nicknames," indexes for a volume of Captain John Mason, The British Invasion published in Albany, the Maine Historical Society, and my work at the factory  New Bedford, MA 12 February 1888 5104 141 304
 John M. Corse Letter to William H. Murray mentioned: Cox's History of the Atlanta Campaign, Sherman's Memoirs and Nichol's March, Hardee's Army, engagement at Macon and King's Bridge  Boston, MA 29 March 1888 5104 149 304
 R. H. Finney Statement regarding Army discipline; North Carolina Brigade, C. S. A, Army of Northern Virginia mentioned: General Harry Heth, General John R. Cook, General Albert S. Johnston  Richmond, VA 29 May 1888 5104 158 304
 Petersburg, Virginia Academy of Music (National Opera Company) Various bills, city license tax receipts, advertising, rent T. G. Leath to Charles W. Curtice, Manager, George W. Hall letterhead C. M. Cuykendall, Builder & General Contractor, newspaper add for Faust, Petersburg Index-Appeal  Petersburg, VA ca. 1888 5104 208 304
 Alexander S. Paxton Letter to ? request for information about other teaching vacancies; "I made a mistake coming here and would leave tomorrow if I could find a good place"  Christiansburg, VA 4 September 1889 5105 15 305
 Eppa Hunton Letter to E. D. Kincheloe response about the state of health of my friend T. B (Benton) Hutchinson, contact General William Terry about the Soldier's Home in Richmond  Washington, DC 27 August 1889 5105 12 305
 Agnes Mothersill Letter to Frank & Bertha Mothersill visiting in Richmond mentioned: Emily will be Father's companion, Walter and camp, Herbert and George, cook has the measles, death of Edward Watson, Blair Watson is in Africa, Mr. J. D. Lee is engaged to a "penniless lassie," Bertha will stay with the Welsh's in New York before coming to Richmond, Stanley Pattison is coming home in May, George and David Mosely are off to play hockey, vessel, City of Chester, Emma Chilbon is engaged to one of the masters at Clifton College calling card of Mrs. Adam Hogg, letterhead of Cunard Royal Mail Steamship "Umbria", note from W. W. Morton, letter from Frances Branch Brooklands, Manchester, England 1889-1890 5105 21 305
 Overton Howard Letter to Garland Taylor note about a note that is due  Richmond, VA 3 August 1889 5105 10 305
 Frank St. Clair Letter to Messrs. N. P. Pate & Company of Richmond, Virginia, General Agents of New York Fire Proof Paint Company mentioned: fire proof paint letterhead Southwest Virginia Enterprise Wytheville, VA 5 September 1889 5105 18 305
 A. H. Drury Letter to Messrs. Savage & Company of Richmond, Virginia sending by Capt. Cherry of the Sloop, Rosa Lee, nine hundred and fifty-eight bushels of Longberry wheat  Westover Plantation, VA 20 July 1889 5105 7 305
 George W. Gary Letter to N. T. Pate & co. questions about a settlement of Mr. Grimm's bill  Abingdon, VA 18 July 1889 5105 4 305
 James Pollard Letter to Thomas T. Fauntleroy mentioned: an appeal of the Rowan matter, Middlesex County, sale of farm  Baltimore, MD 26 January 1889 5105 2 305
 Lunsford L. Lomax Letter to William T. Robins remarks about Robbin's application for the position of A. General of the State of Virginia letterhead Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College Blacksburg, VA 4 March 1889 5105 67 305
 Charles B. Roane Letter to Edmund Waddell request for placement as a clerk in the post office post script from J. W. Southward Richmond, VA 27 August 1890 5105 88 305
 Morgan Trent Letter to Edmund Waddell list of parties to send the agriculture report: C. Royer, M. C. King, W. C. Dillard, Henry Bell, J. B. Phillips, J. Henry Montague, W. H. Tuppence, E. L. Lipscomb, D. DeFarges, M. W. Carr, E. P. Haviland, J. C. Johnson, C. C. Gary, W. D. Berkley, William Burwell, B. Allen, Jr., C. D. Pollard, William E. Jackson, J. Lawson, R. S. Ryland, M. Gatewood, M. Eames request to increase John S. DeFarges pay to $3 per day third letter is an opinion about the coming election: Republicans, Democrats, George D. Wise, Lodge Bill, North and South West Point, VA 1 September 1890 5105 91 305
