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Dunmore's War was a conflict between the Colony of Virginia and the Native Americans of the Ohio Valley. Following increased raids and attacks on frontiersmen in this region, the Royal Governor of Virginia, Lord Dunmore, organized a large force of militia and marched to Fort Pitt arriving at the end of August 1774. Dunmore also ordered Colonel Andrew Lewis, commander of the southwestern Virginia militia, to raise an army in the south and meet Dunmore's force along the Ohio River. Lewis formed militia companies from Augusta, Botetourt, Fincastle, Bedford, Culpeper, Dunmore, and Kentucky counties. After Colonel Lewis' victory at the Battle of Point Pleasant, Dunmore successfully negotiated a peace treaty with the Delaware, Mingo, and Shawnee chiefs which prevented them from settling or hunting south of the Ohio River.

The Third Revolutionary Convention passed an ordinance in July of 1775 appointing commissioners to settle the accounts of the militia lately drawn out in an expedition against the Indians and for making provision to pay the same and for discharging public claims. The ordinance named Archibald Cary, William Cabell, William Fleming, John Winn, and John Nicholas commissioners to settle the claims of those inhabitants in the counties of Augusta, east of the Allegheny Mountains, Bedford, Botetourt, Culpeper, Fincastle, Halifax, and Pittsylvania.

The index contains the names of Virginia citizens or soldiers from the counties of Augusta, Bedford, Botetourt, Culpeper, and Fincastle who were compensated in 1775 for supplies or service during Dunmore's Expedition in 1774. Entries in the volume include names, length of service or item being compensated for, and the amount of compensation in pounds, shillings, and pence.

Other Original Dunmore's War Records

Additional materials related to Dunmore's War (1774) and not indexed in this card file include Pittsburgh, Romney, and Winchester vouchers - 1775; Pittsburgh payrolls -1775; and West Augusta Public Service Claims - 1775.  These records are also found on Miscellaneous Reel 78.

General Arrangement of Finding Aid

Arrangement is alphabetical by the last name of the soldier. Electronic index cards contain references to the page number of the original document as well as the page number in the index where the soldier's name appears. The cards also contain the name of the county from which the soldier served and the name of the commanding officer of the soldier's company.


Microfilm of original documents (Miscellaneous Reel 78) and original documents.

More Information About the Collection

Part of Record Group #1, Colonial Government.

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