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All Records for Lincoln County, Kentucky

These microfilm reels ARE NOT available through Interlibrary Loan.

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Reel No.Title
0001Order Book 1, 1781-1784, index, 252 p.
0001Order Book 2, 1785-1786, index, 206 p.
0002Order Book 3, 1786-1791, index, 599 p.
0002Order Book 4, 1791-1794, index, 331 p.
0003Order Book 5, 1794-1801, 287 p.
0003Order Book 6, 1801-1808, index, 488 p.

Reel No.Title
0004Order Book, 1793-1798, index, 394 p.

Reel No.Title
0005Deed Book A, 1781-1791, index, 532 p.
0005Deed Book A, 1796-1799, (Danville District Court)
0006Deed Book B, 1791-1795, index, 547 p.
0006Deed Book B, 1800-1801 (Danville District Court),
0007Deed Book C, 1795-1797, index, 351 p.
0007Deed Book D, 1797-1802, index, 266 p.
0008General Index to Deeds, 1780-1870
0011General Index to Surveys, 1781-1887
0011General Index to Surveys, 1781-1910
0009Survey Book I, 1781-1783, unpaged.
0009Survey Book II, 1784-1785, unpaged.
0009Survey Book III, 1785-1910 (bulk 1785-1887), index at end.
0010Survey Book IV, 1792-1821, unpaged.
0009Survey Book, 1783-1786, 470 p., index
0010Survey Book, 1822-1852, List of Notes Due at beginning.

Reel No.Title
0015General Index to Marriages, 1854-1939
0012Marriage Bonds and Consents, 1781-1796
0012Marriage Bonds and Consents, 1797-1809
0013Marriage Bonds and Consents, 1810-1829
0014Record (Index) of Marriages, 1784-1908, 295 p., typescript.

Reel No.Title
0016Land and Personal Property Tax Books, 1787-1805

Reel No.Title
0018General Index to Wills, 1780-1865
0019General Index to Wills, 1781-1984
0017Will Book A, 1781-1791, index, 193 p.
0017Will Book B, 1791-1804, index, 282 p.
0017Will Book C, 1804-1806, index, 203 p.