 Carter Harrison Letter to Edmund Waddill questions about the length of time for his wage payment as a census worker  Richmond, VA 20 September 1890 5105 101 305
 Mary F. Hackett Letter to Edmund Waddill request for help with her now deceased husband's application for a pension; he raised two regiments and served with the Delaware Volunteers and was made Major, " his pension will be the only funds upon which I can exist" letterhead Chester Female Institute Cheater, VA ca. 1890 5105 109 305
 R. N. Northen Letter to Edmund Waddill my father, R. F. Northen, deceased, was a Government contractor in 1860/62 and the Government is indebted to estate for his mail routes, please advise letterhead pf Stonewall Jackson Camp, Confederate Veterans Richmond, VA 2 September 1890 5105 97 305
 J. Hawhurst Letter to Edmund Waddill please send a copy of the Federal Election Bill  Fairfax Court House, VA 17 September 1890 5105 99 305
 Grove K. Gilbert Letter to George B. Goode response to a request for Mr., Gaines to volunteer with the party of the geological survey in Appalachia  Washington, DC 18 July 1890 5105 84 305
 J. Charles Haines Letter to Mr. Martin remarks about the Kappa Alpha Society and its origin in 1825 at the Union College of New York and if there is any connection to the K. A. Society started at the University of Virginia in 1857 and then disbanded during the Civil War; sketch of the key that Haines refers to is missing.  Williams College, MA 9 May 1890 5105 69 305
 McMenamin & Company Letter to Richard H. Gaines remarks about crab scrap, fertilizer, Irish Potatoes, "Sawyers Swamp"  Hampton, VA 26 December 1890 5105 106 305
 Grove K. Gilbert Letter to Richard H. Gaines mentioned: a possible volunteer assignment in the vicinity of Harper's Ferry, Arthur Keith, Mr. Willis  Washington, DC 19 July 1890 5105 86 305
 Walter R. Davies Letter to Richmond Virginia Granite Company request that the 3500 long tons of granite be shipped before October 1st  Louisville, KY 16 June 1890 5105 75 305
 Oliver B. Roller Letter to Tazewell Ellett of Richmond, Virginia request for assistance with a case about a young man, David A. Pence, convicted of horse stealing and sentenced to the penitentiary for 3 years, several petitions signed by significant members of the neighborhood to the Governor for a pardon, Mr. Pence, the father refuses to aid in any way  Harrisonburg, VA 23 June 1890 5105 77 305
 J. P. Turner Letter to W. W. Davis of Richmond, Virginia response to a request for a picture of himself  Memphis, TN 22 September 1890 5105 104 305
 Pegram Battalion Association List of members present and in line on the occasion of the unveiling of the Lee Monument Crenshaw Battery, Purcell Battery, Letcher Battery. Fredericksburg Battery, Staff 48 names  28 May 1890 5105 72 305
 James G. Blaine Certification of the annexed act of Congress apportionment of Representatives in Congress among the several States under the Eleventh Census  Washington, DC 10 February 1891 5105 116 305
 William P. De Saussure Correspondence with Richmond Ice Machine Company receivership of the company, stockholders, letter to A. L. Adamson, Messrs. Morrisettee, Spregel and Weinstein have paid nothing on their shares, Mr. Rollins is pressing for payment, Judge Clopton, Weisiger vs. Richmond, Ice Company, list of stockholders letter from H. Clay Smith; letterhead of Isaac Shirk Richmond, VA 1891-1892 5105 160 302
 Alexander F. Robertson Letter to Dear Sir remarks about an editorial stating that the English Bondholders were opposed to the debt settlement  Staunton, VA 26 November 1891 5105 154 305
