Infolinx SRC Instructions

The following step-by-step directions will help you utilize Infolinx as a State Records Center customer. This site is best viewed using the Chrome web browser.

Create a box (instructions)

Create a file (instructions)

Print labels (instructions)

Search for boxes (instructions)

Export search results (instructions)

Update existing files or boxes (instructions)


Prepare Boxes for Destruction by the State Records Center

  • State Records Center-specific Destruction Form. (July 20, 2021)
  • General Instructions for the State Records Center destruction form
  • Detailed Box Query and Export Instructions for the SRC-specific form
  • If you have questions about which version of the RM3 destruction form to use, please contact your records analyst.

    Request boxes or files

    Schedule a pick-up

    • E-mail Matt Ball the number of boxes, physical location of the boxes, and your complete contact information. Please do not request a pickup until all boxes included with the pickup are entered into Infolinx and properly labeled.

    If you have specific questions, contact Matt Ball.

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