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Charles Freeman Gillette (1886-1969) is nationally recognized as one of the premier landscape architects associated with the restoration and re-creation of historic gardens in the upper South and especially Virginia. Gillette established a regional style—known as the "Virginia Garden"—characterized by its understated classicism and attention to detail. He linked architecture and landscape in a manner seldom found today, not only emphasizing the traditional features of landscape design but also carefully shaping each of his creative outdoor environments to complement the most distinctive elements of his clients' homes and broader surroundings. Although Gillette most often developed domestic landscape designs for individual clients, much of his work also included large-scale corporate, educational, and government projects.

Born in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, Gillette by 1909-1911 was serving as an apprentice in the office of Warren Manning, a leading landscape architect at the turn of the century. Gillette married Ellen Cogswell in 1912 and moved to Richmond in 1913 to supervise the completion of Manning's landscape design for the University of Richmond's new campus. In 1915 he began designing the grounds of the Nelson House in Yorktown and in 1924 commenced work on the landscape restoration of Kenmore in Fredericksburg. A few years later, he initiated plans for the landscaping of Virginia House and Agecroft, both reconstructed English manor houses located in Richmond's Windsor Farms neighborhood. Extensive additions to the Virginia House gardens were completed in 1939. During the 1950s, Gillette redesigned the gardens of Virginia's Executive Mansion at the request of Governor Thomas B. Stanley as well as designed the grounds for the Richmond headquarters of the Reynolds Metals Company and the Ethyl Corporation. His commissions also included hundreds of residential projects throughout Virginia and North Carolina.

The Gillette Photograph Collection consists of 892 images, all part of the collection of Charles F. Gillette Papers at the Library of Virginia. Approximately 200 photographs are the work of either Harry Bagby or George Moffett, both professional photographers. The images primarily depict Virginia houses, estates, gardens, and other landscape design projects. There are also many personal photographs of Gillette, Ellen Cogswell Gillette, and the various homes in which they lived.

Related Resources

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