 Harris E. Sproat Letter to Jesse B. Neville of Columbus, Ohio response to an application for membership to the State Society of the Cincinnati of Pennsylvania, Morgan Neville, Presley Neville, John Neville note: handwritten to forward to Colorado Chester County, PA 20 January 1891 5105 113 305
 Leigh R. Watts Letter to John W. Bidgood of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: Norfolk County needs a change, Mr. Barbour, Mr. Portlock would result in material good to the county  Portsmouth, VA 11 December 1891 5105 156 305
 W. W. Atley Letter to L. C. Davis please send a list of and locations of Councils and the proceedings of the 1891 session letterhead American Legion of Honor Leesburg, VA ca. 1891 5105 158 305
 T. C. Morton Letter to L. C. Davis my return from a campaign with the leaflets through Princess Anne County and Norfolk and will continue on to Smithfield, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Richmond, West Point and Bristol letterhead American Legion of Honor Staunton, VA 14 November 1891 5105 139 305
 J. L. Thompson Letter to L. C. Davis of Richmond, Virginia information about a report to the Grand Council  Lynchburg, VA 17 June 1891 5105 127 305
 H B. Battle Letter to Prof. Richard H. Gaines analyses of fertilizer for Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina, price of ammonia letterhead North Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station Raleigh, NC 1891-1892 5105 178 305
 Thomas M. Green Letter to Raleigh E. Colston questions about the votes in the House and Senate on a particular piece of legislation before his manuscript is complete; 1787, 1786, 1788, 1789  Maysville, KY 24 February 1891 5105 119 305
 Griffin T. Garnett Letter to Robert L. Montague mentioned: Democratic Party, Dr. R. B. Dalton, Dr. Foster, dishonorable conduct, Judge Evans, I have the endorsement of every county official, Middlesex County, Gloucester County, King and Queen County, Speaker Pollard, Mr. Bidgood  Matthews Court House, VA 25 November 1891 5105 144 305
 William Lovenstein Letter to Robert L. Montague   Richmond, VA 25 November 1891 5105 151 395
 A. R. Long Letter to Robert L. Montague the claim against Messrs. E. Johnson & Company was not enclosed  Lynchburg, VA 18 November 1891 5105 142 305
 Ellie Letter to Spotts & Harrison Dear "Uncle Peachy," Aunt Julia, this check is late, very busy with family and servants  University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA 27 August 1891 5105 134 305
 Thomas N. Hill Letter to Spotts & Harrison question about a note and a payment check, Norfolk, Virginia  Halifax, NC 4-12 June 1891 5105 123 305
 R. S Pollard Letter to William D. Pollard or Richmond, Virginia Dear Uncle Willie, sorry that I will not be able to loan you any money letterhead of Philip Aylett, Engineer Winston, NC 9 September 1891 5105 137 305
 Fuller & Brant Letter to William Wirt Henry of Richmond, Virginia suggestions about an introductory chapter for a publication; Mr. Brock  Madison, WI 6-24 August 1891 5105 130 305
 Joseph Jones Article about high temperature in Sun-Stroke medical observations  New Orleans, LA ca. 1892 5105 205 305
 George V. Moncure Certificate regarding George E. Bakey, Treasurer of Greene County, Virginia   Richmond, VA 9 August 1892 5105 382 305
 Robert W. Moore Letter to mentioned: Robert Wylie for an appointment  Fairfax Court House, VA 13 July 1892 5105 380 305
 D. M. Lee Letter to Cazneau McLeod questions about the amount of a bond letterhead Highland Home Stock Farm Fredericksburg, VA 1 September 1892 5105 388 305
 A. Moore, Jr. Letter to Cazneau McLeod M. W. Jones had been sick  Berryville, VA 11 August 1892 5105 385 305
