Color painting of the R.M.S. Titanic at sea.
Some Notable Persons
High Society on the Open Sea

Newspaper article: Some Notable Persons Who Were Passengers...

Evening World (Roanoke, Va.), April 20, 1912

Some Notable Persons Who Were Passengers on Board the Ill Fated White Star Liner Titanic.

Among the well known persons who were passengers on the Titanic were: (1) Colonel John Jacob Astor, the American head of the Astor family; (2)Joseph Bruce Ismay, managing director of the White Star line; (3) Isidor Straus, a famous New York merchant; (4) James Clinch Smith, sportsman and society man of New York and Paris; (5) Henry B. Harris, theatrical manager and producer; (6) Major Archibald Willingham Butt, President Taft's military aid; (7) Frank D. Millet, noted artist; (8) William T. Stead, celebrated English editor. The steamship is the Carpathia of the Cunard line, which rescued hundreds of the Titanic's passengers.