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General Schedules for Localities

Searchable database for local General Schedules

General Administration

GS-19, Administrative Records (Aug 2014) *Series 010116, Confidential Non-records made defunct*

GS-02, Fiscal Records (June 2014) *Updated cutoff for Fixed Assets Files*

GS-16, General Services (Nov 2011)

GS-33, Information Technology (Mar 2009)

GS-03, Personnel Records (Aug 2012) *Under review - do not destroy records using this schedule, per § 42.1-86.1(A)*

Local Departments

GS-31, Airports (Sep 2003)

GS-05, Assessment Records (Dec 2007)

GS-14, County and Municipal Attorneys (May 2010)

GS-06, Land Use, Land Development and Public Works (Oct 2013)

GS-11, Parks and Recreation (Dec 2013)

GS-22, Public Library (April 2013)

GS-21, Public School (Dec 2014) *Complete revision*

GS-07, Public Utilities (Nov 2011)
GS-32, Redevelopment and Housing Authority (July 2007)

GS-28, Treasurer (April 2013)

GS-01, Voter Registration and Elections (May 2010)

Human Services

GS-18, Community Services Board (CSB) (April 2013)

GS-15, Social Services (Feb 2012)

GS-12, Circuit Court (Nov 2011)
GS-13, Commonwealth's Attorney (June 2014) *Complete revision*
GS-27, Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) (July 2009)

GS-26, Pretrial Services (Sep 2005)

Public Safety

GS-25, Community Corrections Act Program (Sep 2006)
GS-29, Criminal Justice Training Academy (Dec 2007) *Under review - do not destroy records using this schedule, per § 42.1-86.1(A)*
GS-10, Fire and Rescue (Feb 2004) *Defunct as of 8/21/2014 - See GS-17*
GS-24, Juvenile Residential Services (Nov 2003)

GS-17, Law Enforcement, Fire and Emergency Services (Aug 2014) *Addition of several former GS-10 series w/revisions; schedule title change*
GS-08, Local and Regional Jails (Dec 2013)
GS-30, Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASAP) (Feb 2013)