 S. S. Wilkins Letter to Cazneau McLeod John R. Read of Northern Northampton County is a suitable person to distribute the Direct Tax Fund  Birds Nest, VA 13 July 1892 5105 378 305
 Henry C. Jones Letter to J. Taylor Stratton comments about Mr. Stubbs. Volunteer service, Senate Bill #222, Col. C. A. Nash, Col. J. A. Melton, Col. S. T. Hawes, Col. G. J. Anderson 2 letters, copy of Col. Nash's letter to H. C. J Richmond, VA 5 February 1892 5105 181 305
 Henry Anderson Letter to John A. Hutcheson acknowledgment of money received letterhead of Henry Anderson, Leaf Tobacco Broker Louisville, KY 21 December 1892 5105 195 305
 Benjamin Lewis Letter to John A. Hutcheson mentioned sending a hogshead of tobacco for sale at the Richmond, Virginia market  Lawrenceville, VA 16 November 1892 5105 192 305
 Alexander B. Hagner Letter to John A. Hutcheson request for funds from overdue rent, receipt of rent less charges for repair, U.S. Commissioner of District Taxes, W. P. Smith, warehouse, repairs to a roof and add a sky light  Washington, DC ca. 1892 5105 197 305
 H. A. Foote Letter to John A. Hutcheson of Richmond, Virginia mentioned: a published pamphlet circulated to tobacco growers and substantial people of the surrounding counties at our Fair; solicitation for advertising  Warrenton, NC 30 June 1892 5105 189 305
 Samuel H. Pulliam Letter to Mrs. M. A. E. Carrington of Cumberland County, Virginia notice that Mrs. Carrington can receive her interest anytime, just send a request, bond reissued, Richmond City Bond, bond called, W. T. Mosby, stock Post Card Granite Perpetual Building Fund letterhead Richmond, VA 1892-1893 5105 211 305
 James W. Marshall Letter to W. P. Dupuy remarks about not able to help but will not interfere in the matter  Craig City, VA 7 July 1892 5105 376 305
 C. Cresson Letters to ? financial statement and two letters about an agreement, appointment and North Carolina  Philadelphia, PA 5-27 June 1892 5105 185 305
 U. S. Army Recruiting and enlistment Slips for examining surgeon James Larken born New York City; Laid Williams born Mather, Maryland; William B. Robinson born Washington DC; James A. Johnson born St. Mary's County, Maryland; John J. Daley born Boston, Massachusetts; Grant Rollins born Washington DC; Albert Madison born Fredericksburg, Virginia; Joseph Purcell born Kilkeny, Ireland; William Smith born Fairfax, Virginia; William L. Davis born Washington DC; Charles W. Geddes, Jr. born Washington DC; Thomas B. Smith born Prince George, Maryland; Arthur G. Maynard born Lewes, England; Levi Green born Hagerstown, Maryland; John Ellsworth born Alexander, Virginia; Henry P. Coleman born Orange County, Virginia; Fred St. Cloud born London, England; William King born Bedford County, Virginia; William Lyles born Montgomery County, Maryland; James McGinn born Scranton, Pennsylvania; Howard Johnson born Baltimore, Maryland; William Bilson born Hartford County, Maryland; Camden Redinger born West Millville, Pennsylvania; Harry A. Pixton born Washington DC; Jerry D. Riley born Warrington, Virginia; David Owens born King George County, Virginia; George M. Blackburn born Accomack County, Virginia; Charles H. Blackson born Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; William R. Collins born Tennallytown, DC; Walter H. Lacks born Bellville, Maryland; Edward Arthur born Washington DC; Charles Plummer born Rosen, Virginia; Fred G. Plimpton born New York; Benjamin Butler born Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Charles H. Diggs born Montgomery County, Maryland; Charles E. Daks born Washington DC; Joseph H. Clark born Ashland, Virginia; Harrison S. Ashton born Washington DC; Samuel Darcy born Montgomery County, Maryland; Frank P. Gist born Oxford, Mississippi; Thomas Winston born Richmond, Virginia; Robert S. Williams born Washington