Color painting of the R.M.S. Titanic at sea.
Wealth and Positon
High Society on the Open Sea
"women saved" article

The Times Dispatch, Richmond, VA, Thursday, April 18, 1912

Wealth and Position Have No Precedence in Rule of the Sea

Some of the Women Whose Lives Were Saved Through Men's Self-Sacrifice

Women Saved in the Titanic Disaster, Now Aboard the Carpathia

Miss E. W. Allen
Lady Cosmo Duff Gordon
Mrs. J. W. M. Cardoza
Mrs. William E. Carter
Mrs. John Jacob Astor
Mrs. Jacques Futrelle
Miss Marie Young
Mrs. Tyrrel W. Cavendish
Mrs. John Thayer
Mrs. George D. Widener
Mrs. Paul Schabert
Mrs. Daniel W. Marvin
Mrs. Henry [...]