Virginia Cavalcade Volume 31, Number 2, Autumn 1981

Table of Contents
Table of Contents Page Number
October 1781: The Southern Campaign Ends at Yorktown, by W. Donald Rhinesmith   52
The Battle Off the Capes [1781], by Henry Lumpkin   68
"A Mission of the most secret and important kind": James Lafayette and American Espionage in 1781, by John Salmon   78
The Artistry of Capitulation 86
"Nick Frog" and the Extraordinary Divorce of Mr. and Mrs. Bull: A Gallery of Satiric Prints about Yorktown and the French 90
Four Cannons for the Admiral: A Personal Reminiscence, by Oliver Jackson Sands, Jr.   96
Yorktown Revisited: The Centennial and Sesquicentennial Celebrations, by Phyllis A. Hall   102
A Battle of Memoirs: Light-Horse Harry Lee and Thomas Jefferson, by Charles Royster   112

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