Wireless Printing Instructions

Please use the following steps to print to the Library of Virginia printers located in the East and West Reading Rooms. At this time wireless printing functions are limited to laptops only. Mobile printing is unavailable.

Note: Print outs (8.5 x 11) cost .25 per page and printing to the Library of Virginia's reading room printers requires a library card. For more information, please review How to Make Copies at the Library of Virginia.

In order to enable wireless printing on your laptop, you must follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your laptop is running Windows or OS X and that you have admin rights. (Linux is unavailable.)
  2. Join the LVA-Guest wireless network anywhere in the East or West Reading Room.
  3. Download the appropriate installer package and run:
  4. Click “Install.”
  5. Once installed click “Finish.”

Work as you normally would on your laptop. When ready to utilize the LVA printers, click print and select Black and White Printer. Once you select the amount of copies desired, press Print.

A popup box will appear asking for you to name your print job for retrieval at one of the LVA release stations. Enter a name for your print job and select print.

Proceed to the release station. Scan your library card. Enter your password. Find your named job and select. Print your pages.

Release stations are located in the East and West Reading Rooms to retrieve your print job.

Frequent visitors to the Library may leave the package installed on their laptops for future use.

However, packages may be removed from laptops. To remove a package please uninstall properly:

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