All Records for Fayette County, Kentucky

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[Court Records] [Land Records] [Tax and Fiscal Records] [Wills]

Reel No.Title
0001General Index to Order Books 1-26, 1790-1893
0001General Index to Order Books 27-59, 1893-1936

Reel No.Title
0002Burned Records Vol. 1 (contains deeds and wills), 451 p.
0002Burned Records Vol. 2 (contains deeds and wills), 468 p.
0002Burned Records Vol. 3 (contains deeds and wills), 409 p.
0002Burned Records Vol. 4 (contains deeds and wills), pp. 1-79
0003Burned Records Vol. 4 cont. (contains deeds and wills), pp 78-413.
0003Burned Records Vol. 5 (contains deeds and wills), 409 p.
0003Burned Records Vol. 6 (contains deeds and wills), 520 p.
0003Burned Records Vol. 7 (contains deeds and wills), pp. 1-452.
0004Burned Records Vol. 7 cont. (contains deeds and wills), pp. 453-518.
0004Burned Records Vol. 8 (contains deeds and wills), 267 p.
0005Deed Book A, 1794-1804 (1888 manuscript copy)
0005Deed Book A, 1794-1804, 439 p.
0006Deed Book B, 1804-1806, index, 815 p.
0006Deed Book, 1794-1807, index, pp. 1-532
0008General Index to Deeds, 1780-1816 (Grantees)
0007General Index to Deeds, 1780-1816 (Grantors)
0008General Index to Deeds, 1816-1834 (Grantees)
0007General Index to Deeds, 1816-1834 (Grantors)
0008General Index to Deeds, 1834-1854 (Grantees)
0007General Index to Deeds, 1834-1854 (Grantors)
0008General Index to Deeds, 1854-1870 (Grantees)

Reel No.Title
0009Land and Personal Property Tax Books, 1787-1804

Reel No.Title
0011General Index to Wills No. 1, 1793-1900, 189 p.
0011General Index to Wills No. 2, Books 9-25 , unpaged, typescript
 see also Land Records
0010Will Book A, 1793-1809, index, 538 p.
0010Will Book B, 1809-1813, index, 537 p.

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