State Publications Depository Program

The State Publications Depository Program provides the citizens of the commonwealth with free access to publications produced by state government agencies, boards, commissions and other government entities. The Library of Virginia collects and distributes publications to designated depository libraries around the state, and maintains a digital repository for electronic government publications.

FAQ for State Agencies

Guidelines for selecting materials for the Depository Program

Current Shipping Lists – a searchable database of materials recently distributed to State Depository Libraries.

Electronic Shipping Lists - recently cataloged publications accessible via the DigiTool repository,  the Library of Virginia's online public access catalog and OCLC.

Register for DigiTool training at the Library of Virginia.

Deposit electronic state publications using DigiTool - password required.
The Library of Virginia is accepting digital state publications. Contact Mike Bingham for more information.

Virginia State Documents - a desktop directory of state agency names, addresses, and publications currently in print. Compiled annually by the State Publications Librarian.

Join DigiTool-SPDP, a discussion listserv devoted to electronic deposit of state publications.

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