DC; Benjamin F. Tyler born Falls Church, Virginia; Robert H. Harriday born Montgomery County, Maryland; John H. Russell born Tennallytown, DC; John Wanger born Fauquier County, Virginia; James W. Conway born Pittsylvania County, Virginia; Percy Irving born Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; August Dillery born Germany; George Lumpkin born Athens, Georgia; John B. Smith born Cairo, Illinois; William E. Burroughs born Georgetown DC; Frederick Dackers born Washington DC; William A. Roasa born New York City; Charles James born Kent County, Maryland; William H. Willix born Richmond, Virginia; William J. Anderson born Cincinnati; Charles H. Harris born Washington DC; William H. Addison born Loudoun County, Virginia; William Seaman born Washington DC; James Triplett born Anacosta DC; Mack Boswell born Prince George County, Maryland; John A. Middleton born Washington DC; William Smith born Washington DC; Alexander Leffard born Notredame, Canada; Charlie Johnson born Warrington, Virginia; Raymond L. Reid born Somerville, New Jersey; James Frazier born King George County, Virginia; Victor W. Zimmerman born Berlin, Germany; James F. Bailey born Amhurst County, Virginia; Frederick Hess born New York City; William Sims born Delaware; Edwin C. Gaylor, William Williams born Augusta, Georgia; William H. Lyons born Charles County, Maryland; Daniel Jones born Orange County, Virginia; George Fanciseus born Baltimore, Maryland; George Price born Washington DC; John Allen born Prince George County, Maryland; Albert Edwards born Annapolis, Maryland; James Morgan born Wilmington, North Carolina; Alfred O. Montgomery born Hallsville, Ohio; Frank Brown born Emmitsburg, Maryland; John W. Collins born Baltimore, Maryland; Charles H. Bell born Prince George County, Maryland; William King born Caswell County, North Carolina; James Molloy born Ireland; James Noonan born Washington DC; George Jackson born Washington DC; John Miles born Fairfax County, Virginia; Harry G. Reager born Jeffersonville, Indiana; James G. Powers born Cleveland, Ohio; James Somerville born Arlington, Virginia; Fred Reager born Jeffersonville, Indiana; Antonio Ceparatti born Naples, Italy; James Morgan born Wilmington, North Carolina; Charles B. Cawthorn born Granville County, North Carolina. January 1892, examined 72, rejected 43 accepted 19; Dr. Godfrey signed many of the examining slips that listed the physical appearance of each man with reasons for rejection and many had notations on the reverse side of the card  1892-1894 5105 226 305
 G. W. Kemper Free Mail Delivery reasons for and against free delivery  Port Republic, VA ca. 1893 5106 414 306
 Micajah Woods Letter to "Gentlemen" request for information about a statement and cost of clothing Letterhead of Woods and Fishburne, Charlottesville, VA 29 January 1893 5106 406 306
 Frederick E. White Letter to Charles O. Farrell request for his endorsement to Grover Cleveland for White's appointment to the Des Moines Pension Agency  Washington, DC 26 November 1893 5106 418 306
 William P. DeLaussure Letter to S. S. Elam , Newport News Building Company suggestion that the fee for his services be fixed at $25 per month  Richmond, VA 30 December 1893 5106 412 306
 Thomas C. Elder Letter to W. W. Cosby mentioned: an action of debt on a negotiable note given by Hamilton to Clifton Forge Company, trial retried, Judge McLaughlin's opinion  Staunton, VA 25 May 1893 5106 408 306
 R. F. Johnston Letter to William H. Palmer Report on the Grottoes Hotel at Sheridan, Virginia: furniture inventory, invoices and supplies, Mr. Wright, Agent Cole, Mr. Myers  Sheridan, VA 21 January 1893 5106 400 306
 Joseph L. Bilisly tLetter o William H. Stewart remarks about a book on the American Sons of the Revolution (Virginia Branch)  Portsmouth, VA ca. 28 June 1893 5105 373 305
