Northumberland County - Election Records

Prior to 1847, Deeds, Wills, and Estate Accounts were all recorded in a single series of volumes entitled "Record Books", except for a volume dating 1650 - 1652, entitled "Deeds & Orders" (which contains no wills). Prior to 1749, the above mentioned volumes are not indexed in the General Index to Deeds, the General Index to Wills, or the General index to Fiduciary Accounts.

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Local Records Categories and Contents
 Election Records
78 ILLCommissioners of Election Board, 1865, index, 1 p.
169 ILLElection Records, 1852-1899 (includes Poll Books & Polls)
98 ILLList of Voters, 1854-1861, unpaged.
98 ILLPolls, 1796, unpaged.
98 ILLPolls, 1839-1842, unpaged.
98 ILLPolls, 1843-1847, unpaged.
98 ILLPolls, 1852, unpaged.

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