Teaching Resources

The Library of Virginia hopes that the Virginia Women in History project can be a part of your classroom curriculum. Below you will find a detailed activity guide with lesson plans that link the women honored in 2008 to the Virginia Standards of Learning, as well as the handouts mentioned within the activities. Supporting primary sources are available on the biographical pages for each honoree.

To facilitate classroom use, we have also developed a number of activities and worksheets to complement the lesson ideas. These include:

2008 Virginia Women in History Lesson Ideas based on the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) – Are you looking for methods to incorporate the 2008 Virginia Women in History poster into your curriculum? We’ve put together a comprehensive body of lesson ideas for students of all levels and based on the resources provided on these web pages and the corresponding to the Virginia Standards of Learning. Subject areas covered include History, Social Science, Civics, World Geography, World History, English, and Visual Arts.

Anticipation Guide – Prime your students for their exploration of the lives of the 2008 Virginia Women in History honorees with this worksheet. This short questionnaire will test what they might already know or assume about the honorees, and give them a chance to reinforce what they’ve learned after exploring the women’s biographies.

"Degrees of Separation" Activity Worksheet – After your students have had an opportunity to study the profiles of the 2008 Virginia Women in History honorees, test their knowledge using this activity. It requires them to recall details of each woman’s life to see similarities between them, as well as to themselves.

"HER-Story" Booklet Activity – Use these convenient templates and cut–out sheet to allow your students to create their own book on the 2008 Virginia Women in History honorees. There is space on each page for students to fill in what they remember about each woman, as well as space for them to pay tribute to their own personal heroine.

Printable Biographical Pages – Taken directly from the text on the 2008 Virginia Women in History poster, these single-page biographical handouts allow students to explore the lives of our eight honorees without having to manipulate the poster itself. These Biographical Pages give instructors the option to explore all eight or focus on one honoree at a time.


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