 E. M. Henry Letter to John B. Moon note about a draft on the Planters National Bank of Richmond charged against the tax payers  Norfolk, VA 11 May 1894 5106 424 306
 Lucy Gray Henry (Marshall) Letter to William Wirt Henry mentioned: Wirt's marriage, the suicide of Cary Glasgow's husband, Mr. McCabe and Lelia, Gracie, Becky, Lizzie  Richmond, VA 19 June 1894 5106 429 306
 John B. Moon Statement of Surplus from sales of lands in Virginia sale of land in Virginia to satisfy direct taxes: N. F. Cobb (Hog Island), Sally Fletcher (Hog Island), William H. Parker (Mid Woods)   9 April 1894 5106 427 306
 R. P. Parrott Letter to Daniel Tyler Jersey City New Jersey mentioned: a water wheel, Whitelaw's Patent first used in Scotland, description of measurements, and price  West Point Foundry, Cold Spring, NY 10 February 1895 5106 432 306
 Thomas Hill Letter to Florin L. Hirsh remarks about her visit to Yosemite letterhead Wawona Hotel Mariposa County, CA 4 August 1895 5106 438 306
 Lyon G. Tyler Letter to My Dear Judge remarks about Jamestown and attention to William and Mary College, Mr. R. B. Green presented a complete set of the Chronicles of England to the College  Williamsburg, VA 21 May 1895 5106 435 306
 Horace E. Hayden Letter to William G. Stanard of Richmond, Virginia questions about Peter Poythress from Prince George County, Virginia letterhead Wyoming Historical and Geological Society Wilkes-Barrre, PA 29 August 1895 5106 441 306
 The County Club Minutes of the Board, etc. Byron Bear, bill to Sigmond Goodman and S. V. Lovenstein, officers elected and names recorded, bicycle race letterhead from Binswanger & Company offering a good deal on Northwest Lumber Richmond, VA 1895-1896 5106 443 306
 Bessie D. Fauntleroy Letter to Dr. Massie remarks about being homesick, riding her bike, her nursing duties at the hospital, May Newport, Dr. Knapp, the Minor family  MN 8 June 1896 5106 468 306
 John C. Robertson Letter to Harwood Brothers reply to concerns about the telephone service  Richmond, VA 4 August 1896 5106 475 306
 Alfred L. Rives Letter to Harwood Brothers & Company request for the price per gallon for one barrel of your white lucent safety oil  Castle Hill, Albemarle County, VA 29 June 1896 5106 473 306
 Susan D. A. Towles Letter to Peyton R. Carrington request for genealogical information; Lucy Goode married Col. William Marshall, several publications mentioned: Annie Bennett, Governor Bennett, Anderson, Crawford, Wilson, Allen, Roane, Daniel  Henderson, KY ca. 1896 5106 479 306
 Dr. Otto Meyer Letter to Prof. Hunter H. McGuire Medical College possible application for the professorship of chemistry at the University Medical College of Richmond; gives his background in the natural sciences and chemistry at the German University with a PhD in Leipzig and recent publications  Richmond, VA 18 September 1896 5106 477 306
 Martha A. Zentmeyer and E. A. Hairston Letter to Waller Redd Staples response to questions about the Penn family, note that the papers of their grandparents had been destroyed  Martinsville, VA 11 March 1896 5106 465 306
 James C. Penn and Sallie Johnston Penn Letter to Waller Redd Staples response to a request for genealogical information on the Penn family and Revolutionary War Service  Danville, VA 24-27 February 1896 5106 459 306
 William Gibson, builder Letter to C. H. Reade, architect cost proposal to build Spencer Hall ( Library Building) of the Union Theological Seminary as per plans and specifications  Richmond, VA 5 April 1897 5106 482 306
 R. E. Freeman Letter to Colonel J. Lane Stern remarks about the "Grays" and their mismanagement, Captain Hutchings, C. W. Throckmorton  Danville, VA 14 September 1897 5106 491 306
