Library of Virginia Social Media

The Library of Virginia engages patrons through many online outlets, including our websites and social media channels. The purpose of the Library’s social media sites is to present issues of interest to the public relating to the Library of Virginia (LVA) and its collections, services, and programs.

Please note that your use of the Library’s social media tools is pursuant to Records Retention Laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

We expect conversations to follow the rules of polite discourse and we ask that participants treat each other, as well as our employees, with respect.

The Web is a 24-hour medium and your comments are welcome at any time. Given the need to manage state resources, the Library of Virginia will generally post and respond to comments and questions during regular business hours (9:00 AM–5:00 PM) Monday through Friday. Comments submitted after hours or on weekends will be read and responded to as early as possible the next business day.

Please note that the comments expressed on this site do not reflect the opinions or position of the Library of Virginia, the Library Board, or Library employees. If you have any questions concerning the operation of the Library's social media accounts, please contact the Office of Communications and Marketing at 804-692-3611 or

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