1. How do I get a user ID?

    Only records officers and coordinators with a current Records Officer Designation and Responsibilities (RM-25 Form) on file with the Library, and who have a business need, will be issued log-in credentials. This ensures that only personnel who are authorized by their agency are proposing changes and sending and retrieving boxes from the State Records Center. If you need log-in credentials, contact your assigned records management analyst.

  2. Do I need to have log-in credentials to search the General Schedules?

    No. The General Schedules for State Agencies and Localities/Regional Entities may be searched from the Library of Virginia's website.

  3. How do I find my agency's Specific Schedule?

    Specific Schedules for State Agencies are also available on the Library's website. As you review your specific schedules in Infolinx, you may find information that is out-dated or realize that there are record types that are not covered. Please contact your assigned records management analyst as soon as possible to begin the process of revising an existing schedule or creating a new one. If a state-agency records officer needs assistance in searching specific schedules in Infolinx, contact your records mnagmenet analysts for this assistance, as well.

  4. What search operators can I use to narrow Infolinx search results?

    See the search syntax for information on using operators within the quick and detailed search functions in Infolinx

  5. What does a disposition method of confidential destruction mean?

    Series that indicate a disposition method of Confidential Destruction must be totally or ultimately destroyed to ensure that confidential or privacy-protected information contained in the series is protected from unauthorized disclosure. Ultimate destruction is accomplished through shredding, pulping, or burning paper, and overwriting, degausing, or physically destroying electronic media. Just deleting electronic records that contain confidential or privacy-protected information is not acceptable. Records containing Social Security numbers must be destroyed in compliance with 17VAC15-120-30.

  6. When I search General Schedules using the on-line database, the results may look different than what I see on the PDF version. Why is that?

    Previously we created schedules in Word, converted the final version to PDF, and uploaded that to the Web. Series would then be added to our in-house box management system, GAIN. If the series being updated was on a General Schedule, we’d also update an Access database that pushed out the data to the Web search.

    Now we enter all series directly into Infolinx and generate schedules as reports from the system. This eliminates the need to update a Word document, make a new PDF, and update Infolinx and the General Schedule Access database every time a series changes.

    Part of this change means that we no longer write narrative retention and disposition statements. In Infolinx there are fields for total years/months/days, a cutoff event, and a disposition method. The cutoff event and disposition are drop-down lists. The new search screen is pulling directly from those fields in Infolinx and does not display the narrative as it used to appear via the Access database.

    This won’t be a problem for new series or series that are updated, as the narrative will be elminated or not created. Note: until a schedule has been updated to the four-column Infolinx format, the PDF on the Web is the official version. Once a schedule is in the Infolinx-compliant format, the results returned from an on-line search will mirror the PDF.

  7. What type of label should I use to print barcodes for boxes of non-permanent records transferred to the State Records Center?

    Barcode labels must be printed on Avery 5523, 2" x 4" weatherproof shipping labels. The SRC will not accept boxes with barcodes printed on any other label.

  8. Who can I contact if I’m having trouble logging in?

    If you are unable to log in to Infolinx, contact your assigned records management analyst.

  9. What browser supports Infolinx?

    Infolinx is supported using the Mozilla Firefox browser. If you are using another browser without a problem and you want to continue, then that’s fine. If you run into any issues, switch to Firefox.