 George Wesley Atkinson Proclamation by the Governor of West Virginia relating to fishing in Potomac River  signed by William M. Dawson, Secretary of the State WV 22 May 1897 5106 484 306
 Theodore Roosevelt, Governor of the State of New York Certificate of surrender for Boden Rowe a fugitive of the State of Virginia B. B. Smith agent of the State of Virginia Boden Rowe placed in the charge of the jailer at Alexandria, Virginia NY 12 July 1898 5106 498 306
 Virginia Infantry, 4th Regiment, Volunteers Correspondence of the Commandant, Colonel George W. Taylor request to discharge T. W. Applewhite, J. P. Bell, S. S. Baker, Ike Subiski, and R. H. Blessing and recruit 30 new members, letter signed by J. Wilson, Company "G" Company "I" discharge George W. Harrison, Thomas M. Bishop, Claudius Conncill, Alfonzo E. Drake, Jorge T. Worrell, Thomas Galtress, William L. Graves, Lewis Collin, John J. Mc [Alavey] signed C. C. Vaughn Company "D" discharge T. C. Reese, E. Gatewood, Charles Massenberry signed H. Couch Company "M" discharge C. A. Bibb, V. B. Carter, B. M. Hardy, C. Graves, Tabb Lane, E. I Taylor, H. A. Browning, K. Chaukly, J. B. Harvie, B. W. Jones, L. R. Wood signed W. Daugherty response to a request to discharge W. T. Johnson, M. U. Tucker, John A. Crown, A. J. Pollard, W. H. and recruit 24 more for Company "F" Company "L" discharge Thomas E. Munds, B. H. Lassiter, L. L. Bilisaly, James C. Hutchens, George E. Whitehurst, C. Barnum, C. A. Lewis, Aaron Porter, Walter Quillen, Theodore Seed, J. T. Hughes, W, Waldrop, C, U, Markham, and R. C. Vaughan, signed B. Dalemensky Company "B" discharge for L. M. Lanier Company "C" discharge George H Wilson, Lewis B. Ballard, Lorenzo H. Thomas, Clarence E. Toombs, signed Philip R. Marye Company "H" discharge C. S. Livesey, Walter Crenshaw, Clarence Thomas, G. H. Higgins, W. J. Kelley, C. B. Sheppard, W. H. Taylor signed Clarence Wyatt Company "A" discharge W. H. Hayes, J. P. Graves, J. H. Shenard signed H. H. Sheen Savannah, GA 13-14 November 1898 5106 505 306
 P. C. Laudrum Letter to John Grimm Richmond, Virginia remarks about several Senate Bills, mandatory that prisoners work, Mr. Steel, Mr. Jennings, Mr. Campbell, mentioned prohibiting the sale of liquor within three miles of the Town of Saltville  Saltville, VA 12 January 1898 5106 494 306
 John J. Mountjoy Response to President's call for 75,000 volunteer troops furnish transportation and expenses to Richmond for general muster of our Pennsylvania company to fill the quota in Virginia?  Philadelphia, PA 27 July 1898 5106 501 306
 Ainsworth R. Spottard Circular letter address sent to Cloud M. Dean mentioned: a literary venture (digest of the greatest libraries in the world)  Washington, DC 14 June 1899 5106 522 306
 Harry L. Watson Letter to Charles H. Page of Richmond, Virginia request for payment of a bill: claim against you by C. W. Tanner & Company; Mr. E. R. Wallace charged to do your work  Richmond, VA 8 August 1899 5106 531 306
 William H. Murdaugh Letter to Joseph T. Lawles request for the governor to put me on the Board of Visitors for Mount Vernon Lawles' endorsement of Murdaugh on the reverse: Murdaugh, Confederate Navy and an Annapolis graduate chose to represent his home State of Virginia during the Civil War, lost his right to serve on a jury and his wealth Portsmouth, VA 28 January 1899 5106 524 306
 Wade Hampton Letters referring to an article published in "Century magazine": addressed to Joseph Wheeler & John H. Wyeth lengthy explanation of the end of the Civil War correction of the idea that some of the men deserted; mentioned General McClellan, President Jeff Davis, Yorkville, South Carolina Joseph Wheeler of Washington, DC Columbia, SC and Dagger Springs, VA ca. 1899 5106 533 306
