e-RM3 Implementation FAQ

What is the eRM-3?

A new web-based Certificate of Records Destruction (RM-3 Form) being implemented by the Library of Virginia (LVA) to authorize and report the destruction of public records, per the Code of Virginia § 42.1-86.1.

How does this form/process compare with the current versions/processes?

Why switch to a web-based application?

How is the form completed?

Most fields are filled from drop-down boxes populated with data from Infolinx, the LVA’s records management system, or from clicking check boxes/radio buttons. A few free-form fields are completed by entering alphanumeric text. The process to initiate/authorize/report in-agency destruction will involve three users: Form Creator, Approving Official, and Records Officer.

How does the form get to the correct reviewers/approvers?

The app e-mails a link to the next reviewer in the process, who will open the web form and approve it or make suggested changes. The Form Creator will enter into a free form field the name, title, and e-mail address of the Approving Official, line 7 on the current forms. The Records Officer designated for each agency (department/sub-department, where applicable) is identified via a dropdown box, which will auto-populate the email address.

When does the eRM-3 go into effect?

Monday, November 16, 2020.

Can paper/PDF forms be submitted after the effective date?

Once the eRM-3 goes live, paper or PDF forms with destruction affirmation dates of Nov. 16 or later will not be accepted, and any received will be returned. Certificates with a destruction date prior to Nov. 16 will still be accepted.

How is a form’s in-progress status determined?

An on-line dashboard will be searchable by agency, department and sub-department, and will show where in the process the form is holding.

Is the completed form available?

Yes. Following the affirmation of destruction, an e-mail will be sent to the Form Creator, by which the creator may link to the completed form. The form may be saved electronically or printed, though the latter is highly discouraged. A public web form will be available to search for and display all completed Certificates of Records Destruction. Completed forms will be available for as long as the LVA retention schedule requires, which is currently fifty years.

Will agencies still be required to retain a copy of the Certificate of Records Destruction?

No. All eRM-3 Certificates of Records Destruction will be accessible via a Web portal.

What can the public see?

The public will have the same access as agencies to both the in-progress dashboard and the completed certificates.

When can I get training on the eRM-3?

Your assigned LVA records management analyst will be in touch with you regarding training by September 1. This training will be for ROs only, with the understanding that ROs will train personnel within their agency on the use of the form as well as internal processes.

What do you do if an agency does not have a designated a Records Officer?

Your agency will have to designate a Records Officer in order to be able to complete the eRM-3. Each agency is required to designate at least one, per Code of Virginia §42.1-85(C). The form to designate a Records Officer can be found here.

How will the destruction of agency records stored at the State Records Center (SRC) be handled?

Following the training on the standard version of the eRM-3, SRC customers will be contacted about the new processes and using the eRM-3src form.

Will the eRM-3 always be called the eRM-3?

No. That has been the title of the form during development and will be through implementation. On the go-live date it will become the RM-3.

If you have any further questions, please contact your Records Management Analyst.

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