 Robert Snavely Testimonials for a position as public school teacher to Bessie Riggle letter of endorsement, signed by Snavely, G. R. Huffard, W. O. Moore, H. H. Campbell, J. H. Fulton, William E. Fulton. C. Sanders, F. H. Terry, J. C. Green  Wytheville, VA 10 January 1899 5106 519 306
 U. S. Commission for the Eastern District of Virginia Warrant & Summons re: U.S. vs. Carrie Henley to the Marshal for the District mentioned: Thomas H. Branch, Henry [Flegenheimer]: Henley charged with sending a lewd, obscene and indecent letter through the U.S. Postal Service defendants: Lizzie Radford, Sarah Jackson, Mr. Barker signed by Henry Hudnall Richmond, VA ca. 1899 5106 527 306
 Confederated Southern Memorial Association Constitution and By-Laws    31 May 1900 5106 555 306
 Johnson Brothers Ltd. Henley Pottery Invoice of a shipment to Messrs. E. B. Taylor Company, Richmond, Virginia letterhead of Hanley Pottery, very faded  Henley, England 15 November 1900 5106 561 306
 Anton H. Thiermann Letter to Chandler Quinton of Newport, Rhode Island mentioned: working his own farm and doing very well, 150 head of beef cattle, sheep, I can rent you half of my property (350 acres), the Mansion and furnish you with stock, map of Henrico County, offer good only until I hear from a party in Idaho that wants to purchase my property for a sheep ranch  Richmond, VA 2 February 1900 5106 547 306
 Martha E. Brown Letter to Mrs. Martha Brown of 510 Hancock St. Richmond, Virginia letter to her mother about coming home to care for during her illness. "Homesick for Virginia and the Hudson River is frozen"  Poughkeepsie, NY 7 January 1900 5106 542 306
 Robert F. Morris, Corp. of Engineers, Major General G. W. Smith's Staff The fall of Richmond, Virginia in 1865 four page recollection of the fall of Richmond  Richmond, VA 8 February 1900 5106 550 306
 Gordon Paxton Letter to A. M. Seddon mentioned: Norris judgments, Mr. Meredith, right of way, Hawk Street, Norris Court Property, Mr. Robert Baldwin, fee for clearing the deed, Byrd & Baldwin, suit of Fuller vs. Prudential & Company, Mr. DeSaussure, House and lot Sheldon Ave. Lot 30 on the Plat of the Brambleton Heights Company, Rorer and Freeman  Norfolk, VA 11 June 1902 5106 571 306
 Benjamin F. Pierce Letter to Roswell Randall Hoes, Charlestown, Massachusetts invitation and tickets to hear Captain Hobson speak letterhead young Men's Christian Brocton, MA 15 March 1902 5106 574 306
 Richard O. Gaines Letter to "My dear Richard" letter about his son's choice of a life profession   16 December 1903 5106 580 306
 Marcellus N. Moorman Recollections of Cedar Creek and Fisher's Hill, 19 October 1864* to Colonel Winfield Peters  *Southern Historical Society Papers, Vol. 30, Richmond, Virginia 1902, pages 371-2 Lynchburg, VA 9 February 1903 5106 576 306
 Andrew M. Soule Letter to E. P. Cox of Richmond, Virginia Resolution from the light and dark tobacco growers: J. R. Richardson, H. A. Stokes; endorsement of more than 2000 Virginia Farmers letterhead VPI Blacksburg, VA 17 February 1906 5106 583 306
 Negro Reformatory Association of Virginia, Trustees Letter to Henry Wickham remarks about the philanthropist, Collis P. Huntington, Dr. Winston and William D,. Cardwell and the success of the farm; request for $2500 form the State of Virginia letterhead of John L. Williams & Sons Bankers, Richmond, Virginia Richmond, VA 20 February 1906 5106 585 306
 William A. Dixon Letter to Polk Miller request for a copy of " Wading in the Branch"  Baltimore, MD 12 July 1906 5106 588 306
 William Lanier Washington Letter to Horace E. Hayden genealogical questions mentioned: Judge Stotsenberg, , Mary Ball, Thomas Lewis Lanier, Samuel Bonum, Elizabeth Johnson, Elizabeth Bonum, State of Georgia, Hews or Hughs, Mary Johnson widow  NY 14 August 1908 5106 590 306

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